NFL Week 10 Picks, Predictions, Props and Best Bets for Every Game

NFL Week 10 Picks, Predictions, Props and Best Bets for Every Game

This article is part of our NFL Picks series.

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After a long-winded intro last week, I've said my peace for the most part. We will likely have another dreadful week of football -- particularly with three quality teams on bye -- but we should be trending toward a better end to the season. 

For what it's worth, I appreciate the NFL's willingness to put our loved ones above the sport of football. Giving us the Thursday night, Sunday night duet of catastrophe that's on the Week 10 schedule has to be the league's attempt to increase family time or something because it certainly has nothing to do with showcasing quality football.

NFL Week 10 Betting Picks For Each Game

DateGame MatchupWeek 3 Picks
Thursday, November 9Panthers vs. BearsBears -3.5, over 40
Sunday, November 12Colts vs. Patriots *in GermanyColts -1.5, under 43.5
Sunday, November 12Browns vs. RavensBrowns +6, over 37.5
Sunday, November 12Texans vs. BengalsTexans +6.5, under 47
Sunday, November 1249ers vs. Jaguars49ers -3, over 45
Sunday, November 12Saints vs. VikingsSaints -2.5, over 41.5
Sunday, November 12Packers vs. SteelersSteelers -3, under 38
Sunday, November 12Titans vs. BuccaneersBuccaneers -1, over 38
Sunday, November 12Falcons vs. CardinalsCardinals +1, over 42
Sunday, November 12Lions vs. ChargersLions -1.5, over 48.5
Sunday, November 12Giants vs. CowboysCowboys -16, under 39
Sunday, November 12Commanders vs. SeahawksCommanders +6, over 45.5
Sunday, November 12Jets vs. RaidersJets -2, under 35.5
Monday, November 13Broncos vs. BillsBills -7.5, under 47

NFL Week 10 Byes

  • Chiefs
  • Dolphins
  • Eagles
  • Rams

Predictions for NFL Week 10

In this article, we also take a look at NFL Week 10 odds and our predictions for each NFL game.

Home teams are listed last.

Week 9 Record ATS: 9-5
Week 9 Record on Totals: 8-5-1
Season Record ATS: 68-64-4
Season Record on Totals: 57-75-4

Panthers vs. Bears

Panthers vs. BearsBears -3.5Chicago -175; Carolina +14540

I refuse to spend more than three sentences on this ugly game. I think Justin Fields (thumb) will be back, but it's entirely possible this could be the league's first 7-7 overtime tie in the event Tyson Bagent is active once more. There's a chasm of possibilities and I won't pretend to care about what those outcomes could fall on.

Spread Pick: Bears -3.5 (if Fields plays)
Total Pick: Over 40

Colts vs. Patriots

Colts vs. PatriotsColts -1.5Indianapolis -122; New England +10243.5

This is where the average NFL picks writer would make some joke about us still having an axe to grind with Germany over the World Wars. But I'm too refined a person to stoop to that level. There really weren't many available at print time, but I'd be interested to see what kind of Jonathan Taylor props one could find. It feels like he's finally taken over the backfield from Zack Moss and I'm all for it.

Spread Pick: Colts -1.5
Total Pick: Under 43.5

Browns vs. Ravens

Browns vs. RavensRavens -6Baltimore -245; Cleveland +20037.5

The last time a spread looked this suspicious involving the Browns, Deshaun Watson ended up being unavailable. I know the Ravens have trounced really good teams, but it's still an AFC North matchup and it's still a Cleveland offense that has enough weapons to keep the game within one score.

Spread Pick: Browns +6
Total Pick: Over 37.5

Texans vs. Bengals

Texans vs. BengalsBengals -6.5Cincinnati -290, Houston +23547

Maybe I'm falling for the C.J. Stroud magic. I never swayed early in the season when everyone was bemoaning the Bengals' struggles, and I essentially picked them to win outright each of the past two weeks.

I do think the Bengals win this one, but there's way too much backdoor cover potential with the Texans for this to be as easy as Vegas wants us to believe. The total of 47 is also an awfully high number given both defenses are pretty competent, and as anyone knows in the Midwest, the weather can get awfully unpredictable starting in November.

Spread Pick: Texans +6.5
Total Pick: Under 47

49ers vs. Jaguars

49ers vs. Jaguars49ers -3San Francisco -166; Jacksonville +14045

Jacksonville should absolutely be insulted by this line. They've played well, beaten all the good teams on their schedule and seem to be developing a small modicum of home-field advantage.

I just don't think it's going to matter against a motivated 49ers squad that should get Deebo Samuel (shoulder) back and have Brock Purdy (concussion) fully healthy. Vegas still has the utmost confidence in San Francisco being a top-3 NFL team and it's probably a wise decision. But man, this is a confident line given what we've seen from this offense throughout October.

Spread Pick: 49ers -3
Total Pick: Over 45

Saints vs. Vikings

Saints vs. VikingsSaints -2.5New Orleans -135; Minnesota +11441.5

I don't have a very good feel on this one at all. I was very confident the Saints would be a playoff-caliber team this year and they're essentially on track to do so, but they sure haven't beaten teams to the point I was expecting.

Joshua Dobbs' story is fantastic obviously, the Vikings' offensive scheme is really good and they just might recoup Justin Jefferson (hamstring). But Dobbs is still a backup quarterback that just joined the team 10 days ago and is the kind of player who will have success against the Arthur Smiths of the world. It's possible Dennis Allen is also in that same category, but New Orleans has more talent and should actually use its best players unlike other coaches of notoriety.

Spread Pick: Saints -2.5
Total Pick: Over 41.5

Packers vs. Steelers

Packers vs. SteelersSteelers -3Pittsburgh -166; Green Bay +14038

This might be one of the few times where the Steelers just lead from beginning to end. While I think Kenny Pickett is probably the same quality of quarterback as Brett Rypien, the important qualification is that Pittsburgh doesn't, so they will actually utilize their quarterback and theoretically have him pass downfield -- unlike what occurred at Lambeau Field last Sunday.

You can basically put the mortgage on the under in this one, and I'm sure you could parlay a Steelers defensive score or multi-sack game from T.J. Watt to get even better odds. This one is going to be absolutely gross.

Spread Pick: Steelers -3
Total Pick: Under 38

Titans vs. Buccaneers

Titans vs. BuccaneersBuccaneers -1Tampa Bay -115; Tennessee -10538

Will Levis has been announced as the starter for the rest of the season to the shock of literally no one. It's the same kind of breaking news item I'd assume would come from The Onion. This just in -- I'm going to pretend to try and lose weight, but I'm inevitably going to stop at Culver's at least once this week. 

I'm not quite ready to buy into Levis as a quality starting quarterback, but I don't think we'll get a definitive answer in either direction against the Buccaneers. Tampa's defense is supposed to be better than what we've seen this season, but perhaps more film on the rookie will finally allow a team to take advantage of his deficiencies throwing over the middle of the field and the intermediate sidelines.

Spread Pick: Buccaneers -1
Total Pick: Over 38

Falcons vs. Cardinals

Falcons vs. CardinalsFalcons -1Atlanta -112; Arizona -10842

Kyler Murray "should" make his return, but I think I've said that two weeks in a row. If the Cardinals choose not to activate him this week, it's with the sole purpose of making sure his contract does not become guaranteed in following seasons, which feels like it has to break some sort of NFLPA regulation.

I'm assuming Murray's playing in this one, and even though the game will take place the same day a new Call of Duty is released, he's a significantly better quarterback than what Arizona has been holding serve with the past couple months. That it happens against "The Scrooge of Fantasy Football" in Arthur Smith makes it all the more better.

Spread Pick: Cardinals +1
Total Pick: Over 42

Lions vs. Chargers

Lions vs. ChargersLions -1.5Detroit -122; Los Angeles +10248.5

The Chargers have taken care of business against two teams they were supposed to beat, but this is an entirely different animal against a capable team in Detroit.

David Montgomery (ribs) should be back, the offensive line should be fully healthy and there's hardly any weather concerns for Jared Goff and the offense. As a result, I think the Lions take this one pretty easily and we're once again wondering whether or not Brandon Staley will be the next head coach fired.

Spread Pick: Lions -1.5
Total Pick: Over 48.5

Giants vs. Cowboys

Giants vs. CowboysCowboys -16Dallas -1100; New York +70039

I truly don't think there's any way in which the Giants score more than 10 points against the Cowboys. Tommy DeVito can't be much worse than a random, mildly-athletic fan in attendance at this point and we know the Cowboys defense is going to go nuclear in this matchup.

Spread Pick: Cowboys -16
Total Pick: Under 39

Commanders vs. Seahawks

Commanders vs. SeahawksSeahawks -6Seattle -258; Washington +21045.5

There's just way too much back-door potential for the Seahawks to be favored by six in this one. Sure, they should be absolutely guaranteed to win, but what have you seen from that defense to assume they're stopping Sam Howell for four quarters? More importantly, how do Geno Smith and that offense jump out to enough of a lead for a cover to feel safe?

Spread Pick: Commanders +6
Total Pick: Over 45.5

Jets vs. Raiders

Jets vs. RaidersJets -2New York -125; Las Vegas +10535.5

If you're sensing exasperation, you've identified my mood correctly. I have zero idea how to gauge this game, and I'm somehow even less interested in what the outcome might be. I think New York's defense is good enough to win this game against a subpar rookie from a below-average Big 10 school, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if a special teams touchdown gives the opponent the edge like it did Monday for the Chargers.

Spread Pick: Jets -2
Total Pick: Under 35.5

Broncos vs. Bills

Broncos vs. BillsBills -7.5Buffalo -375; Denver +29547

I despise the half point here and I have to imagine there are some sportsbooks where you can get this at seven instead.

The Bills should win, and I'd sooner chalk up the Broncos' multi-week stretch of quality play to the opponents they've faced, but it's not as if Buffalo has looked like the AFC juggernaut they've been in past seasons. This is one of the few games I feel confident in the under, and I think it's actually a really good teaser piece for a few bets mentioned below.

Spread Pick: Bills -7.5
Total Pick: Under 47

NFL Week 10 Best Bets

Next, we take a look at our favorite Week 10 NFL best bets at the best NFL betting sites. We went 5-5 on last week's Best Bets, but we couldn't land the plane on a couple of teasers that had just one piece missing. You'd think that would be cause for me to stop recommending them, but I'm nothing if not consistently brazen when walking into Vegas' gambling trap every week.

BetMGM Best Bets for NFL Week 10

BetMGM offers some of the best odds available for Week 10. If you're not signed up at BetMGM yet, new players at BetMGM can use the BetMGM bonus code ROTOBONUS for a risk-free bet worth up to $1,000. Here are our NFL best bets for Week 10 at BetMGM.

  • Colts moneyline (-120)
  • Commanders +7 (-125)

Caesars Sportsbook Best Bets for NFL Week 10

Caesars Sportsbook also has great betting odds for NFL Week 10. If you are not registered yet, use the Caesars Sportsbook promo code ROTOFULL for a first bet on Caesars.

  • 6.5-point teaser -- Texans +13.5, Steelers +3.5, Commanders +12.5, Bills -1 

WynnBET Best Bets for NFL Week 10

WynnBet has a strong menu of NFL Week 10 wagers to choose from, along with competitive odds. Sign up with the WynnBET promo code XROTO for up to $100 in free bets if you have yet to register at WynnBet.

  • Lions -2 (-110)

DraftKings Best Bets for NFL Week 10

DraftKings Sportsbook has special offers for new users ahead of Week 10 of the NFL season. Here are our best picks available at DraftKings Sportsbook this week.

  • Steelers moneyline (-166)

FanDuel Best Bets for NFL Week 10

One of the most popular sportsbooks available is FanDuel Sportsbook. Let's take a look at our favorite betting picks with FanDuel odds.

  • 6.5-point teaser on unders for Colts/Patriots (50), Jets/Raiders (43), Packers/Steelers (45), Broncos/Bills (53.5) -- (+200)

BetRivers Best Bets for NFL Week 10

BetRivers is an up-and-coming and underrated sportsbook, and they are offering up to $500 in second-chance bets with the BetRivers bonus code. Bettors can use those for these picks on NFL Week 10.

  • SGP Quick Pick Special -- Colts moneyline and under 43.5 (+230)

PointsBet Best Bets for NFL Week 10

For bettors looking for a unique way to wager, try the PointsBet promo code for our Week 10 NFL picks. You can try "PointsBetting" for Week 10 to maximize your return.

  • Cardinals moneyline (+105)
  • Texans +7 (-108)

Look ahead at the NFL Week 11 odds as well, if you're interested in getting ahead of the line movement.

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