MLS Fantasy Rankings: Week 24

MLS Fantasy Rankings: Week 24

This article is part of our MLS Fantasy Rankings series.

The rankings below are based on Major League Soccer's official fantasy game and cover all games in Week 24. While they can be used for DFS purposes, they are done with a focus on the league's season-long game.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below, or hit up JD on Twitter @dfsMLS.


1Brian FernandezPOR v. CHI, v. ATL10.6He hasn't scored in five of his last six, but he also has at least seven points in all but one of his matches at home since joining the Timbers. He's less frustrating and in a more functional (at the moment) attack than Zlatan.
2Zlatan IbrahimovicLA v. DAL, v. SEA10.8Pavon's arrival certainly helps, but the Zlatancoaster can be a frustrating ride. Like Fernandez, Big Z's box scores look markedly better when you filter for only home games and he's probably essential this week unless you're really chasing the pack.
3Carlos Darwin QuinteroMIN v. COL, v. ORL9.1The price is good for somebody with this much DGW potential, but considering his inconsistency and the fact that we will want 2-3 defensive pieces from the Loons, I think Darwin will be one of the most polarizing players this week.
4Raul RuidiazSEA at RSL, at LA10.9He's quietly scored in 8 of 11 starts this year, but it's easy to forget due to his numerous absences. Two road games isn't ideal for this price, but he'd make a good alternative if you're fading anyone above here.
5Angelo RodriguezMIN v. COL, v. ORL6.3Although MLS hasn't ruled on the Mason Toye spitting incident yet, it's likely safe to rule him out for both matches this week. ARod has been good for 60-70 minutes a match and usually a disappointing two points. Given the duo of home games and potentially extended minutes, I think this is a great value if you need a third Loon (I don't think I'll have room for him, though).
6Carlos VelaLAFC at RSL14.0 
7Kei KamaraLAFC at RSL8.4Cheaper than Rubio, and despite his age, I feel like he's less likely to be rotated.
8Diego RubioCOL at MIN, at HOU9.3On quite the hot streak lately, but have to wonder if he is rested on of these games.
9Jordan MorrisSEA at RSL, at LA9.9Morris is on a roll, too, but the price seems steep for a third forward with two road games. Both of those teams are relatively exploitable, though.
10Nemanja NikolicCHI at POR, v. PHI6.9 
11Jeremy EbobissePOR v. CHI, v. ATL6.2Unlikely to start both.
12Jesus FerreiraDAL at LA, at MTL6.6Dallas focused on generating offense in the run up to last week's game and it paid off. With Montreal transferring out Zakaria Diallo earlier this week, their defense will have some big question marks in Dallas' second match this week.
13Erik HurtadoSKC at ORL, v. SJ5.4SKC need these two games and Hurtado has Peter Vermes' confidence.
14Dom DwyerORL v. SKC, at MIN6.6 
15Heber Araujo dos SantosNYC at FCC9.9 
16Tesho AkindeleORL v. SKC, at MIN7.0 
17Corey BairdRSL v. SEA, v. LAFC4.8 
18C.J. SapongCHI at POR, v. PHI6.1Revenge game?
19Dominique BadjiDAL at LA, at MTL5.9 
20Josef MartinezATL at POR13.5 


1Diego ValeriPOR v. CHI, v. ATL12.3 
2Nicolas LodeiroSEA at RSL, at LA12.8One yellow away from suspension, so I may be leery about a (C) but still want him in my lineup. 
3Felipe GutierrezSKC at ORL, v. SJ10.7JdS is the safer play, but Guti is a man on a mission and SKC need at least four points this week.
4Jonathan dos SantosLA v. DAL, v. SEA9.1Burned us last DGW (when I captained him!), but he's a very safe 10-15 points for a good price.
5Sebastian BlancoPOR v. CHI, v. ATL10.9If you have the budget and space, I don't think tripling up on Portland attack is a terrible move. Valeri and Blanco don't have to be mutually exclusive in fantasy lineups.
6Jefferson SavarinoRSL v. SEA, v. LAFC11.3Hard to find something Rusnak has been doing that Savarino hasn't been doing better, in fantasy.
7Johnny RussellSKC at ORL, v. SJ8.4Orlando are down their top two left backs for Russel's first match, I believe. That'll help!
8Albert RusnakRSL v. SEA, v. LAFC10.1 
9Cristian PavonLA v. DAL, v. SEA9.8Pavon is awesome, but I don't think he gets a full complement of minutes this week as he continues acclimating to MLS. 120 minutes might be enough for a big week, though!
10Nicolas GaitanCHI at POR, v. PHI9.7Two tough games for an already inconsistent producer. I'd rather look elsewhere.
11NaniORL v. SKC, at MIN8.2I could be wrong, but Nani hasn't struck me as a guy that's going to start three matches in eight days this season.
12Aleksandar KataiCHI at POR, v. PHI8.0 
13Paxton PomykalDAL at LA, at MTL8.4Only this low because of two road matches, and I still might find a way to get him into my squad if somebody in the early matches doesn't do well from my bench.
14Favio AlvarezLA v. DAL, v. SEA7.7Decent bet to reach 10 pts, with some more upside. Beware he's one yellow away from a suspension.
15Jan GregusMIN v. COL, v. ORL9.4 
16Damir KreilachRSL v. SEA, v. LAFC6.8Please please please Freddy Juarez, get Kreilach back into his natural #8 position.
17Michael BarriosDAL at LA, at MTL8.9 
18Ethan FinlayMIN v. COL, v. ORL7.9With Minnesota's new acquisitions and depth, I don't see Finlay starting both of these games.
19Cristian RoldanSEA at RSL, at LA8.5 
20Chris MuellerORL v. SKC, at MIN6.0If he starts Wednesday, strong bench play. Really nice match at Toronto last week.


1Romain MetanireMIN v. COL, v. ORL8.0Two home games, two opponents they can shut out, and added attacking potential. He's expensive, but worth it. Still, if you have to cut costs somewhere, defense should usually be your first choice.
2Ike OparaMIN v. COL, v. ORL9.2More of a goal threat than Metanire, but less of a threat for assists. Only ok at generating bonus points for a center back.
3Larrys MabialaPOR v. CHI, v. ATL8.8Opara but with tougher matchups.
4Jorge MoreiraPOR v. CHI, v. ATL8.3Metanire, but more dynamic, and one yellow away from a suspension.
5Hassani DotsonMIN v. COL, v. ORL6.3More likely for 120 than 150+ minutes, which means he might only have one shot at clean sheet points.
6Francisco CalvoCHI at POR, v. PHI7.4He scores points enough ways that the difficult fixtures aren't terribly concerning. Still, I think my salary will need to be allocated elsewhere.
7Michael BoxallMIN v. COL, v. ORL7.9 
8Diego PolentaLA v. DAL, v. SEA6.6Galaxy defense has been a sieve lately, but mostly all in tough matchups. Another two pretty good opponents this week, but at home and in two matches LA could really use points from.
9Giancarlo GonzalezLA v. DAL, v. SEA5.7Take the savings on Polenta if you can use it.
10Justen GladRSL v. SEA, v. LAFC8.3Steady bonus generator, but I'm not about to pay $8.3 for a defender playing Seattle and LAFC.
11Robin JanssonORL v. SKC, at MIN6.7Likeliest Orlando defender to play two games. I'm not sure any of the others will.
12Aaron HerreraRSL v. SEA, v. LAFC7.5 
13Ryan HollingsheadORL v. SKC, at MIN8.9 
14Rolf FeltscherLA v. DAL, v. SEA4.5I don't think his late sub last match was due to significant injury (not seeing anything and honestly don't recall from watching the game). He should generate some attacking opportunities at home, but is also at slight risk of rotation.
15Carlos AscuesORL v. SKC, at MIN6.0Ability to play in the midfield helps his chances of getting to 180 minutes.
16Graham ZusiSKC at ORL, v. SJ6.9How the mighty have fallen!
17Reto ZieglerDAL at LA, at MTL7.9Two games = two chances for penalties Ziegler can take.
18Bastian SchweinsteigerCHI at POR, v. PHI6.9 
19Joevin JonesSEA at RSL, at LA5.6120 minutes would be optimistic, but he subbed on and immediately generated some attack last match. 
20Jonathan BornsteinCHI at POR, v. PHI6.5 


1Vito MannoneMIN v. COL, v. ORL7.8By far the best pick this week, but you have to sacrifice Opara/Quintero/ARod/Dotson for him. In the back of my head, I'm very slightly concerned Shuttleworth gets thrown a start this week, but not for any news or team chatter related reason in particular.
2Steve ClarkPOR v. CHI, v. ATL7.7Not a bad alternative to Mannone.
3David BinghamLA v. DAL, v. SEA6.9A lot of people will want to use Loons and Timbers spots on field players. If that's the case, a Rowe/Bingham keeperoo might be the move.
4Brian RoweORL v. SKC, at MIN7.1 
5Tim MeliaSKC at ORL, v. SJ6.7Maybe a sneaky play this week, but tough to trust them these days.
6Stefan FreiSEA at RSL, at LA6.8 
7Kenneth KronholmCHI at POR, v. PHI6.1 
8Nick RimandoRSL v. SEA, v. LAFC7.8I know he has two at home, but no thank you.
9Jesse GonzalezDAL at LA, at MTL7.1 
10Clint IrwinCOL at MIN, at HOU4.0Tim Howard's calf injury may not keep him out both matches.

Value Rankings

(forwards and midfielders under $7.5, defenders under $6.0; not ranked above)

1Osvaldo AlonsoSEA at RSL, at LA7.1Can't imagine you have a spot left, but if so, Ozzie is always an underrated DGW pick.
2Bryan AcostaDAL at LA, at MTL6.4You can consider Santiago Mosquera too. Rotation is a risk for both.
3Uriel AntunaLA v. DAL, v. SEA5.1Surrounded by good players now. Given his Gold Cup production, we'd like to see more from him in MLS.
4Lalas AbubakarCOL at MIN, at HOU5.4We need to save money somehow and a Rapids defender should do the trick. I think the Houston game is mildly favorable and Minnesota have been playing so much, who knows.
5Robin LodMIN v. COL, v. ORL6.6The Finnish international is a player to watch once he's fully integrated.
6Tommy SmithCOL at MIN, at HOU4.0Sat last match with a knock, so make sure he's starting the first match.
7Diego CharaPOR v. CHI, v. ATL7.2 
8Harry ShippSEA at RSL, at LA5.7This name almost hurt to type.
9Andreu FontasSKC at ORL, v. SJ4.7If Orlando's lineup looks weak, I'll think about this from the bench.
10Kellyn AcostaCOL at MIN, at HOU5.3 

Captain Rankings

1Diego ValeriPOR v. CHI, v. ATL12.3Vintage Valeri is back, just in time for the fantasy stretch run!
2Brian FernandezPOR v. CHI, v. ATL10.6Tempting, but the scoring lull is enough to keep him behind Valeri.
3Zlatan IbrahimovicLA v. DAL, v. SEA10.8A lot of people will have him #1 or #2. I get it.
4Romain MetanireMIN v. COL, v. ORL8.0With two good clean sheet opportunities and some attacking output, Metanire is one of the few defenders of the year that I've considered putting the armband on. Ike Opara would work, too, if you're chasing a set piece goal.
5Felipe GutierrezSKC at ORL, v. SJ10.7Lodeiro is one yellow away from a suspension and has two road games. Since the captaincy carries a lot of importance, I'd rather pick someone below him with less risk.

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