NBA DFS Picks: FanDuel Plays and Lineup Strategy for Monday, May 29

NBA DFS Picks: FanDuel Plays and Lineup Strategy for Monday, May 29

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Game 6 will probably go down in NBA lore as one of the most exciting playoff finishes in the modern era, and the result gives Boston a shot at doing what no team has ever done. The Garden will be hopping as the Celtics try to seal a trip to the Finals after digging out of a 3-0 deficit. All the action starts at 8:30 p.m. EDT.


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Before we begin, let's look at the winning lineup for Game 6 from one of FanDuel's most popular contests.

MVP(2x) Jayson Tatum        117.8
STAR (1.5x) Caleb Martin    68.25
PRO (1.2x) Jaylen Brown       53.4
UTIL  Derrick White                36.8
UTIL Robert Williams             21.4

TOTAL:  297.65

The winner elected to omit Jimmy Butler entirely, which opened up cash to snag an array of mid-range guys like Martin and Brown. Considering what's at stake, it would be difficult to purposefully fade Butler in Game 7, but you lose the ability to get more than one player among Brown. Martin and Game 6's hero, Derrick White.


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Malcolm Brogdon (forearm) - QUESTIONABLE

Brogdon played seven minutes in Game 5 and didn't take the floor in Game 6, and it's highly unlikely that his fantasy value will increase enough for consideration, even if he is cleared to play.


Jayson Tatum ($17,500) MVP
Jimmy Butler ($16,500) STAR, PRO
Bam Adebayo ($14,000) STAR
Jaylen Brown ($13,500) STAR, PRO
Caleb Martin ($10,500) STAR, PRO
Marcus Smart ($11,000)  PRO
Derrick White ($12,000) PRO

I'm going to stick with Tatum at the top. Despite a couple of slow starts, he's been incredibly consistent and although Butler comes in at a $1k discount, Tatum is worth every penny in this spot. I get that White's Game 6 heroics warrant a slight salary boost, but $12,000 strikes me as too high, and a very difficult fit unless we choose to fade Tatum or Butler. Martin's salary is easily the most attractive of this group, and you can use him on his own or as a Butler/Tatum substitute. For me, the only variable here is Butler. He stated publicly that the Heat would make the Finals, although the last three games did not go as planned. Only a career game from Butler would sidetrack the Tatum pick, and it does seem that letting out an extra $2.5-3k by fading him would allow for increased production behind Tatum. Here are some MVP/STAR combos and the remaining per-player salary average for the remaining three spots:

Tatum/Butler: $8,667 per player
Tatum/Adebayo: $9,500 per player
Tatum/Brown:  $9,667 per player
Tatum/Martin:  $10,667 per player

Look at what the last two combos can get you! The Tatum/Brown combo would still allow for Martin, and if you're buying into Boston's mid-range talent, you can go to Tatum/Martin and pursue guys like Smart or White. There are a lot of different ways to go, and if you're throwing out multiple lineups, I'd employ all of these combos. For those who are only fielding one lineup, I can understand the urge to get Tatum AND Butler involved. Our UTIL candidates will show that there's a way to do it, but you have to make some sacrifices.


Al Horford ($10,000)
Gabe Vincent ($9,000)
Robert Williams ($8,000)
Duncan Robinson ($7,500)

The biggest question in this grouping is how Vincent feels heading into Game 7. We've seen his ability to take over games before his injury, and although he produced 21.7 FDFPs in his return, we'd need to see more from him to match value at his salary. If his ankle is fine and he gets the start again, I think he's a tantalizing variable to consider.

We include both of Boston's big men, and although I'd only be able to get to Horford via a Butler/Tatum omission, he works if that's the avenue you take. Williams' floor is considerably more volatile and his price makes him more of a desperation grab than anything else. Duncan Robinson is the ultimate value target for me. I'd worry if Kyle Lowry gets hot, but Robinson's budget salary allows you to take multiple mid-range shots at PRO and the remaining UTIL spot.


A lot of the betting sharps are predicting a runaway win for the Heat, and although I am not completely sold on that idea, you'll want to allow for it if you're taking an MME route in Game 7.  The build would give Butler the top spot, followed by a combo of Adebayo, Martin, Vincent and others. It's necessary to find a Boston player because you can't have only one team represented, and Jaylen Brown came up as the most consistent add in builds like this, followed by Smart and White.

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