Fantasy Basketball Mock Draft 2022-23 - Draft Results, Strategy and Tips

Fantasy Basketball Mock Draft 2022-23 - Draft Results, Strategy and Tips

This article is part of our NBA Mock Draft series.

The NBA season starts on Tuesday, so time is running out to get in on some fantasy basketball drafts. I participated one of NFBKC's RotoWire Online Championship Drafts on Saturday night. Below are my results, strategies and tips.

Fantasy Basketball Draft Kit: Check out our Fantasy Basketball Rankings, plus our Fantasy Basketball Cheat Sheet. Want late-round value? Read my Fantasy Basketball Deep Sleepers article, or Henry Weinberg's NBA Fantasy Sleepers piece for players to add to your watchlist early in the year. In a salary cap league? Look into our Fantasy Basketball Auction Values.

It can't be emphasized enough -- know your league rules. I have only good things to say about NFBKC, but my strategy varies given the league format. You have to start two centers. There are no G/F eligible players -- only F/C, and those are few and far between. As a result, top options labeled F/C have way more true value than their projections may imply. Those players get the priority in my queue unless I think there's fantastic value elsewhere.

Skip to the bottom of the page for full draft results. Just up ahead are my thoughts on each of my picks:

Round 1 (pick 6): Luka Doncic (G), Mavericks

I think Jayson Tatum, James Harden, Trae Young and Steph Curry -- the players who went immediately after my selection -- all would have been fine here as well. But Doncic's league-leading usage rate is the safest. He has the highest upside if he fixes his free-throw percentage.

Round 2 (19): Kyrie Irving (G), Nets

I have far too much Irving this season, but I was shooting for upside. He was arguably the only player left with proven first-round upside. That said, I have a bit of buyer's remorse here and should have taken LaMelo Ball (22) despite the fact he may miss the first couple weeks of the season.

Round 3 (31): Paul George (F), Clippers

I considered plenty of guards here -- Darius Garland, Donovan Mitchell, Bradley Beal -- but wanted to establish some roster balance by adding a forward. George hasn't been exceptionally healthy lately, but he can return first-round value when available.

Round 4 (42): Myles Turner (C/F), Pacers

I did not consider another player at this spot. I needed to get a center before things started getting thin, and Turner (for some reason) qualifies at forward as well. That makes him more valuable than usual. His upside is as high as ever on a rebuilding Pacers squad. Even if he gets traded, he should still see enough action to make this a value pick.

Round 5 (55): Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (G), Thunder

My draft was on Saturday, and the news that SGA will play in the opener came out Sunday. It doesn't get much luckier than that. The "injury" concerns down the stretch with OKC tanking are fair, but SGA can produce second-round value per game. No one else left on the board had that kind of proven upside.

Round 6 (66): Wendell Carter (C), Magic

This is a reach, but I glanced at the remaining centers and realized he was one of my last hopes at a high-floor starter. The next centers off the board: Jusuf Nurkic, Mitchell Robinson, Clint Capela, Al Horford, Mo Bamba.

Round 7 (79): Klay Thompson (G), Warriors

Klay will probably get some rest days, but I think he'll return to near-prime form this season. He's consistently shown top-40 upside in the past, and even if he doesn't get quite back there, getting him in Round 7, where drafts usually start to fall off, is satisfying.

Round 8 (90): Draymond Green (F), Warriors

I realized here I was thin on forwards. Paul George is my only dedicated forward, though Myles Turner can play there if I need him. Still, I needed to pick forwards with my next three picks, no matter what. I put myself in a pinch, but I was happy to get Draymond at pick 90. I'm not worried about The Punch, and I'm confident he'll still return top-100 value despite his rapid aging. He also provides a hard commodity to find at this point in the draft -- assists.

Round 9 (102): Cameron Johnson (F), Suns

I'm not in love with this value, but I believe Johnson has top-75 upside as a starter with Jae Crowder out of the picture. Johnson ranked just outside the top 100 last year, so increased minutes and usage, in addition to development, is promising. And, of course, I needed a forward.

Round 10 (114): Kelly Oubre (F), Hornets

Should Kelly Oubre be starting for your fantasy team? Probably not. But, again, I needed a forward. I will admit that I think Oubre is very much a sleeper this season. He loves to jack up shots and will be more than happy to try to be the Miles Bridges replacement. Like Cam Johnson, I think Oubre has top-75 upside, and he's actually done it before. We also can't trust Gordon Hayward to stay healthy.

Round 11 (127): Malcolm Brogdon (G), Celtics

Free of the need to draft forwards, I sought pure value and decided on Brogdon. He's an injury risk and will be the sixth man for Boston this year, but he's surprisingly never ranked worse than 110th per game, even during his rookie year in Milwaukee, averaging 26.4 minutes. I don't think he'll stay healthy, but Boston is already thinned out with Robert Williams shelved for months, and missed time to any significant player should result in more minutes and touches for Brogdon. At 127, why not?

Round 12 (138): Kelly Olynyk (C/F), Jazz

No question, I jumped the line for Olynyk, but he was one of the few players left with upside that qualified at C/F, which is especially valuable in this league. He's going to start at center for Utah. Why? I have no idea. But he's an outstanding per-minute fantasy option. For example, in 2017-18, he ranked 95th in just 23.4 MPG. If he trends closer to 28 MPG, he could be in the top 75. And he should have some free reign on this rebuilding team.

Round 13 (151): Andre Drummond (C), Bulls

Again, no one will tell you this is fantastic value. But I needed another center-eligible player. Drummond is behind Nikola Vucevic but is so potent as a rebounder that he can be worth starting on four-game weeks. And if Vooch is ever sidelined for a stretch, Drummond will provide excellent value.

Round 14 (162): Jonathan Kuminga (F), Warriors

I created a bit of a Warriors handcuff between Klay, Draymond and Kuminga, but I think it makes sense. Injuries to either of the starters should result in more action for Kuminga, who was electric in preseason. I'm buying him as an impact player this year as the Warriors look to their youth for depth.

Round 15 (175): Malik Beasley (G), Jazz

Beasley loves launching shots and is going to start for the rebuilding Jazz. Sign me up. Two years ago, he ranked 91st in 32.8 minutes per game with the Wolves. It's hard to believe people are letting him slip this far.

Round 16 (186): Markelle Fultz (G), Magic

I expect Fultz to be out until mid-November with his broken big toe, but I'm fine with dropping him before then if I'm in a pinch. But he looked great at the end of last year. Orlando has a bit of a logjam at guard, but I still think Fultz has top-100 upside. He's also a capable passer -- few of which are left at pick 186.

Full Draft Results

1Jokic, NikolaC
2Embiid, JoelC
3Antetokounmpo, GiannisF
4Durant, KevinF
5Towns, Karl-AnthonyC
6Doncic, LukaG
7Tatum, JaysonF
8Harden, JamesG
9Young, TraeG
10Curry, StephenG
11Davis, AnthonyF
12Haliburton, TyreseG
13Booker, DevinG
14Murray, DejounteG
15Adebayo, BamF
16Lillard, DamianG
17James, LeBronF
18Morant, JaG
19Irving, KyrieG
20Cunningham, CadeG
21Edwards, AnthonyG
22Ball, LaMeloG
23Siakam, PascalF
24Gobert, RudyC
25Sabonis, DomantasF
26Williamson, ZionF
27VanVleet, FredG
28Vucevic, NikolaC
29Allen, JarrettC
30Butler, JimmyF
31George, PaulF
32Holiday, JrueG
33Garland, DariusG
34Mitchell, DonovanG
35Beal, BradleyG
36Porzingis, KristapsF
37Fox, De'AaronG
38Paul, ChrisG
39DeRozan, DeMarG
40Leonard, KawhiF
41LaVine, ZachG
42Turner, MylesF
43Mobley, EvanF
44Brown, JaylenF
45Giddey, JoshG
46McCollum, CJG
47Valanciunas, JonasC
48Rozier, TerryG
49Anunoby, OGF
50Brunson, JalenG
51Ayton, DeandreC
52Sengun, AlperenC
53Wood, ChristianF
54Bane, DesmondG
55Gilgeous-Alexander, ShaiG
56Middleton, KhrisF
57Barnes, ScottieF
58Collins, JohnF
59Poeltl, JakobC
60Maxey, TyreseG
61Ingram, BrandonF
62Green, JalenG
63Johnson, KeldonF
64Smith, JabariF
65Russell, D'AngeloG
66Carter, WendellC
67Poole, JordanG
68Vassell, DevinG
69Wagner, FranzF
70Randle, JuliusF
71Banchero, PaoloF
72Murray, JamalG
73Nurkic, JusufC
74Sexton, CollinG
75Robinson, MitchellC
76Herro, TylerG
77Simmons, BenG
78Capela, ClintF
79Thompson, KlayG
80Markkanen, LauriF
81Horford, AlC
82Harris, TobiasF
83Washington, P.J.F
84Bridges, MikalF
85Grant, JeramiF
86Murray, KeeganF
87Porter, KevinG
88Porter, MichaelFLEX
89Jackson, IsaiahF
90Green, DraymondF
91Bamba, MoC
92Bey, SaddiqF
93Jones, HerbertF
94Portis, BobbyF
95Jones, TreG
96Hayward, GordonF
97Kuzma, KyleF
98Stewart, IsaiahF
99Barrett, RJG
100Smith, JalenF
101Claxton, NicFLEX
102Hield, BuddyG
103Johnson, CameronF
104Lowry, KyleFLEX
105Smart, MarcusG
106Jackson, JarenF
107Simons, AnferneeG
108Morris, MonteG
109Trent, GaryG
110Duarte, ChrisF
111Okongwu, OnyekaF
112Williams, RobertC
113Zubac, IvicaFLEX
114Oubre, KellyF
115Wall, JohnFLEX
116Wiggins, AndrewF
117Vanderbilt, JarredF
118Barnes, HarrisonF
119Wiseman, JamesC
120Lopez, BrookC
121Eason, TariFLEX
122Kessler, WalkerFLEX
123Powell, NormanFLEX
124Mathurin, BennedictFLEX
125Westbrook, RussellG
126Covington, RobertF
127Brogdon, MalcolmFLEX
128Clarke, BrandonF
129Hartenstein, IsaiahFLEX
130Ivey, JadenFLEX
131Adams, StevenFLEX
132Hart, JoshFLEX
133Finney-Smith, DorianFLEX
134Hyland, BonesFLEX
135Anthony, ColeFLEX
136Dinwiddie, SpencerG
137McGee, JaValeC
138Olynyk, KellyFLEX
139Williams, PatrickFLEX
140Brooks, DillonFLEX
141McDaniels, JadenFLEX
142Pokusevski, AleksejFLEX
143Dosunmu, AyoFLEX
144Huerter, KevinFLEX
145Love, KevinF
146Mitchell, DavionFLEX
147Quickley, ImmanuelG
148Achiuwa, PreciousF
149Conley, MikeG
150Suggs, JalenG
151Drummond, AndreC
152Clarkson, JordanG
153Gafford, DanielF
154Bogdanovic, BojanF
155Williams, GrantF
156Williams, JalenG
157Hunter, De'AndreF
158Caldwell-Pope, KentaviousG
159Gordon, AaronF
160Dort, LuguentzG
161Murphy, TreyF
162Kuminga, JonathanF
163Barton, WillG
164Bryant, ThomasC
165Martin, CalebF
166Hachimura, RuiF
167Caruso, AlexG
168Melton, De'AnthonyG
169Jackson, ReggieG
170Bazley, DariusF
171Sharpe, ShaedonG
172Collins, ZachF
173Fournier, EvanG
174LeVert, CarisG
175Beasley, MalikG
176Bogdanovic, BogdanG
177White, DerrickG
178Harrell, MontrezlC
179Aldama, SantiF
180Curry, SethG
181Sharpe, Day'RonC
182Morris, MarcusF
183Primo, JoshuaG
184Hardaway, TimG
185Looney, KevonF
186Fultz, MarkelleG
187Duren, JalenC
188Harris, JoeG
189Alvarado, JoseG
190Mann, TreG
191O'Neale, RoyceF
192Holmes, RichaunF

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