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Sorare MLS: Deke's Diamonds GW 479
4 days ago
Christian Benteke has been crushing MLS back lines and is one of a few D.C. United favorites for Deke Mathews ahead of the Sorare gameweek.
Sorare MLS: Deke's Diamonds GW 477
11 days ago
Cristian Arango is producing almost every match for Real Salt Lake and is one of this weekend's Sorare Diamonds for Deke Mathews, home against Colorado.
Sorare MLS: Deke's Diamonds GW 476
14 days ago
Back from suspension, Julian Carranza is rested and one of the Sorare diamonds for Deke Mathews ahead of the midweek MLS slate.
Sorare MLS: Deke's Diamonds GW 475
18 days ago
It's been a quietly successful start for Emil Forsberg in New York and he's a top option for Deke Mathews in the upcoming Sorare gameweek.
Sorare MLS: Deke's Diamonds GW 473
25 days ago
Deke Mathews has high hopes for Thiago Almada this weekend and is one of his favorite Sorare options in GW473.
Sorare MLS: Deke's Diamonds GW 471
32 days ago
It hasn't been the best season for Carles Gil or the Revs, but Deke Mathews still believes in him for his weekend MLS preview at Sorare.
Sorare MLS: Deke's Diamonds GW 469
39 days ago
Riqui Puig and his LA Galaxy teammates are Sorare favorites of Deke Mathews as he looks ahead to MLS this weekend.
Sorare MLS: Deke's Diamonds GW 467
46 days ago
Brooks Lennon has been on a tear to open the season and Deke Mathews can't find a reason to fade him on Sorare, even against Philadelphia.
Sorare MLS: Deke's Diamonds GW 465
53 days ago
Denis Bouanga loves to play crosstown rival LA Galaxy and he's one of the favorites of Deke Mathews for GW 465 at Sorare.
Sorare MLS: Deke's Diamonds GW 463
60 days ago
Deke Mathews is backing Atlanta to have a bit of success for their home match against Chicago, pointing out a few of their Sorare cards.
Sorare MLS: Deke's Diamonds GW 461
67 days ago
Ryan Gauld has had a slow start to the season, but in a plus matchup, Deke Mathews thinks that could end this weekend ahead of Sorare's GW 461.
Sorare MLS: Deke's Diamonds GW 459
74 days ago
Sporting Kansas City are one of the biggest favorites in MLS this weekend and Deke Mathews is looking to them for his top Sorare buys.
Sorare MLS: Deke's Diamonds GW 457
81 days ago
In addition to having a great matchup for GW457, Diego Luna should see an uptick in activity going forward and is one of Deke Mathews' top Sorare plays.
Sorare MLS: Deke's Diamonds GW 455
88 days ago
Lionel Messi could have some added motivation against Orlando City and will likely be one of the highest Sorare scorers in MLS, as Deke Mathews goes through his favorite high and low-end options.
Sorare MLS: Deke's Diamonds GW 453
95 days ago
MLS fully returns this weekend, as Deke Mathews goes through some of the best options at Sorare, touching on the high and low end of card prices, including Luciano Acosta
Sorare Strategies: Winter Competition Schedule Preview
192 days ago
Following the announcement of Sorare's Winter Competition in the Premier League, Adam Zdroik dives into the next 10 gameweeks worth of schedules.
Sorare Strategies: Cheap Premier League Cards
262 days ago
Adam Zdroik takes stock of Sorare during the international break to go through some of the best value cards in the Premier League, including Marcus Tavernier, who recently returned from injury.
Sorare 101: How To Get Started Video Tutorials
329 days ago
RotoWire's Adam Zdroik provides a basic approach on how to start your Sorare team, from it being a fantasy game at heart to buying your first card and building a team, as well as the intricacies of scoring.
Sorare 2023 MLS Goalkeeper Rankings
336 days ago
Andre Blake remains a key piece for the ever-consistent Philadelphia Union and he once again tops RotoWire's Sorare Goalkeeper rankings for the 2023 MLS season.
Sorare 2022/23 La Liga Goalkeeper Rankings
July 30, 2022
Thibaut Courtois is coming off a massive season and he leads La Liga Sorare rankings going into the 2022/23 season, as RotoWire's Ben Novack runs through all 20 expected starters.
Sorare 2022/23 Bundesliga Goalkeeper Rankings
July 22, 2022
Unsurprisingly, Manuel Neuer tops the Bundesliga goalkeeper rankings in Sorare for the 2022/23 season and RotoWire's Ian Faletti ranks all of the expected starters with hopes to find some value.
Sorare 2022 MLS Goalkeeper Rankings
July 11, 2022
Carlos Coronel should be a mainstay with the Red Bulls the next few years and RotoWire's Liad Lerner has the goalkeeper near the top of his Sorare rankings midway through the 2022 season.
How Do You Make Money on Sorare?
August 25, 2021
A simple question about how you make money on Sorare has an easy answer and a somewhat complicated one, which is why RotoWire's Andrew Laird is here to break it all down.
How Does Sorare Work?
How Does Sorare Work?
August 1, 2021
August 1, 2021
RotoWire's Andrew Laird explains the fundamentals of how Sorare works, including how it is similar to daily fantasy sports and dynasty leagues.
Sorare 2021 MLS Goalkeeper Rankings
April 11, 2021
Philadelphia's Andre Blake is arguably the most athletic goalkeeper in Major League Soccer, which is one reason he sits near the top of JD Bazzo's position rankings for the 2021 season.
SorareAndrews Podcast: Goalkeeper Bundle
April 8, 2021
Andrew Laird and Andy Black discuss why goalkeepers are expensive on Sorare, what some methods are for finding cheaper ones, and why handcuffing the position reduces your potential upside.
How to Make Money on Sorare (Video)
March 19, 2021
RotoWire's Andrew Laird breaks down the different ways to make money on Sorare, including what it takes to win Ethereum in tournaments and why the value of a card is not the same as realized profit.
Fantasy Soccer Podcast: What's the Deal with Sorare?
March 12, 2021
Andrew Laird and Andy Black discuss their paths to joining Sorare, why they think it's better than other NFTs, and what they think are the best ways to start playing depending on the size of your budget.
How to Avoid Overpaying for Sorare Cards
March 4, 2021
A huge increase in users on Sorare has led to skyrocketing card prices, but RotoWire's Andrew Laird has a few key tips to make sure you don't pay far more than you should.
How to Get Started on Sorare (Video)
February 26, 2021
RotoWire's Andrew Laird breaks down the basics of getting started on Sorare, including how to determine your budget, which leagues and contests may be better to begin with, and ways to avoid early mistakes.