Target Breakdown: Week 16 WR/TE Recap & Week 17 Sleepers

Target Breakdown: Week 16 WR/TE Recap & Week 17 Sleepers

This article is part of our Target Breakdown series.

No time to waste, let's get to it....

Week 16 Sortable Leaderboards

Shows WRs with 40% route share or 4+ targets, and TEs with 35% route share or 3+ targets. 

Sorted by target share, which only accounts for the games a player participated in.

Wide Receivers

 Snap %RoutesRts/DBTgtTgt Sh.Air YdsAY Sh.TPRRYPRREZ Tgt
1A.J. Brown74%3088.2%1653.3%20180.3%53.3%4.832
2Antonio Brown79%2683.9%1551.7%14354.9%57.7%3.880
3Michael Pittman98%30100.0%1242.9%6331.1%40.0%2.730
4Davante Adams93%34100.0%1338.2%8851.1%38.2%3.351
5Marvin Jones84%3587.5%1337.1%14639.3%37.1%2.111
6Cooper Kupp97%37100.0%1335.1%8325.2%35.1%2.951
7Justin Jefferson97%4097.6%1234.3%15352.2%30.0%2.900
8Amon-Ra St. Brown88%3294.1%1132.4%10642.5%34.4%2.840
9Zay Jones75%2281.5%832.0%4431.2%36.4%2.270
10Deebo Samuel76%2875.7%1131.4%7030.7%39.3%5.680
11Stefon Diggs83%4085.1%1330.2%11840.4%32.5%2.133
12Braxton Berrios83%1982.6%630.0%1111.3%31.6%1.950
13Tee Higgins84%4387.8%1328.3%15639.8%30.2%4.512
14Isaiah McKenzie85%4187.2%1227.9%10736.5%29.3%3.051
15Amari Cooper71%36

No time to waste, let's get to it....

Week 16 Sortable Leaderboards

Shows WRs with 40% route share or 4+ targets, and TEs with 35% route share or 3+ targets. 

Sorted by target share, which only accounts for the games a player participated in.

Wide Receivers

 Snap %RoutesRts/DBTgtTgt Sh.Air YdsAY Sh.TPRRYPRREZ Tgt
1A.J. Brown74%3088.2%1653.3%20180.3%53.3%4.832
2Antonio Brown79%2683.9%1551.7%14354.9%57.7%3.880
3Michael Pittman98%30100.0%1242.9%6331.1%40.0%2.730
4Davante Adams93%34100.0%1338.2%8851.1%38.2%3.351
5Marvin Jones84%3587.5%1337.1%14639.3%37.1%2.111
6Cooper Kupp97%37100.0%1335.1%8325.2%35.1%2.951
7Justin Jefferson97%4097.6%1234.3%15352.2%30.0%2.900
8Amon-Ra St. Brown88%3294.1%1132.4%10642.5%34.4%2.840
9Zay Jones75%2281.5%832.0%4431.2%36.4%2.270
10Deebo Samuel76%2875.7%1131.4%7030.7%39.3%5.680
11Stefon Diggs83%4085.1%1330.2%11840.4%32.5%2.133
12Braxton Berrios83%1982.6%630.0%1111.3%31.6%1.950
13Tee Higgins84%4387.8%1328.3%15639.8%30.2%4.512
14Isaiah McKenzie85%4187.2%1227.9%10736.5%29.3%3.051
15Amari Cooper71%3680.0%1127.5%15738.1%30.6%2.361
16Jakobi Meyers73%3090.9%826.7%9330.4%26.7%1.970
17DeVonta Smith85%2893.3%725.9%8542.8%25.0%2.861
18Darnell Mooney86%3897.4%925.7%7836.9%23.7%1.501
19DJ Moore85%4688.5%1125.6%12333.9%23.9%1.201
20Marquise Brown93%3995.1%924.3%7326.1%23.1%1.131
21Byron Pringle81%2887.5%724.1%7731.7%25.0%2.681
22Robby Anderson96%5096.2%1023.3%12333.9%20.0%1.160
23Christian Kirk84%3990.7%923.1%8932.4%23.1%1.230
24Russell Gage86%2284.6%522.7%4125.3%22.7%1.770
25Courtland Sutton80%2083.3%522.7%5925.1%25.0%1.650
26Phillip Dorsett34%1657.1%622.2%9748.2%37.5%3.440
27Tyler Lockett87%2586.2%622.2%7533.2%24.0%1.200
28Kadarius Toney52%2656.5%922.0%3515.0%34.6%1.080
29Ja'Marr Chase90%4693.9%1021.7%9724.6%21.7%2.720
30James Proche47%2458.5%821.6%6724.3%33.3%3.170
31Odell Beckham91%3697.3%821.6%10431.7%22.2%1.033
32Diontae Johnson90%4088.9%921.4%5625.3%22.5%1.281
33Josh Reynolds79%3294.1%720.6%9036.0%21.9%1.131
34Tavon Austin63%2562.5%720.0%9625.8%28.0%2.721
35DeSean Jackson51%1866.7%520.0%3928.0%27.8%2.440
36K.J. Osborn79%3482.9%720.0%10335.4%20.6%2.001
37N'Keal Harry97%33100.0%620.0%7524.5%18.2%0.450
38Terry McLaurin91%3491.9%620.0%11043.2%17.6%1.180
39Adam Humphries68%2978.4%620.0%2710.5%20.7%0.140
40Kenny Golladay79%3678.3%819.5%10042.9%22.2%0.611
41Jarvis Landry79%3687.8%719.4%6319.0%19.4%1.530
42Ray-Ray McCloud61%2964.4%819.0%5123.0%27.6%0.860
43DK Metcalf89%2689.7%518.5%6428.2%19.2%1.580
44Olamide Zaccheaus86%2284.6%418.2%2314.5%18.2%1.450
45Tim Patrick88%2291.7%418.2%5523.3%18.2%0.820
46Jerry Jeudy73%1979.2%418.2%5121.7%21.1%3.160
47T.Y. Hilton65%2583.3%517.9%6130.4%20.0%2.041
48Joshua Palmer98%3597.2%617.6%6426.5%17.1%1.231
49Keenan Allen89%3083.3%617.6%4317.7%20.0%1.170
50Mecole Hardman43%1650.0%517.2%3313.4%31.3%1.940
51Donovan Peoples-Jones86%3687.8%616.7%12637.7%16.7%0.140
52Rashard Higgins65%2868.3%616.7%5315.9%21.4%2.070
53Van Jefferson96%37100.0%616.2%11835.8%16.2%0.161
54Nico Collins66%2175.0%414.8%199.6%19.0%1.570
55Chris Moore45%1035.7%414.8%63.1%40.0%4.000
56Jalen Reagor48%2066.7%414.8%2914.8%20.0%0.750
57Kalif Raymond69%2882.4%514.7%3714.9%17.9%0.431
58Allen Lazard86%3294.1%514.7%6336.6%15.6%1.411
59Laquon Treadwell89%3792.5%514.3%8823.7%13.5%1.461
60Chase Claypool81%3373.3%614.3%5725.5%18.2%1.240
61Brandon Aiyuk93%3594.6%514.3%209.0%14.3%1.141
62Jauan Jennings45%1745.9%514.3%8035.3%29.4%1.120
63Rashod Bateman82%3790.2%513.5%248.8%13.5%0.701
64Kendrick Bourne45%2369.7%413.3%5518.2%17.4%1.430
65CeeDee Lamb74%3680.0%512.5%5513.3%13.9%1.830
66Michael Gallup66%3475.6%512.5%9122.1%14.7%1.561
67Darius Slayton79%3576.1%512.2%5222.4%14.3%0.200
68Hunter Renfrow57%2074.1%312.0%4229.7%15.0%2.001
69Jason Moore72%2672.2%411.8%5723.8%15.4%2.150
70Chris Conley75%2485.7%311.1%4221.0%12.5%2.500
71Quez Watkins80%2686.7%311.1%4020.3%11.5%1.650
72Tyler Boyd91%4489.8%510.9%5915.0%11.4%1.931
73Cyril Grayson82%2477.4%310.3%3714.3%12.5%3.380
74Antoine Wesley77%3376.7%410.3%5620.4%12.1%0.882
75Keelan Cole74%1878.3%210.0%1514.4%11.1%1.390
76Denzel Mims55%1356.5%210.0%3231.7%15.4%0.001
77Nick Westbrook-Ikhine60%1647.1%310.0%3614.5%18.8%2.380
78Cam Sims63%2259.5%310.0%3614.1%13.6%0.000
79Emmanuel Sanders83%4391.5%49.3%269.0%9.3%0.472
80Shi Smith21%1426.9%49.3%5515.1%28.6%6.140
81Damiere Byrd84%3692.3%38.6%2511.6%8.3%0.311
82Adam Thielen37%1639.0%38.6%279.2%18.8%2.500
83A.J. Green86%3786.0%37.7%4817.4%8.1%0.890
84Freddie Swain49%1551.7%27.4%114.9%13.3%0.600
85Demarcus Robinson67%2062.5%26.9%135.2%10.0%0.750
86Tyreek Hill42%2062.5%26.9%156.2%10.0%0.950
87Tylan Wallace47%2048.8%25.4%93.3%10.0%0.900
88Julio Jones53%2470.6%13.3%41.6%4.2%0.290
89Chester Rogers48%1955.9%13.3%-3-1.2%5.3%0.160
90Pharoh Cooper48%2247.8%12.4%93.7%4.5%0.000
91Terrace Marshall58%3363.5%12.3%30.8%3.0%0.180
92Equanimeous St. Brown83%2985.3%00.0%  0.0%0.000
93Dede Westbrook43%2151.2%00.0%  0.0%0.000
94Tyler Johnson53%2271.0%00.0%  0.0%0.000


Tight Ends

 Snap %RoutesRts/DBTgtTgt Sh.Air YdsAY Sh.TPRRYPRREZ Tgt
1George Kittle100%3183.8%38.6%2812.2%9.7%0.681
2Dawson Knox100%3983.0%37.0%51.8%7.7%0.281
3Zach Ertz97%4297.7%1333.3%8029.2%31.0%1.291
4Tyler Conklin97%3790.2%514.3%175.8%13.5%1.190
5Cole Kmet96%3384.6%514.3%4119.6%15.2%1.481
6Foster Moreau94%2696.3%416.0%3323.2%15.4%2.580
7Tyler Higbee91%3183.8%616.2%226.6%19.4%1.320
8Mo Alie-Cox90%2273.3%414.3%199.4%18.2%1.910
9Noah Fant90%1875.0%418.2%2711.4%22.2%1.670
10Rob Gronkowski89%2477.4%26.9%2710.3%8.3%0.961
11Hunter Henry87%2678.8%620.0%6220.4%23.1%0.350
12Tyler Kroft86%2295.7%525.0%2322.6%22.7%1.320
13Dallas Goedert83%1963.3%414.8%94.6%21.1%1.470
14Gerald Everett83%2379.3%518.5%5022.1%21.7%2.960
15Mark Andrews79%3380.5%1027.0%10337.3%30.3%3.790
16Kyle Pitts77%2180.8%627.3%7244.9%28.6%4.860
17Evan Engram77%3678.3%512.2%218.9%13.9%0.471
18Dalton Schultz75%3271.1%922.5%5814.0%28.1%2.560
19John Bates74%2362.2%310.0%207.9%13.0%1.960
20Brock Wright73%1441.2%38.8%-1-0.3%21.4%0.290
21Noah Gray72%2784.4%26.9%93.5%7.4%0.440
22Zach Gentry69%2453.3%49.5%198.7%16.7%1.290
23Pharaoh Brown67%828.6%311.1%178.7%37.5%1.250
24C.J. Uzomah64%3265.3%715.2%266.6%21.9%1.131
25Jared Cook63%2466.7%514.7%3815.8%20.8%1.830
26Geoff Swaim62%1132.4%310.0%62.2%27.3%0.910
27James O'Shaughnessy59%2050.0%411.4%359.3%20.0%2.450
28Tommy Tremble58%2548.1%37.0%102.7%12.0%0.880
29David Njoku58%1946.3%25.6%236.9%10.5%0.000
30Josiah Deguara57%1955.9%38.8%116.2%15.8%0.261
31Austin Hooper55%1639.0%513.9%4112.2%31.3%1.630
32Hayden Hurst50%1350.0%29.1%1911.7%15.4%1.621
33Cameron Brate48%1651.6%413.8%3513.6%25.0%0.691
34Jacob Hollister47%1845.0%25.7%20.4%11.1%1.110
35Brevin Jordan47%1760.7%414.8%178.5%23.5%3.290
36Ricky Seals-Jones46%1643.2%13.3%-4-1.6%6.3%-0.250
37Marcedes Lewis41%823.5%38.8%42.5%37.5%0.251
38Albert Okwuegbunam35%729.2%29.1%5423.0%28.6%0.000


Links to RotoWire's Red Zone Stats

Wide Receivers

Tight Ends

Rushing Stats


Week 16 Injury Report


Not even gonna bother, given how many there were and how many of them could be back this week. The team-by-team breakdowns should cover most of it.


In-Game Injuries

WR Adam Thielen reinjured his ankle and missed most of the second half.

WR Tre'Quan Smith suffered a chest injury.

WR Phillip Dorsett injured his ankle and likely will miss Weeks 17-18.

TE Shane Zylstra fractured a kneecap. (Owww?)


Waivers & Sleepers for Week 17

Limited to players rostered in less than half of Yahoo leagues.

Wide Receivers

  1. Marquez Valdes-Scantling - 40%
  2. K.J. Osborn - 34%
  3. Rashod Bateman - 37%
  4. Isaiah McKenzie - 1%
  5. Braxton Berrios - 6%
  6. Allen Lazard - 24%
  7. Tyler Johnson - 12%
  8. Kadarius Toney - 22%
  9. Kendrick Bourne - 27%
  10. Byron Pringle - 2%
  11. Zay Jones - 1%
  12. Laquon Treadwell - 4%
  13. Donovan Peoples-Jones - 13%
  14. Joshua Palmer - 5%
  15. Marquez Callaway - 27%
  16. Nico Collins - 2%
  17. Robby Anderson - 37%
  18. DeSean Jackson - 5%
  19. Ray-Ray McCloud - 1%
  20. Lil'Jordan Humphrey - 0%
  21. N'Keal Harry - 0%


Tight Ends

  1. Gerald Everett - 42%
  2. Foster Moreau - 22%
  3. Cole Kmet - 23%
  4. Tyler Conklin - 42%
  5. C.J. Uzomah - 23%
  6. Brevin Jordan - 1%
  7. Mo Alie-Cox - 2%
  8. Josiah Deguara - 0%


Drop/Bench 'Em

WR Kenny Golladay

WRs Jerry Jeudy + Courtland Sutton

WR Adam Thielen

WR Julio Jones

TE Noah Fant

TE Austin Hooper


Week 16 Game-by-Game Breakdowns

49ers (17) at Titans (20) 

 Snap %RoutesRts/DBTgtTgt Sh.Air YdsAY Sh.TPRRYPRREZ Tgt
1George Kittle100%3183.8%38.6%2812.2%9.7%0.681
2Brandon Aiyuk93%3594.6%514.3%209.0%14.3%1.141
3Deebo Samuel76%2875.7%1131.4%7030.7%39.3%5.680
4Jauan Jennings45%1745.9%514.3%8035.3%29.4%1.120

Team Volume:  37 DBs, 35 att. (26-322-1)

  • Samuel had nearly half of San Francisco's yards, with a 5-32-0 rushing line and 9-159-0 on 11 targets.
    • Deebo got banged up on a 56-yard play that set up the game-tying TD, but he was back out there for the final/desperation lateral play (which Samuel caught and was credited with 12 yards for).
  • Kittle sunk to 2-21-0 on three targets after 425 total yards over the previous three weeks. He played every snap on offense for the third time this season.
  • Aiyuk put up 4-40-1 on five targets, rebounding from a one-catch, two-target performance the week before.
    • He's played at least 88% of snaps in nine straight games, averaging 4.1 catches for 58.8 yards and 0.44 TDs on 6.1 targets. Not what drafters hoped for, but also not the disaster we saw back in September/October.


 Snap %RoutesRts/DBTgtTgt Sh.Air YdsAY Sh.TPRRYPRREZ Tgt
1A.J. Brown74%3088.2%1653.3%20180.3%53.3%4.832
2Geoff Swaim62%1132.4%310.0%62.2%27.3%0.910
3Nick Westbrook-Ikhine60%1647.1%310.0%3614.5%18.8%2.380
4Julio Jones53%2470.6%13.3%41.6%4.2%0.290
5Chester Rogers48%1955.9%13.3%-3-1.2%5.3%0.160

Team Volume: 34 DBs, 30 att. (22-209-1)

  • Brown returned from IR (chest) with an 11-145-1 line on 16 targets and 74% snap share, despite some early struggles. A massive second half left him with 53.3% target share for the night, the third-largest share for any player in a game this season (Davante Adams got 60% back in Week 3.... also against San Francisco).
  • Jones played only 50% of snaps and caught his lone target for a seven-yard gain. He'd left the previous game early after reinjuring his hamstring, yet didn't have an injury designation entering Thursday's win. The hamstring is clearly still a problem, however.
  • Westbrook-Ikhine played more snaps than Jones, 63%, and tied for second on the team with three targets.
    • NWI has played more than 60% of snaps in five straight games, averaging 3.6 catches for 46.6 yards and 0.2 TDs on 5.4 targets in that stretch.


Browns (22) at Packers (24) 

 Snap %RoutesRts/DBTgtTgt Sh.Air YdsAY Sh.TPRRYPRREZ Tgt
1Donovan Peoples-Jones86%3687.8%616.7%12637.7%16.7%0.140
2Jarvis Landry79%3687.8%719.4%6319.0%19.4%1.530
3Rashard Higgins65%2868.3%616.7%5315.9%21.4%2.070
4David Njoku58%1946.3%25.6%236.9%10.5%0.000
5Austin Hooper55%1639.0%513.9%4112.2%31.3%1.630

Team Volume:  DBs, 36 att. (21-22-2)

  • Baker Mayfield threw four picks, and none of the Cleveland pass catchers reached 60 yards.
  • Higgins had 5-58-0 on six targets and 68% route share, while rookie Anthony Schwartz logged on 11 snaps but took two carries for 24 yards and also caught a five-yard TD pass.


 Snap %RoutesRts/DBTgtTgt Sh.Air YdsAY Sh.TPRRYPRREZ Tgt
1Davante Adams93%34100.0%1338.2%8851.1%38.2%3.351
2Allen Lazard86%3294.1%514.7%6336.6%15.6%1.411
3Equanimeous St. Brown83%2985.3%00.0%00.0%0.0%0.000
4Josiah Deguara57%1955.9%38.8%116.2%15.8%0.261
5Marcedes Lewis41%823.5%38.8%42.5%37.5%0.251

Team Volume:  DBs, 34 att. (24-202-3)

  • St. Brown was the No. 3 receiver with both Randall Cobb (IR/groin) and Marquez Valdes-Scantling (illness) out.
    • ESB wasn't targeted on 29 routes.
  • Deguara is still lingering around 50-60 percent share for both snaps and routes, with 3-5 targets each of the past four games.
  • Lazard has 4-7 targets in five straight, averaging 2.6 catches for 32.4 yards and 0.4 TDs in that stretch. Drop him back down your WR rankings if MVS comes back for Week 17.


Colts (22) at Cardinals (16) 

 Snap %RoutesRts/DBTgtTgt Sh.Air YdsAY Sh.TPRRYPRREZ Tgt
1Michael Pittman98%30100.0%1242.9%6331.1%40.0%2.730
2Mo Alie-Cox90%2273.3%414.3%199.4%18.2%1.910
3T.Y. Hilton65%2583.3%517.9%6130.4%20.0%2.041
4Kylen Granson44%620.0%13.6%62.9%16.7%1.000
5Ashton Dulin43%930.0%27.1%2311.3%22.2%2.560
6Keke Coutee40%1653.3%00.0%00.0%0.0%0.000

Team Volume: 30 DBs, 28 att. (18-225-2)

  • Zach Pascal was a late addition to the COVID list, leaving Hilton as the No. 2 receiver while Coutee and Dulin split the No. 3 role (and combined for only two targets on 25 routes).
  • Pittman saw double-digit targets for a fifth time this year and finished with 8-82-0.
  • Alie-Cox got season highs for both snap and route share with Jack Doyle (ankle/knee) exiting early.
    • MAC caught two of four targets for 42 yards, his first game with multiple catches since Week 7.
    • The 90% snap share and 73% route share show potential for Week 17 against the Raiders, if Doyle doesn't play.


 Snap %RoutesRts/DBTgtTgt Sh.Air YdsAY Sh.TPRRYPRREZ Tgt
1Zach Ertz97%4297.7%1333.3%8029.2%31.0%1.291
2A.J. Green86%3786.0%37.7%4817.4%8.1%0.890
3Christian Kirk84%3990.7%923.1%8932.4%23.1%1.230
4Antoine Wesley77%3376.7%410.3%5620.4%12.1%0.882

Team Volume: 43 DBs, 43 att. (27-245-1)

  • Ertz was held to 8-54-0 on 13 targets, and Kirk to 7-48-0 on nine.
    • The two have combined for 51.7% of AZ's targets in two games since DeAndre Hopkins went down for the year.
  • Rondale Moore (ankle) was inactive, yet Andy Isabella barely played (five snaps, 0 targets).
  • Stats from the past two weeks combined (with no Hopkins, yes Murray):

Weeks 16 + 17 for AZ Pass Catchers

 Snap %TgtsTgt Sh.Air YardsAY Sh.CatchesRec YdsRec TDs
1Christian Kirk91.4%2124.1%19530.0%161421
2Zach Ertz92.8%2427.6%18228.0%141280
3A.J. Green79.9%1112.6%11818.1%5970
4Antoine Wesley81.3%1213.8%10816.6%5481


Jaguars (21) at Jets (26)

 Snap %RoutesRts/DBTgtTgt Sh.Air YdsAY Sh.TPRRYPRREZ Tgt
1Laquon Treadwell89%3792.5%514.3%8823.7%13.5%1.461
2Marvin Jones84%3587.5%1337.1%14639.3%37.1%2.111
3Tavon Austin63%2562.5%720.0%9625.8%28.0%2.721
4James O'Shaughnessy59%2050.0%411.4%359.3%20.0%2.450
5Jacob Hollister47%1845.0%25.7%20.4%11.1%1.110

Team Volume:  DBs, 39 att. (26-280-0)

  • Jones finished with 8-74-0 on 13 targets, his first game with more than seven looks since Week 8.
  • Treadwell made it five in a row with 4-6 catches for 53-68 yards. He almost had his first big game, as the lone incomplete target was a deep ball he probably should've caught in the end zone.
  • O'Shaughnessy put up 4-49-0, but in a timeshare with Hollister. Not much fantasy appeal even if Dan Arnold (knee/illness) misses the final two weeks.


 Snap %RoutesRts/DBTgtTgt Sh.Air YdsAY Sh.TPRRYPRREZ Tgt
1Tyler Kroft86%2295.7%525.0%2322.6%22.7%1.320
2Braxton Berrios83%1982.6%630.0%1111.3%31.6%1.950
3Keelan Cole74%1878.3%210.0%1514.4%11.1%1.390
4Denzel Mims55%1356.5%210.0%3231.7%15.4%0.001

Team Volume: - DBs, 22 att. (14-102-1)

  • Elijah Moore (quad, COVID-19) and Jamison Crowder (calf) both missed the game, leaving Cole-Berrios-Mims as the Top 3 at WR.
    • Berrios caught five of six passes for 37 yards and returned a kickoff for a touchdown. He's looked like a player whenever he's gotten the chance the past couple years. Maybe he takes over for Crowder in the slot full-time next year (not to mention Week 17 vs. TB).


Lions (16) at Falcons (20) 

 Snap %RoutesRts/DBTgtTgt Sh.Air YdsAY Sh.TPRRYPRREZ Tgt
1Amon-Ra St. Brown88%3294.1%1132.4%10642.5%34.4%2.840
2Josh Reynolds79%3294.1%720.6%9036.0%21.9%1.131
3Brock Wright73%1441.2%38.8%-1-0.3%21.4%0.290
4Kalif Raymond69%2882.4%514.7%3714.9%17.9%0.431
5Tom Kennedy31%1338.2%25.9%135.3%15.4%1.230

Team Volume: 37 DBs, 35 att. (25-208-1)

  • Jared Goff was activated from the COVID list Monday. Tim Boyle started Sunday's game in Atlanta.
  • Another week, another big game from ARSB.
  • Reynolds was added to the reserve/COVID-19 list Monday.
    • Raymond could thus return to a near-every-down role Week 17 vs. Seattle.
  • Detroit's other TE, Shane Zylsta, suffered a fractured kneecap. Wright saw only three targets but did play 73% of snaps.


 Snap %RoutesRts/DBTgtTgt Sh.Air YdsAY Sh.TPRRYPRREZ Tgt
1Russell Gage86%2284.6%522.7%4125.3%22.7%1.770
2Olamide Zaccheaus86%2284.6%418.2%2314.5%18.2%1.450
3Kyle Pitts77%2180.8%627.3%7244.9%28.6%4.860
4Hayden Hurst50%1350.0%29.1%1911.7%15.4%1.621

Team Volume: 26 DBs, 24 att. (18-215-1)

  • Tajae Sharpe (foot) missed the game and then landed on the COVID-19 list Monday.
    • Zaccheaus stepped up as the No. 2 receiver again, with 2-32-0 on four targets after 2-53-0 on two targets the week before. Unfortunately, the Falcons head to Buffalo in Week 17,
  • Pitts put up 6-102-0 and now lies 51 yards shy of 1,000, but he still has just one TD all year, while Hurst scored his third in Sunday's win (despite seeing only two targets).


Bills (33) at Patriots (21) 

 Snap %RoutesRts/DBTgtTgt Sh.Air YdsAY Sh.TPRRYPRREZ Tgt
1Dawson Knox100%3983.0%37.0%51.8%7.7%0.281
2Isaiah McKenzie85%4187.2%1227.9%10736.5%29.3%3.051
3Emmanuel Sanders83%4391.5%49.3%269.0%9.3%0.472
4Stefon Diggs83%4085.1%1330.2%11840.4%32.5%2.133
5Jake Kumerow20%919.1%37.0%4114.1%33.3%1.441

Team Volume: 47 DBs, 47 att. (30-314-3)

  • McKenzie had a career day (11-125-1) in an every-down role with both Cole Beasley and Gabriel Davis recovering from COVID-19.
    • It's unclear if Beasley and Davis will return Week 17.
  • Sanders also had a full-time role in his first game back from a minor knee injury and even saw two end-zone targets, but he finished with 2-20-0 on four targets.


 Snap %RoutesRts/DBTgtTgt Sh.Air YdsAY Sh.TPRRYPRR
1N'Keal Harry97%33100.0%620.0%7524.5%18.2%0.45
2Hunter Henry87%2678.8%620.0%6220.4%23.1%0.35
3Jakobi Meyers73%3090.9%826.7%9330.4%26.7%1.97
4Kendrick Bourne45%2369.7%413.3%5518.2%17.4%1.43
5Jonnu Smith33%515.2%00.0% 0 0.0%0.0%0.00

Team Volume: 33 DBs, 32 att. (14-145-0)

  • The Bills beat up on Mac Jones, and Meyers was the only Patriot with more than six targets or two receptions.
  • With Nelson Agholor (concussion) sidelined, Harry actually led the New England skill-position players in snap share (97%) and route share (100%), though he caught only two of six targets for 15 yards.
  • Henry caught just one of six targets for nine yards, but this is now two games in a row where both he and Smith have been healthy and Henry totally dominated the routes.
    • The first game featured a 6-77-2 receiving line on eight targets at Indianapolis.


Buccaneers (32) at Panthers (6) 

 Snap %RoutesRts/DBTgtTgt Sh.Air YdsAY Sh.TPRRYPRREZ Tgt
1Rob Gronkowski89%2477.4%26.9%2710.3%8.3%0.961
2Cyril Grayson82%2477.4%310.3%3714.3%12.5%3.380
3Antonio Brown79%2683.9%1551.7%14354.9%57.7%3.880
4Tyler Johnson53%2271.0%00.0%00.0%0.0%0.000
5Cameron Brate48%1651.6%413.8%3513.6%25.0%0.691

Team Volume: 31 DBs, 31 att. (18-232-1)

  • Brown jumped right back in with a ridiculous role, drawing targets on over half his routes (15 of 26).
  • Mike Evans (hamstring) missed the game and then was placed on the reserve/COVID-19 list Monday.
    • Breshad Perriman (COVID-19) also missed the game but was activated from the COVID-19 list Monday. His absence allowed Grayson to log 82% of snaps (but only three targets) in Sunday's win.
  • Another weird game for Gronk, after multiple drops and a poor stat line on 11 targets the week before. He's running a lot of routes, though, and still playing with Tom Brady. A big game should come soon enough.


 Snap %RoutesRts/DBTgtTgt Sh.Air YdsAY Sh.TPRRYPRREZ Tgt
1Robby Anderson96%5096.2%1023.3%12333.9%20.0%1.160
2D.J. Moore85%4688.5%1125.6%12333.9%23.9%1.201
3Terrace Marshall58%3363.5%12.3%30.8%3.0%0.180
4Tommy Tremble58%2548.1%37.0%102.7%12.0%0.880
5Stephen Sullivan24%1325.0%12.3%-1-0.4%7.7%0.000
6Shi Smith21%1426.9%49.3%5515.1%28.6%6.140

Team Volume: 52 DBs, 45 att. (22-251-0)

  • Marshall was back in the No. 3 role with Brandon Zylstra on the COVID list, but the rookie saw only one target on 33 routes.
    • Still no signs of life from the second-round pick. He has 15 catches on 378 snaps.


Ravens (21) at Bengals (41) 

 Snap %RoutesRts/DBTgtTgt Sh.Air YdsAY Sh.TPRRYPRREZ Tgt
1Marquise Brown93%3995.1%924.3%7326.1%23.1%1.131
2Rashod Bateman82%3790.2%513.5%248.8%13.5%0.701
3Mark Andrews79%3380.5%1027.0%10337.3%30.3%3.790
4James Proche47%2458.5%821.6%6724.3%33.3%3.170
5Tylan Wallace47%2048.8%25.4%93.3%10.0%0.900

Team Volume: 41 DBs, 40 att. (28-304-2)

  • Sammy Watkins (illness) and Devin Duvernay (injury) both missed the game, leaving Bateman with minimal competition for playing time while Proche and Wallace split the No. 3 role.
    • Proche flashed with 7-76-0 on eight targets. He had 5-74-0 on six looks in a Week 4 game at Denver, and has now caught 16 of 20 targets for 202 yards this year.
      • The Ravens should be in good shape at WR post-2021, with Duvernay and Proche potentially competing for the No. 3 job behind locked-in starters Brown and Bateman. (Duvernay was picked three rounds earlier in the same draft - 2020.)
  • Andrews might be Lamar Jackson's favorite pass catcher, but the tight end apparently doesn't care who is playing QB.
  • More of the same for Brown. Plenty of targets, but minimal success with opponents playing off-coverage (and now benefiting from weak-armed QBs).


 Snap %RoutesRts/DBTgtTgt Sh.Air YdsAY Sh.TPRRYPRREZ Tgt
1Tyler Boyd91%4489.8%510.9%5915.0%11.4%1.931
2Ja'Marr Chase90%4693.9%1021.7%9724.6%21.7%2.720
3Tee Higgins84%4387.8%1328.3%15639.8%30.2%4.512
4C.J. Uzomah64%3265.3%715.2%266.6%21.9%1.131
5Drew Sample41%1428.6%24.3%30.9%14.3%0.640

Team Volume: 49 DBs, 46 att. (37-525-4)

  • Wow. Everyone went bananas, especially Higgins, with Joe Burrow throwing for 525 yards and four touchdowns.
    • Boyd, Chase and Higgins each scored at least 17.5 PPR points.
    • The only real change in snap/route share was Sample taking more work from Uzomah, who dropped to 64% snap share after 79%, 87% and 87% over the previous three weeks. Ooze still saw seven targets, catching five for 36 yards.
      • Uzomah logged 78% of fourth-quarter snaps, suggesting it wasn't the blowout that impacted his final snap/route share. Maybe he dealt with a minor injury during the game, or maybe the Bengals just wanted Sample to get a little more work.


Rams (30) at Vikings (23) 

 Snap %RoutesRts/DBTgtTgt Sh.Air YdsAY Sh.TPRRYPRREZ Tgt
1Cooper Kupp97%37100.0%1335.1%8325.2%35.1%2.951
2Van Jefferson96%37100.0%616.2%11835.8%16.2%0.161
3Odell Beckham91%3697.3%821.6%10431.7%22.2%1.033
4Tyler Higbee91%3183.8%616.2%226.6%19.4%1.320

Team Volume: 37 DBs, 37 att. (21-197-1)

  • No. 4 WR Ben Skowronek ran one route. Apart from that, it was just the four guys listed and the RBs who ran routes for the Rams on Sunday.


 Snap %RoutesRts/DBTgtTgt Sh.Air YdsAY Sh.TPRRYPRREZ Tgt
1Tyler Conklin97%3790.2%514.3%175.8%13.5%1.190
2Justin Jefferson97%4097.6%1234.3%15352.2%30.0%2.900
3K.J. Osborn79%3482.9%720.0%10335.4%20.6%2.001
4Dede Westbrook43%2151.2%00.0%00.0%0.0%0.000
5Adam Thielen37%1639.0%38.6%279.2%18.8%2.500

Team Volume: 41 DBs, 38 att. (27-315-1)

  • Thielen lasted just three snaps into the second half in his first game back from a high-ankle sprain.
    • Osborn played 97% of snaps after halftime, with Westbrook getting 57% (but no targets).
    • Osborn caught five of seven targets for 58 yards and a TD.
      • Over the past four weeks, with Thielen out or limited, Osborn has averaged 3.8 catches for 54.8 yards and 0.75 TDs on 6.5 targets per game.


Giants (10) at Eagles (34) 

 Snap %RoutesRts/DBTgtTgt Sh.Air YdsAY Sh.TPRRYPRREZ Tgt
1Kenny Golladay79%3678.3%819.5%10042.9%22.2%0.611
2Darius Slayton79%3576.1%512.2%5222.4%14.3%0.200
3Evan Engram77%3678.3%512.2%218.9%13.9%0.471
4Kadarius Toney52%2656.5%922.0%3515.0%34.6%1.080
5Pharoh Cooper48%2247.8%12.4%93.7%4.5%0.000

Team Volume: 46 DBs, 44 att. (23-118-1)

  • Jake Fromm was benched mid-game for Mike Glennon.
  • Toney led the team in targets (nine) and receiving yards (28), despite playing far fewer snaps than Golladay and Slayton.
    • The rookie was at 52% snap share and 57% route share. That could rise Weeks 17-18, of course.


 Snap %RoutesRts/DBTgtTgt Sh.Air YdsAY Sh.TPRRYPRREZ Tgt
1DeVonta Smith85%2893.3%725.9%8542.8%25.0%2.861
2Dallas Goedert83%1963.3%414.8%94.6%21.1%1.470
3Quez Watkins80%2686.7%311.1%4020.3%11.5%1.650
4Jalen Reagor48%2066.7%414.8%2914.8%20.0%0.750

Team Volume: 30 DBs, 29 att. (17-199-2)

  • Devonta Smith got back on the board with 5-80-1 on a team-high seven targets, while Goedert's hot streak ended with a 2-28-0 receiving line.
    • Reagor lost more snaps to backup tight ends Tyree Jackson and Jack Stoll, though mostly in the second half. Reagor did play 70% of snaps pre-halftime.
  • Smith played 98% of snaps before the fourth quarter, with Watkins and Goedert at 94% apiece.


Chargers (29) at Texans (41) 

 Snap %RoutesRts/DBTgtTgt Sh.Air YdsAY Sh.TPRRYPRREZ Tgt
1Josh Palmer98%3597.2%617.6%6426.5%17.1%1.231
2Keenan Allen89%3083.3%617.6%4317.7%20.0%1.170
3Jason Moore72%2672.2%411.8%5723.8%15.4%2.150
4Jared Cook63%2466.7%514.7%3815.8%20.8%1.830
5Stephen Anderson33%411.1%25.9%218.7%50.0%8.500

Team Volume: 36 DBs, 35 att. (27-336-1)

  • Mike Williams (reserve/COVID-19) was out and will also miss but could return for Week 17 against Denver (thanks to the new changes in the NFL's COVID protocol.
  • With Jalen Guyton also on the COVID list, Palmer stepped up to the No. 2 WR role and Moore was the No. 3.
    • Moore put up 3-56-0 and Palmer had 5-43-1. Both outproduced Allen (4-35-0).
  • Cook picked up a few extra routes/snaps with No. 2 TE Donald Parham (concussion) sidelined and the Chargers playing from behind. Cook finished with only 3-44-0 on four targets, however... essentially his typical line.


 Snap %RoutesRts/DBTgtTgt Sh.Air YdsAY Sh.TPRRYPRREZ Tgt
1Chris Conley75%2485.7%311.1%4221.0%12.5%2.500
2Pharaoh Brown67%828.6%311.1%178.7%37.5%1.250
3Nico Collins66%2175.0%414.8%199.6%19.0%1.570
4Brevin Jordan47%1760.7%414.8%178.5%23.5%3.290
5Chris Moore45%1035.7%414.8%63.1%40.0%4.000
6Phillip Dorsett34%1657.1%622.2%9748.2%37.5%3.440

Team Volume: 28 DBs, 27 att. (21-254-2)

  • Dorsett put up 3-55-0 on six targets despite running only 16 routes, fourth most on the team.
    • Unfortunately, he'll likely miss the finl two weeks after hurting his ankle.
  • Conley (3-60-1 on three targets) and Collins (3-33-1 on four targets) both had solid games with Brandin Cooks on the COVID list, but volume was spread around evenly with only Dorsett above 15% target share.
  • Jordan returned from a hand injury with 4-56-0 and 61% route share. He's caught 19 of 27 targets for 169 yards and three TDs in only seven games. And he won't turn 22 until July.


Bears (25) at Seahawks (24) 

 Snap %RoutesRts/DBTgtTgt Sh.Air YdsAY Sh.TPRRYPRREZ Tgt
1Cole Kmet96%3384.6%514.3%4119.6%15.2%1.481
2Darnell Mooney86%3897.4%925.7%7836.9%23.7%1.501
3Damiere Byrd84%3692.3%38.6%2511.6%8.3%0.311
4Dazz Newsome45%1846.2%25.7%73.3%11.1%0.560
5Marquise Goodwin32%1128.2%25.7%136.2%18.2%2.090
6Jimmy Graham30%1230.8%25.7%2411.3%16.7%2.501

Team Volume: 39 DBs, 35 att. (24-250-1)

  • QB Nick Foles started with both Justin Fields (ankle) and Andy Dalton (groin/hand) inactive.
  • WR Allen Robinson (illness) missed the game but was then removed from the COVID list on Monday.
    • He says he lost a bunch of weight and is still struggling to get back into top shape.
  • Mooney put up 5-57-0 on nine targets and added two carries for two yards.
  • Kmet saw five looks, catching four for 49 yards. He's seen at least a handful of targets in five straight games, and nine of his past 10.
    • Over his past 10 games, Kmet is averaging 4.3 catches for 45.8 yards on 6.4 targets. Still no TD, but there's breakout potential for 2022, especially if Graham and Nagy leave.
    • Over his past 10 games, Graham is averaging 1.6 catches for 20.0 yards, but with three of his 11 catches going for TDs. Nagy loves him in the red zone, to the detriment of Kmet's fantasy potential.


 Snap %RoutesRts/DBTgtTgt Sh.Air YdsAY Sh.TPRRYPRREZ Tgt
1DK Metcalf89%2689.7%518.5%6428.2%19.2%1.580
2Tyler Lockett87%2586.2%622.2%7533.2%24.0%1.200
3Gerald Everett83%2379.3%518.5%5022.1%21.7%2.960
4Freddie Swain49%1551.7%27.4%114.9%13.3%0.600
5Colby Parkinson40%724.1%13.7%167.1%14.3%0.000
6D'Wayne Eskridge38%1137.9%311.1%198.4%27.3%0.911

Team Volume: 29 DBs, 27 att. (16-181-2)

  • Everett caught four of five targets for 68 yards and scored his third TD in the past five weeks.
    • In seven games since Russell Wilson's return, Everett has averaged 4.3 catches for 41.0 yards on 5.4 targets, with three TDs.
  • Metcalf had a 41-yard TD early and one other catch for no gain. He may end up with the most disappointing double-digit TD season since Todd Gurley's final year in Los Angeles (2019).


Steelers (10) at Chiefs (36) 

 Snap %RoutesRts/DBTgtTgt Sh.Air YdsAY Sh.TPRRYPRREZ Tgt
1Diontae Johnson90%4088.9%921.4%5625.3%22.5%1.281
2Chase Claypool81%3373.3%614.3%5725.5%18.2%1.240
3Zach Gentry69%2453.3%49.5%198.7%16.7%1.290
4Ray-Ray McCloud61%2964.4%819.0%5123.0%27.6%0.860
5Cody White40%1635.6%37.1%31.4%18.8%1.000
6James Washington30%1737.8%24.8%2410.7%11.8%0.000

Team Volume: 45 DBs, 43 att. (28-194-1)

  • Gentry took over most of  Pat Freiermuth's (concussion) role, catching each of his four targets for 31 yards.
    • Kevin Rader did get 24% of snaps, so Gentry wasn't quite an every-down player. The Steelers also have been hesitant to give Freiermuth more than three-quarters of snaps.


 Snap %RoutesRts/DBTgtTgt Sh.Air YdsAY Sh.TPRRYPRREZ Tgt
1Byron Pringle81%2887.5%724.1%7731.7%25.0%2.681
2Noah Gray72%2784.4%26.9%93.5%7.4%0.440
3Demarcus Robinson67%2062.5%26.9%135.2%10.0%0.750
4Mecole Hardman43%1650.0%517.2%3313.4%31.3%1.940
5Tyreek Hill42%2062.5%26.9%156.2%10.0%0.950
6Josh Gordon12%825.0%310.3%6727.6%37.5%0.001

Team Volume: 32 DBs, 30 att. (23-258-3)

  • Travis Kelce (COVID-19) wasn't able to play, while Hill suited up but saw just 42% of snaps and two targets.
  • Pringle stepped up with 6-75-2 on a season-high seven targets.
    • He's now at 9.9 YPT on the year, with five TDs on 48 targets (34-477-1).
  • Gray took Kelce's usual route share but was targeted only twice.


Broncos (13) at Raiders (17) 

 Snap %RoutesRts/DBTgtTgt Sh.Air YdsAY Sh.TPRRYPRREZ Tgt
1Noah Fant90%1875.0%418.2%2711.4%22.2%1.670
2Tim Patrick88%2291.7%418.2%5523.3%18.2%0.820
3Courtland Sutton80%2083.3%522.7%5925.1%25.0%1.650
4Jerry Jeudy73%1979.2%418.2%5121.7%21.1%3.160
5Albert Okwuegbunam35%729.2%29.1%5423.0%28.6%0.000

Team Volume: 24 DBs, 22 att. (15-153-0)

  • The usual in terms of both playing time and production, though Jeudy did a bit better than usual (3-60-0) thanks to a 40-yard play in the first half.
  • The Broncos ran only 42 plays. Vegas dominated possession, and it was a low-volume contest with only 12 incompletions between both teams.


 Snap %RoutesRts/DBTgtTgt Sh.Air YdsAY Sh.TPRRYPRREZ Tgt
1Foster Moreau94%2696.3%416.0%3323.2%15.4%2.580
2Zay Jones75%2281.5%832.0%4431.2%36.4%2.270
3Hunter Renfrow57%2074.1%312.0%4229.7%15.0%2.001
4DeSean Jackson51%1866.7%520.0%3928.0%27.8%2.440

Team Volume: 26 DBs, 25 att. (20-201-1)

  • Moreau handled a three-down role again with Darren Waller (knee) out another week.
    • The young TE was efficient with 4-67-0 on four targets, following 7-65-0 on nine targets the week before.
    • Over the past four games with Waller out, Moreau has averaged 3.8 catches for 44.8 yards on 5.5 targets.
  • Renfrow played 68% of snaps through three quarters, but only 32% in the fourth with Vegas using more multi-TE formations to run the ball and the clock.
    • No need to panic. Renfrow still played 100% of snaps in 11 personnel (35 of 35).
      • Zay also got 100% in 11, as did Moreau, with Jackson at 66% and "Dillon Stoner". at 31%.
  • Five straight games for Zay with at least five targets and three catches. But only 44.4 ypg and 8.9 ypr in that stretch, with no TDs and a lost fumble. He and Laquon Treadwell are kinda the same idea, no?


Washington Football Team (14) at Cowboys (56) 

 Snap %RoutesRts/DBTgtTgt Sh.Air YdsAY Sh.TPRRYPRREZ Tgt
1Terry McLaurin91%3491.9%620.0%11043.2%17.6%1.180
2John Bates74%2362.2%310.0%207.9%13.0%1.960
3Adam Humphries68%2978.4%620.0%2710.5%20.7%0.140
4Cam Sims63%2259.5%310.0%3614.1%13.6%0.000
5Ricky Seals-Jones46%1643.2%13.3%-4-1.6%6.3%-0.250
6Dyami Brown23%1027.0%26.7%4818.8%20.0%5.300
7DeAndre Carter21%616.2%26.7%104.1%33.3%0.830

Team Volume: 34 DBs, 32 att. (15-188-2)

  • Bates again saw more snaps and routes than Seals-Jones, who can probably be dropped across the board now that his three-down role from the first Logan Thomas absence is gone.
    • Bates finished with 2-45-1 on three targets, with his first career NFL TD coming on a play where he fumbled the ball near the goal line and recovered it in the end zone.
  • Sams finished without a catch on three targets, but in terms of playing time, he was ahead of both Brown and Carter.


 Snap %RoutesRts/DBTgtTgt Sh.Air YdsAY Sh.TPRRYPRREZ Tgt
1Dalton Schultz75%3271.1%922.5%5814.0%28.1%2.560
2CeeDee Lamb74%3680.0%512.5%5513.3%13.9%1.830
3Amari Cooper71%3680.0%1127.5%15738.1%30.6%2.361
4Michael Gallup66%3475.6%512.5%9122.1%14.7%1.561
5Cedrick Wilson36%1431.1%37.5%317.5%21.4%0.710
6Malik Turner18%511.1%37.5%143.4%60.0%16.400

Team Volume: 45 DBs, 42 att. (30-400-5)

  • Dak Prescott threw for 330 yards and four TDs, with Cooper Rush then adding 70 yards and one score.
  • In the first half, Schultz played 94% of snaps, Copper got 89%, Gallup was at 83% and Lamb at 81%.
    • And all four went over 50 yards before halftime.
  • Lamb still isn't getting much playing time in two-receiver sets. Even in the first half, he played just one of six snaps in 12 personnel.



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