MLS Fantasy Rankings: Week 12

MLS Fantasy Rankings: Week 12

This article is part of our MLS Fantasy Rankings series.

The rankings below are based on Major League Soccer's official fantasy game and cover all games in Week 12. While they can be used for DFS purposes, they are done with a focus on the league's season-long game.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below, or hit up JD on Twitter @dfsMLS.


1Carlos VelaLAFC v. DAL, at DAL14.4He's averaging a goal and half of an assist PER GAME. This is easy.
2Alberth ElisHOU v. POR, v. DCU11.3Elis hasn't been noticeably better at home than on the road this year, but I won't complain about him getting to stay in Houston for both games. He has four goals and five assists in just eight full starts.
3Mauro ManotasHOU v. POR, v. DCU11.2A different playing style than Elis, but one that has resulted in very similar production making him a good pivot if you need to take a chance to make up ground. Manotas looks to be heating up a little lately, too. 
4Josef MartinezATL at VAN, at NYRB10.2 
5Wayne RooneyDCU at TOR, at HOU10.7Neither of these are appealing fixtures for Rooney, but thanks to his role on set pieces on a quality side, he still has enough to justify strong consideration.
6Diego RossiLAFC v. DAL, at DAL9.4Since his hattrick in DC, he has no goals and one assist in six games. That's not good enough for a featured attacker on the league's best team. I'm not concerned about Rossi's production finding it's way back but using him in one of your precious three LAFC spots this week is a little risky.
7Latif BlessingLAFC v. DAL, at DAL8.8Blessing's recent social media grumbling may not sit well with Bob Bradley and the LAFC Front Office, but should he avoid discipline and play in both matches, he'll be squarely in the second tier of fantasy forwards.
8Raul RuidiazSEA v. ORL, at PHI10.1Fresh off of his first start since getting injured, Ruidiaz isn't a lock to play both games, but Orlando is a tasty opponent and Seattle have enough firepower even without Victor Rodriguez.
9Hector VillalbaATL at VAN, at NYRB7.9I'm not certain what rotation will look like for Atlanta this week, but Villalba deserves to keep starting given his strong recent performances.
10Christian RamirezLAFC v. DAL, at DAL6.3Like Rossi, he keeps starting with little fantasy production but LAFC keep winning. Stay the course.
11Dom DwyerORL at SEA, v. FCC7.5Starts are not assured for Dwyer, but you'd think he's a lock to play at home against FC Cincinnatti. Anything in Seattle is a bonus.
12Jordan MorrisSEA v. ORL, at PHI7.3 
13Jozy AltidoreTOR v. DCU, at RSL11.3Jozy missed three games and then entered as a substitute in the last one, so betting on him in this double game week may be optimistic.
14Fredy MonteroVAN v. ATL, at SKC8.3I'm not certain he'll continue to take all of the team's set pieces as he did last match, but that'd be a nice boost to try and smooth over his quiet outings.
15Zlatan IbrahimovicLA v. COL12.8 
16Jesus FerreiraDAL at LAFC, v. LAFC6.4 
17Adama DiomandeLAFC v. DAL, at DAL7.9 
18Jordan HamiltonTOR v. DCU, at RSL5.6 
19Krisztian NemethSKC v. VAN8.3 
20Kacper PrzybylkoPHI v. SEA6.2 


1Alejandro PozueloTOR v. DCU, at RSL13.3Attacking upside lifts him over Lodeiro for me. 
2Nicolas LodeiroSEA v. ORL, at PHI10.9He's put in way more disappointing fantasy shifts than Pozuelo this year. That said, Orlando presents a nice cupcake matchup at home.
3Eduard AtuestaLAFC v. DAL, at DAL10.7The hero of the last LAFC DGW. He has six or more points in a whopping nine straight starts!
4Mark-Anthony KayeLAFC v. DAL, at DAL11.0Another strong play from LA, but just lacks the consistency of Atuesta.
5Cristian RoldanSEA v. ORL, at PHI9.8This ranking has little to do with his fortuitous pair of recent golazos and more to do with virtually guaranteed playing time in a pair of solid matchups. Roldan consistently finds ways to milk points out of most of his appearances.
6Tomas MartinezHOU v. POR, v. DCU8.9I'd rather not play a midfielder that seems to be allergic to earning FMLS bonus points, but Houston does have a nice pair of home games.
7Pity MartinezATL at VAN, at NYRB8.4With a rough travel schedule, I'm not certain Pity is going to be playing three in eight days.
8Memo RodriguezHOU v. POR, v. DCU6.9If Quioto is ready to start a match, Memo could be sacrificed in the starting eleven.
9Jonathan OsorioTOR v. DCU, at RSL10.1Osorio always finds himself just outside of my fantasy lineup, but he deserves credit for far more quality shifts than disappointing ones. There's no reason to go with Michael Bradley instead if you can afford the extra $0.4.
10Julian GresselATL at VAN, at NYRB9.4Gressel is one of the surer bets to play in both Atlanta games this week.
11Luciano AcostaDCU at TOR, at HOU9.8If he wants to be sold this summer he, uhhhh...better pick his game up.
12Michael BradleyTOR v. DCU, at RSL9.7 
13Bryan AcostaDAL at LAFC, v. LAFC7.4I wouldn't balk at somebody ranking Acosta as high as the #5 midfielder this week. 
14Michael BarriosDAL at LAFC, v. LAFC9.1 
15Paul ArriolaDCU at TOR, at HOU8.4A lack of bonus point production hurts when there's no guarantee for a goal or assist over two games this week.
16Hwang In-beomVAN v. ATL, at SKC7.6 
17Chris MuellerORL at SEA, v. FCC6.0Some amateur Twitter sleuthing makes it sound like Nani didn't travel to Seattle. Mueller remains one of Orlando's most dynamic players and while two starts may be wishful thinking, I'd take 120 minutes at this price.
18Eric RemediDCU at TOR, at HOU5.8Cheap and fairly reliable points on a team you probably aren't using three guys from.
19Pablo AranguizDAL at LAFC, v. LAFC5.8 
20Darlington NagbeATL at VAN, at NYRB8.2Junior Moreno was neck and neck for the final spot, but Nagbe is slightly more consistent and I like his matchups better (both have double road games).


1Walker ZimmermanLAFC v. DAL, at DAL10.0There's a pretty clear hierarchy of clean sheet potential this week, and LAFC sits at the top.
2Steven BeitashourLAFC v. DAL, at DAL8.5 
3Eddie SeguraLAFC v. DAL, at DAL8.3 
4Maynor FigueroaHOU v. POR, v. DCU6.9It's easy to forget how well Houston has been playing. They have five wins and one draw at home, and have allowed multiple goals just once of those six.
5Jordan HarveyLAFC v. DAL, at DAL7.9 
6Kim Kee-HeeSEA v. ORL, at PHI7.2Orlando travelling across the country and probably resting a handful of starters would be enough for a high ranking in and of itself. While the cross-country trip to Philly isn't ideal, and the Union are playing well, I don't hate that game either.
7Adam LundqvistHOU v. POR, v. DCU5.2A piece of the set piece action at a low cost.
8Kelvin LeerdamSEA v. ORL, at PHI8.0More assured of two starts than the Seattle left backs.
9Brad SmithSEA v. ORL, at PHI7.8Joevin Jones is more of a winger now than left back, so I think Smith might be ok for now. If he starts on Wednesday, I'd feel comfortable enough to use him in FMLS.
10Aljaz StrunaHOU v. POR, v. DCU5.8Struna missed the last match with what sounds like a very minor injury. I'd expect him to return in place of Fuenmayor for both, but there are surely safer options.
11Miles RobinsonATL at VAN, at NYRB8.3Atlanta have been rock solid in defense lately. Two road matches is far from ideal, but the opponents are beatable.
12Chris MavingaTOR v. DCU, at RSL7.4Laurent Ciman's short-term injury may be addition by subtraction for the Reds who could conceivably hold either of these opponents scoreless.
13Leandro Gonzalez PirezATL at VAN, at NYRB9.2 
14Reto ZieglerDAL at LAFC, v. LAFC8.5This is a shameless hope for Dallas earning a penalty kick, because they aren't likely to keep LAFC at bay.
15Ali AdnanVAN v. ATL, at SKC6.7Two very tough games, but it's impossible not to recognize Adnan's dynamic attacking contributions.
16Justin MorrowTOR v. DCU, at RSL6.6 
17Eriq ZavaletaTOR v. DCU, at RSL4.0Ciman appears likely to miss the next two which would make Zavaleta a minimum priced addition to my fantasy bench!
18Steve BirnbaumDCU at TOR, at HOU8.7 
19Chad MarshallSEA v. ORL, at PHI7.4Marshall has been battling through some knee issues lately, which means him and Torres are pretty likely to at least split this week. Marshall playing both would vault him up into the top #10, whereas Torres playing two would be a few spots below that.
20Joao MoutinhoORL at SEA, v. FCC5.7I'm expecting some heavy rotation for Orlando on Wednesday, but with a nice second matchup at home over the weekend, any points from a usual starter would be enough to put them in consideration.


1Tyler MillerLAFC v. DAL, at DAL7.4Dallas are not a cakewalk, but it's tough to bet against the league's best team. I'd probably look elsewhere for my keeper though since we only have three precious spots for LAFC players.
2Stefan FreiSEA v. ORL, at PHI7.4Frei sees a lot of shots. Frei saves a lot of shots.
3Joe WillisHOU v. POR, v. DCU6.6 
4Brad GuzanATL at VAN, at NYRB8.3Not at this price. The 5-Stripes have been shutting teams down, though.
5Brian RoweORL at SEA, v. FCC6.7The second leg against FCC will hopefully be able to outweigh the Seattle match.
6Bill HamidDCU at TOR, at HOU7.8 
7Quentin WestbergTOR v. DCU, at RSL5.3Remains mildly likely to rotate with Bono, but has the upper hand.
8Maxime CrepeauVAN v. ATL, at SKC6.7 
9Jimmy MaurerDAL at LAFC, v. LAFC5.0 
10Tim MeliaSKC v. VAN6.4 

Value Rankings

(forwards and midfielders under $7.5, defenders under $6.0; not ranked above)

1Russell CanouseDCU at TOR, at HOU6.6Rookie star on the RotoWire Fantasy Soccer podcast Daniel Bramlette, correctly pointed out that Canouse's return to the lineup massively helped DC United. He should continue starting.
2Harry ShippSEA v. ORL, at PHI4.9With Joevin Jones and Handwalla Bwana lurking, I'm not super comfortable taking the discounted Shipp and assuming he'll play both games.
3Romell QuiotoHOU v. POR, v. DCU7.0He's been working his way back from a knee injury, and those sub appearances have brought his price down to a very appealing level. If he's starting Wednesday and you need the savings for a third forward, this would be tempting.
4Marquinhos PedrosoDCU at TOR, at HOU4.9I can get behind Pedroso as an option from our fantasy benches.
5Marco DelgadoTOR v. DCU, at RSL6.6 
6Lucas VenutoVAN v. ATL, at SKC5.5 
7Lee NguyenLAFC v. DAL, at DAL6.9I'm not using my LAFC spot on somebody highly unlikely to start two games, but he might be ready for one full appearance.
8Jhegson MendezORL at SEA, v. FCC6.1We could certainly unearth some DGW values if we knew Orlando's starting lineup for both matches ahead of time. But we're left to guess if Kljestan, Akindele, Will Johnson, or some others will be in the mix for 150+ minutes. Mendez is currently my best bet.
9PCVAN v. ATL, at SKC4.8 
10Dominique BadjiORL at SEA, v. FCC5.6 

Captain Rankings

1Carlos VelaLAFC v. DAL, at DAL14.4If you're chasing a top spot and need to pivot, sorry! 
2Alejandro PozueloTOR v. DCU, at RSL13.3He IS averaging more fantasy points than Vela...
3Nicolas LodeiroSEA v. ORL, at PHI10.9Have to hope VRod being out pushes Lodeiro into the offensive action a little more.
4Alberth ElisHOU v. POR, v. DCU11.3If I needed a huge, last gasp chance, type of captain to catch up then Elis may be my pick.
5Eduard AtuestaLAFC v. DAL, at DAL10.7I guess Atuesta would be a good captain if you found out right before the match that Vela twisted his ankle tripping on a sprinkler or something.

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