Group Agrees to Acquire RotoWire Group Agrees to Acquire RotoWire

To RotoWire readers and customers,

I want to let you know that Roto Sports, Inc, the corporate entity that owns RotoWire, has been acquired by Group.

This is an exciting development which will be great for the future development of RotoWire. Group intends to bring in fresh resources to help RotoWire to improve its current offerings and add additional content and features.

I first want to reassure you that nothing will be changing with the company as far as our content or our relationship with you. The staff and I are staying on with the new company. The same articles, personalities, features and tools that you enjoy now will remain.

This acquisition allows RotoWire to accelerate our sports betting offerings and be poised for the wave of new sports gaming products to come. You'll see some expanded offerings in those areas in 2022 as the legal U.S. sports betting market continues to grow.

That doesn't mean we're going to overlook our fantasy sports content. We founded this company for the fantasy sports fan as our staff are hard-core fantasy sports enthusiasts. When daily fantasy sports exploded a decade ago, there was some concern from readers that RotoWire would lose focus on season-long fantasy as it expanded daily fantasy sports content and tools. That didn't prove to be the case, as our season-long fantasy content and tools were as strong as ever. The increased business opportunities in daily fantasy sports helped us expand our season-long content and tools with increased player stats, the addition of the My Leagues area for custom recommendations on your hosted leagues and an increased number of feature stories, videos and podcasts.

We think our expansion of sports betting content and tools will see a similar trend that doesn't crowd out or diminish our fantasy sports content. With Group, we have found a like-minded partner that shares a commitment to content, data and news to sports fans gain an edge. Their expertise and business relationships will help us turbo charge our sports betting business. We're excited about the possibilities.

I really want to thank you for being a subscriber, reader, app downloader, magazine buyer or however you've interfaced with RotoWire the past two decades. Most of our best ideas have come from your feedback. The fantasy sports community we've created at RotoWire has been such a joy to be a part of. We're excited about the next evolution of our company as we build on that legacy to stay on the leading edge of all the new fantasy sports and sports gaming products to come.

Thank you!

Peter Schoenke

Peter Schoenke
Peter Schoenke is the president and co-founder of He's been elected to the hall of fame for both the Fantasy Sports Trade Association and Fantasy Sports Writers Association and also won the Best Fantasy Baseball Article on the Internet in 2005 from the FSWA. He roots for for the Minnesota Twins, Vikings and T-Wolves.