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Here are some recent football questions our experts have received, along with their responses:
Dynasty - SF - PPR(1) - not TEP Start (2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 2Flex) I need help with next steps I have: QB Dak, Watson, Mitch, DJones, ZWilson RB Kamara, AJones, Edmonds, Hines, Moss, RStevenson WR Ridley, DJM, Allen Robinson, Chark, EMoore, RAnderson, Hardman, VJefferson, GDavis, Atwell TE Kmet, Trautmen Picks 1.03 2.03 3.03 4.03 Am I a few pieces away or should I start selling and if so when? What is top priority? What four players should get cut to make room for rookies? Thanks!
You need help at RB most of all and your WR are ok but not bad. I think you are pretty close, closer if Watson plays and don't end up suspended. But, the only RB you can count on is Jones so you are pretty weak there. For drops I would go: Atwell Trubitsky -- yes, he might start, but that is not likely to last long, he is a backup at best now. And you have 3 or 4 better QB anyway. Hardman -- really gets tough at this point. 4th I just don't know. I would look very hard to tradng a QB and RB for a better RB. Shawn
10 teams. PPR. 1QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 2FLEX 1K 1D/ST. Dynasty AJ Dillon or JK Dobbins ? Thanks!
Dobbins. Jones is still the prefered back in Green Bay and is still pretty young. Dobbins is set to be teh Ravens main RB right now and is the same age as Dillon. Shawn
In a ppr league, who would you start in a flex spot: Ronald Jones, James Conner, or Justin Jackson(assuming Ekeler sits)? Thanks
I think at this point I might actually buy into RoJo. It hurts obviously with the PPR, but Jackson will split the work with two other guys and with Edmonds back I also think Conner takes a step back too. — Joe Bartel
I am in an rotisserie league with nine people. I currently have Draymond green who is very frustrating and annoying to own this year. Can you please tell me if you would drop him for t.j. Warren or taurean prince or p.j Washington or Marcus Morris or Covington or rui or Carmelo Anthony? Would you drop him for any of these options or would you look to trade him? If you have Draymond green can you please recommend me who would you trade him for? I do not want shawn c dub to respond. I do not have an ir spot. I just want to make the right choice.
I get it, the injuries, off days, and Warriors lost season are frustrating. I can't imagine you're going to get much in a trade, but go ahead and throw it out there. Right now we have him ranked T192, which is well off his top 40 draft position (in some leagues at least). If you deal him and can get a top 150 guy, go for it. Otherwise I'd probably just drop him for Melo. Good luck
who is the survivor pick this week, can not use seahawks browns cowboys chargers also since I have got this wrong every week russell or lamar
Ravens are at home and even though it's a division game, the Bengals are trash right now, so Baltimore is the most likely team to come out with a win. Not only are the Bengals the 23rd defense to QBs, but they're one of the worst defending QBs who run, so this looks like a great combo week of floor and upside for Jackson. On the other side, the Seahawks should be able to run the ball effectively, and lower Wilson's attempts, so although he has big upside, he has a low floor. I'd say Jackson 60%, Wilson 40%. Good luck this weekend! Jim Coventry
5x5 roto. Redraft. Stand pat with O. Narvaez or time to move on to Alfaro? Thanks!
Time to move on... Good luck, Dave Regan
12 team keeper mixed league. have: jd mart, yelich & stanton (5 OF). weekly matchups with 20 cats (10 hit/10 pitch), if you sweep, final score is 20-0. not a snake draft, rather repeating order (i'm 5th). i get two picks in rounds 8,9,19&21. including keepers, i have 11 picks in top 103 spots. where would you focus your draft? i want to load up on hitters but also recognize the need for starting and some relief pitching (holds and QS are cats). i need to try and avoid reaching too far as i have in the past. thanks in advance!
I’d use our custom rankings and stick to those for a few picks and then fill in the gaps. Clearly though, you’re not going to want to go heavy early on OFs, but if one is too much of a value to pass, then highly consider him.