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Export Saved Lineups Directly to FanTeam
Simply copy and paste the full contest URL from your browser's address bar while constructing a lineup on FanTeam. Read this FanTeam article for more information.
Clicking the "Export Lineups" button will generate a CSV file that can be uploaded to FanTeam.
Export Lineups
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Save lineups on the lineup optimizer.
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Player: The name of the player in the saved lineup.
Lock: Indicates if the player was locked in the lineup when the lineup was saved.
Position: The position the player fills in FanTeam contests.
Team: The team, for which, the player currently plays.
Opponent: The team the player is facing in the upcoming game or tournament.
Starting Status: Indicates if the player is in the starting lineup for the upcoming game or tournament.
Salary: The cost, against the salary cap, for including a player in a lineup on FanTeam.
Fantasy Points: A prediction of how many fantasy points a player will score in the upcoming game or tournament, using scoring specific to FanTeam.
Projected Value: Predicted fantasy points scored for every $1,000 in salary cap used when including a player in a lineup on FanTeam.
Actual Fantasy Points: The actual FanTeam fantasy points a player scored.