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How to Download

1. Go to the folder where you saved the downloaded file.

2. Double-click on the downloaded file to start installation.

3. Next, drag the football icon into your applications folder. The program should now be available in your list of applications. Simply click on it to start using the software.

Frequently Asked Questions
Does the software work offline? I may not have access to the internet during my draft.
Yes, the software does work offline. However, you'll want to connect prior to your draft so you're using the most recent data.
Can I use it for an auction draft?
Yes, you can use it as auction draft software. Almost any format you could dream up is possible.
I cannot seem to unlock the draft software. What am I doing wrong?
First, please be sure you are entering your exact username and password (this information is case sensitive). If there is a problem with your username and password, you can e-mail to get a software unlock code. Note: Users on a trial subscription are allowed to download the software and view the customization options available, but full capabilities of the program, such as adding players to teams and updating projections, are reserved for paid subscribers.
Can the software sync up with a live draft on other sites (i.e. ESPN)?
The app is unable to connect to third party servers (such as those owned by Yahoo, and ESPN) and thus is unfortunately unable to import your league's format/scoring settings automatically or sync with your live draft. In addition to technical restraints placed by these third-party sites, each of them typically offers league hosting and draft rooms free of charge, and they rely on being able to advertise to customers within said rooms to stay in business and continue to offer this service free of charge. But not to worry! Our app still allows you to input your league's format/scoring settings manually via its settings menu, and then generates custom rankings/auction values based on your league's custom settings. The app will show you every player you draft, as well as every player drafted by other teams in your league via its Rosters and Draft Grid pages. Because the app is unable to sync to third party servers, you'll need to manually assign players to teams as they're taken
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