MLS Fantasy Rankings: Week 11

MLS Fantasy Rankings: Week 11

This article is part of our MLS Fantasy Rankings series.

The rankings below are based on Major League Soccer's official fantasy game and cover all games in Week 11. While they can be used for DFS purposes, they are done with a focus on the league's season-long game.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below, or hit up JD on Twitter @dfsMLS.


1Josef MartinezATL v. TOR, v. ORL9.7He's still shooting, he's back to often scoring, and he has a double game week in front of the home crowd. Barco's absence for the U-20 World Cup is concerning, considering his improved play has been a big part of the 5-Stripes' turnaround, but I think JMart can manage just fine.
2Zlatan IbrahimovicLA at CLB, v. NYC13.2Both of Zlatan's opponents this week are capable of keeping him at bay, and extra attention from the officials could be directed his way after some recent occurences. Still, relatively few convincing options exist from the teams playing twice this week, so Zlatan will remain a fixture in most lineups.
3Nemanja NikolicCHI v. NE, v. MIN7.8Sapong's all-around game has helped Chicago more this season than Nikolic, but we're talking fantasy and Niko has more of a nose for goals and shots. He costs 0.2 less too!
4Gyasi ZardesCLB v. LA, v. LAFC7.9He's not scoring, with a goal in just one of six home matches and no goals in six straight games. When he does score, his lack of bonus points is tough to swallow. Over two home games, it's worth a shot, but prepare to be disappointed.
5Hector VillalbaATL v. TOR, v. ORL7.4With Barco gone for a bit, Villalba projects to play more minutes.
6C.J. SapongCHI v. NE, v. MIN8.0 
7Juan CaicedoNE at CHI, v. SJ7.3With three goals in four starts, Caicedo has been a bright spot for New England this season. The team around him is a mess, and Friedel loves rotation, so I can't rank him much higher in good conscience.
8Carlos VelaLAFC at CLB14.4You could easily persuade me that one Vela game should slot in above Nikolic, or at least Zardes. Vela's median score this year is right around the range those guys should get with a one-goal week, but their upside is higher.
9Brian WhiteNYRB v. MTL, at DAL5.9Brian White can be a quality MLS starter and he's a good bet for minutes with BWP on the mend.
10Alberth ElisHOU at SEA11.7 
11Maximiliano UrrutiMTL at NYRB, at FCC6.5Urruti isn't a lock to start both, or even one, but the potential against Cincinnati is too good to oust him from the top 20.
12Wayne RooneyDC v. SKC10.5 
13Jordan HamiltonTOR at ATL, v. PHI6.0Jozy's return is imminent but they'll use caution and Hamilton is playing well enough to let him get to 95%+.
14Juan AgudeloNE at CHI, v. SJ5.8 
15Orji OkwonkwoMTL at NYRB, at FCC5.1 
16Mauro ManotasHOU at SEA11.2 
17Sam JohnsonRSL at COL7.1 
18Jozy AltidoreTOR at ATL, v. PHI11.6Jozy is close to a return, likely more for the weekend match than midweek. Even in the most generous terms, the fixtures for Toronto are only decent.
19Tajon BuchananNE at CHI, v. SJ4.4Starting minutes aren't guaranteed but he's looked pretty good in his action so far. Incredible value for a bench play, if you need the savings this week.
20Anthony Jackson-HamelMTL at NYRB, at FCC4.8 


1Alejandro PozueloTOR at ATL, v. PHI13.0In his six MLS starts, Pozuelo has an assist in all but one, has bagged four goals, and has yet to get fewer than three bonus points per game in Fantasy MLS.
2Jonathan dos SantosLA at CLB, v. NYC10.9JdS is a bonus point machine and I'd probably put him in my lineup even if you guaranteed me he'd have zero goals/assists this week.
3Carles GilNE at CHI, v. SJ9.7Gil should be able to break through with some offensive production in one of these two matches and given his relatively high floor otherwise, it makes him a really good play even on a really bad team.
4Pity MartinezATL v. TOR, v. ORL8.0Barco's absence may be a blessing in disguise for Pity who is use to being the focal point of an attack. His confidence has been on the rise in recent matches, too.
5Aleksandar KataiCHI v. NE, v. MIN9.0Even more than most good fantasy midfielders, Katai's game is built to thrive against bad teams, or at least bad defenses. He's looked lively lately and it's unlikely he'll be held off the scoresheet in two starts.
6Jonathan OsorioTOR at ATL, v. PHI10.5 
7Nicolas GaitanCHI v. NE, v. MIN8.5He's clearly still adjusting and while he's not a bad pick this week, I'm not sure we need to be forcing him into our lineups.
8Julian GresselATL v. TOR, v. ORL9.1Neither matchup is great and Gressel's bonus points don't match that of many good defensive midfield options this week. Using Gressel is banking on offensive output which is good, but inconsistent given the nature of his position.
9Daniel RoyerNYRB v. MTL, at DAL8.4 
10Michael BradleyTOR at ATL, v. PHI10.1 
11Pedro SantosCLB v. LA, v. LAFC8.4 
12Saphir TaiderMTL at NYRB, at FCC9.9Taider has supposedly been battling through some fatigue/muscle tightness and has hit his roughest patch since joining MLS. There have been no indications that he'll sit a match, but I wouldn't be shocked either. He's typically a bonus point machine and still makes for a reasonable play.
13Marc RzatkowskiNYRB v. MTL, at DAL8.2 
14Dax McCartyCHI v. NE, v. MIN8.5 
15Omar BrowneMTL at NYRB, at FCC6.5Browne should be starting every match and will be soon. If he's in the first eleven on Wednesday I'd bump him a few spots higher.
16ArturCLB v. LA, v. LAFC8.1 
17Darlington NagbeATL v. TOR, v. ORL7.9 
18Przemyslaw FrankowskiCHI v. NE, v. MIN7.4 
19Carlos Uriel AntunaLA at CLB, v. NYC6.5 
20Djordje MihailovicCHI v. NE, v. MIN6.4 


1Miles RobinsonATL v. TOR, v. ORL7.8Home to Toronto, possibly without Jozy, and then hosting an Orlando side that hasn't scored more than one goal in their past four matches is a pretty good double game week.
2Leandro Gonzalez PirezATL v. TOR, v. ORL8.7 
3Aaron LongNYRB v. MTL, at DAL7.5Neither of New York's opponents this week are lighting up the score sheet. With Long's floor of bonus points, I'll take a bet on one clean sheet between the two.
4Connor LadeNYRB v. MTL, at DAL5.2This price is so good for a clean sheet play that can pop up with an assist here or there. Lade is especially appealing from the bench if you're just rolling with the best of the three scores and a 4.0 dud in your lineup.
5Tim ParkerNYRB v. MTL, at DAL6.3 
6Diego PolentaLA at CLB, v. NYC7.7While neither game projects to be a clean sheet for the Galaxy, they are starting to gel and improve. Polenta stands out most matches and at least bring a floor of solid bonus production.
7Franco EscobarATL v. TOR, v. ORL6.1 
8Johan KappelhofCHI v. NE, v. MIN6.4 
9Michael ParkhurstATL v. TOR, v. ORL6.4 
10Diedie TraoreLA at CLB, v. NYC5.0Traore has four bonus points in each of his starts with the Galaxy. He'll likely settle in around the 2-2.5 point mark over the season, but add that floor over two matches to his speed and attacking support and you have a pretty great 5.0 bargain.
11Justin MorrowTOR at ATL, v. PHI6.9 
12Chris MavingaTOR at ATL, v. PHI7.6More likely to play both games than Ciman, I think. Zavaleta will probably work his way into at least one match.
13Jonathan MensahCLB v. LA, v. LAFC7.7 
14Francisco CalvoCHI v. NE, v. MIN5.8Having joined the team so recently, banking on both starts is risky. However, Calvo is quality enough to slot in right away and the second match is against the team that just cast him aside.
15Rolf FeltscherLA at CLB, v. NYC6.5 
16Nick DeLeonTOR at ATL, v. PHI7.0 
17Laurent CimanTOR at ATL, v. PHI6.7Some occasional direct free kick duty helps mitigate concerns of him starting both games.
18Daniel LovitzMTL at NYRB, at FCC7.3 
19Waylon FrancisCLB v. LA, v. LAFC6.0 
20AuroTOR at ATL, v. PHI7.1 


1Brad GuzanATL v. TOR, v. ORL7.8No defense stands way above the pack this week, but Guzan is the safest of the three teams with double home fixtures.
2Luis RoblesNYRB v. MTL, at DAL5.9 
3David OustedCHI v. NE, v. MIN6.3After an impressive clean sheet on the road to LAFC last week, we can't ignore Ousted who only kept an opponent goalless in one of his other nine matches.
4Zack SteffenCLB v. LA, v. LAFC7.6Columbus have kept four clean sheets in eleven matches and the defense is far from the reason for their current losing streak. Steffen's pair of home matches helps him squeak past some others in his cohort, despite two quality opponents.
5Evan BushMTL at NYRB, at FCC7.2The Cincinnati matchup, despite being the second of two on the road, is too good to ignore. Montreal know how to play solid defense and it gives them a chance to keep a clean sheet in nearly every match.
6Quentin WestbergTOR at ATL, v. PHI4.8If he starts both, I'd probably slot him in at #3, but based on some recent comments from coach Greg Vanney, it feels like Bono is due for another chance to regain some confidence during this congested schedule. 
7David BinghamLA at CLB, v. NYC7.0Neither matchup is good, but both opponents have already struggled to score for stretches this year. There are better options.
8Cody CropperNE at CHI, v. SJ4.3The matchups may look tempting, but there have been terribly few indications that New England are a MLS quality defense.
9Przemyslaw TytonFCC v. MTL4.9 
10Daniel VegaSJ at NE6.0 

Value Rankings

(forwards and midfielders under $7.5, defenders under $6.0; not ranked above)

1Sean DavisNYRB v. MTL, at DAL7.2 
2Federico HiguainCLB v. LA, v. LAFC7.2I surprised even myself when I decided to keep Pipa outside my top 20 midfielders, but the production just isn't there and Columbus haven't looked up to the task lately. Factor in his age and the possibility of rotation and I just don't think the limited upside is worth the considerable risk this week. Even one goal or assist won't match the output of a good defensive midfielder over 180 minutes.
3Marco DelgadoTOR at ATL, v. PHI6.8 
4Wil TrappCLB v. LA, v. LAFC7.4 
5Harry NovilloMTL at NYRB, at FCC6.8 
6Jorge Luis CorralesCHI v. NE, v. MIN4.9If Calvo slots into the left back spot, then we can disregard Corrales. If Chicago play a three man backline with Corrales as a wingback, we need to consider him.
7Sebastian LletgetLA at CLB, v. NYC7.6Joe Corona works too, but Lletget brings some more attacking upside.
8Cristian PenillaNE at CHI, v. SJ6.2 
9Danny HoesenSJ at NE6.4After Philly dunked on New England for six goals, we should look at a team getting an even more fatigued version of those Revs, right?
10RobinhoCLB v. LA, v. LAFC5.8 

Captain Rankings

1Alejandro PozueloTOR at ATL, v. PHI13.0The "front-runners" pick.
2Josef MartinezATL v. TOR, v. ORL9.7The player still living in 2018's pick.
3Zlatan IbrahimovicLA at CLB, v. NYC13.2The desperate to make up some ground in the standings pick (and official pick of PRO Referees).
4Jonathan dos SantosLA at CLB, v. NYC10.9The hipster's "Pozuelo Pivot".
5Carles GilNE at CHI, v. SJ9.7Brad Friedel's pick.

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