Box Score Breakdown: Snaps, Routes, Air Yards and Personnel from Week 13

Box Score Breakdown: Snaps, Routes, Air Yards and Personnel from Week 13

This article is part of our Box Score Breakdown series.

It was a tough week for injuries at the skill positions, including two more starting QBs making early exits and a season-ender for Texans rookie sensation Tank Dell. We won't see a ton of major, strategic role changes at this point in the season, but there's nonetheless a lot to analyze following a Sunday with so many fantasy-relevant injuries.


  • DB = QB dropbacks = pass attempts / sacks
  • RTs = Routes
  • RT% = Percentage of team dropbacks on which the player ran a route
  • aDOT = Average Depth of Target
  • AY = Air Yards
  • TS SZN = Percentage of team targets this season
  • AY SZN = Percentage of team air yards this season

Personnel Groupings

  • 11 = 1 RB / 1 TE / 3 WR
  • 12 = 1 RB / 2 TE / 2 WR
  • 21 = 2 RB / 1 TE / 2 WR

Any RB/WR/TE with a target, carry or snap share of at least 10 percent is listed below. Any personnel grouping used on at least 10 percent of snaps is listed, in addition to rates for 11 and 12 personnel (by far the two most popular sets league-wide).

Seahawks (35) at Cowboys (41) 

Seahawks Personnel: 11 - 59% / 12 - 28%

64 Plays — 42 DBs — 6.8 aDOT — 23-of-41 for 334 yards — 3 TDs, 1 INT, 1 sack

1RBZach Charbonnet63%1536%201-39-0

It was a tough week for injuries at the skill positions, including two more starting QBs making early exits and a season-ender for Texans rookie sensation Tank Dell. We won't see a ton of major, strategic role changes at this point in the season, but there's nonetheless a lot to analyze following a Sunday with so many fantasy-relevant injuries.


  • DB = QB dropbacks = pass attempts / sacks
  • RTs = Routes
  • RT% = Percentage of team dropbacks on which the player ran a route
  • aDOT = Average Depth of Target
  • AY = Air Yards
  • TS SZN = Percentage of team targets this season
  • AY SZN = Percentage of team air yards this season

Personnel Groupings

  • 11 = 1 RB / 1 TE / 3 WR
  • 12 = 1 RB / 2 TE / 2 WR
  • 21 = 2 RB / 1 TE / 2 WR

Any RB/WR/TE with a target, carry or snap share of at least 10 percent is listed below. Any personnel grouping used on at least 10 percent of snaps is listed, in addition to rates for 11 and 12 personnel (by far the two most popular sets league-wide).

Seahawks (35) at Cowboys (41) 

Seahawks Personnel: 11 - 59% / 12 - 28%

64 Plays — 42 DBs — 6.8 aDOT — 23-of-41 for 334 yards — 3 TDs, 1 INT, 1 sack

1RBZach Charbonnet63%1536%201-39-019-60-17.5%-1.6%
2RBDeeJay Dallas39%1433%2-150-0-01-6-02.3%-0.5%
3TENoah Fant63%2355%4323-43-0 7.2%6.5%
4TEColby Parkinson42%1331%    5.2%4.8%
5TEWill Dissly39%819%2140-0-0 3.9%1.5%
6WRDK Metcalf91%3788%8996-134-3 22.7%40.5%
7WRTyler Lockett88%3686%8745-47-0 22.4%31.3%
8WRJaxon Smith-Njigba66%2969%11577-62-0 17.5%13.1%
9WRJake Bobo11%512%1-21-9-0 4.9%4.6%
  • With RB Kenneth Walker (oblique) missing his second straight game, Zach Charbonnet again dominated Seattle's backfield work, taking 76% of snaps through three quarters but then exiting due to a knee bruise midway through the fourth.
    • Charbonnet took 91% of snaps on first/second down before the fourth quarter, while DeeJay Dallas essentially only played in clear passing situations.
    • Charbonnet overcame a slow start with a one-yard TD in the second quarter and 68 total yards in the third (including a 39-yard gain on his lone reception).
  • WR DK Metcalf beat DaRon Bland for a 73-yard, catch-and-run TD on Seattle's opening drive, then added two scores from inside the 5-yard line later in the game to ultimately double his season total for touchdowns (he's now at 49-812-6 in 11 games, with 73.8 ypg being easily his best mark since 2020).
    • I traded Metcalf in a dynasty league last week for a 2024 first-round pick and 2026 second-round pick. This continues a phenomenal streak of everyone I've traded away this year having a huge game the following week (Tank Dell, Jahan Dotson, Jaxon Smith-Njigba). At least in the other cases I was making deals for guys like A.J. Brown and Jaylen Waddle. In this case I'll have to wait years for any pay-off, and may have cost myself a playoff spot in the process.  
  • WR Jaxon Smith-Njigba led the Seahawks with 11 targets and seven catches but still fell behind Metcalf and Tyler Lockett for route share — 69%.
    • JSN nearly had a 30-yard TD catch on a play where he drew a DPI in the end zone at the end of the second quarter. It was overturned on review, and Metcalf scored a one-yard TD shortly thereafter.
    • Lockett, meanwhile, had a brutal drop in the second half on what would've been a gain of 20-plus yards. He also saw one of his targets intercepted by Bland, and arguably could've prevented it if he'd done a better job boxing out the defender or coming back for the ball. Lockett simply hasn't been as good this year, which makes sense given that he's 31. He's still searching for his first 100-yard outing of the season.
  • TE Noah Fant had one of his better games, even with a short TD called off due to Dallas taking a timeout right before the snap. He made a great catch for a 25-yard gain in the second half, and his snap/route shares remain in the 55-60 percent range. He still hasn't scored this season, after having either three or four TDs in each of his first four NFL campaigns.


Cowboys Personnel: 11 - 71% / 12 - 8%

79 Plays — 45 DBs — 6.6 aDOT — 29-of-41 for 299 yards — 3 TDs, 0 INT, 4 sacks

1RBTony Pollard76%3169%4-33-15-020-68-111.8%-0.3%
2RBRico Dowdle19%716%111-7-05-15-02.8%-0.8%
3FBHunter Luepke10%12%    0.7%0.0%
4TEJake Ferguson76%3373%8376-77-1 15.6%12.0%
5TELuke Schoonmaker27%1022%171-12-0 3.3%2.6%
6WRCeeDee Lamb94%4498%1714812-116-12-30-028.5%36.9%
7WRBrandin Cooks91%4396%4424-45-1 12.0%18.2%
8WRMichael Gallup46%2044%1110-0-0 11.1%14.9%
9WRJalen Tolbert35%1738%1171-17-0 6.8%11.1%
10WRKaVontae Turpin16%716%341-10-0 3.8%4.3%
  • This game showed us the snap/route upside for Dallas starters after three consecutive weeks of blowouts having a significant impact.
  • Lamb had his first huge game in a few weeks, though he had a costly fourth-down drop late in the third quarter. He bounced back in the fourth quarter with three catches for 23 yards and an end-around run for 24 yards, plus he drew a 35-yard DP penalty on CB Riq Woolen.
  • WRs Michael Gallup and Jalen Tolbert again split the No. 3 WR role, with Gallup at 44% route share and Tolbert at 38%. They combined for two targets, and the lone catch was a 17-yarder from Tolbert.
    • No. 5 WR Kavontae Turpin actually saw more targets (three) on just seven routes.
  • Cooks has scored all five of his TDs this year in the past seven games, averaging 4.0 catches for 60.6 yards on 4.7 targets in that stretch.
    • The volume still isn't there, really, but he's running a tun of routes and has been very efficient with the targets he's seen (12.9 YPT over the past seven games, after 3.8 YPT in his first four appearances of the season).


Stock ⬆️:   WR Jaxon Smith-Njigba

Stock ⬇️:   WR Tyler Lockett

  Seahawks Injuries 🚑: RB Zach Charbonnet (knee) / LB Jordyn Brooks (ankle) 


Falcons (13) at Jets (8) 

Falcons Personnel: 11 - 16% / 12 - 27% / 21 - 36% / 22 - 11% / 13 - 11%

64 Plays — 30 DBs — 10.2 aDOT — 12-of-27 for 121 yards — 1 TD, 0 INT, 3 sacks

1RBBijan Robinson75%2273%563-26-018-53-015.4%0.7%
2RBCordarrelle Patterson31%827%241-6-05-11-02.0%0.1%
3RBTyler Allgeier17%27%   8-26-04.8%-0.2%
4FBKeith Smith23%310%    0.9%0.5%
5TEKyle Pitts64%2790%81044-51-0 19.4%25.3%
6TEJonnu Smith38%1550%3132-10-0 13.7%10.5%
7TEMyCole Pruitt30%310%1261-20-1 2.3%2.0%
8TEParker Hesse28%13%    0.0% 
9WRDrake London86%2997%5931-8-0 20.8%27.1%
10WRVan Jefferson52%1757%    3.80%8.40%
11WRKhaDarel Hodge31%723%180-0-0 4.6%8.3%
12WRScott Miller25%413%    2.8%2.6%
  • TE Kyle Pitts handled season-high 90% route share and led the Falcons with eight targets, though his snap share (64%) was in the same range as in recent weeks (50-70%).
  • RB Bijan Robinson took 75% of snaps and 23 of the 38 RB opportunities (61%), up from 62% and 55%, respectively, the week before.
  • RB Cordarrelle Patterson took more snaps than Tyler Allgeier for the first time this season, though Allgeier had three more carries and two more touches.
  • TE Jonnu Smith rebounded some to 50% snap share, after 29% the week before, but he's still nowhere near his pre-Week 10 role and has only three catches for 11 yards on six targets over the past three games.
  • WR Van Jefferson wasn't targeted but ran more routes than all of the team's other non-London WRs combined.


Jets Personnel: 11 - 63% / 12 - 22%

67 Plays — 42 DBs — 8.7 aDOT — 19-of-38 for 214 yards — 0 TD, 1 INT, 4 sacks

1RBBreece Hall67%2560%8-136-29-013-16-014.7%-1.1%
2RBDalvin Cook27%410%261-11-09-35-04.7%-0.8%
3FBNick Bawden13%37%    0.5%-0.1%
4TETyler Conklin73%2560%91103-35-0 15.2%15.6%
5TEJeremy Ruckert42%1331%3291-12-0 4.4%3.8%
6TEC.J. Uzomah3%00%    3.1%2.2%
7WRGarrett Wilson100%42100%7933-50-0 31.0%47.5%
8WRXavier Gipson70%3071%6765-77-01-1-04.4%6.6%
9WRJason Brownlee51%1843%    0.5%0.4%
10WRAllen Lazard46%2252%1120-0-0 10.9%18.2%
  • RB Breece Hall again needed cheap PPR points to get by, while Dalvin Cook had more luck picking up yards on the ground but also lost a fumble. The split remains heavily in Hall's favor, especially in terms of routes/targets.
  • WR Allen Lazard was active  after a healthy scratch the week before -- it was Randall Cobb's turn this week -- but Lazard played only 16% of snaps before halftime.
  • WR Jason Brownlee was in a near-every-down role for the second straight week, but he suffered an ankle injury in the third quarter and missed the fourth quarter, after playing 81% of snaps before halftime.
    • Lazard got 22 of his 32 snaps in the fourth quarter with Brownlee unavailable.
  • No. 3 WR Xavier Gipson was the only Jet with more than 50 total yards. It was his fifth straight game playing more than half the snaps but his first with more than two catches or three targets.
  • TE Jeremy Ruckert remains way ahead of well-paid C.J. Uzomah for the No. 2 WR role.
  • QB Tim Boyle was benched in the fourth quarter for Trevor Siemian, who completed five of 13 passes for 66 yards and fumbled three times (losing one).
    • This loss ends whatever slim hope existed of Aaron Rodgers returning from his Achilles injury this year. Garrett Wilson's fantasy managers shouldn't have been counting on that anyway, and now know they're stuck with absolutely brutal QB play through the playoffs.


Stock ⬆️:   TE Kyle Pitts

Stock ⬇️:   WR Garrett Wilson

  Falcons Injuries 🚑: CB A.J. Terrell (concussion) / OT Kaleb McGary (knee)    

  Jets Injuries 🚑: WR Jason Brownlee (ankle) / TE C.J. Uzomah (knee) / DT Perrion Winfrey (ankle) 


Cardinals (24) at Steelers (10) 

Cardinals Personnel: 11 - 43% / 12 - 32% / 13 - 24%

63 Plays — 25 DBs — 7.3 aDOT — 13-of-23 for 145 yards — 1 TD, 0 INT, 2 sacks

1RBJames Conner76%1456%290-0-025-105-25.0%-0.5%
2RBMichael Carter21%416%   4-25-01.00%0.10%
3RBEmari Demercado2%00%    4.0%0.6%
4TETrey McBride95%2392%9488-89-1 18.3%15.3%
5TEGeoff Swaim52%520%262-10-0 2.5%1.1%
6TEElijah Higgins32%624%2101-21-0 2.0%1.7%
7WRGreg Dortch70%2288%3281-19-0 5.4%6.8%
8WRMarquise Brown54%1976%3240-0-0 25.0%38.6%
9WRRondale Moore52%1768%2441-6-0 11.6%8.0%
10WRAndre Baccellia44%624%    0.0% 
  • RB James Conner dominated Arizona's backfield work to the same extent we saw last season and at the beginning of this year. The snap share (76%) was his largest since Week 1, and the 100-yard performance his first since Week 2.
    • Related: RB Emari Demercado suffered a neck injury after two snaps and missed the rest of the game. He was checked for a concussion but seems to have avoided one.
    • Conner accounted for 27 of the 31 RB opportunities.
  • WR Marquise Brown played through a heel injury again, but this time he wasn't able to see it through despite playing each and every one of Arizona's 33 snaps in the first half.
    • Brown aggravated his injury in the third quarter and didn't play in the fourth.
  • TE Trey McBride, on the other hand, had no issues with the groin injury that impacted his practice participation last week. 
    • McBride played 95% of snaps and led the Cardinals in routes, targets and receiving yards, also scoring a TD. With Zach Ertz now out of the picture, McBride is locked in as a strong TE1 once the Cardinals return from their Week 14 bye.
  • WR Greg Dortch led the receivers in routes but was targeted only three times, and he may drop back to the No. 4 role after a bye if Brown (heel) and Michael Wilson (shoulder) are healthy.


Steelers Personnel: 11 - 57% / 12 - 29% / 13 - 12%

58 Plays — 27 DBs — 8.6 aDOT — 18-of-27 for 187 yards — 1 TD, 0 INT, 0 sacks

1RBNajee Harris59%1244%392-14-016-63-08.4%0.5%
2RBJaylen Warren41%830%3-161--4-09-59-013.4%-4.1%
3TEPat Freiermuth60%1970%5373-29-0 8.4%8.2%
4TEDarnell Washington57%415%    2.0%0.4%
5TEConnor Heyward31%933%2280-0-0 8.4%6.7%
6WRGeorge Pickens81%2489%5754-86-0 21.8%38.9%
7WRDiontae Johnson74%2178%5724-33-1 16.8%26.8%
8WRAllen Robinson53%1763%3173-19-0 10.6%10.0%
9WRMiles Boykin19%311%    0.8%0.6%
10WRCalvin Austin16%622%1111-10-0 7.8%11.8%
  • QB Kenny Pickett suffered an ankle injury in the second quarter and underwent surgery Monday morning. That sounds like it has the potential to be season-ending, but the Steelers apparently aren't making that assumption and won't even put Pickett on injured reserve (which would rule him out through Week 17) for now.
    • Mitch Trubisky completed 11 of 17 passes for 117 yards and a touchdown without any sacks or interceptions, but he lost a fumble on a botched snap and didn't produce any points until a garbage-time TD pass to Diontae Johnson on the final drive.
    • Target shares from Trubisky in 2022: Johnson - 31%, Muth - 18%, Pickens - 15%
  • TE Pat Freiermuth came crashing back to Earth, though his 70% snap share was actually slightly larger than in his 120-yard game the week before.
  • RB Najee Harris took his largest share of the backfield split since October, with 59% of the snaps and 19 of 31 opportunities (61%).


Stock ⬆️:   RB James Conner / TE Trey McBride + QB Mitch Trubisky

Stock ⬇️:   RB Jaylen Warren

  Cardinals Injuries 🚑: WR Marquise Brown (heel) / RB Emari Demercado (neck) 

  Steelers Injuries 🚑: QB Kenny Pickett (ankle) / G Isaac Seumalo (shoulder) / LB Elandon Roberts (groin) 


Colts (31) at Titans (28) — OT

Colts Personnel: 11 - 78% / 12 - 18%

68 Plays — 45 DBs — 8.3 aDOT — 26-of-42 for 312 yards — 2 TDs, 0 INT, 3 sacks

1RBZack Moss94%2964%3-22-6-019-51-06.5%-0.2%
2RBTyler Goodson4%24%2-72-11-0 0.5%-0.2%
3RBTrey Sermon1%12%130-0-0 1.0%0.1%
4TEDrew Ogletree38%1124%110-0-0 4.5%7.2%
5TEKylen Granson35%1227%3503-72-01-2-08.4%9.0%
6TEMo Alie-Cox34%818%    2.5%3.4%
7TEWill Mallory19%1227%4272-4-0 3.7%4.0%
8WRAlec Pierce99%45100%61463-100-1 11.2%22.4%
9WRMichael Pittman96%4396%1611611-105-1 31.5%34.0%
10WRJosh Downs66%3578%563-14-0 19.4%17.9%
  • RB Zack Moss took 94% of snaps with Jonathan Taylor (thumb) missing the first of multiple games, but Moss managed only 57 yards from 21 touches.
  • WR Michael Pittman overcame a slow start to toss up 11-105-1, with Alec Pierce (3-100-1) also having by far his best fantasy game of the season.
    • Pierce had a 36-yard TD on Indy's opening drive and a 55-yard catch to set up Pittman's game-winning, four-yard TD on the OT drive.
  • TE was a four-way time share, with each guy landing between 19-38% snap share and 18-27% route share. Drew Ogletree's return from a foot injury put an end to any progress rookie Will Mallory had been making, and it was Kylen Granson who made the big plays (gains of 46 and 25 yards).


Titans Personnel: 11 - 56% / 12 - 28%

81 Plays — 39 DBs — 9.3 aDOT — 16-of-33 for 224 yards — 1 TD, 0 INT, 6 sacks

1RBTyjae Spears65%2564%6-224-13-016-75-013.5%-0.9%
2RBDerrick Henry41%615%221-18-021-102-28.2%-2.8%
3TEChigoziem Okonkwo58%2462%6623-62-01-2-015.9%12.8%
4TETrevon Wesco55%410%120-0-0 0.9%0.5%
5TEJosh Whyle28%923%2141-16-0 4.4%4.3%
6WRNick Westbrook-Ikhine85%3590%3441-28-0 11.5%14.2%
7WRDeAndre Hopkins78%3692%121995-75-11-4-027.9%43.5%
8WRChris Moore68%2564%161-12-0 6.2%12.2%
9WRTreylon Burks11%513%    5.3%10.2%
  • RB Derrick Henry was checked for a concussion in the fourth quarter and missed OT. He had a huge first half, with 18 touches for 107 yards and two TDs on 63% of snaps.
    • RB Tyjae Spears played 94% of snaps between the fourth quarter and overtime, finishing with new highs for carries, rushing yards and total yards.
    • Henry IS NOT in concussion protocol, apparently. So he should be fine for MNF against the Dolphins in Week 14.
  • WR Treylon Burks barely played after missing a month in concussion protocol. He was a distant No. 4 among the wide receivers, with only  13% route share while No. 3 Chris Moore took 64%.
  • Rookie TE Josh Whyle missed overtime with a knee injury, which contributed to blocking tight end Trevon Wesco taking nine of the 12 snaps (Chigoziem Okonkwo took six of 12).
    • Missed time for Whyle could still help Okonkwo some, as the rookie had been taking routes from the second-year pro in recent weeks.
  • WRs Nick Westbrook-Ikhine and Chris Moore combined for four targets on 60 routes, while DeAndre Hopkins got 12 on 36.


Stock ⬆️:   RB Zack Moss

Stock ⬇️:   WR Treylon Burks

  Titans Injuries 🚑: RB Derrick Henry (concussion) /  TE Josh Whyle (knee) / DT Jeffery Simmons (knee)  


Broncos (17) at Texans (22) 

Broncos Personnel: 11 - 47% / 12 - 36%

59 Plays — 29 DBs — 13.6 aDOT — 15-of-26 for 186 yards — 1 TD, 3 INTs, 3 sacks

1RBJavonte Williams66%1552%333-24-013-46-011.6%-2.8%
2RBSamaje Perine19%724%2-32-5-01-1-012.3%0.1%
3RBJaleel McLaughlin15%517%2-132-6-04-15-07.2%-4.6%
4FBMichael Burton14%13%   1-4-00.3%0.1%
5TEAdam Trautman63%1241%2161-6-0 7.9%7.6%
6TEChris Manhertz42%310%    1.3%0.8%
7TELucas Krull37%1655%1150-0-0 0.6%0.5%
8WRCourtland Sutton85%2793%72192-77-1 23.6%42.1%
9WRJerry Jeudy69%2379%4393-51-0 17.9%28.1%
10WRLil'Jordan Humphrey41%1345%121-12-0 2.8%3.5%
11WRMarvin Mims31%1345%2471-5-01-8-07.2%16.3%
  • RB Jaleel McLaughlin regained his small role after ceding most of his usual snaps to Samaje Perine the week before.
    • Javonte Williams continues to lead the way, and his snap shares the past two weeks (66%, 71%) have been his two largest of the season.
  • WR Lil'Jordan Humphrey ran as many routes as Marvin Mims, though some of those came from Jerry Jeudy's pile rather than the usual allotment for the rookie. Everyone in this passing game besides Courtland Sutton remains useless for fantasy, and even he was headed for a dud until a long-distance TD saved him.


Texans Personnel: 11 - 59% / 12 - 0% / 21 - 38%

63 Plays — 33 DBs — 11.4 aDOT — 17-of-28 for 292 yards — 1 TD, 0 INT, 5 sacks

1RBDevin Singletary44%1236%121-4-08-36-05.8%-0.4%
2RBDameon Pierce38%618%   15-41-13.3%0.1%
3RBDare Ogunbowale17%618%1101-14-01-1-00.3%0.3%
4FBAndrew Beck41%1030%271-5-0 1.8%0.5%
5TEBrevin Jordan75%2267%4283-64-0 2.8%1.7%
6TEEric Saubert29%515%131-5-0 0.3%0.1%
7WRNico Collins84%2885%121689-191-1 21.4%25.9%
8WRNoah Brown79%2988%2360-0-0 7.5%8.8%
9WRRobert Woods44%1545%    14.3%15.6%
10WRJohn Metchie33%1236%3411-9-0 4.0%3.5%
11WRTank Dell14%39%    18.8%28.3%
  • WR Tank Dell will miss the rest of the season after suffering a fractured fibula in the first quarter Sunday.
    • After the first quarter, Noah Brown got 87% of snaps, Nico Collins took 76%, Robert Woods got 52% and John Metchie played 50%.
      • Collins produced 191 yards on 28 routes, while the other three guys combined for five yards and five targets on 56 routes. 
      • Still, Brown in particular may eventually benefit from Dell's absence. The rookie had been gobbling up targets at every level of the field over the past month, and scoring TDs on the regular.
  • RB Dameon Pierce got nearly twice as many carries as Devin Singletary, including a short TD.
    • Singletary's run as a solid fantasy starter thus appears over, especially after Dare Ogunbowale got a bunch of the work in obvious passing situations.
    • Singletary plummeted to 44% snap share and nine touches for 40 yards.
  • TE Brevin Jordan got 75% of snaps and 67% route share in Houston's first game of the year without Dalton Schultz (hamstring). Jordan put up 3-64-0 on four targets and easily finished third on the team in routes.


Stock ⬆️:   WRs Nico Collins & Noah Brown / RB Dameon Pierce

Stock ⬇️:   RB Devin Singletary

  Texans Injuries 🚑: WR Tank Dell (fractured fibula) 


Dolphins (45) at Commanders (15) 

Dolphins Personnel: 11 - 46% / 12 - 7% / 21 - 39%

59 Plays — 25 DBs — 8.3 aDOT — 19-of-25 for 283 yards — 2 TDs, 0 INT, 0 sacks

1RBDe'Von Achane59%1664%463-30-017-73-24.1%-0.6%
2RBRaheem Mostert39%936%1-41-8-011-43-17.2%-0.4%
3RBJeff Wilson8%     4-11-02.6%0.4%
4FBAlec Ingold34%520%1-31--3-0 2.8%0.8%
5TEDurham Smythe66%1456%    6.4%4.9%
6TEJulian Hill32%416%272-23-0 1.5%0.8%
7WRJaylen Waddle61%2184%8905-52-0 21.2%27.5%
8WRCedrick Wilson56%832%    4.9%8.2%
9WRTyreek Hill49%1872%71045-157-22--4-032.5%44.2%
10WRBraxton Berrios41%1560%    6.6%6.9%
11WRRiver Cracraft39%416%272-16-0 2.6%2.9%
  • RB Raheem Mostert took 63% of snaps in the first half, with 10 touches for 43 yards and a TD.
    • De'Von Achane played 43%, but with only four touches for 10 yards.
  • In the second half, Achane took 77% of snaps and 16 touches for 93 yards and two TDs, while Mostert barely played (four snaps, two touches).
    • That's not dissimilar to what we saw earlier this year; Mostert being the lead back in competitive situations but then disappearing in favor of a heavy dose of Achane once the outcome isn't really in question anymore.
  • WR Jaylen Waddle got 77% of snaps before the fourth quarter, and Tyreek Hill took 70%. Neither played much in the fourth quarter.
    • Kudos to Mike McDaniel for actually pulling his starters once the impact of the injury risk outweighs the losing risk. Other coaches remove key players from blowouts, but later than they should. Once your win probability is above 99%, it's not worth it to have guys like Hill out there even if it's technically possible to blow a 23-point lead in the final 10 minutes.


Commanders Personnel: 11 - 80% / 12 - 17%

54 Plays — 26 DBs — 7.8 aDOT — 12-of-23 for 127 yards — 0 TD, 1 INT, 3 sacks

1RBAntonio Gibson56%1454%5114-37-010-35-09.1%0.1%
2RBChris Rodriguez24%415%   7-29-00.2%-0.1%
3RBBrian Robinson22%312%   7-53-07.5%-1.3%
4TELogan Thomas61%1662%1100-0-0 13.1%11.6%
5TEJohn Bates46%519%140-0-0 4.2%3.4%
6TECole Turner15%415%101-2-0 3.1%3.3%
7WRTerry McLaurin83%2388%3500-0-0 20.8%30.6%
8WRJahan Dotson81%2596%5292-23-0 15.4%19.7%
9WRCurtis Samuel59%1973%5714-65-0 14.1%13.5%
10WRByron Pringle30%415%    3.7%6.5%
11WRDyami Brown20%14%1-11-0-0 4.6%9.5%
  • RB Brian Robinson missed the entire second half after injuring his hamstring.
    • Antonio Gibson took 57% of snaps post-halftime, with Chris Rodriguez getting 43%.
      • Rodriguez got the final four carries of the game. Before that, Gibson had a 14-3 touch advantage over the rookie.
  • WR Curtis Samuel led the Commanders in receiving for a second straight week, and was one of three players tied for the team lead with five targets. He's still just the No. 3 WR in terms of playing time, with Terry McLaurin and Jahan Dotson remaining in full-time roles.
  • This was Sam Howell's third straight game with a pick-six. And while two rushing TDs meant he got the job done for fantasy managers, he enters a Week 14 bye having finished three straight games with at least one INT, three sacks and less than 7.0 YPA. 
    • Howell leads the NFL in completions, pass attempts, interceptions and sacks. 


Stock ⬆️:   RBs Antonio Gibson & Chris Rodriguez

Stock ⬇️:   QB Sam Howell

  Dolphins Injuries 🚑: LB Jerome Baker (knee) / OTs Terron Armstead (ankle) & Robert Hunt (hamstring)    

  Commanders Injuries 🚑: RB Brian Robinson (hamstring) / DT John Ridgeway (shin)


Chargers (6) at Patriots (0) 

Chargers Personnel: 11 - 57% / 12 - 34%

61 Plays — 37 DBs — 7.2 aDOT — 22-of-37 for 212 yards — 0 TD, 0 INT, 0 sacks

1RBAustin Ekeler57%1643%3-112-9-014-18-011.0%-1.8%
2RBJoshua Kelley43%1541%3-82-9-06-16-02.6%0.0%
3TEGerald Everett64%2054%5204-44-0 8.4%4.4%
4TEDonald Parham62%1951%4422-12-0 7.7%8.3%
5TEStone Smartt13%411%150-0-0 2.8%3.9%
6WRKeenan Allen89%3697%91045-58-0 32.3%38.4%
7WRQuentin Johnston77%2978%7575-52-0 10.3%15.4%
8WRJalen Guyton62%2773%3271-5-0 3.7%5.7%
9WRAlex Erickson13%514%1221-23-0 1.2%2.8%


Patriots Personnel: 11 - 65% / 12 - 27%

62 Plays — 30 DBs — 11.0 aDOT — 13-of-25 for 141 yards — 0 TD, 0 INT, 5 sacks

1RBEzekiel Elliott69%1860%514-40-017-52-07.8%-0.9%
2RBRhamondre Stevenson26%413%101-0-09-39-012.8%-0.7%
3TEHunter Henry74%2377%4372-15-0 12.3%14.6%
4TEPharaoh Brown50%620%    1.8%2.2%
5TEMike Gesicki8%310%    8.0%10.2%
6WRJuJu Smith-Schuster92%2997%3401-11-0 10.3%8.8%
7WRDeVante Parker85%2583%91394-64-0 9.8%14.2%
8WRTyquan Thornton81%2583%1390-0-01-39-03.3%5.4%
9WRJalen Reagor10%413%191-11-0 2.5%5.1%
10WRTy Montgomery5%27%   1-2-02.5%3.6%
  • RB Rhamondre Stevenson injured his ankle late in the first quarter and missed the rest of the game.
    • Ezekiel Elliott played 93% of New England's snaps after the first quarter, taking 21 touches for 92 yards.
    • Stevenson had dominated the first quarter, with 84% snap share and 10 touches.
  • With Demario Douglas in concussion protocol and Kayshon Boutte (shoulder/illness) also inactive), the Patriots had each of JuJu Smith-Schuster, DeVante Parker and Tyquan Thornton topping 80% of snaps and 80% of routes.
    • Parker was the only one to see a decent number of targets, catching four of nine for 64 yards.
  • TE Hunter Henry rebounded to 73% of snaps and 77% of routes, up from 68% and 43%, respectively, the previous week. His role has been all over the place this year, and with no real production since early/mid October.
    • Mike Gesicki has just 15 routes and two targets the past two weeks, meanwhile, with Pharaoh Brown playing more than the former Dolphins at this point.


Stock ⬆️:   RB Ezekiel Elliott

Stock ⬇️:   RB Austin Ekeler

  Patriots Injuries 🚑: RB Rhamondre Stevenson (ankle) / CB Shaun Wade (illness) 


Lions (33) at Saints (28) 

Lions Personnel: 11 - 66% / 12 - 13% / 21 - 11%

56 Plays — 26 DBs — 7.2 aDOT — 16-of-25 for 213 yards — 2 TDs, 0 INT, 1 sack

1RBDavid Montgomery61%1142%211--1-018-56-13.7%-0.2%
2RBJahmyr Gibbs46%1454%2-121--6-08-60-013.3%1.4%
3RBCraig Reynolds4%      1.2%-0.5%
4TESam LaPorta80%1973%9809-140-1 21.2%21.9%
5TEBrock Wright41%623%101-8-0 3.0%1.1%
6WRAmon-Ra St. Brown79%2492%6542-49-1 28.3%30.5%
7WRJosh Reynolds75%2285%3301-12-0 10.8%18.2%
8WRJameson Williams59%1765%1121-11-01-19-15.9%13.8%
9WRKalif Raymond23%415%   1-9-08.4%9.6%
10WRDonovan Peoples-Jones20%415%1170-0-0 0.5%1.0%
  • David Montgomery got more playing time than Jahmyr Gibbs for the first time since his return from a foot injury, aided by the Lions jumping out to a 21-0 lead in the opening minutes.
    • Neither back did much after Monty's early TD, however.
  • WR Jameson Williams caught his lone target and had a 19-yard TD run, again landing around 60% snap/route share. Role growth this year is still possible, but I'm not betting on it after three straight weeks of essentially the same thing.
  • TE Sam LaPorta was essentially the only guy here who did anything after the opening onslaught. A 9-140-1 line puts him at 64-679-6 for the season, on track for the best fantasy season by a rookie TE in my lifetime.
    • He might not reach the yardage totals of Kyle Pitts (1,026) and Jeremy Shockey (894), but those guys combined for only three TDs in their rookie seasons (2021, 2002). LaPorta already has the ninth most yards ever by a rookie tight end, and in terms of PPR points he's a couple decent weeks away from surpassing everyone besides Mike Ditka (56-1,076-12 in 1961) and Keith Jackson (81-869-6 in 1988).


Saints Personnel: 11 - 54% / 12 - 12% / 6OL - 10%

67 Plays — 30 DBs — 11.0 aDOT — 19-of-29 for 267 yards — 1 TD, 1 INT, 2 sacks

1RBAlvin Kamara58%1652%8136-58-014-51-216.0%0.4%
2RBJamaal Williams34%1032%111-6-05-10-02.3%-0.2%
3FBAdam Prentice13%26%    0.5%0.1%
4TEFoster Moreau60%929%292-28-0 3.3%2.0%
5TEJuwan Johnson57%1961%3170-0-0 7.4%6.0%
6TETaysom Hill42%826%202-15-013-59-17.7%5.0%
7TEJimmy Graham3%26%191-6-1 0.7%0.6%
8WRLynn Bowden72%2065%141-5-02--6-01.2%1.3%
9WRChris Olave63%2787%81435-119-0 25.8%41.3%
10WRA.T. Perry61%1858%3551-30-0 2.1%3.3%
11WRKeith Kirkwood25%413%    1.6%2.1%
12WRMarquez Callaway16%723%    0.0% 
  • QB Derek Carr left the game and entered concussion protocol after taking a huge hit with about 10 minutes left.
    • Jameis Winston had a 30-yard completion to Chris Olave to set up a TD on that drive, but Winston later finished the game with three straight incompletions on what would prove to be the Saints' final chance.
  • WR Chris Olave led the team with 87% route share after suffering a concussion in the previous game.
    • No other saint was above 65%, and Alvin Kamara was the only other guy with more than three targets.
  • Kamara's snap share (58%) was modest, but he accounted for 22 of the 28 RB opportunities en route to 109 total yards and a pair of touchdowns.
    • Taysom Hill also had a short rushing TD, and a strong game overall (15 touches for 75 yards and a TD).
  • WRs Lynn Bowden and A.T. Perry joined Olave to form the lead trio with Rasheed Shaheed (thigh) and Michael Thomas (IR - knee) sidelined.
  • TE Juwan Johnson lost a little more work to Foster Moreau than he had the previous couple weeks, dipping to 57% snap share and 61% route share. 


Stock ⬆️:   QB Jameis Winston / TE Sam LaPorta

Stock ⬇️:   WR A.T. Perry

  Lions Injuries 🚑: C Frank Ragnow (knee)    

  Saints Injuries 🚑: QB Derek Carr (concussion/rib/shoulder) 


Panthers (18) at Buccaneers (21) 

Panthers Personnel: 11 - 88% / 12 - 12%

69 Plays — 35 DBs — 10.8 aDOT — 15-of-31 for 178 yards — 0 TD, 1 INT, 4 sacks

1RBChuba Hubbard64%1234%   25-104-28.1%-1.5%
2RBMiles Sanders33%1029%241-6-08-23-08.8%-0.8%
3RBRaheem Blackshear3%13%   1-6-01.3%0.2%
4TEIan Thomas67%1543%101-6-0 1.5%1.0%
5TEStephen Sullivan45%1749%2271-16-0 2.5%3.7%
6WRJonathan Mingo97%3394%10966-69-0 16.9%24.2%
7WRAdam Thielen90%3291%6693-25-0 26.7%28.5%
8WRMike Strachan45%1749%1170-0-0 0.8%2.7%
9WRDJ Chark39%1440%4683-56-0 10.6%21.0%
10WRIhmir Smith-Marsette17%514%    0.3%0.0%
  • Chuba Hubbard took 64% of snaps and 25 of 35 RB opportunities, one week after falling back to a 50-50 split with Miles Sanders. Seems like the new coach wasn't impressed by Frank Reich's attempts to make Sanders happen despite persistent struggles.
    • Hubbard capitalized with 25-104-2, though he wasn't targeted on 12 routes.
  • WR Jonathan Mingo had career highs for targets, catches and yards, while Adam Thielen managed only 3-25-0 on six looks.
    • Mingo had 4-60-0 on six targets the week before. He now has 129 yards the past two games, after 226 yards over his first nine.
  • TEs Ian Thomas and Stephen Sullivan shared snaps with both Hayden Hurst (head) and Tommy Tremble (groin) inactive. The two TEs combined for three targets.
  • DJ Chark had one of his better receiving lines this year (not saying much) but split the No. 3 role with Mike Strachan, a recent signing.


Buccaneers Personnel: 11 - 67% / 12 - 28%

58 Plays — 30 DBs — 10.3 aDOT — 14-of-29 for 202 yards — 1 TD, 1 INT, 1 sack

1RBRachaad White86%1963%5-13-22-020-84-112.9%-1.4%
2RBChase Edmonds16%413%1-41-2-02-7-02.0%-0.6%
3TECade Otton98%2687%    12.7%8.8%
4TEPayne Durham17%310%    1.5%1.4%
5TEKo Kieft17%00%    0.8%1.3%
6WRMike Evans84%2687%121937-162-1 26.1%44.6%
7WRChris Godwin84%2790%3450-0-01-19-121.5%22.6%
8WRTrey Palmer60%2377%5402-12-01-13-012.2%14.0%
9WRDeven Thompkins21%413%141-4-02-7-05.6%4.8%
10WRDavid Moore12%27%    0.3%0.2%
  • RB Rachaad White topped 80% snap share again, taking 25 of the 28 RB opportunities en route to 106 total yards and a TD.
  • TE Cade Otton wasn't targeted even once on 26 routes (87% share)
  • WR Chris Godwin finally scored a touchdown... on a rush attempt. It was his second score of the season and first since October.
  • WR Mike Evans is officially 10 for 10 on 1,000-yard seasons, and with a strong finish this may end up being his best fantasy campaign ever. 
    • He averaged more yards per game (84.3) twice, in 2018 and 2019, but finished both of those seasons with "only" eight TDs. He already has 10 this year, four shy of his career high (14 in 2021 with Tom Brady).


Stock ⬆️:   RB Chuba Hubbard + WR Jonathan Mingo

Stock ⬇️:   RB Miles Sanders + WR Adam Thielen

  Buccaneers Injuries 🚑: LB K.J. Britt (back) 


49ers (42) at Eagles (19) 

49ers Personnel: 11 - 47% / 12 - 12% / 21 - 37%

57 Plays — 29 DBs — 6.0 aDOT — 19-of-27 for 314 yards — 4 TDs, 0 INT, 2 sacks

1RBChristian McCaffrey88%2690%4313-40-017-93-119.3%3.7%
2RBElijah Mitchell9%     3-13-01.9%-0.9%
3RBJordan Mason5%     2-10-00.6%0.4%
4FBKyle Juszczyk39%931%    3.1%1.7%
5TEGeorge Kittle93%29100%6234-68-0 20.8%23.5%
6TECharlie Woerner21%27%    0.3%0.0%
7WRBrandon Aiyuk86%2897%7605-46-1 22.4%39.5%
8WRDeebo Samuel82%2897%414-116-23-22-116.5%14.5%
9WRJauan Jennings47%1759%4363-44-1 9.3%12.5%
10WRChris Conley16%13%    0.0% 
  • Christian McCaffrey, George Kittle, Brandon Aiyuk and Deebo Samuel all topped 80% snap share and 90% route share.
    • They all topped 90% snap share before the fourth quarter, with McCaffrey and Kittle missing just one snap apiece prior to the final frame and Deebo missing only two.
  • Samuel scored three touchdowns, including one rushing, and filled in as the kick returner with Ray-Ray McCloud (ribs) inactive.
  • Elijah Mitchell got all three of his carries in the fourth quarter, though two came before it was fully garbage time.
    • Jordan Mason's two carries were at the very end; he only played special teams while the game was competitive.


Eagles Personnel: 11 - 80% / 12 - 7%

69 Plays — 51 DBs — 7.9 aDOT — 28-of-48 for 314 yards — 1 TD, 0 INT, 3 sacks

1RBKenneth Gainwell54%2447%685-42-02-5-07.5%1.8%
2RBD'Andre Swift42%1733%6-12-7-06-13-012.0%-0.5%
3RBBoston Scott9%48%1101-27-01-2-01.3%0.1%
4TEAlbert Okwuegbunam45%2447%1100-0-0 0.3%0.3%
5TEJack Stoll35%1325%    1.9%0.4%
6TEGrant Calcaterra19%714%    0.0% 
7WRDeVonta Smith100%51100%111149-96-1 23.2%34.3%
8WRA.J. Brown86%4384%131258-114-0 31.5%45.9%
9WRQuez Watkins62%3773%4663-28-0 2.4%2.4%
10WROlamide Zaccheaus35%1631%    3.7%5.9%
11WRJulio Jones14%816%    2.1%0.9%
  • The Eagles went four-wide 9 percent of the time, down from 20% the previous week.
  • Quez Watkins handled 73% route share in his second game back from IR, replacing Julio Jones (16% share) as the No. 3 receiver after Jones handled the role in the previous three games.
  • D'Andre Swift played 58% of snaps in the first quarter, but Kenneth Gainwell got more playing time in each subsequent quarter
    • Swift took a hard hit in the fourth quarter and played just six of 23 snaps in the final frame. No injury was reported, but he was checked out by the medical staff.
  • QB Jalen Hurts was checked for a concussion and cleared, ultimately missing just half a drive in the fourth quarter.
  • WRs A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith combined for 17-210-1 on 24 targets in the losing effort.


Stock ⬆️:   WR Deebo Samuel / WR Quez Watkins

Stock ⬇️:   WR Julio Jones

  Eagles Injuries 🚑: RB D'Andre Swift (undisclosed)


Browns (19) at Rams (36) 

Browns Personnel: 11 - 55% / 12 - 28%

69 Plays — 46 DBs — 12.1 aDOT — 23-of-44 for 254 yards — 2 TDs, 1 INT, 2 sacks

1RBJerome Ford51%1839%3133-33-19-19-010.7%1.4%
2RBKareem Hunt35%715%1-41-0-012-48-03.1%-0.9%
3RBPierre Strong14%37%   2-20-01.0%-0.5%
4TEDavid Njoku83%3270%6432-17-0 20.3%10.5%
5TEHarrison Bryant43%1635%5345-49-1 3.6%2.0%
6TEJordan Akins17%1022%151-6-0 2.9%1.3%
7WRCedric Tillman93%4393%61122-20-0 4.8%8.0%
8WRElijah Moore72%3678%122514-83-0 20.6%26.7%
9WRDavid Bell39%1941%2122-12-0 2.7%1.6%
10WRAmari Cooper33%1533%5303-34-0 22.0%34.7%
  • Jerome Ford got 57% of snaps and 10 of 20 RB opportunities before the fourth quarter, with Kareem Hunt at 39% and taking the other 10 chances.
  • WR Amari Cooper entered concussion protocol in the second quarter and missed the second half.
    • David Bell got 57% of snaps in the second half, after barely playing in the first half, though No. 2 TE Harrison Bryant was the receiving beneficiary (4-26-1 in the second half).
  • Cedric Tillman put up only 2-20-0 on six targets but did lead the team with 43 routes (93%). 
    • Elijah Moore saw twice as many targets (12) as any other Browns player.


Rams Personnel: 11 - 98% / 12 - 2%

62 Plays — 37 DBs — 7.1 aDOT — 22-of-37 for 279 yards — 3 TDs, 0 INT, 0 sacks

1RBKyren Williams94%2773%503-24-021-88-18.9%0.3%
2RBRoyce Freeman6%25%   1-0-00.3%0.1%
3TETyler Higbee66%2670%492-35-0 13.9%10.8%
4TEHunter Long34%719%    0.0% 
5WRCooper Kupp98%37100%8226-39-1 14.9%17.0%
6WRPuka Nacua61%1951%7964-105-12-34-029.9%34.4%
7WRDemarcus Robinson61%2054%5654-55-1 2.5%3.0%
8WRBen Skowronek39%1746%3272-12-0 2.5%2.5%
9WRTutu Atwell37%1746%2241-9-0 15.7%23.2%
  • RB Kyren Williams took 94% of snaps and scored a goal-line TD late in the fourth quarter to ice it, finishing with 112 total yards and a TD on 24 touches.
  • WR Puka Nacua had an interesting day, starting with a 70-yard TD on a slant in the first quarter.
    • Nacua then played just one snap in the second quarter (on which he caught a pass for 20 yards) due to cramps and a rib injury, before returning to play 92% of snaps after halftime.
    • Ben Skowronek subbed in for Nacua throughout the second quarter, while Demarcus Robinson and Tutu Atwell shared the No. 3 WR role for a second straight week.
      • Atwell had 77 yards the week before but only nine yards in this one, while Robinson put up 4-55-1.


Stock ⬆️:   WR Elijah Moore / QB Joe Flacco

Stock ⬇️:   WR Tutu Atwell / QB Dorian Thompson-Robinson (concussion)

  Browns Injuries 🚑: WR Amari Cooper (concussion)   

  Rams Injuries 🚑: TE Tyler Higbee (concussion) / WR Puka Nacua (ribs)


Chiefs (19) at Packers (27) 

Chiefs Personnel: 11 - 70% / 12 - 20%

61 Plays — 36 DBs — 8.3 aDOT — 21-of-33 for 210 yards — 1 TD, 1 INT, 3 sacks

1RBIsiah Pacheco69%1850%4-73-13-018-110-18.9%-3.3%
2RBClyde Edwards-Helaire28%1336%201-8-02-6-02.1%-1.0%
3TETravis Kelce89%3392%5574-81-0 21.8%22.6%
4TENoah Gray34%617%131-2-1 6.8%7.0%
5TEBlake Bell10%      1.2%0.6%
6WRRashee Rice67%2672%948-64-0 15.3%9.9%
7WRSkyy Moore66%1953%2161-5-0 8.7%11.1%
8WRJustin Watson64%2569%    9.2%24.5%
9WRMarquez Valdes-Scantling49%2056%51312-25-0 7.7%21.2%
10WRKadarius Toney18%822%   1-6-07.0%3.0%
11WRRichie James7%411%2161-12-0 1.2%2.1%
  • WR Rashee Rice had a season high for route share the second week in a row, going up from 66% to 72% and leading the team with nine targets.
    • Nearly all of Rice's targets came near the line of scrimmage. He finished with only four air yards, and had more YAC (66) than receiving yards (64). That's not exactly a new development, as his aDOT before Sunday night was a mere 5.1... perhaps surprising if you just look at his receiving line; prior to SNF he was averaging 12.0 yards per catch and had scored on five of his 44 receptions.
    • This was probably the start of Rice's YPR/YPT efficiency regressing, though he's also been seeing more routes and targets overall of late, making him a stronger fantasy play overall. Just don't be surprised if he's better for PPR leagues than standard leagues down the stretch, despite playing in a Mahomes offense.
      • Justin Watson, meanwhile, ran just one fewer route but didn't see a single target.
  • RB Isiah Pacheco took 78% of snaps and 22 of the 25 RB opportunities before his ejection on the final drive. 
  • TE Travis Kelce got 89% of snaps and 92% of routes. The Chiefs held him below 80% snap share in each of his first six appearances this year, but he's now reached 85% in three of the past five games.
    • Kelce has logged at least 77% of snaps in five straight. Not that the reduced playing time cost him many targets earlier this year, but fantasy managers should still be glad to see it isn't really a thing anymore.


Packers Personnel: 11 - 59% / 12 - 38%

63 Plays — 38 DBs — 7.6 aDOT — 25-of-36 for 267 yards — 3 TDs, 0 INT, 2 sacks

1RBAJ Dillon62%1642%1-21-14-018-73-06.3%-0.1%
2RBPatrick Taylor32%1437%1-30-0-02-29-03.0%-0.1%
3RBJames Robinson6%25%1-31--2-01-2-00.3%-0.1%
4TETucker Kraft95%2566%6173-37-0 3.8%1.2%
5TEBen Sims30%718%141-1-1 1.0%0.1%
6TEHenry Pearson14%513%    0.0% 
7WRRomeo Doubs81%3182%5794-72-0 18.7%26.2%
8WRChristian Watson73%2771%9927-71-22-15-013.4%24.3%
9WRJayden Reed48%2053%5244-16-0 16.2%18.9%
10WRDontayvion Wicks40%1437%4373-43-0 9.1%11.2%
11WRMalik Heath17%616%2211-15-0 3.0%3.6%
  • WR Christian Watson enjoyed arguably his best game of the season, only to have it spoiled by a hamstring injury in the fourth quarter.
    • Watson got 86% of snaps before the final quarter, with Romeo Doubs at 83%, Jayden Reed at 44% (playing through a chest injury) and Dontayvion Wicks at 25%.
    • Watson put up 7-71-2 on a team-high nine targets, plus two carries for 15 yards. That gives him 180 total yards and three TDs over the past two weeks.
  • RB AJ Dillon got 62% of snaps, up a bit from the week before, and he again dominated the RB opportunities (19 of 24) despite Patrick Taylor seeing a good chunk of playing time.
    • Aaron Jones (MCL sprain) has missed two straight games and didn't practice at all the past two weeks, i.e., he may miss another.
  • Reed's reduced playing time presumably was related to a chest injury that held him out of practice last Wed/Thurs, though the Packers also used more 12 personnel and less 11 personnel than usual, which may (or may not) have been related to the injury.
  • TE Tucker Kraft played nearly every snap again en route to 3-37-0 on six targets. Luke Musgrave (IR - abdomen) looked like the better player, but Kraft is getting more snaps/routes than the fellow rookie did pre-injury.
    • Josiah Deguara (hip) has also been inactive the past couple weeks, and his eventual return might eat into Kraft's workload, FWIW.


Stock ⬆️:   WR Rashee Rice

Stock ⬇️:   WR Justin Watson

  Chiefs Injuries 🚑: OT Donovan Smith (neck) / S Bryan Cook (ankle) / LB Drue Tranquill (head)  

  Packers Injuries 🚑: WR Christian Watson (hamstring)


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