Customized For Your League
See projections, rankings, dollar values, and more – all customized for your league format.
Track Your Entire Draft
Keep your eye on the big picture so you can react to the draft as it unfolds.
All The Tools You Need
Research players, dive into stats, check depth charts and more – everything is right at your fingertips.
FREE with RotoWire Subscription!
Full, unlimited access to our draft software is included for FREE with any paid RotoWire hockey subscription.
Packed With Tons of Useful Features
Custom Scoring
Select from 26 different stat categories.
Custom Rosters
Create a custom roster setup.
Custom Ranks/Values
View dollar values and player rankings (w/RotoWire projections).
Up to Date Projections
Update the projections through the online interface.
Projected Standings
View projected standings based on players taken.
Track Every Pick
Track each pick during your draft and view all rosters.
Add Your Own Notes
Add notes on individual players to remind you during your draft.
Decide on picks faster by color-coding players in free agent list.
Player News/Outlooks
View 2023 outlooks and latest news on all players.
Download Projections
Download all rosters, projections and reports to Excel.
Available Dollars
Track available dollars for each team in your auction.
Keeper League Tools
Add keepers to team rosters prior to your draft/auction.
Custom Player Pool
Change the position eligibility of players to fit your league.
Sortable Data
Sort all player lists by value, name, position, and stat.
Add Multiple Drafts
Set up and save multiple fantasy hockey drafts or auctions.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Does the software work offline? I may not have access to the internet during my draft.
A. Yes, the software does work offline. However, you'll want to connect prior to your draft so you're using the most recent data.
Q. Can I use it for an auction draft?
A. Yes, you can use it as auction draft software. Almost any format you could dream up is possible.
Q. Can I transfer my drafts/auctions between computers?
A. Yes, it is possible to transfer all of your drafts/auctions to another computer.
Q. How do I update the projections?
A. Open up the software and select "Projections," and then "Update Projections". This will open a window that gives you two options for updating the projections. If you are online and have a paid subscription you can enter your RotoWire user name and password to download the projections directly to your software.
Q. Can I change the dollar values?
A. The dollar values provided with the software are generated based on a formula that incorporates your league categories, number of teams, and roster composition. Because it is not a fixed number, you are not able to edit the actual value. You are able to edit the projections for any player, which would then change his dollar value.
Q. There are players missing from the free agent lists, How do I add them?
A. If you are missing players from the available players list then most likely you just need to update your projections. The initial download of the software includes projections from May. Some players get traded or are added to our projections after that first projection, so they may not show up until the data is updated.
Q. Will the software work on Macs?
A. Unfortunately, our draft software is only compatible with Windows operating systems at this time.
Q. How do I print dollar values and results?
A. While there isn't a way to print directly from the draft software, you can easily print these items from any spreadsheet software. Here's how you do it: 1) Select "Export" from the top menu, then select the data that you want to print. If you want to print the dollar values, please select "Projections." 2) Select a location on your computer where you want the data saved and click the "Export" button. This will save your data in comma delimited format as a .csv file. You can open this file in just about any spreadsheet software, including Excel. Once you have it opened in a spreadsheet it's fairly easy to print from there
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