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MLB: Six Underrated Players for the Final Weeks
87 days ago
Corbin Young highlights three veteran hitters and three interesting relievers to consider for the final few weeks of the season.
MLB: Five Pitchers With Underused Offerings
98 days ago
Corbin Young analyzes four rarely used pitches which have gotten tons of whiffs. Do these offerings indicate good things ahead for the pitchers who throw them?
MLB: Five Players who Deserve a Deeper Look
105 days ago
Corbin Young digs on five players who have exceeded expectations recently. Which of them have legitimately showcased new skills?
MLB: Five Underrated Hitters For The Stretch Run
119 days ago
Corbin Young highlights five underrated hitters who should help out in specific categories down the stretch.
MLB: Examining Three Struggling Hitters' Chase Rates and Barrel Rates
132 days ago
Corbin Young examines a trio of struggling hitters to determine whether their chase rates and barrel rates suggest a bounceback is coming.
MLB Earned Auction Values: 5 Players Outperforming ADP
149 days ago
Corbin Young analyzes five players who are outperforming ADP to find out if their success will continue. Is it time to bail on Nestor Cortes?
MLB: Age is Just a Number (Maybe)
163 days ago
Corbin Young analyzes three aging hitters to find out what to expect the rest of the season.
MLB: Age Is Just a Number (Maybe)
170 days ago
Corbin Young analyzes two aging pitchers, including Justin Verlander.
MLB: Analyzing Called-Strikes-Plus-Whiff (CSW) Rates by Pitch
182 days ago
Corbin Young uses CSW, a stat created by Alex Fast and popularized in recent years, to analyze five starting pitchers, including the Brewers' Eric Lauer.
MLB: Analyzing Swinging-Strike Rates by Pitch
200 days ago
Corbin Young analyzes swinging-strike rates to identify pitchers to buy low and fade, including Luis Garcia, who has a dominant cutter.
MLB: Using Barrel Rates To Identify Buy Lows & Fades
205 days ago
Corbin Young examines early batted-ball data and walks us through his process of determining buys lows and fades in fantasy baseball.
MLB: Three Hitters With Increased Chase & Pull Rates
217 days ago
Corbin Young takes a look at three hitters with interesting batted-ball profiles, including Astros rookie shortstop Jeremy Pena.
MLB: Early-Season Changes With Mitch Keller, Joe Ryan and Tommy Edman
225 days ago
Corbin Young takes a look at some surprising early results and the changes driving them. Is Tommy Edman's power spike legitimate? Can Mitch Keller follow up last week's strong showing against Milwaukee?
MLB: Corbin Young on Four Notable Starting Pitchers
232 days ago
Corbin Young looks into the early results, pitch mixes and velocities of four notable starters, including Noah Syndergaard.
MLB: Four Potential Pitcher Values
245 days ago
Corbin Young examines four pitchers that could outperform their Average Draft Position in 2022.
MLB: Three Potential Hitter Values
260 days ago
Corbin Young debuts at RotoWire with a look at three 2019 breakouts. Now that the interest in these players has dwindled, is it time to revisit them in the late rounds of drafts?