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Design the fantasy baseball league of your dreams
Our fantasy baseball commissioner service is highly customizable with the most powerful commissioner tools around. And it's available for only $99.99 per league!
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Powerful Commissioner Tools
We give commissioners more control over how their league runs than any other service.
Customizable League Settings
We've run into pretty much every type of league over the past 20+ years.
Retroactive Transactions
You have the power to make transactions in the past and re-run standings.
Great For Keeper/Dynasty Leagues
We make keeper and dynasty leagues fun by automating away a lot of manual labor.
Automated FAAB/Free Agents
Free agent claim processing is automated – even for leagues using FAAB systems.
Real-time Stats & Box Scores
Everyone in your league can monitor their teams' stats as games are being played.
Live Current/Projected Standings
See your league standing update live and view projected standings as well.
Works On Any Device
The site works great on phones, tablets and desktop computers.
RotoWire News & Projections
There are premium RotoWire features like news and projections available in your league.
Set Custom Schedules
You have full control over your league's schedule. The decisions are yours to make.
League Discussion Boards
Communicate – or even trash talk – on a discussion board specific to your league.
Transaction Fee Tracking
If you're playing for money, keep track of who owes what as the season progresses.
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Frequently Asked Questions
I'm interested in creating a league, but I'm not sure you have the features I need. Can I try it before paying?
We offer a free trial period that lets you see how everything works before you have to commit to paying for the season.
How much does it cost to run a league using your service?
We're charging $99.99 per league for the season. You can pay online or you can call us at 608-310-4278 to pay over the phone.
Do you have to be a paying RotoWire.com subscriber to use the baseball commissioner service?
No, you don't need a paid RotoWire.com subscription. All you need is a free RotoWire account.
Do you offer real-time stats?
Yes, as part of the purchase price you get real-time box scores for your team. This is in addition to the daily box scores and standings you receive as well.
Do I have to download any software, or is everything available on the website?
Everything is available on the website. Your league will have it's own set of pages.
Can you play head-to-head or roto style?
You can use either system. You can use a points or categorical system, head-to-head categorical, or head-to-head points.
How many teams can be in my league?
That is entirely up to you. The cost is the same no matter how many teams you have in your league. We suggest that you don't have more than 30 teams per league. If it is determined that a league is causing performance issues with our system, we reserve the right to remove access for that league and will refund your payment.
If we have our draft after the season starts can we still get stats for the first week of the season?
Yes, you can set up your league so that you get the stats from the start of the season OR skip the portion of the season you missed.
Are all minor leaguers in your system?
We receive our player list from our stats provider. The player list includes some minor leaguers, but not all of them. If there is a minor leaguer on one of your teams that is not in our system, you can use the unlisted player feature which involves you entering a player as kind of a place holder on a team. Once our stats provider includes that player in the player list, you need to add the official player to the team and remove the unlisted player.
Does the commissioner of the league have to be a team manager?
The commissioner must be associated with a team in the league. If the commissioner is not a true team manager, then the commissioner can be listed as a co-manager of a team.
I've used this service in the past. Are there any new features this season?
You can check out any new features here.
If we have our draft after the season starts can we still get stats for the first week of the season?
Yes, you can set up your league so that you get the stats from the start of the season OR skip the portion of the season you missed.
My league doesn't draft until a few weeks from now. Can I enter my team now?
Yes, you can enter your league now and then enter the players after the draft. You can also add or delete teams after you have created the league.
Can league members enter their own transactions?
Yes, the commissioner can allow teams to enter their own transactions.
What pitching categories do you support?
Innings Pitched
Earned Runs
Runs (Pitcher)
Walks (Pitcher)
Hits (Pitcher)
Complete Games
Home Runs (Pitcher)
Hit Batsmen
Wild Pitches
K/BB Ratio
Wins and Saves
Shutouts (CG Only)
Pitcher Winning Percent
Net Wins (W*2-L)
K / IP (Pitcher)
Hits / IP
K - BB (Pitcher)
Games (Pitcher)
Blown Saves
Blown Save Pct
K/9IP (Pitcher)
Relief (2xSV+H-2xBS)
Net Wins (W-L)
Relief (2xSv+Hld)
Relief (2xSv+H-BS)
Quality Start Pct
Holds + Saves
Net Saves
Quality Starts
IP - Hits
Adjusted IP (IP - R)
No Hitters
Perfect Games
Saves + 1/2*Holds
W + CG + SHO + NH + PG
W + CG + SHO + NH + PG - L
Wins + Saves - Losses
Wins + QS
Wins + .5QS
Games Started
What batting categories do you support?
Home Runs (Batter)
Stolen Bases
Caught Stealing
Walks (Batter)
Hit By Pitch
Errors In Field
Four Hit Games
Runs (Batter)
At Bats
Stolen Base Percentage
Batting Average
On Base Percentage
Slugging Percentage
Hits (Batter)
Total Bases
OPS (OBP + Slugging PCT)
Runs Produced (RBI+R-HR)
GAP (2*2B + 3*3B) / AB
Net Steals (SB-CS)
Net Steals (SB- 3/4 CS)
Net Steals (SB- 1/2 CS)
Hitter K - BB
Ground into Double Plays
Strikeouts (Batter)
Total Bases + Walks
Total Bases + Walks + HBP
Runs + RBI
Hits + Walks
Games (Batter)
Sac Fly
Plate Appearances
RABS (Runs/AB)
K/Plate Appearances
R - HR (Batter)
Adjusted Slugging ((TB+BB)/(AB + BB))
Stolen Bases + Runs
2B + 3B + HR
Total Bases - Singles
3B + SB
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