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ESL Pro League Season 17 Group B Cheat Sheet
201 days ago
Ian Faletti goes over the expectations for ESL Pro League Group B headlined by Heroic.
ESL Pro League 17 Group A Cheat Sheet
214 days ago
Cloud9 continues to be a dominate team in CS:GO, something that Ian Faletti doesn't expect to change entering ESL Pro League Group A.
ESL Pro League Week 1 Cheat Sheet
214 days ago
Can G2 keep their dominate trend going? Ian Faletti outlines the case for G2 and their dominant slayer, NiKo.
IEM Katowice Playoffs Cheat Sheet
227 days ago
Is it G2's title to lose? Ian Faletti believes so, and explains the rationale for a high price tag on NiKo.
IEM Katowice Week 1 Cheat Sheet
236 days ago
Ian Faletti explains Cloud9's new-look roster and what fantasy players may need to expect entering IEM Katowice.
BLAST Premier Spring Groups Knockout Stage Cheat Sheet
243 days ago
NiKo continues to be a dynamic slayer and Ian Faletti suggests it should only get better entering the knockout stage of BLAST Premier Spring Groups.
BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023 Week 1 Cheat Sheet
250 days ago
Who else than s1mple? In the kickoff to 2023 competition, Ian Faletti outlines why the dynamic slayer should be poised to pick up right where he left off.
BLAST Premier World Final Cheat Sheet
285 days ago
It's hard to imagine dupreeh as a net negative for fantasy managers, but Ian Faletti points out the slayer could have some struggles in the final Major of 2022.
BLAST Premier Fall Final Cheat Sheet
306 days ago
The BLAST Premier Fall Final is here and Ian Faletti has you covered with the top plays of the week. Expect Heroic to do particularly wekk.
IEM Rio Major Champions Stage Cheat Sheet
317 days ago
Can sh1ro and company continue to play to this level of form? Ian Faletti believes so and also hits on a couple of others teams who could do well during the Champions Stage.
IEM Rio Major Challengers and Legends Cheat Sheet
327 days ago
Is s1mple due to have a dominant tournament run? Ian Faletti outlines expectations for the superstar slayer and the rest of Na'Vi.
IEM Rio Major Challengers Stage Cheat Sheet
332 days ago
You can't get any more consistent than ZywOo especially in a pivotal major such as IEM Rio Major. Ian Faletti outlines expectations for the superstar slayer and highlights a couple of other players to fade.
BLAST Premier Fall Showdown Cheat Sheet
348 days ago
Is the Grim resurgence real? Ian Faletti certainly is intrigued by the idea and suggests Complexity could be a key team to watch during the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown.
ESL RMR Cheat Sheet
ESL RMR Cheat Sheet
353 days ago
353 days ago
Can ZywOo continue this torrid place? Ian Faletti outlines expectations for the ESL Pro League MVP and the rest of the RMR Major participants.
ESL Pro League Playoffs Cheat Sheet
361 days ago
Can Vitality continue this incredible run during the ESL Pro League Playoffs? It all depends on how ZywOo can do according to Ian Faletti, who also outlines a couple of other interesting names to watch.
ESL Pro League Group D Cheat Sheet
September 24, 2022
It sure looks like Group D will be dominated by Cloud9 and Team Liquid. Ian Faletti outlines the expectations for everyone in the final group of the ESL Pro League.
ESL Pro League Group C Cheat Sheet
September 14, 2022
Can Astralis compete in a tricky Group C? Ian Faletti outlines the fantasy expectations for the squad entering Group C of the ESL Pro League.
ESL Pro League Week 2 Cheat Sheet
September 7, 2022
Ian Faletti believes Twistzz and the rest of FaZe Clan appear poised for another successful ESL Pro League.
ESL Pro League Season 16 Week 1 Cheat Sheet
September 4, 2022
s1mple continues his torrid pace, but can Na'Vi as a team continue theirs? Ian Faletti outlines the opening week of ESL Pro League 16 action and what to do with one of the top teams in CS:GO.
BLAST Premier Fall Groups Week 2 Cheat Sheet
August 24, 2022
b1t is almost guaranteed for a bounceback performance after Week 1 of BLAST Premier Fall Groups. Ian Faletti outlines a couple of other players who should be primed for solid outings.
BLAST Premier Fall Groups Week 1 Cheat Sheet
August 18, 2022
CS:GO is back! Ian Faletti outlines expectations for BLAST Premier Fall Groups and specifically, FaZe Clan.
IEM Cologne Top Six Cheat Sheet
July 13, 2022
Na'Vi look like one of the best teams at IEM Cologne and Ian Faletti expects s1mple to once again be a critical player for anyone's fantasy lineups.
IEM Cologne Cheat Sheet
July 6, 2022
Sometimes it is that simple. Na'Vi are favorites to win IEM Cologne and it's all thanks to s1mple, who Ian Faletti believes should be dominate once again.
Roobet Cup 2022 Cheat Sheet
June 22, 2022
Ian Faletti outlines a couple of players who could pop off at Roobet Cup including sh1ro and the rest of the new-look crew.
BLAST Premier Spring Final Cheat Sheet
June 15, 2022
The 2022 BLAST Premier Spring finals is upon and Ian Faletti has you covered on a number of players to consider rostering.
PGL Major Antwerp Champions Stage Cheat Sheet
May 18, 2022
b1t's meteoric rise during the PGL Major Antwerp has been something to behold, and Ian Faletti believes the slayers impact will be felt once again heading into the single-elimination bracket.
PGL Major Antwerp Challengers Cheat Sheet
May 12, 2022
Team Liquid have crawled their way back into Legends contention, a possibility Ian Faletti believes could be cemented at the PGL Major Antwerp.
BLAST Premier Spring Showdown North America Cheat Sheet
April 28, 2022
The North American BLAST Premier Spring Showdown sees both of the region's top teams in action, but which one will prevail? Ian Faletti highlights a couple of players to monitor who could dominate the tourney.
BLAST Premier Spring Showdown Europe Cheat Sheet
April 28, 2022
A loaded European version of the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown should showcase a number of top teams and quality players.
PGL Major Antwerp RMR B Cheat Sheet
April 20, 2022
After a shocking RMR A, Ian Faletti examines RMR B and highlights a couple of players who could make a significant impact.