MLS Fantasy Rankings: Week 14

MLS Fantasy Rankings: Week 14

This article is part of our MLS Fantasy Rankings series.

The rankings below are based on Major League Soccer's official fantasy game and cover all games in Week 14. While they can be used for DFS purposes, they are done with a focus on the league's season-long game.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below, or hit up JD on Twitter @dfsMLS.


1Zlatan IbrahimovicLA at SKC, v. NE12.8Zlatan is the most rested of the big three and has two really good individual matchups with the opposing centerbacks (Besler is questionable). 
2Wayne RooneyDCU v. CHI, v. SJ11.2I don't think we can bet on Rooney getting a rest, but frankly, he looks like he could use one. Even tired Rooney should produce plenty over two matches.
3Josef MartinezATL v. MIN, v. CHI9.8Call it 2018 reflexes or intuition, but I like Josef a lot this week and had him first overall in my initial draft. Considering Atlanta have only scored 7 goals in 6 home matches this season, I opted to play it a bit more conservative.
4Kacper PrzybylkoPHI v. COL, at MIN6.8Sergio Santos could nab a start, but Jim Curtin probably won't be able to ignore the sheer production from Przybylko.
5Carlos Darwin QuinteroMIN at ATL, v. PHI10.2Quintero typically gets a boost for the plethora of ways in which he can produce fantasy points, but with none clicking, I surprised even myself and dropped him below Kacper.
6Carlos VelaLAFC at POR15.4Portland is opening their stadium and should be flying high, but Vela is in a tier of his own this season. I wouldn't suggest using him over these top five, though.
7Hector VillalbaATL v. MIN, v. CHI7.7 
8Kei KamaraCOL at PHI, v. FCC8.9 
9Maximiliano UrrutiMTL v. RSL, v. ORL6.9Montreal only have scored twice in four home games, so despite a pair of seemingly good fixtures, I think Urruti is better left for others to chance.
10Angelo RodriguezMIN at ATL, v. PHI6.8 
11Nemanja NikolicCHI at DCU, at ATL7.7My guess is that Nikolic took his turn to rest this past weekend and Sapong will likely be the Chicago forward to take a turn on the bencht this DGW.
12Jonathan LewisCOL at PHI, v. FCC4.4 
13Corey BairdRSL at MTL, at NYRB5.7 
14Jozy AltidoreTOR at VAN10.4 
15Sam JohnsonRSL at MTL, at NYRB7.6His minutes are far from guaranteed, but Petke knows he has a dangerous player that RSL will eventually have to get going. Some confidence going into the Gold Cup break would be useful.
16Brian FernandezPOR v. LAFC10.5Star forward in club's "stadium opener"? Yeah I'm taking that over some lesser DGW guys.
17Fafa PicaultPHI v. COL, at MIN4.7 
18C.J. SapongCHI at DCU, at ATL7.2If you think Sapong plays both over Nikolic, you can basically flip-flop them.
19Diego RossiLAFC at POR9.1 
20Latif BlessingLAFC at POR9.6 


1Johnny RussellSKC v. LA, at HOU10.0Every coach in the league identifies Russell as the guy they need to key on to stop SKC. Seattle failed this past weekend and I bet one of this week's teams will do the same.
2Jonathan dos SantosLA at SKC, v. NE10.7There are cheaper sources of safe points in the midfield, and JdS lacks some upside, but with his improving health and one tasty matchup against New England, he fended off a few other midfield contenders.
3Pity MartinezATL v. MIN, v. CHI8.4With Josef and the defensive options, I think Pity will be a rare sight amongst contending fantasy teams. If you need to catch up Pity > Josef may be the move.
4Felipe GutierrezSKC v. LA, at HOU9.0 
5Aleksandar KataiCHI at DCU, at ATL10.2If one of these games were at home, I'd probably have him ahead of Gutierrez. Katai's potential for goals and assists and the fact that some will be off of him because of the road matches make him a prime candidate for those playing catchup.
6Saphir TaiderMTL v. RSL, v. ORL9.1Piatti is likely out for Wednesday's match, taking some of the shine away from Montreal's matchups, but also leaving Taider with increased attacking responsibilities.
7Jamiro MonteiroPHI v. COL, at MIN8.5Marco Fabian's return could slightly dampen Monteiro's upper range of offensive production, but he's been so consistently good at generating bonus points that it shouldn't affect our outlook much.
8Julian GresselATL v. MIN, v. CHI8.5 
9Haris MedunjaninPHI v. COL, at MIN10.3His set piece role separates him from Bedoya, and challenges Monteiro for the top Philly mid spot. However, Marco Fabian should recover some of the set piece action upon return.
10Albert RusnakRSL at MTL, at NYRB10.7 
11Jack PriceCOL at PHI, v. FCC7.3With bonus point hauls of five, four, and four in the past trio of matches, Price makes for a prime option for those who want to play it safe, whether via a bench spot or as a fourth/fifth starting midfielder.
12Paul ArriolaDCU v. CHI, v. SJ8.0 
13Ilie SanchezSKC v. LA, at HOU8.0 
14Luciano AcostaDCU v. CHI, v. SJ8.9Even though the signs of life are fleeting in Acosta's game, a player of this caliber has to bounce back at some point. The two home games helped him stay inside the top 20, but I can't endorse actually playing him this week.
15Favio AlvarezLA at SKC, v. NE7.9 
16Osvaldo AlonsoMIN at ATL, v. PHI8.6 
17Sebastian SaucedoRSL at MTL, at NYRB5.3Bofo and RSL have been flying. While he'd typically be a definite rotation candidate, Mike Petke may not want to tinker with a winning formula.
18Sebastian LletgetLA at SKC, v. NE7.7 
19Jan GregusMIN at ATL, v. PHI9.3 
20Marco FabianPHI v. COL, at MIN7.690-120 minutes seems likely.


1Miles RobinsonATL v. MIN, v. CHI8.0He rotated last DGW, but I think he's safer and cheaper than LGP this week.
2Steve BirnbaumDCU v. CHI, v. SJ8.6Neither opponent have been slouches lately, but I think we want a piece of the United defense this week.
3Zakaria DialloMTL v. RSL, v. ORL7.6Montreal's recent record has been far better than how they have played. Fortunately for them, two home games against two beatable opponents are on the docket.
4Leandro Gonzalez PirezATL v. MIN, v. CHI9.5LGP is a walking yellow card and one more gets him a game off. Buyer beware.
5Frederic BrillantDCU v. CHI, v. SJ8.2 
6Jack ElliottPHI v. COL, at MIN8.9I'm not ready to call Colorado's attack "revitalized" and Minnesota haven't scored multiple goals in six games. Rotation is a slight risk, with Aurelien Collin needing some minutes, but whoever starts both for the Union should find at least one clean sheet.
7Franco EscobarATL v. MIN, v. CHI6.7Escobar's lack of bonus points isn't ideal, but Atlanta's clean sheet potential combined with a mild chance at an assist keeps him ahead of a few steadier defenders.
8Leonardo JaraDCU v. CHI, v. SJ7.7 
9Kai WagnerPHI v. COL, at MIN8.3Olivier Mbaizo is poised to come in for a match this week, but likely in place of Ray Gaddis. Kai has a good shot to play both and produce some attacking moments.
10Auston TrustyPHI v. COL, at MIN7.0Collin's only start this year came at Trusty's expense.
11Daniel LovitzMTL v. RSL, v. ORL7.0 
12Jukka RaitalaMTL v. RSL, v. ORL6.4 
13Brent KallmanMIN at ATL, v. PHI6.3For what they've been lacking offensively, Minnesota have gutted out some good defensive results. Some of those were lucky, and this week is tougher, but Atlanta don't score much either and the second leg being at home will help.
14Michael ParkhurstATL v. MIN, v. CHI6.2 
15Marquinhos PedrosoDCU v. CHI, v. SJ5.0 
16Bacary SagnaMTL v. RSL, v. ORL5.3 
17Giancarlo GonzalezLA at SKC, v. NE5.4With Polenta, Feltscher, and Araujo all missing for the first of two matches, Gonzalez is a safe bet for minutes but the overall Galaxy outlook has to be tempered.
18Tommy SmithCOL at PHI, v. FCC5.9 
19Ike OparaMIN at ATL, v. PHI8.0Ike is off of the injury report, but Adrian Heath may opt for caution with him heading into the break. I'd put a 50% chance on him starting both games.
20Keegan RosenberryCOL at PHI, v. FCC5.4With a revenge game and Cincinnati on the schedule, Rosenberry offers a cheap bench option.


1Brad GuzanATL v. MIN, v. CHI8.4Atlanta's defensive prowess is undeniable. They only trail LAFC in many key defensive figures.
2Bill HamidDCU v. CHI, v. SJ8.0DC United are the third team, after ATL and LAFC, allowing under a goal per game.
3Evan BushMTL v. RSL, v. ORL7.3Montreal keep finding ways to steal clean sheets, but despite some easier fixtures, I think their luck catches up to them. I trust Hamid a little more.
4Andre BlakePHI v. COL, at MIN6.7With the keeperoo using only DGW players mostly out the window this week, due to kickoff times, Blake may fly under the radar. I think he has two opponents that set him up for success, though, and like the salary savings he'll bring to budget-challenged teams.
5Vito MannoneMIN at ATL, v. PHI8.0 
6David BinghamLA at SKC, v. NE7.0If you'll be on the couch Wednesday night, you could feasibly try a Guzan/Bingham (or Melia) keeperoo. You won't get to see Guzan's full result before the SKC v LA kickoff, but you'll have a good guess. 
7Nick RimandoRSL at MTL, at NYRB5.9 
8Tim MeliaSKC v. LA, at HOU5.9 
9Tim HowardCOL at PHI, v. FCC5.5 
10Kenneth KronholmCHI at DCU, at ATL4.5Ousted hasn't been bad enough that he'll sit all three in eight days before the break. Kronholm is far from a guaranteed two starts.

Value Rankings

(forwards and midfielders under $7.5, defenders under $6.0; not ranked above)

1Sam NicholsonCOL at PHI, v. FCC5.0The winger has been influential for the Rapids in recent matches. FCC poses a juicy matchup and makes him a plausible fantasy play if he can stay in the lineup for both games.
2Kellyn AcostaCOL at PHI, v. FCC6.3 
3Damir KreilachRSL at MTL, at NYRB7.0 
4Russell CanouseDCU v. CHI, v. SJ6.9Canouse should be the man least at risk of rotation in a crowded midfield.
5Deklan WynneCOL at PHI, v. FCC4.8 
6Lucas RodriguezDCU v. CHI, v. SJ7.2He's not producing much, but it's been better than Luciano Acosta!
7Yohan CroizetSKC v. LA, at HOU4.8Croizet has played all over the field this year, and his last match at striker was impressive. He got a little banged up, but no word of a serious injury.
8Omar BrowneMTL v. RSL, v. ORL6.5If he were fully healthy and starting each match, he'd be inside my top 20 pretty easily. 
9Diego RubioCOL at PHI, v. FCC5.1 
10Chris WondolowskiSJ at DCU4.5He can't stop scoring. Until he does, for like months at a time. Get him while he's hot!

Captain Rankings

1Zlatan IbrahimovicLA at SKC, v. NE12.8Zlatan doesn't have much of a safety net with bonus points, but he rarely goes two matches without producing. I think he's the best mix of a safe captain with explosive potential.
2Wayne RooneyDCU v. CHI, v. SJ11.2San Jose are a threatening side, even travelling to the East Coast and Chicago have been surprisingly stingy. I like but don't love Rooney this week.
3Johnny RussellSKC v. LA, at HOU10.0With less attacking potential (yes I know he just got a hat trick) than the above two, and not as many bonus points as I'd like from a standout midfielder, Russell sits in a tough in-between spot for captaincy consideration.
4Jonathan dos SantosLA at SKC, v. NE10.7JdS was a prolific fantasy accumulator before his injury, has been decent since his return, and should be a safe choice this week. With just two game weeks left in the Spring Fantasy Season, it will be tough to select the "safe" option, though.
5Josef MartinezATL v. MIN, v. CHI9.8If you really need to catch up in the standings, stacking Atlanta attackers (Josef and Pity) and fading their defenders might be the play. Last season, we all would have captained Josef playing twice at home.

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