MLS Fantasy Rankings: Week 25

MLS Fantasy Rankings: Week 25

This article is part of our MLS Fantasy Rankings series.

The rankings below are based on Major League Soccer's official fantasy game and cover all games in Week 25. While they can be used for DFS purposes, they are done with a focus on the league's season-long game.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below, or hit up JD on Twitter @dfsMLS.


1Carlos VelaLAFC v. SJ, v. LA14.5A majority of competing fantasy teams will have both of the top two here.
2Heber Araujo dos SantosNYC v. CLB, v. NYRB10.4 
3Wayne RooneyDC v. NYRB, at PHI10.0Does Wazza take out his frustration over officials and charter flights on his opponents this week? He's just barely ahead of Rossi in my estimation.
4Diego RossiLAFC v. SJ, v. LA9.8 
5Valentin CastellanosNYC v. CLB, v. NYRB7.5In great form, but I still am not 100% confident he'll start both matches.
6Alexandru MitritaNYC v. CLB, v. NYRB8.0Typically safer playing time than Castellanos, but there's a chance that's changing.
7Adama DiomandeLAFC v. SJ, v. LA8.9With Brian Rodriguez still working on getting his work visa, Dio is probably safe for both this week.
8Gyasi ZardesCLB at NYC, at FCC9.7Zardes owes Columbus a stellar outing against FCC after some key blown chances when the two faced off recently.
9Chris WondolowskiSJ at LAFC, v. VAN6.9Hoesen is primed to give Wondo a rest in one of these matches.
10Josef MartinezATL at ORL14.0Josef thrives against Orlando.
11Brian FernandezPOR v. SEA10.7 
12Zlatan IbrahimovicLA at LAFC11.3Zlatan has LAFC's number in the rivalry thus far, but at some point the better side will have a statement match and shut the Galaxy down. He'll still make his way, justifiably, into many teams' third forward spots but I'd suggest using him from the bench with a safer cheap option (Artur?) also able to sub in.
13Danny HoesenSJ at LAFC, v. VAN5.6 
14Gustavo BouNE v. CHI10.5 
15Ola KamaraDC v. NYRB, at PHI8.6 
16Raul RuidiazSEA at POR10.7 
17Kacper PrzybylkoPHI v. DC8.1 
18Bradley Wright-PhillipsNYRB at DC, at NYC5.9Likely to split time with Brian White this week.
19Jozy AltidoreTOR v. MTL10.0 
20Sam JohnsonRSL v. COL7.6 




1Eduard AtuestaLAFC v. SJ, v. LA12.6Won't bother writing much here since you have to have these top two.
2Maximiliano MoralezNYC v. CLB, v. NYRB11.1 
3VakoSJ at LAFC, v. VAN10.1He has received a bonus point for shots in an absurd 11 of his last 12 matches!
4Magnus ErikssonSJ at LAFC, v. VAN10.3Close to Vako.
5Cristian EspinozaSJ at LAFC, v. VAN9.9Close to Vako and Eriksson. Better assist potential, but less goals and shots.
6Pedro SantosCLB at NYC, at FCC10.1In my team for the FCC match alone, after his heroics last time.
7Latif BlessingLAFC v. SJ, v. LA9.4I would listen to arguements for Blessing as high as #4.
8Mark-Anthony KayeLAFC v. SJ, v. LA9.8Kaye here starts a new tier, after Vako-Blessing. I'd much prefer Latif to Kaye.
9Alexander RingNYC v. CLB, v. NYRB8.7With James Sands out, it's possible Ring picks up a few more defensive responsibilities.
10Daniel RoyerNYRB at DC, at NYC9.1 
11Marc RzatkowskiNYRB at DC, at NYC8.1Still don't fully trust Rza's playing time during DGWs.
12Paul ArriolaDC v. NYRB, at PHI8.1 
13Keaton ParksNYC v. CLB, v. NYRB5.7If for some reason you're not using your third NYC spot, get Parks on your bench at least!
14KakuNYRB at DC, at NYC8.2 
15Lucas RodriguezDC v. NYRB, at PHI7.6 
16Wil TrappCLB at NYC, at FCC8.4Assists in back to back games is unusual for Trapp. I'd just go Artur for less.
17Cristian CasseresNYRB at DC, at NYC7.1 
18Sean DavisNYRB at DC, at NYC7.2 
19Luciano AcostaDC v. NYRB, at PHI7.6May only be good for 100-120 since he's entered Ben Olsen's dog house, but I think Olsen gives him a shot soon and he will be motivated.
20Carles GilNE v. CHI13.2If you must squeeze in a single game week guy, here's my favorite.


1Ronald MatarritaNYC v. CLB, v. NYRB5.6LAFC are the better side, but their matchups are tougher. Give me the defense that plays Gyasi Zardes and a recovering BWP.
2Eddie SeguraLAFC v. SJ, v. LA6.5Zimmerman received a red card last week so Segura is likely the only LAFC center back to play both matches.
3Maxime ChanotNYC v. CLB, v. NYRB5.9It will be tough to get two defensive pieces from NYC, with Heber and Maxi demanding spots in the lineup. If you need to catch up, I would fade Maxi (playing time?) and double down on Pigeons' clean sheet potential.
4Jordan HarveyLAFC v. SJ, v. LA7.1 
5Steven BeitashourLAFC v. SJ, v. LA6.0 
6Tommy ThompsonSJ at LAFC, v. VAN7.3Very slight concern that San Jose rotates some players in for the Vancouver game. The starters have been getting a lot of action lately.
7Florian JungwirthSJ at LAFC, v. VAN6.7 
8Nick LimaSJ at LAFC, v. VAN5.3 
9Anton TinnerholmNYC v. CLB, v. NYRB8.0Considering that he sat out last match with a hamstring injury, I'd be skeptical of him starting both matches this week.
10Guram KashiaSJ at LAFC, v. VAN6.6 
11Leonardo JaraDC v. NYRB, at PHI6.7Don't love either fixture but DC are quality enough to grab a clean sheet in one of them. Use Jara for the added attacking potential.
12Steve BirnbaumDC v. NYRB, at PHI6.1 
13Alexander CallensNYC v. CLB, v. NYRB6.0Sat out the last match with what sounds like a small matter.
14Ben SweatNYC v. CLB, v. NYRB4.0A candidate to fill in for both Sands (definitely out) and Callens (questionable - calf). Sebastien Ibeagha could also jump in, though.
15Aaron LongNYRB at DC, at NYC7.3Red Bulls center backs are going to get plenty of bonus points this week, even if a clean sheet is doubtful.
16Frederic BrillantDC v. NYRB, at PHI8.1 
17Joseph MoraDC v. NYRB, at PHI4.7 
18Michael Amir MurilloNYRB at DC, at NYC6.0Entered the last match for a potentially injured Kemar Lawrence, so keep an eye on starting lineups Wednesday. Before last match, Murillo was benched in favor of Reece Buckmaster.
19Tim ParkerNYRB at DC, at NYC6.4 
20Josh WilliamsCLB at NYC, at FCC5.5Williams/Mensah might be the only centerbacks left for the Crew at this point.


1Sean JohnsonNYC v. CLB, v. NYRB6.0This doesn't factor into my rankings, but Johnson is a better strategic play than Miller because you'll be able to see both of his scores before some good single week keepers kick off (Rimando/Gonzalez). Miller's second game is the final match of the week.
2Tyler MillerLAFC v. SJ, v. LA7.4 
3Daniel VegaSJ at LAFC, v. VAN5.1 
4Eloy RoomCLB at NYC, at FCC4.4Room is a viable option this week so that you can fit three other NYC, LAFC, and SJ field players. Cheap too!
5Bill HamidDC v. NYRB, at PHI6.9Viable play as a keeperoo option, similar to Sean Johnson.
6Luis RoblesNYRB at DC, at NYC6.7 
7Matt TurnerNE v. CHI6.4This would be a solid matchup even if Nico Gaitan weren't out due to his red card last match.
8Jesse GonzalezDAL v. HOU6.7 
9Andre BlakePHI v. DC5.2 
10Nick RimandoRSL v. COL8.0 

Value Rankings

(forwards and midfielders under $7.5, defenders under $6.0; not ranked above)

1ArturCLB at NYC, at FCC5.2Should be a steady 7-9 points, which isn't too shabby for the price.
2Luis DiazCLB at NYC, at FCC6.4More upside than Artur. Slightly less safe playing time.
3Jackson YueillSJ at LAFC, v. VAN7.2 
4Youness MokhtarCLB at NYC, at FCC7.5Playing time is uncertain but he'd be a good play if guaranteed 150 minutes.
5Felipe MartinsDC v. NYRB, at PHI6.4 
6Maximiliano UrrutiMTL at TOR6.6 
7Dominique BadjiDAL v. HOU5.6Dallas have played more games than all the playoff teams they're chasing. In a rivalry match against a Houston side right chasing them, they need to secure three points.
8Graham SmithSKC v. MIN5.0If SKC can oust San Jose at home, they've got a shot against Minnesota. Smith has been a boon to the side.
9Brooks LennonRSL v. COL4.3 
10Justin MeramATL at ORL6.9Revenge game!

Captain Rankings

1Carlos VelaLAFC v. SJ, v. LA14.5Even if you're chasing in the standings, I don't think I'd advocate for a non-Vela captain this week. Risk it another way and/or another week.
2Eduard AtuestaLAFC v. SJ, v. LA12.6Safer playing time than Maxi who has been rested at times this season.
3Maximiliano MoralezNYC v. CLB, v. NYRB11.1 
4Heber Araujo dos SantosNYC v. CLB, v. NYRB10.4If you have to fade Vela, I'd go Heber. He's the only one with upside to reasonably out-duel him in fantasy this week.
5VakoSJ at LAFC, v. VAN10.1 

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