MLS Fantasy Rankings: Week 10

MLS Fantasy Rankings: Week 10

This article is part of our MLS Fantasy Rankings series.

The rankings below are based on Major League Soccer's official fantasy game and cover all games in Week 10. While they can be used for DFS purposes, they are done with a focus on the league's season-long game.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below, or hit up JD on Twitter @dfsMLS.


1Carlos VelaLAFC v. CHI14.8When a player is testing the limits of the upper-range of the price change formula, it probably means you should be rostering him. Chicago makes for an especially tasty matchup.
2Alberth ElisHOU v. DAL11.2 
3Zlatan IbrahimovicLA at NYRB13.0 
4Diego RossiLAFC v. CHI10.1Starting two LAFC forwards this weekend is squarely in play given they are one of the few home teams with an appealing opponent.
5Wayne RooneyDC v. CLB10.4 
6Danny HoesenSJ v. FCC6.9Two quiet games don't bode well for Hoesen's ranking, but they are trumped by the fact that the team is on the rise and FC Cincinnati will have played just days earlier on the other side of the country.
7Kacper PrzybylkoPHI v. FCC, v. NE5.2Corey Burke looks unlikely to play this week due to continuing "personal reasons", but Sergio Santos is nearly fit and ready to compete for the striker spot, too. Kacper's quality first start makes him intriguing, but the risk of limited minutes when I can find 180 from other Union players doesn't seem worth it.
8Mauro ManotasHOU v. DAL10.7 
9David AccamPHI v. FCC, v. NE6.7If you think he'll start both matches, Accam should be flirting with a top-5 ranking. This conservative ranking expects one start and potentially a sub appearance, and also recognizes that his fantasy ceiling isn't incredibly high even when he's on the field.
10Carlos Darwin QuinteroMIN v. SEA11.9An ankle injury brought him out of the last match, but it sounds like there's at least a chance he plays this weekend. I'm ranking him as if he does, but use caution and do some research prior to Saturday's kickoffs.
11Heber Araujo dos SantosNYC at MTL8.3Two straight MLS Team of the Week appearances for just 8.3. He is on the road, but with a lack of stand-out forward options, I could see using Heber as one of your early bench "dart throws" and rolling with someone like Rooney or Hoesen/Espinoza if he doesn't produce.
12Latif BlessingLAFC v. CHI8.5 
13Darren MattocksFCC at PHI, at SJ6.3 
14Cristian EspinozaSJ v. FCC8.9 
15Krisztian NemethSKC v. ATL8.4 
16Kekuta MannehFCC at PHI, at SJ5.2 
17Josef MartinezATL at SKC9.2 
18Fafa PicaultPHI v. FCC, v. NE4.9Fafa has fallen slightly out of favor, but should at least see substitute minutes in both matches this week. He wouldn't be the worst bench play if he's starting on Wednesday.
19Kei KamaraCOL v. VAN9.4 
20Jordan MorrisSEA at MIN7.8 


1Kenny SaiefFCC at PHI, at SJ7.5I'm a little uncomfortable with this ranking, but Saief is the best combination or potential playing time and talent of the DGW players. Pozuelo still may have him beat, but I'll stick with the tried and true 'two is better than one' thinking.
2Alejandro PozueloTOR at ORL12.5In only a two game sample, Toronto has looked very much up for the challenge during road games this year. Pozuelo is too good to ignore just because he's playing at Orlando.
3Marco FabianPHI v. FCC, v. NE8.1The likeliest scenario for a recovering Fabian may be 90-120 minutes this week, but considering his involvement in the team earlier this year, that would be plenty of time to earn us some points. If he doesn't start Wednesday, there is some concern that he won't start either and I'd then only consider playing him from the bench.
4Jamiro MonteiroPHI v. FCC, v. NE6.5Monteiro is becoming a workhorse in the Union midfield and is finding plenty of different ways to earn fantasy points. With two games this week, that could spell a hefty floor of points for just 6.5.
5Haris MedunjaninPHI v. FCC, v. NE8.8Medunjanin has played every minute of every match for Philly. He's a pretty safe bet for at least two bonus points per match which makes for a pretty appealing 8-10 points on the DGW.
6Alejandro BedoyaPHI v. FCC, v. NE8.0Bedoya has played every minute of every game for Philly this year, too. With two good matchups, he should have some chances to get on the scoresheet even though he's not usually a notable scoring threat.
7Victor UlloaFCC at PHI, at SJ5.7 
8Eduard AtuestaLAFC v. CHI9.7 
9Nicolas LodeiroSEA at MIN11.3 
10Leonardo BertoneFCC at PHI, at SJ5.6 
11Albert RusnakRSL v. POR10.7 
12Roland LamahFCC at PHI, at SJ5.9 
13Jonathan dos SantosLA at NYRB10.9 
14Johnny RussellSKC v. ATL10.4 
15Magnus ErikssonSJ v. FCC7.7 
16NaniORL v. TOR10.8 
17Maximiliano MoralezNYC at MTL9.8 
18Diego ValeriPOR at RSL10.4 
19Allan CruzFCC at PHI, at SJ6.1 
20Felipe GutierrezSKC v. ATL9.1 


1Jack ElliottPHI v. FCC, v. NE7.2Both Elliott and Trusty generate a similar amount of bonus points, so I'll side with the one who packs a slightly higher set piece scoring punch. Philly's defense are pretty clearly the top picks, having two favorable home games while Cincy has two road matches and all other teams play just once.
2Auston TrustyPHI v. FCC, v. NE6.3 
3Raymon GaddisPHI v. FCC, v. NE6.3With Kai Wagner getting an additional game's suspension, Gaddis looks to be the only Union fullback with a good chance to play 180.
4Nick HagglundFCC at PHI, at SJ6.3Both Hagglund and Waston are threats to score set piece headers and their potential for a few bonus points each match puts them squarely in play even if you think a clean sheet is unlikely.
5Kendall WastonFCC at PHI, at SJ6.0 
6Mathieu DeplagneFCC at PHI, at SJ5.8 
7Shea SalinasSJ v. FCC5.9Salinas has gotten past the window where we can write off his performances as a fluke. He's a threat to score and on a team that could keep a tired FCC side off the score sheet.
8Walker ZimmermanLAFC v. CHI9.2 
9Eddie SeguraLAFC v. CHI7.3 
10Jordan HarveyLAFC v. CHI6.9 
11Ali AdnanVAN at COL6.2 
12Reto ZieglerDAL at HOU9.0 
13Nick LimaSJ v. FCC4.6 
14Harold CummingsSJ v. FCC6.4 
15Graham ZusiSKC v. ATL7.5 
16Steve BirnbaumDC v. CLB8.6 
17Florian JungwirthSJ v. FCC6.7 
18Nick DeLeonTOR at ORL7.0 
19Zakaria DialloMTL v. NYC7.6 
20Anton TinnerholmNYC at MTL7.5Callens or Chanot would work here as well. Montreal will likely still be without Piatti.


1Matt FreesePHI v. FCC, v. NE4.0I'd avoid a Philly keeper this week, because rotation seems highly possible and I want to use my three spots on players who will feature in both. That said, I would still put whichever Philly keeper starts Wednesday atop my rankings based on the matchup and possibility of playing a second match.
2Tyler MillerLAFC v. CHI6.6 
3Przemyslaw TytonFCC at PHI, at SJ5.0While Tyton returned from injury last week, Richey filled in admirably in his absence and both are now competing for the job. With yet another situation with uncertain playing time, I will likely be avoiding the FCC goalkeeping situation playing on the road.
4Daniel VegaSJ v. FCC5.5 
5Bill HamidCLB at DC8.2 
6Evan BushMTL v. NYC6.9 
7Joe WillisHOU v. DAL5.9 
8Tim MeliaSKC v. ATL6.3 
9Sean JohnsonNYC at MTL7.2 
10Stefan FreiSEA at MIN7.4 

Value Rankings

(forwards and midfielders under $7.5, defenders under $6.0; not ranked above)

1Brenden AaronsonPHI v. FCC, v. NE5.9I'm expecting the rookie to get a rest as he's looked a little banged up lately and was subbed off last match. If you think he starts both, then put him comfortably inside the top10 midfielders.
2Emmanuel LedesmaFCC at PHI, at SJ6.6 
3Chris MuellerORL v. TOR6.9 
4Jordan HamiltonTOR at ORL5.9 
5Lee NguyenLAFC v. CHI7.4 
6Keegan RosenberryCOL v. VAN4.3 
7Jesus FerreiraDAL at HOU6.5 
8Corey BairdRSL v. POR4.9 
9Fredy MonteroVAN at COL7.3 
10Jeremy EbobissePOR at RSL7.3 

Captain Rankings

1Carlos VelaLAFC v. CHI14.8 
2Kenny SaiefFCC at PHI, at SJ7.5 
3Alejandro PozueloTOR at ORL12.5 
4Alberth ElisHOU v. DAL11.2 
5Marco FabianPHI v. FCC, v. NE8.1 

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