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Three Common Mistakes Every Drafter Makes (Video)
286 days ago
Peter Schoenke and Alan Seslowsky advise avoiding Titans RB Derrick Henry in the first round.
Applying My Winning Scott Fish Bowl Strategy to 2022
297 days ago
RotoWire president Peter Schoenke was the top expert in last year's Scott Fish Bowl. How can his strategy for 2022 can help your team (like drafting Jaguars?)
2022 Indianapolis Colts Preview: Roster Moves, Depth Chart, Schedule, Storylines and More
307 days ago
As perhaps the AFC North's most complete team, the Colts boast the reigning rushing champ in Jonathan Taylor behind a top-10 offensive line. Beyond Taylor, Michael Pittman represents the biggest fantasy asset.
2022 Minnesota Vikings Preview: Roster Moves, Depth Chart, Schedule, Storylines and More
309 days ago
With a new coaching staff in place, the Vikings are slated to roll out their personnel a bit differently this season, most notably with the likely use of more three-wide sets under Kevin O'Connell.
Drafting WRs Early May Win Your League (Video)
August 24, 2021
Peter Schoenke is drafting elite wide receivers early. He explains why you should too.
2021 NFL Team Previews: Minnesota Vikings
August 3, 2021
The Vikings boast one of the more balanced offenses in the league, and if the defense is as leaky as last season, Dalvin Cook, Justin Jefferson and company could have plenty of chances to continue to cook.
2021 NFL Team Previews: Indianapolis Colts
July 29, 2021
In the wake of Philip Rivers' retirement, the Colts have decided to give Carson Wentz a second chance. But Indy's offense nonetheless revolves around second-year running back Jonathan Taylor.
Video Shorts: Two Tips Proven To Win Your Fantasy Football Draft!
July 22, 2021
Peter Schoenke is convinced Jalen Hurts is the obvious league winning QB in 2021.
Video Shorts: Davante Adams & Austin Ekeler: Should You Draft Them In Round One?
July 15, 2021
Chris Liss and Peter Schoenke discuss if Davante Adams and Austin Ekeler are worth first round fantasy football picks.
2020 NFL Team Previews: Indianapolis Colts
June 12, 2020
The Colts will try their luck with 38-year-old QB Philip Rivers, who has some intriguing offensive weapons to work with in Indy.
2020 NFL Team Previews: Minnesota Vikings
June 3, 2020
Using a ground-based scheme, the Vikings offense will be able to grind out games. But after significant changes on defense, Kirk Cousins may have to air it out more often than expected.
2019 Minnesota Vikings
2019 Minnesota Vikings
July 27, 2019
July 27, 2019
Peter Schoenke sifts through the first year of Kirk Cousins in Minnesota to see where it all went wrong.
2019 Indianapolis Colts
2019 Indianapolis Colts
July 26, 2019
July 26, 2019
Peter Schoenke analyzes the quick turnaround made by the Colts in 2018 with Andrew Luck back in the saddle, and how that success can be sustained.
SXM Highlights: Is Kupp the Rams' Top Red-Zone Target?
August 24, 2018
Is Kupp the Rams' Top Red-Zone Target?
Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: Time to Rethink Value of WRs?
August 4, 2018
RotoWire President Peter Schoenke analyzes how to approach fantasy football drafts with passing yards on the decline.
Team Previews: 2018 Minnesota Vikings
July 28, 2018
Peter Schoenke attempts to answer the question: is Kirk Cousins the Vikings' missing link to postseason success?
Team Previews: 2018 Indianapolis Colts
July 25, 2018
Peter Schoenke analyzes the Colts, whose destiny is firmly on Andrew Luck's healed shoulder.
Football Draft Strategy: Don't Be a Slave to ADP
August 26, 2017
Peter Schoenke shows fantasy owners how to make best use of Average Draft Position and how not to allow ADP to dictate their drafts.
Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: My Game Plan for 2017
August 23, 2017
RotoWire President Peter Schoenke shares his strategy for fantasy football drafts and auctions for 2017, which focuses on taking wide receivers early.
Fantasy Football: It's Time to End PPR
August 1, 2017
Peter Schoenke explains why PPR scoring has outlived its usefulness and how fantasy leagues should change with the times.
Team Previews: Indianapolis Colts
July 29, 2017
Peter Schoenke discusses Andrew Luck's health, among other issues hanging over the Colts in training camp.
Team Previews: Minnesota Vikings
July 25, 2017
Peter Schoenke examines whether the Vikings have found a suitable AP replacement, among other concerns.
Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: Is the WR Market Back to Normal?
July 21, 2017
RotoWire President Peter Schoenke analyzes the early trends in fantasy football drafts and notices a discount on top wide receivers.
Football Draft Kit: Audio Draft Kit
August 28, 2016
Peter Schoenke and Chris Liss provide their 2016 Draft Strategy in two vital podcasts.
Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: My Game Plan for 2016
August 25, 2016
RotoWire President Peter Schoenke shares his draft plan for 2016 that still features wide receivers prominently.
Draft Strategy: Does Math Still Support Taking WRs Early?
August 18, 2016
RotoWire President Peter Schoenke looks at historical trends to see if drafting wide receivers early still adds up.
Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: Are Top RBs Undervalued?
August 4, 2016
RotoWire President Peter Schoenke breaks down the overall strategy questions for 2016. Are wide receivers so valued now that the top running backs are being overlooked?
Team Previews: Minnesota Vikings
July 28, 2016
Peter Schoenke analyzes the Vikings, who look to defend their NFC North title.
Team Previews: Indianapolis Colts
July 19, 2016
RotoWire President Peter Schoenke inspects the health of the Colts' backfield as well as the state of their upgraded offensive line.
Stadium & RW Video: FanDuel Week 3 QBs
September 23, 2015
Pete Schoenke joins 120 Sports to discuss Week 3 QB options on FanDuel.
Stadium & RW Video: QB's for Week 1
September 10, 2015
Peter joins the 120 Sports Fantasy Lunch Hour to talk NFL Week 1 FanDuel QB options.
Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: Dilemmas For 2015
August 24, 2015
Take a WR like Antonio Brown early? What's the best draft slot to choose? Peter Schoenke breaks down those questions and offers his game plan for fantasy drafts this season.
2015 Team Preview: Minnesota Vikings
July 21, 2015
Will the return of Adrian Peterson propel Teddy Bridgewater and the Vikings' offense to the next level in 2015-16?
2015 Team Preview: Indianapolis Colts
June 28, 2015
Andrew Luck looks to build on a promising third season at quarterback, and the additions of Frank Gore and Andre Johnson should only help him.
Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: Combating WR Inflation
August 21, 2014
Does the WR-WR strategy work in leagues suddenly hot and heavy for wideouts?
Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: Implementing The WR-WR Plan
August 15, 2014
Taking wide receivers early has been a winning strategy the past few years and here's how to put it into practice.
Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: The Case For Going WR-WR
August 5, 2014
Using historical data to map out the best draft strategy
2014 Team Preview: Minnesota Vikings
June 23, 2014
Will Norv Turner Equal Fantasy Gold?
2014 Team Preview: Indianapolis Colts
June 23, 2014
Richardson Trade Doesn't Solve RB Mess
Draft Slot Selection Analysis: Snake, 3RR and Banzai Analysis
August 21, 2012
What's the optimal pick in a snake draft? How about third-round reversal? We break down the choices.
A New Era in Fantasy Football?: Strategy Considerations Amid Historic TE and QB Stats
June 27, 2012
The record book for quarterbacks is being re-written. Tight ends are being drafted in the first two rounds for the first time ever. Should fantasy football owners change their previous draft day strategies? RotoWire president Peter Schoenke investigaes.
Historical ADP Draft Strategy: Going WRs Early and QBs Late
August 17, 2011
Peter Schoenke defines his drafting strategy based on a historical study of ADP trends and shows how he'll use it for the 2011 season.
Historical Position Comparison: Positional Scorecard
August 6, 2010
Should you take a first-round QB? Here are the historical comparison of positions in drafts by round.
Historical Fantasy Draft Pick Chart: Computing Draft Pick Trade Value
August 5, 2010
How do you value trading picks in a fantasy draft? What is trading away the shot at Chris Johnson worth? We've got a historical comparison of what each spot produced.
Don't Draft Like It's 2009: RBs Unlikely to Repeat Success
August 3, 2010
Last season was a remarkably productive season for top running backs, but don't expect it to happen again in 2010. Late-round picks like Donald Brown should pan out more this season.
Team Previews: 2010 Vikings Preview
June 29, 2010
Favre Saga Continues