MLS Fantasy Rankings: Week 17

MLS Fantasy Rankings: Week 17

This article is part of our MLS Fantasy Rankings series.

The rankings below are based on Major League Soccer's official fantasy game and cover all games in Week 17. While they can be used for DFS purposes, they are done with a focus on the league's season-long game.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below, or hit up JD on Twitter @dfsMLS.


1Brian FernandezPOR at MTL, v. DAL11.0Fernandez reliably gets open and reliably buries his chances. We'll be using him more often than not during Portland's home-heavy remaining schedule.
2Wayne RooneyDC v. ORL, v. TOR11.0Fitting in two 11.0 price forwards is not as easy as we're used to, particularly with less value defenders and enticing top-end midfielders. Do everything you can to get Rooney, though, who virtually every actual competitor this season will have on their team.
3Chris WondolowskiSJ v. HOU, v. LA8.0Two home games, one rivalry match, and eight goals in his past four MLS matches. And you're going to take Manotas or Kacper instead? Nah.
4Mauro ManotasHOU at SJ, at NE9.5Still without Elis and Quioto for at least the first match this week. I'll pass.
5Teal BunburyNE v. PHI, v. HOU7.0US Open Cup star, Teal Bunbury, is legitimately worth a forward spot this week if you want to do something a little off the wall.
6Carlos VelaLAFC at COL12.0Can't justify the price for a single game week player, but he's probably going to outscore many DGW forwards.
7Kacper PrzybylkoPHI at NE, at NYC7.0Quieter now than during his strong debut stretch weeks 8-11, on the road for both of these, and now facing more competition for playing time with the signing of Andrew Wooten. I don't think it's worth the risk.
8Jesus FerreiraDAL v. VAN, at POR7.0This is a good spot to point out that two $7.0-8.0 forwards instead of Rooney or Fernandez + a $4.0 player could be viable. Put both on the bench and let the best week sub in? I'm probably not doing it, but worth mentioning.
9Danny HoesenSJ v. HOU, v. LA7.5 
10Fredy MonteroVAN at DAL, at SEA9.3Two tough opponents on the road, but one is a former club and he still is the Whitecaps penalty taker. Can't imagine paying this for him on a tight budget given the other roster-building options.
11Brandon VazquezATL at TOR, v. MTL5.0Vazquez has pretty much been named the starting forward, at least for this first match, while Josef Martinez is at Copa America. I suspect lots of people will have him as their third forward and he's a solid player.
12Dominique BadjiDAL v. VAN, at POR7.0I'm not overpaying for Badji after his brace. He still plays on the wing and is a wildly inconsistent finisher.
13Carlos Darwin QuinteroMIN v. FCC10.0 
14Zlatan IbrahimovicLA at SJ10.5 
15Tesho AkindeleORL at DC, at CLB6.5Orlando players certainly shouldn't be prioritized this double game week.
16Maximiliano UrrutiMTL v. POR, at ATL7.5 
17Sergio SantosPHI at NE, at NYC7.0If he were surely starting both games, he would be ranked as high as #6 for me this week.
18Juan CaicedoNE v. PHI, v. HOU7.5His biggest role this week may be stealing a start from Bunbury.
19Terrence BoydTOR v. ATL, at DC5.4 
20Dom DwyerORL at DC, at CLB8.0 


1Diego ValeriPOR at MTL, v. DAL11.0We fortunately get to see if Portland heavily rotates for the Wednesday match before making any lineup decisions. Valeri's outburst last week won't be recreated against Dallas, but his home performances make him a near can't miss player to own once you add a few extra points at a minimum away to Montreal.
2Carles GilNE v. PHI, v. HOU10.5Gil may not be the shiniest, most exciting toy on the shelf when shopping for our few big ticket players this week, but his well-rounded fantasy game and consistent performances make very appealing. If he was one of the highest scoring midfielders in the spring, I'm pretty sure he can be with Bruce Arena at the helm too.
3Alejandro PozueloTOR v. ATL, at DC11.0Pozuelo is still a lock to reach 10+ points on the double game week, and 13-15 is probably the likeliest range. But without an unlimited budget, we have to make choices, and I think there might be better ways to spend this week. On top of two tough matchups, Poz is a candidate to drop in price after a 2-pt substitute appearance to open the fall schedule.
4Cristian EspinozaSJ v. HOU, v. LA8.5Espinoza is one yellow away from a suspension, but I suspect he will do everything in his power to behave against Houston and be available for the Cali Clasico this week. The reward may well outweigh the risk here.
5Jamiro MonteiroPHI at NE, at NYC9.5Look at Monteiro's fantasy scores from Week 8 onward and then tell me you HAVE to have both Rooney/Fernandez at forward this week. Maybe it's better to load the midfield?
6Pity MartinezATL at TOR, v. MTL10.0With Barco out and Josef Martinez away, Pity will have to shoulder the attacking burden for Atlanta. After missing out on Argentina's Copa America squad and getting some rest, this may be his chance to really make a statement after flashes in the spring.
7Magnus ErikssonSJ v. HOU, v. LA7.5Eriksson will be a popular alternative to Espinoza since he provides some offensive exposure to a team that is playing well and has two home games.
8NaniORL at DC, at CLB9.5 
9Saphir TaiderMTL v. POR, at ATL10.0 
10Sebastian BlancoPOR at MTL, v. DAL10.0 
11Paxton PomykalDAL v. VAN, at POR9.3It's been fun to watch Pomykal "level up" on a near weekly basis this year. After the U-20 World Cup, if last week is any indication, he appears to have taken another strong and confident step.
12Juan AgudeloNE v. PHI, v. HOU7.0Bruce Arena has bumped him back into the midfield and it's been working. He could be worth taking a chance on this week.
13Luciano AcostaDC v. ORL, v. TOR10.0I've mostly forgotten the Acosta we knew and loved and will let him earn his way back into my lineup, and back to a higher spot in our rankings. I like the two home games but he's having a difficult time breaking down stingy defenses and that's what he should get this week.
14Julian GresselATL at TOR, v. MTL9.0 
15Cristian PenillaNE v. PHI, v. HOU8.5There's plenty of upside here, but I'd rather monitor Penilla under Arena for now than jump right back into this rollercoaster.
16Hwang In-beomVAN at DAL, at SEA7.4 
17Diego FagundezNE v. PHI, v. HOU7.0 
18Yordy ReynaVAN at DAL, at SEA8.5 
19Haris MedunjaninPHI at NE, at NYC9.0 
20Lucas RodriguezDC v. ORL, v. TOR7.0Often it seems these short mid-season breaks give first year talents like Rodriguez a chance to take a breath after acclimating to the league and really get comfortable. Rodriguez could certainly make a big leap in the latter half of the season.


1Leandro Gonzalez PirezATL at TOR, v. MTL7.0Atlanta's fixtures are slighty worse than DC's, but their defense is playing better by a good margin.
2Miles RobinsonATL at TOR, v. MTL6.5Probably worth the 0.5 savings if you can only take one Atlanta CB.
3Steve BirnbaumDC v. ORL, v. TOR6.5 
4Frederic BrillantDC v. ORL, v. TOR6.5Brillant is one yellow away from a game's rest, but otherwise a good selection this week.
5Joseph MoraDC v. ORL, v. TOR6.0 
6Leonardo JaraDC v. ORL, v. TOR6.0 
7Reto ZieglerDAL v. VAN, at POR7.0Both of these opponents are susceptible to giving up penalty kicks, which Ziegler will take. He also has a solid chance at a clean sheet against Vancouver.
8Larrys MabialaPOR at MTL, v. DAL7.5 
9Florian JungwirthSJ v. HOU, v. LA6.0Nursing an injury, but with some other absences, San Jose will look to him to steady the back line.
10Michael ParkhurstATL at TOR, v. MTL5.5 
11Jorge MoreiraPOR at MTL, v. DAL6.0 
12Andrew FarrellNE v. PHI, v. HOU5.5One of the few sure things along the New England back line, but that "sure thing" is like 4 pts a match.
13Tommy ThompsonSJ v. HOU, v. LA5.5Seems to have locked down a starting spot for at least these two matches. A midfielder/winger for much of his career, Thompson brings a little extra offensive potential from the wingback spotl.
14Jalil AnibabaNE v. PHI, v. HOU5.5 
15Matheus BressanelliDAL v. VAN, at POR5.5Playing well enough that there's now a chance he could replace Reggie Cannon permanently. The sure price rise is a nice bonus, too. Seems like most of the fantasy community will be rostering him.
16Ryan HollingsheadDAL v. VAN, at POR6.0 
17RuanORL at DC, at CLB6.0 
18Guram KashiaSJ v. HOU, v. LA4.5With Harold Cummings still playing with Panama and Florian Jungwirth not a lock for both games due to a groin injury, both Kashia and Francois Affolter could see two starts for the Quakes. If I have to guess, I think Kashia plays both.
19Auston TrustyPHI at NE, at NYC6.5 
20Ali AdnanVAN at DAL, at SEA6.1If his loan from Udinese isn't extended, this may be the last week you can use Vancouver's talented left back.


1Brad GuzanATL at TOR, v. MTL6.0A fraction of Hamid's talent, but behind a better defense. There aren't many attacks you'd rather face than hampered Toronto and Montreal right now.
2Bill HamidDC v. ORL, v. TOR6.0Neck and neck with Guzan for the top spot, honestly.
3Daniel VegaSJ v. HOU, v. LA5.0I'll have a tough time squeezing a second keeper in, but if Hamid or Guzan flop in their first match, Vega is a good option to sub into your starting lineup.
4Jesse GonzalezDAL v. VAN, at POR6.0 
5Steve ClarkPOR at MTL, v. DAL5.0Wednesday might be an opportune time to get Attinella minutes if Portland rotates heavily.
6Brad KnightonNE v. PHI, v. HOU4.5Knighton-Vega would be the same price as Guzan/Hamid + $4.0. I'm not sold, though.
7Evan BushMTL v. POR, at ATL5.5 
8Quentin WestbergPHI at NE, at NYC5.6 
9Brian RoweORL at DC, at CLB5.0 
10Carlos Miguel CoronelPHI at NE, at NYC4.5Replace with Matt Freese if my 50/50 guess at who starts the first match is wrong.

Value Rankings

(forwards and midfielders under $7.5, defenders under $6.0; not ranked above)

1Marcos LopezSJ v. HOU, v. LA4.5Lopez has had his ups and downs this year, but San Jose is an appealing team to pick from this week and this could be a way to get a cheap clean sheet if any early bench defenders on Wednesday don't work out.
2Chris MuellerORL at DC, at CLB6.5Even though he's played 85+ minutes each of the last three MLS matches, I can't trust James O'Connor to get him on the field consistently. He's a fine 5th midfielder if you see him in the starting lineup Wednesday and want to take a chance.
3VakoSJ v. HOU, v. LA6.5Same situation as Mueller, different team.
4Julio CascantePOR at MTL, v. DAL5.0Should rise in price thanks to last week's clean sheet. Portland have vastly improved their defensive game as the season has progressed.
5Jeremy EbobissePOR at MTL, v. DAL6.5 
6Lamine SaneORL at DC, at CLB5.5 
7Omar BrowneMTL v. POR, at ATL6.5If Portland roll out a weak lineup on Wednesday, I might consider Browne.
8Marco DelgadoTOR v. ATL, at DC6.8 
9Fafa PicaultPHI at NE, at NYC7.0 
10Jordan HamiltonTOR v. ATL, at DC4.7Should be starting over Terrence Boyd in Jozy Altidore's absence.

Captain Rankings

1Brian FernandezPOR at MTL, v. DAL11.0Portland rotation is concerning, but if it happens with the stars, it will be Wednesday and we will know before lineups lock. Outside of Carlos Vela, there may be no forward I'd rather have for two starts in the entire league than Fernandez.
2Wayne RooneyDC v. ORL, v. TOR11.0Since his combined six goals and assists across his third and fourth games of this season, Rooney hasn't had his name show up twice on a MLS match scoresheet.
3Diego ValeriPOR at MTL, v. DAL11.0Blanco's return may hamper Valeri's ceiling, but only slightly. 
4Carles GilNE v. PHI, v. HOU10.5Gil's bonus point generation makes him a safe captain option. He should still take penalties and generate some assists for a Revs team that has looked rejuvenated under Bruce Arena.
5Alejandro PozueloTOR v. ATL, at DC11.0Toronto will still be missing key figures to the Gold Cup, and I'd prefer my Captain this week to have more surrounding support and better matchups.

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