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Collette Calls: Beltway Pitching Projects
7 days ago
Jason Collette examines a pair of young starting pitchers with plenty of potential but unimpressive 2022 numbers.
Collette Calls: Pitching Bold Predictions Reviews
45 days ago
Jason Collette analyzes what he got right and what he got wrong with his preseason pitching predictions, including an outstanding season from Dylan Cease.
Collette Calls: Hitting Bold Predictions Reviews
55 days ago
Jason Collette looks back at his bold predictions from last offseason, examining what went right and what went wrong.
Collette Calls: Buckle Up
60 days ago
Jason Collette is excited for the increase in steals which the new rules should bring next season. Which hitters and pitchers will be affected the most?
Collette Calls: Scoring Tweaks
67 days ago
Jason Collette advocates for more experimentation with scoring setups in order to give fantasy relevance to a larger pool of pitchers.
Collette Calls: Shifting Expectations
75 days ago
Jason Collette examines a handful of spray charts in search of hitters who will particularly benefit from the shift ban.
Collette Calls: Get Lowe?
83 days ago
Jason Collette examines the changes that went into Nathaniel Lowe's breakout season.
Collette Calls: Lead Horse In The Stable
89 days ago
Jason Collette analyzes Pete Fairbanks, whose second-half dominance could allow him to emerge from the Rays' committee to become a true closer.
Collette Calls: Looking Ahead
97 days ago
Jason Collette examines a pair of pitchers who could be next season's breakout reliever.
Collette Calls: Revisiting Steaks
104 days ago
Jason Collette responds to a recent quote from Pete Alonso with an examination of where exactly RBI come from.
Collette Calls: Revisiting the Quad
111 days ago
Jason Collette reviews Jon Gray's season and explains why he'll be one of the top sleepers of 2023.
Collette Calls: The Homestretch
120 days ago
Jason Collette examines everything that's possible down the stretch by taking a look at some of the best stretch runs of the past few seasons.
Collette Calls: Effects of Relocation
127 days ago
On the eve of the MLB trade deadline, Jason Collette looks at those already on the move and how they will be affected moving forward.
Collette Calls: Next Man Up
134 days ago
Jason Collette breaks down the players most likely to be dealt at the deadline as well as those who are set to benefit from increased playing time.
Collette Calls: Hamate Bone Blues
144 days ago
In light of Wander Franco's hamate bone surgery, Jason Collette dives into the history of notable hitters returning from the procedure.
Collette Calls: No Sport for Old Men?
151 days ago
Jason Collette ponders whether there is an accelerating aging curve in Major League Baseball. Are aging veterans just as volatile as the league's youngest players?
Collette Calls: Proactive Pitching Measures
162 days ago
Jason Collette takes a look at pitchers who have already far exceeded their major-league innings totals from 2021. Should fantasy managers plan to be without Luis Severino in September?
Collette Calls: Do You Have a Need for Speed?
168 days ago
Jason Collette looks at stolen-base opportunities and how often players are running when they have an open base in front of them. And can we leverage pitcher/catcher battery numbers to stream steals?
Collette Calls: Summer Slugging?
182 days ago
Jason Collette notes that flyball distances have jumped over the past couple weeks. Meanwhile the league-wide contact rate is up this season. How can we leverage this information to our advantage?
Collette Calls: Stop the (Statistical) Madness
189 days ago
Jason Collette examines some statistical anomalies through the first two months of the Major League Baseball season.
Collette Calls: Steaks
Collette Calls: Steaks
196 days ago
196 days ago
Jason Collette stresses that RBIs -- or "ribeyes" -- are a skill of opportunity. Who is making the most of their chances so far this season?
Collette Calls: Still Chasing Wins
207 days ago
Wins have been hard to come by this season. Jason Collette examines early run-support numbers and notes pitchers that have enjoyed good fortune in that regard, and those that have not, like Corbin Burnes.
Collette Calls: Steals Making A Comeback
213 days ago
Jason Collette checks in on the final tallies from April and notes that while offense is down, the stolen base appears to be making a comeback.
Collette Calls: Slow Starts
221 days ago
Jason Collette examines slow starts by some big names. He tries to decipher whether or not we should be concerned, and if so, to what extent.
Collette Calls: Is This Heaney Happening?
227 days ago
Andrew Heaney is now on the injured list, but Jason Collette saw signs of a potential breakout in Heaney's first two starts of 2022. How high could Heaney climb with the Dodgers once he's back?
Collette Calls: Power Outage Redux?
237 days ago
Based on the early returns, Jason Collette believes we may be on the verge of another decline in power league-wide.
Collette Calls: One Last Look Back at Spring Training
242 days ago
As the regular season gets underway, Jason Collette takes one last look back at spring training to see if the stats and trends might tell us something about what's to come.
Collette Calls: My AL Tout Wars Team
257 days ago
A couple weeks after competing in AL LABR, Jason Collette dipped back into the AL-only pool as part of Tout Wars. This is his 16th year in Tout Wars. How did he go about building his roster?
Collette Calls: Endgame Favorites
265 days ago
Jason Collette turns his focus to the endgame of fantasy baseball drafts. Is Mitch Keller worth another look in Pittsburgh in 2022? What should we prioritize in the reserve rounds?
Collette Calls: My 2022 AL LABR Team
273 days ago
Jason Collette acquired two of the first 10 players nominated in AL LABR, including Rafael Devers. Not liking the balance of his roster, Jason made a blockbuster trade a mere 36 hours after the auction draft.
Collette Calls: Chasing Wins
278 days ago
Much has been made of the changing saves market, but what about how wins are dispersed? Jason Collette looks at trends and beneficial conditions for starting pitching and relief wins.
Collette Calls: The Need For Speed
284 days ago
Jason Collette notes that over one-third of the projected steals in baseball are gone by pick 100 in fantasy drafts. Should we build our roto draft plans around this one particular category?
Collette Calls: 2022 NL West Bold Predictions
293 days ago
Jason Collette wraps up his 2022 Bold Predictions series with a spin through the NL West! Find out why he has concerns about Mookie Betts and which pitcher is his pick for "this year's Robbie Ray."
Collette Calls: 2022 AL West Bold Predictions
300 days ago
Jason Collette continues his Bold Predictions with a spin through the AL West. Find out why he likes Alex Bregman to return to top-50 overall status and which arms he likes to emerge from down the ADP list.
Collette Calls: 2022 NL Central Bold Predictions
307 days ago
Jason Collette's Bold Predictions continue! Find out why he likes Willy Adames to build on last season's success and which Cubs reliever he's picking to lead the club in saves.
Collette Calls: 2022 AL Central Bold Predictions
312 days ago
Jason Collette's Bold Predictions series continues! Find out why he's bullish on Eloy Jimenez and bearish on Whit Merrifield. Which young outfielder does he like in Detroit?
Collette Calls: 2022 NL East Bold Predictions
321 days ago
Jason Collette continues his Bold Predictions series with a trip through the NL East! Find out why he's fading last year's RBI leader in the National League and which arms he likes at cost in fantasy baseball.
Collette Calls: 2022 AL East Bold Predictions
341 days ago
Jason Collette begins his Bold Predictions series with a trip through the AL East. Can Gary Sanchez return to top 5 catcher status?
Collette Calls: Value in the Scrap Heap For 2022
350 days ago
Jason Collette rummages through the scrap heap to find some gems for 2022 drafts, including the Yankees Gary Sanchez.
Collette Calls: Workloads to Watch
November 10, 2021
Jason Collette offers a word of caution on some pitchers who are coming off massive jumps in workloads, including the Mariners' Logan Gilbert.
Collette Calls: Who Can Be the 2022 Robbie Ray?
October 28, 2021
Jason Collette looks for the next breakout fantasy candidate and lands on ... Andrew Heaney?
Collette Calls: Bold Predictions Accountability - Pitchers
October 15, 2021
Jason Collette grades his preseason predictions, and while missed a few here and there, he nailed Lance McCullers as a solid investment.
Collette Calls: Bold Predictions Accountability - Hitters
October 3, 2021
Jason Collette grades his preseason predictions, and while missed a few here and there, he nailed Yuli Gurriel's rise.
Collette Calls: Duvall Deep Dive
September 25, 2021
Jason Collette analyzes the rise of Adam Duvall and the improbability of his league-leading RBI season.
Collette Calls: Dalbec Deep Dive
September 15, 2021
Jason Collette analyzes the rise of Bobby Dalbec and whether fantasy managers can count on him in 2022.
Collette Calls: Chasing Wins Down the Stretch
September 10, 2021
Jason Collette has advice for fantasy managers chasing wins down the stretch: focus on relievers.
Collette Calls: The Unmeasurables
September 2, 2021
Jason Collette analyzes players moved at the trade deadline and the rather unexpected results one month later.
Collette Calls: September Matters
August 26, 2021
Jason Collette shows how even if your team isn't in contention for a league title, you can still make an impact in your league.
Collette Calls: Pedigree Bias?
August 18, 2021
Jason Collette analyzes the fall of Cavan Biggio, whose last name might have been the real reason for his preseason hype.
Collette Calls: Everyone Gets A Save!
August 11, 2021
Jason Collette looks at the league-wide saves situation, as it seems these days that everyone gets a save!