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Collette Calls: How Much Do They Have Left In The Tank?
2 days ago
Converted relievers like Garrett Crochet have had plenty of success in the first half, but will they have enough left to be productive after the break?
Collette Calls: Checking in on Steals
15 days ago
Jason Collette breaks down which teams have been the easiest to run on this season, and it might not be the ones you expect.
Collette Calls: Unintended Benefits
22 days ago
Hunter Greene is one of several pitchers who have been much better at keeping fastballs in the park this season.
Collette Calls: Offensive Observations
30 days ago
Jason Collette attempts to make sense of the offensive environment around the league, which has seen widespread power outages.
Collette Calls: What the Helsley?
36 days ago
Ryan Helsley was the first closer to 20 saves this season despite the Cardinals' losing record. Just how historic is that, and is it likely to continue?
Collette Calls: Divergent Paths
43 days ago
What has gone wrong for Randy Arozarena this season, and will he be able to turn it around anytime soon?
Collette Calls: A Need For Speed?
52 days ago
Searching for steals? Take a look at the rosters with the highest attempt rates, such as the Reds and Angels, argues Jason Collette.
Collette Calls: De La Cruzing to Fantasy Stardom
56 days ago
Elly De La Cruz has made several big steps forward this season and is right at the top of the earned value leaderboard. Could we have seen any of this coming?
Collette Calls: Power Outages
64 days ago
Jason Collette examines three hitters who are dealing with long homer droughts, including Spencer Torkelson.
Collette Calls: May Day!
73 days ago
Stuck with someone off to a slow start like Nick Castellanos? Jason Collette offers perspective, reminding us of eight players who bounced back from awful Aprils last year.
Collette Calls: Walker in Memphis; Does He Have a Prayer There?
79 days ago
Jordan Walker has been demoted in April for the second year in a row. What went wrong this time around?
Collette Calls: The State of Pitching
86 days ago
An early look at the state of pitching in 2024 reveals more wins going to relievers and a hint that scoring could be down this year compared to 2023.
Collette Calls: Early Power and Speed Indicators
96 days ago
An early look at leaguewide power and speed numbers suggests that both could be down slightly this year compared to 2023.
Collette Calls: Should We Believe What We Just Saw?
103 days ago
Just how much should we buy into excellent first outings from pitchers like Ronel Blanco, who threw a no-hitter on Monday? It depends on whether they've made real changes, writes Jason Collette.
Collette Calls: Could We See Even More Steals in 2024?
109 days ago
The Brewers are running wild this spring under new manager Pat Murphy. Jason Collette examines what the spring training steals stats could tell us about the upcoming season.
Collette Calls: My 2024 AL Tout Wars Team
116 days ago
Jason Collette breaks down his AL Tout Wars Team, a balanced squad led by Luis Castillo.
Collette Calls: Grouping Pitching By Pitch Modeling Profile
122 days ago
Jason Collette looks at groups of pitchers with very different ADPs but surprisingly similar skills, including one pitcher who has drawn comparisons to Tyler Glasnow.
Collette Calls: My AL LABR Review
130 days ago
Defending AL LABR champion Jason Collette shares the thought process behind the squad he hopes will lead him to back-to-back victories.
Collette Calls: Plans B and Beyond
145 days ago
When someone drafts your favorite target several rounds before his ADP, who should you turn to as a backup plan? Jason Collette shares his Plan B at every offensive position.
Collette Calls: A First Rounder Outta Nowhere
151 days ago
Every year, someone emerges from the middle or late rounds to produce first-round fantasy value. Who will that player be this season?
Collette Calls: Baffling Bullpens by the Numbers
160 days ago
Jason Collette tackles four bullpens with uncertain late-inning hierarchies, including a Philadelphia pen in which Jeff Hoffman could earn quite a few saves.
Collette Calls: 2024 AL East Bold Predictions
165 days ago
Nick Pivetta, no stranger to generating divisive opinions, features in the latest edition of Jason Collette's Bold Predictions series.
Collette Calls: 2024 NL East Bold Predictions
172 days ago
Jason Collette's latest set of bold predictions includes a potential MVP campaign for Trea Turner.
Collette Calls: 2024 AL Central Bold Predictions
178 days ago
Jason Collette's latest set of bold predictions features one on Cole Ragans, but in which direction?
Collette Calls: NL Central 2024 Bold Predictions
187 days ago
Jason Collette's latest set of bold predictions includes a potential breakout season for Seiya Suzuki.
Collette Calls: 2024 AL West Bold Predictions
192 days ago
Jason Collette's latest set of Bold Predictions features both an MVP and a Cy Young Prediction.
Collette Calls: 2024 NL West Bold Predictions
197 days ago
Last year's NL West bold predictions correctly pegged Blake Snell as the future Cy Young. Will Tyler Glasnow continue the trend?
Collette Calls: Workload Hangover Effect?
216 days ago
What does recent history tell us about 2023's biggest workhorses such as Arizona's Zac Gallen?
Collette Calls: Value in the Scrap Heap for 2024
227 days ago
Jason Collette highlights 10 hitters and 10 pitchers who have been nearly forgotten about in the first handful of 2024 drafts, including shortstop Tim Anderson.
Collette Calls: The Next Batch of Valuable Middle Relievers
236 days ago
Jason Collette takes a look at middle relievers who could have fantasy value next season without earning saves, including Baltimore's DL Hall.
Collette Calls: Looking Back at Steals to Plan Ahead for 2024
249 days ago
Did spring training trends accurately predict the increase in steals last season? Jason Collette investigates.
Collette Calls: Managing Steals
258 days ago
Jason Collette looks at which managers were most willing to let their players loose on the basepaths last season.
Collette Calls: NL Pitching Bold Predictions Accountability
271 days ago
Jason Collette reviews his final set of bold preseason predictions, including a particularly prescient one about Padres pitcher Blake Snell.
Collette Calls: AL Pitching Bold Predictions Review
278 days ago
Jason Collette reviews his preseason expectations for AL pitchers, feature players like Kyle Bradish, Alek Manoah and Carlos Rodon.
Collette Calls: NL Hitting Bold Predictions Review
284 days ago
Jason Collette reviews his preseason bold predictions for American League hitters, a set which included a large number of wins.
Collette Calls: AL Hitting Bold Predictions Review
293 days ago
Jason Collette begins his review of his preseason Bold Predictions series, starting with American League hitters.
Collette Calls: Reliever Wins Back En Vogue?
300 days ago
With reliever wins on the rise, Jason Collette examines whether chasing those wins is worth our while.
Collette Calls: How Did They Adjust?
307 days ago
Jason Collette examines the effects the pitch clock has had on pitchers who already struggled to control the running game.
Collette Calls: Roto Immaculate Grid
313 days ago
Jason Collette invents the Roto Immaculate Grid and highlights a few late-round picks who have made meaningful contributions this season.
Collette Calls: A Different Look at the 2024 Reliever Market
321 days ago
Jason Collette looks at some relievers to stash now for their closer upside in 2024, including impending free agent Jordan Hicks.
Collette Calls: Home Run Derby Curse?
328 days ago
Jason Collette investigates whether the Home Run Derby has had any negative effects on those who participated in it.
Collette Calls: Acuna Awesomeness
335 days ago
Jason Collette examines just how historic Ronald Acuna's season has been and looks at how well the top earners in recent seasons have been able to replicate their success.
Collette Calls: Any Immediate Changes?
342 days ago
Jason Collette takes a look at which pitchers who were traded at the deadline already seem to be making adjustments, including new Oriole Jack Flaherty.
Collette Calls: Returning From Injuries
352 days ago
With stars such as Yordan Alvarez, Jose Altuve and Aaron Judge returning from injuries this week, Jason Collette takes a look at what we can expect from players in their first month back.
Collette Calls: Which Boats Are Rising?
359 days ago
Jason Collette examines how the additional steals, runs and RBI have distributed themselves this season, with stars like Ronald Acuna Jr. earning an outsize share.
Collette Calls: Cardinals Red Tag Sale
July 14, 2023
With the Cardinals set to sell at the deadline, Jason Collette takes a look at who they might make available.
Collette Calls: Where's the Beef?
July 6, 2023
Jason Collette investigates some of the league's most notable power outages, including Bryce Harper, whose last homer came on May 26.
Collette Calls: Hitters Potentially On the Move
July 1, 2023
Jason Collette takes a look at hitters on struggling teams who could be on the move this month, including Washington's Jeimer Candelario.
Collette Calls: Packing Their Bags?
June 24, 2023
Jason Collette discusses the pitchers who could be on the move at the deadline should their clubs choose to sell, including potentially Corbin Burnes.
Collette Calls: Is The Worst Behind Us?
June 10, 2023
Are pitchers allowing more baserunners this year, or are those baserunners simply finding it easier to score? Jason Collette investigates.