1. Tyler Kolek Marquette
  2. Tamin Lipsey Iowa State
  3. Devin Carter Providence
  4. Trey Alexander Creighton
  5. Tristen Newton Connecticut
  6. KJ Simpson Colorado
  7. Kadary Richmond Seton Hall
  8. Mark Sears Alabama
  9. Boogie Ellis USC
  10. R.J. Davis North Carolina
  11. Unlock All Guards
  1. Kevin McCullar Kansas Out
  2. Keion Brooks Washington
  3. Baylor Scheierman Creighton
  4. Jaylon Tyson California
  5. Matthew Cleveland Miami
  6. Dalton Knecht Tennessee
  7. Allen Flanigan Mississippi
  8. Olivier Nkamhoua Michigan OFS
  9. Alex Karaban Connecticut
  10. Harrison Ingram North Carolina
  11. Unlock All Forwards
  1. Zach Edey Purdue
  2. Hunter Dickinson Kansas
  3. Kyle Filipowski Duke GTD
  4. PJ Hall Clemson
  5. Quinten Post Boston College
  6. Unlock All Centers
College Basketball Rankings FAQ
What type of formats are these rankings intended for?
These rankings represent the predicted performance of players in daily or season-long formats that value all-around production (points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, turnovers).
How often are these rankings updated?
These rankings are updated weekly, typically on Monday or Tuesday.
What factors are used to determine these rankings?
Before the season, these rankings are compiled based on preseason projections, which are generated based on last year's performance, recruiting rankings and a player's presumed role on their team (opportunity). After the season begins, rankings are based on factors such as season-long performance, recent performance, role with the team and anticipated performance moving forward.
What player pool is being used?
The player pool is limited to the following conferences: ACC, Big 12, Big East, Big Ten, Pac 12, and SEC.
How are injuries handled?
A known injury that is expected to force a player to miss more than one game will move them to the bottom of their prospective list. If the player is day-to-day, they will remain at their spot until a firm prognosis is available.