Backfield Breakdown: Week 16 RB Usage and Week 17 Waivers Look-Ahead

Backfield Breakdown: Week 16 RB Usage and Week 17 Waivers Look-Ahead

This article is part of our Backfield Breakdown series.

It was a light week for injuries, but now we have to worry about teams resting players in games without playoff implications over the final two weeks of the season. There'll be some interesting options on waivers for Fantasy Super Bowl week.

Snap/Carry/Target Shares

Here we're showing each running back's share of his team's snaps, carries and targets, with the third column in each case being the difference between a player's rates for Week  and for the season as a whole. Sorting by these 'delta' columns is a quick way to see which backs got more/less work than usual, be it due to injury, game script or a role change (any of which will be discussed in the game-by-game section at the bottom of this article).

 Sn% W16Sn% '22Sn ΔCS W16CS '22CS ΔTS W16TS '22TS Δ
1Cam Akers75.4%35.9%39.5%63.9%41.5%22.4%7.1%2.7%4.4%
2DeeJay Dallas46.1%16.9%29.2%6.5%7.4%-0.9%15.8%2.8%13.0%
3James Conner96.1%71.9%24.2%55.6%54.2%1.4%19.0%11.9%7.1%
4David Johnson27.8%4.7%23.1%17.9%3.0%14.9%7.1%0.4%6.7%
5Jonathan Williams26.4%3.3%23.1%9.1%3.0%6.1%8.8%0.6%8.2%
6Rhamondre Stevenson90.9%68.4%22.5%81.3%51.4%29.9%16.1%17.4%-1.3%
7Chase Edmonds40.6%21.2%19.4%30.0%13.7%16.3%5.9%4.0%1.9%
8Tyrion Davis-Price25.0%5.9%19.1%34.6%5.7%28.9%0.0%0.4%-0.4%
9James Cook41.9%23.1%18.8%35.5%19.8%15.7%8.0%5.8%2.2%
10Isiah Pacheco48.1%29.5%18.6%63.6%41.0%22.6%7.4%2.2%5.2%
11D'Andre Swift56.9%42.4%14.5%23.5%24.2%-0.7%12.2%14.5%-2.3%
12Kenneth Gainwell42.3%28.2%14.1%13.8%9.7%4.1%11.8%5.9%5.9%
13Tyler Allgeier59.2%45.1%14.1%54.5%33.9%20.6%16.1%4.6%11.5%
14Gus Edwards41.2%27.5%13.7%32.4%29.2%3.2%0.0%1.0%-1.0%
15Saquon Barkley91.2%79.9%11.3%66.7%61.3%5.4%24.4%16.8%7.6%
16Jeff Wilson60.0%49.3%10.7%50.0%41.7%8.3%8.3%8.2%0.1%
17Alvin Kamara70.4%60.5%9.9%51.3%46.2%5.1%28.6%16.6%12.0%
18Travis Etienne70.8%61.3%9.5%56.4%50.4%6.0%10.0%7.7%2.3%
19Royce Freeman56.3%47.2%9.1%53.3%46.6%6.7%3.4%3.6%-0.2%
20AJ Dillon56.7%48.9%7.8%44.0%41.8%2.2%7.9%8.0%-0.1%
21Derrick Henry73.8%66.2%7.6%74.2%75.2%-1.0%10.0%10.8%-0.8%
22Christian McCaffrey75.0%67.8%7.2%57.7%47.8%9.9%9.5%19.3%-9.8%
23Najee Harris72.1%66.0%6.1%59.3%53.8%5.5%25.0%9.9%15.1%
24Josh Jacobs81.1%75.2%5.9%78.9%82.5%-3.6%3.3%11.4%-8.1%
25Chuba Hubbard45.6%39.7%5.9%27.9%26.9%1.0%0.0%8.3%-8.3%
26Dalvin Cook79.2%75.4%3.8%73.7%70.5%3.2%8.5%9.1%-0.6%
27Kareem Hunt47.1%43.5%3.6%20.6%24.4%-3.8%11.1%8.4%2.7%
28Jaylen Warren30.9%27.9%3.0%22.2%14.0%8.2%5.6%5.3%0.3%
29Brian Robinson44.4%41.5%2.9%66.7%50.6%16.1%2.9%3.1%-0.2%
30Khalil Herbert40.3%37.8%2.5%20.7%29.3%-8.6%12.0%4.4%7.6%
31J.K. Dobbins43.1%40.7%2.4%35.3%34.9%0.4%6.3%4.6%1.7%
32Justin Jackson20.0%18.1%1.9%5.9%9.9%-4.0%2.4%3.6%-1.2%
33Jerick McKinnon48.1%46.7%1.4%22.7%18.2%4.5%11.1%11.3%-0.2%
34David Montgomery67.7%66.4%1.3%55.2%39.0%16.2%16.0%12.6%3.4%
35Leonard Fournette60.5%60.0%0.5%66.7%52.5%14.2%20.8%12.0%8.8%
36Tony Pollard53.4%53.2%0.2%29.0%39.4%-10.4%22.9%11.5%11.4%
37Samaje Perine40.2%40.2%0.0%16.7%23.5%-6.8%8.2%9.0%-0.8%
38Raheem Mostert52.0%54.0%-2.0%44.4%48.6%-4.2%12.5%6.5%6.0%
39Nick Chubb52.9%55.2%-2.3%70.6%57.5%13.1%3.7%6.5%-2.8%
40Ezekiel Elliott46.6%49.4%-2.8%51.6%46.0%5.6%2.9%4.8%-1.9%
41Rachaad White35.8%38.7%-2.9%23.3%33.4%-10.1%8.3%8.2%0.1%
42Latavius Murray46.9%51.3%-4.4%40.0%52.8%-12.8%8.8%8.5%0.3%
43Miles Sanders53.5%59.1%-5.6%72.4%47.7%24.7%2.9%5.7%-2.8%
44Joe Mixon59.8%65.4%-5.6%66.7%62.8%3.9%18.4%14.4%4.0%
45D'Onta Foreman44.1%50.7%-6.6%48.8%56.1%-7.3%0.0%4.3%-4.3%
46Michael Carter39.0%46.0%-7.0%10.0%29.9%-19.9%16.7%9.4%7.3%
47Zonovan Knight40.7%48.1%-7.4%30.0%54.2%-24.2%3.3%4.7%-1.4%
48Dare Ogunbowale26.6%34.6%-8.0%26.7%27.6%-0.9%0.0%0.0%0.0%
49Devin Singletary56.5%66.7%-10.2%38.7%42.0%-3.3%12.0%9.8%2.2%
50Cordarrelle Patterson36.6%48.5%-11.9%24.2%36.8%-12.6%3.2%7.4%-4.2%
51Kenneth Walker52.6%66.0%-13.4%83.9%67.4%16.5%5.3%8.5%-3.2%
52Jamaal Williams24.6%39.3%-14.7%41.2%53.8%-12.6%4.9%3.0%1.9%
53Antonio Gibson29.2%46.6%-17.4%15.2%32.4%-17.2%8.8%12.0%-3.2%
54Aaron Jones37.3%58.9%-21.6%24.0%47.3%-23.3%5.3%13.3%-8.0%

Doesn't include MNF. Shares have been adjusted to only include games the player played in (for his current team) for the following players: James Conner, Cordarrelle Patterson, J.K. Dobbins, Gus Edwards, David Montgomery, Khalil Herbert, Joe Mixon, Ezekiel Elliott, Latavius Murray, Chase Edmonds, Marlon Mack, D'Andre Swift, Jeff Wilson, Zonovan Knight, Christian McCaffrey, Brian Robinson. Shares have also been adjusted to only account for games after the McCaffrey trade (Foreman/Hubbard), after Rashaad Penny's season-ending injury (Walker), and after Dameon Pierce's season-ending injury (Freeman/Burkhead/Ogunbowale).


Week 16 Injury Report


Damien Harris (thigh)

Myles Gaskin (illness)

Zamir White (ankle)

Clyde Edwards-Helaire (IR - ankle)


New Injuries

Jamaal Williams suffered a leg injury late in the third quarter and didn't return.

Travis Homer sprained his ankle in the first half and didn't return.

Aaron Jones rolled his ankle and got only eight touches.


Week 17 Waivers & Drops

Picking from players rostered in no more than half of Yahoo Leagues.

Waivers Top Adds for Week 17

  1. Tyler Allgeier - 49% 
  2. Hassan Haskins - 0%
  3. Chuba Hubbard - 38% 
  4. JaMycal Hasty - 5%
  5. Justin Jackson - 1%
  6. Kenneth Gainwell - 14%
  7. Khalil Herbert - 40%
  8. Gus Edwards - 41% 
  9. Royce Freeman - 0% 
  10. Malik Davis - 0%
  11. Jaylen Warren - 13%
  12. DeeJay Dallas - 7%
  13. David Johnson - 0% 
  14. Jonathan Williams - 0%



Cordarrelle Patterson

Alexander Mattison

Kareem Hunt

Antonio Gibson


Week 16 Game-by-Game Breakdowns

Jaguars (19) at Jets (3) 

 Sn% W16Sn% '22Carr.CS W16CS '22TgtTS W16TS '22YdsTDGLL
1Travis Etienne70.8%61.3%2256.4%50.4%310.0%7.7%11202
2JaMycal Hasty25.0%17.0%37.7%8.1%310.0%3.7%2100
3Snoop Conner8.3%2.5%25.1%1.7%00.0%0.0%500
  • This was Etienne's fourth straight game playing more than 70 percent of snaps since his early exit from the Week 12 win over Baltimore with a foot sprain.
    • Etienne still doesn't have a TD since Week 9 or more than three targets in a game since Week 7.
      • He went 0-for-2 at the goal line Thursday night, on back-to-back snaps before QB Trevor Lawrence snuck it in on third down.


 Sn% W16Sn% '22Carr.CS W16CS '22TgtTS W16TS '22YdsTDGLL
1Zonovan Knight40.7%48.1%630.0%54.2%13.3%4.7%1300
2Michael Carter39.0%46.0%210.0%29.9%516.7%9.4%5000
3Ty Johnson20.3%12.2%210.0%4.6%00.0%3.1%700
  • Knight and Carter each played 11 of 22 snaps in the first half, with the former taking four touches for 15 yards and the latter having three for 20.
    • In the second half, each of Carter, Knight and Johnson played either 12 or 13 snaps (32-35%) and none had more than four touches.
  • Knight gained 15 yards on his lone target but finished with six carries for minus-two yards. 
    • The Lions held him to 13-23-0 the week before, and Knight is now down to 3.9 YPC after a hot start (three straight games with 14-plus carries for 69 or more yards to begin his career).


Bengals (22) at Patriots (18) 

 Sn% W16Sn% '22Carr.CS W16CS '22TgtTS W16TS '22YdsTDGLL
1Joe Mixon59.8%65.4%1666.7%62.8%918.4%14.4%10800
2Samaje Perine40.2%40.2%416.7%23.5%48.2%9.0%2200
3Trayveon Williams1.2%3.5%00.0%1.6%00.0%0.5%000
  • Mixon finished with 16-65-0 and 7-43-0, tying Tee Higgins for the second most targets on the team.
    • Four straight games without a TD for Mixon since his five-TD outing Week 9. Joe Burrow has 16 passing TDs and one rushing score since then.


 Sn% W16Sn% '22Carr.CS W16CS '22TgtTS W16TS '22YdsTDGLL
1Rhamondre Stevenson90.9%68.4%1381.3%51.4%516.1%17.4%3302
2Kevin Harris7.3%5.8%16.3%4.7%00.0%0.0%300
3Pierre Strong3.6%5.2%00.0%2.6%26.5%1.6%1000
  • With Damien Harris (thigh) inactive again, Stevenson took 91% of snaps but had a terrible day. His 15 touches produced only 33 yards, and he lost a fumble (his second of the game) inside Cincy's 10-yard line with about a minute remaining.
    • FWIW, Stevenson was back on the field for the last-ditch drive shortly thereafter and saw two incomplete targets.


Bills (35) at Bears (13) 

 Sn% W16Sn% '22Carr.CS W16CS '22TgtTS W16TS '22YdsTDGLL
1Devin Singletary56.5%66.7%1238.7%42.0%312.0%9.8%12510
2James Cook41.9%23.1%1135.5%19.8%28.0%5.8%10810
3Nyheim Hines4.8%6.2%13.2%1.5%28.0%1.7%1100
  • Singletary and Cook both topped 100 total yards and scored TDs from outside the red zone (33 yards for the former, 27 for the latter).
    • Josh Allen had the red-zone rushing TD, scoring from four yards out in the fourth quarter.
  • This was Singletary's second straight game in the high-50s for snaps hare, following back-to-back games below 50 percent.
  • The 11 carries were Cook's second most in a game so far, and the 99 rushing yards and 108 total yards are personal bests.


 Sn% W16Sn% '22Carr.CS W16CS '22TgtTS W16TS '22YdsTDGLL
1David Montgomery67.7%66.4%1655.2%39.0%416.0%12.6%8400
2Khalil Herbert40.3%37.8%620.7%29.3%312.0%4.4%300
  • Herbert played 40% of snaps in his first game back from IR (hip) but didn't find any success, taking eight touches for three yards.
    • Montgomery picked up 84 yards on 2.5x as many touches (20) but lost a fumble midway through the third quarter.
    • Monty got the next carry after his lost fumble and played 68% of snaps in the second half.


Falcons (9) at Ravens (17) 

 Sn% W16Sn% '22Carr.CS W16CS '22TgtTS W16TS '22YdsTDGLL
1Tyler Allgeier59.2%45.1%1854.5%33.9%516.1%4.6%11703
2Cordarrelle Patterson36.6%48.5%824.2%36.8%13.2%7.4%3100
3Avery Williams16.9%13.7%39.1%3.5%26.5%3.7%3000
  • Allgeier established new highs for carries (18) and targets (five) and played 59% of snaps, his largest snap share since Week 8 (when Patterson was on IR).
    • Allgeier went 0-for-3 at the goal line but had a nice day against a good defense otherwise, putting up 18-74-0 and 4-43-0.
  • Patterson's 37 percent snap share was his smallest of the season apart from the Week 4 game in which he suffered the knee injury that sent him to IR for a month.


 Sn% W16Sn% '22Carr.CS W16CS '22TgtTS W16TS '22YdsTDGLL
1J.K. Dobbins43.1%40.7%1235.3%34.9%16.3%4.6%5900
2Gus Edwards41.2%27.5%1132.4%29.2%00.0%1.0%9900
3Justice Hill13.7%23.9%00.0%8.9%16.3%3.0%400
  • Dobbins made his third straight start since returning from IR and played 56% of snaps in the first half, taking nine carries for 50 yards (while Edwards had five for 32).
    • Edwards then had a 37-yard run late in the third quarter, and after that he was the only RB to get a carry (adding five more for 30 yards to help Baltimore close it out).
      • Note that the Ravens had only 19 snaps after halftime, with the Falcons gobbling up possession but struggling to score points


Giants (24) at Vikings (27) 

 Sn% W16Sn% '22Carr.CS W16CS '22TgtTS W16TS '22YdsTDGLL
1Saquon Barkley91.2%79.9%1466.7%61.3%1024.4%16.8%13310
2Matt Breida16.2%20.4%29.5%8.9%00.0%3.7%900
3Gary Brightwell1.5%5.4%14.8%3.2%00.0%1.2%-100
  • Barkley had a season high for targets for a second straight week, also handling his largest snap share since Week 4.
    • He finished with 14-84-1 and 8-49-0, tying the game with a 27-yard TD run right before the two-minute warning after the Giants had trailed since the first quarter.


 Sn% W16Sn% '22Carr.CS W16CS '22TgtTS W16TS '22YdsTDGLL
1Dalvin Cook79.2%75.4%1473.7%70.5%48.5%9.1%7700
2Alexander Mattison20.8%23.7%421.1%16.2%00.0%2.8%1700
  • Cook finished with 14-64-0 and 3-13-0. He at least avoided fumbles, after losing one in both of the previous two games.
  • Mattison added 4-17-0 and wasn't targeted.


Lions (23) at Panthers (37) 

 Sn% W16Sn% '22Carr.CS W16CS '22TgtTS W16TS '22YdsTDGLL
1D'Andre Swift56.9%42.4%423.5%24.2%512.2%14.5%2500
2Jamaal Williams24.6%39.3%741.2%53.8%24.9%3.0%1401
3Justin Jackson20.0%18.1%15.9%9.9%12.4%3.6%-100
  • Swift played 43% of snaps in the first half and 68% in the second half, finishing with 4-12-0 and 1-13-0 (five targets).
  • Williams took 39% in the first half and only 14% after halftime. He left with a leg injury late in the third quarter and apparently played one snap in the fourth quarter (but I'm not 100% sure that's correct).


 Sn% W16Sn% '22Carr.CS W16CS '22TgtTS W16TS '22YdsTDGLL
1Chuba Hubbard45.6%39.7%1227.9%26.9%00.0%8.3%12500
2D'Onta Foreman44.1%50.7%2148.8%56.1%00.0%4.3%16511
3Raheem Blackshear8.8%13.3%37.0%7.4%14.8%5.2%1510
  • Hubbard got his first start since Week 7, though it was his third time in the past four weeks with double-digit carries, and he handled a larger share of the snaps the week before (63%) in negative game script against Pittsburgh.
    • Hubbard picked up 30, 35 and 5 yards on the first snap of the game. Foreman then came in for a six-yard run, followed by a seven-yard TD for Blackshear.
    • Foreman added runs of 38 and 21 yards in the second quarter, with Hubbard then ripping off a 33-yard shortly before halftime to give Carolina an incredible total of 240 rushing yards in the first half... against a Detroit team that had shut down the run for a month beforehand.
  • Hubbard finished the first half with 6-109-0 on 43% of snaps, with Foreman at 10-104-1 on 41% snap share (he scored from four yards out in the second quarter).
  • Foreman also got more carries after halftime (11-61-0 to 6-16-0) but both played 48% of snaps.


Saints (17) at Browns (10) 

 Sn% W16Sn% '22Carr.CS W16CS '22TgtTS W16TS '22YdsTDGLL
1Alvin Kamara70.4%60.5%2051.3%46.2%428.6%16.6%11011
2David Johnson27.8%4.7%717.9%3.0%17.1%0.4%2400
  • Kamara put up 20-76-1, with Taysom Hill adding 9-56-1 and Johnson pitching in eight touches for 24 yards.
    • Andy Dalton attempted only 15 passes in a cold, windy game with less than 500 total yards between the two teams.
    • The TD was Kamara's first since he scored three against the Raiders.... in Week 8.


 Sn% W16Sn% '22Carr.CS W16CS '22TgtTS W16TS '22YdsTDGLL
1Nick Chubb52.9%55.2%2470.6%57.5%13.7%6.5%10200
2Kareem Hunt47.1%43.5%720.6%24.4%311.1%8.4%2200
3D'Ernest Johnson2.9%3.2%00.0%0.8%00.0%0.6%000
  • Chubb played 61% of snaps through three quarters, with 16 carries to Hunt's five and one catch to Hunt's two.
    • Hunt then took 62% of snaps in the fourth quarter, which accounted for nearly half of Cleveland's plays overall (thus how Chubb got eight carries in the final quarter... 41% of snaps was still 12 plays).
  • The 10 touches were Hunt's most since Week 13, but he still hasn't scored a TD since Week 7 or recorded a single game with 75-plus total yards all year (to be fair, he did have a bunch of games with 60-some yards or low-70s yardage in the first half of the season).


Seahawks (10) at Chiefs (24) 

 Sn% W16Sn% '22Carr.CS W16CS '22TgtTS W16TS '22YdsTDGLL
1Kenneth Walker52.6%66.0%2683.9%67.4%25.3%8.5%10500
2DeeJay Dallas46.1%16.9%26.5%7.4%615.8%2.8%4200
3Travis Homer1.3%17.4%00.0%5.4%00.0%3.6%000
  • Homer sprained his ankle early in the game and was replaced by Dallas as the passing-down back.
  • Walker took 65% of snaps through three quarters but only 25% in the fourth quarter.
    • Dallas played 75% of snaps in the final quarter, catching four passes for 24 yards. He seems to get more touches than Homer when he handles passing downs, while Homer is used more as a blocker.


 Sn% W16Sn% '22Carr.CS W16CS '22TgtTS W16TS '22YdsTDGLL
1Isiah Pacheco48.1%29.5%1463.6%41.0%27.4%2.2%9001
2Jerick McKinnon48.1%46.7%522.7%18.2%311.1%11.3%3810
3Ronald Jones1.9%1.7%14.5%1.6%00.0%0.2%400
  • Pacheco and McKinnon both did well in the first half, with the rookie putting up 8-41-0 and a catch for 32 yards on 45% of snaps while McKinnon had a 3-31-1 receiving line.
    • McKinnon still got 43% of snaps after halftime but added only two touches for one yard while Pacheco took six carries for 17 yards (Seattle had most of the possession post-halftime while playing from behind).
  • The 58 rushing yards represent Pacheco's lowest total since Week 9, but he did get more than a dozen carries for the seventh week in a row.


Texans (19) at Titans (14) 

 Sn% W16Sn% '22Carr.CS W16CS '22TgtTS W16TS '22YdsTDGLL
1Royce Freeman56.3%47.2%1653.3%46.6%13.4%3.6%3800
2Dare Ogunbowale26.6%34.6%826.7%27.6%00.0%0.0%2800
3Rex Burkhead17.2%18.1%00.0%0.0%26.9%10.7%710
  • Freeman led the backfield in carries for a second straight week, though Burkhead scored the lone TD despite barely playing.
    • Burkhead doesn't have a carry since Dameon Pierce (leg) went down for the year.
    • Freeman has put up 11-51-0 and now 16-32-0 in his two games as Houston's lead runner.
      • His snap share did grow in this one, up to 56% after 38% the week before.
  • Burkhead played 10 of 14 snaps on third down and just one snap otherwise.
  • Freeman took 63% of early down snaps, with Ogunbowale at 35%.


 Sn% W16Sn% '22Carr.CS W16CS '22TgtTS W16TS '22YdsTDGLL
1Derrick Henry73.8%66.2%2374.2%75.2%210.0%10.8%12610
2Hassan Haskins24.6%10.8%00.0%2.6%210.0%1.9%1700
  • Henry had a 48-yard TD run midway through the first quarter but otherwise was held in check by a Texans defense that he's routinely beaten for 200-plus yards.
    • He finished with 23-1266-1 and two catches for no gain, crucially losing a fumble early in the fourth quarter.
  • Haskins took eight of 12 snaps on third down (67%) and six of 47 on early downs (13%).
    • The rookie has five touches for 32 yards in two games since Dontrell Hilliard (neck) went on IR.


Commanders (20) at 49ers (37) 

 Sn% W16Sn% '22Carr.CS W16CS '22TgtTS W16TS '22YdsTDGLL
1Brian Robinson44.4%41.5%2266.7%50.6%12.9%3.1%5803
2Antonio Gibson29.2%46.6%515.2%32.4%38.8%12.0%3101
3Jonathan Williams26.4%3.3%39.1%3.0%38.8%0.6%4100
  • Robinson finished with 22-58-0 and no catches, and went 0-for-3 on carries inside the 5-yard line.
  • Williams got five of his six opportunities in the fourth quarter after Washington trailed by 16-plus points.
    • Williams played two of 60 snaps (4%) through three quarters, followed by 17 of 22 (77%) in the fourth quarter.
  • Robinson played 56% of snaps through three quarters, with Gibson getting 40%.


 Sn% W16Sn% '22Carr.CS W16CS '22TgtTS W16TS '22YdsTDGLL
1Christian McCaffrey75.0%67.8%1557.7%47.8%29.5%19.3%5811
2Tyrion Davis-Price25.0%5.9%934.6%5.7%00.0%0.4%3000
  • Jordan Mason (hamstring) was listed as questionable beforehand and only played special teams, while Davis-Price played offense for the first time since Week 7 after a couple of months as a healthy scratch (he also missed time with an ankle injury earlier in the year).
  • McCaffrey took 79% of snaps through three quarters, with 11 carries to TDP's five (and a 2-0 lead in targets).
    • The rookie and McCaffrey got four carries apiece in the fourth quarter, with McCaffrey punching in the clinching TD from one yard out.


Eagles (34) at Cowboys (40) 

 Sn% W16Sn% '22Carr.CS W16CS '22TgtTS W16TS '22YdsTDGLL
1Miles Sanders53.5%59.1%2172.4%47.7%12.9%5.7%7100
2Kenneth Gainwell42.3%28.2%413.8%9.7%411.8%5.9%5802
3Boston Scott4.2%12.2%00.0%8.7%00.0%1.1%000
  • Gainwell handled a season high for both raw snaps and snap share for a second straight week, this time putting up 4-17-0 and 4-41-0 (after five touches for 14 yards the week before).
    • Sanders nonetheless got 21 carries, but he lost a fumble for the second straight week (late in the fourth quarter of a time game) and didn't score or have an efficient rushing game.


 Sn% W16Sn% '22Carr.CS W16CS '22TgtTS W16TS '22YdsTDGLL
1Tony Pollard53.4%53.2%929.0%39.4%822.9%11.5%8000
2Ezekiel Elliott46.6%49.4%1651.6%46.0%12.9%4.8%6112
3Malik Davis1.4%4.6%00.0%4.9%00.0%1.1%000
  • Pollard got seven fewer carries than Zeke after having three more than his teammate the week before, making up for it with a 6-61-0 receiving line.
    • Elliott, meanwhile, got both goal-line carries and finished with 16-61-1... that's Zeke's seventh straight appearance with no fewer than 15 carries and no more than 17.


Raiders (10) at Steelers (13) 

 Sn% W16Sn% '22Carr.CS W16CS '22TgtTS W16TS '22YdsTDGLL
1Najee Harris72.1%66.0%1659.3%53.8%925.0%9.9%9500
2Jaylen Warren30.9%27.9%622.2%14.0%25.6%5.3%3000
  • Harris had a 25-8 edge in opportunities and 72/31 snap share advantage, after a slightly smaller edge the week before (24-12, 66/34%).


 Sn% W16Sn% '22Carr.CS W16CS '22TgtTS W16TS '22YdsTDGLL
1Josh Jacobs81.1%75.2%1578.9%82.5%13.3%11.4%5000
2Ameer Abdullah18.9%15.6%00.0%1.1%26.7%6.1%2700
3Brandon Bolden3.8%7.0%15.3%2.4%00.0%1.8%000
  • The Steelers held Jacobs to 15-44-0, his first game under 90 rushing yards since Week 10 and his first under 67 since Week 8.
  • Zamir White (ankle) was inactive.
  • Henry is 110 yards behind Jacobs for the rushing crown.


Packers (26) at Dolphins (20) 

 Sn% W16Sn% '22Carr.CS W16CS '22TgtTS W16TS '22YdsTDGLL
1AJ Dillon56.7%48.9%1144.0%41.8%37.9%8.0%4811
2Aaron Jones37.3%58.9%624.0%47.3%25.3%13.3%3400
3Patrick Taylor9.0%2.3%00.0%1.3%12.6%0.2%1700
  • Jones rolled his ankle early in the game and took a backseat to Dillon, but Jones did manage to log at least four snaps in every quarter.
  • Dillon finished with only 11-36-1 and 2-12-0 against a Miami defense that's been easier to beat through the air.


 Sn% W16Sn% '22Carr.CS W16CS '22TgtTS W16TS '22YdsTDGLL
1Jeff Wilson60.0%49.3%950.0%41.7%28.3%8.2%4011
2Raheem Mostert52.0%54.0%844.4%48.6%312.5%6.5%4900
  • Wilson returned from his one-game absence due to a hip injury and played 61% of snaps in the first half, with he and Mostert getting five touches apiece.
    • Wilson had the much better half, however, scoring a goal-line TD shortly before Mostert lost a fumble.
  • Mostert wasn't benched or anything for the fumble; he played 50% of snaps after halftime and added five touches to his total.
  • This was pretty darn close to a 50/50 split, with the Dolphins even using both RBs on a bunch of plays.


Broncos (14) at Rams (51) 

 Sn% W16Sn% '22Carr.CS W16CS '22TgtTS W16TS '22YdsTDGLL
1Latavius Murray46.9%51.3%840.0%52.8%38.8%8.5%4000
2Chase Edmonds40.6%21.2%630.0%13.7%25.9%4.0%5300
3Marlon Mack15.6%20.1%420.0%13.3%12.9%6.4%2200
  • Edmonds came back from IR (ankle) and played half of the first-half snaps but with only one touch (while Murray took six carries for 29 yards).
    • Murray got 47% of snaps after halftime, more than Edmonds (34%) or Mack (24%), but the other guys got the garbage-time carries in this blowout.


 Sn% W16Sn% '22Carr.CS W16CS '22TgtTS W16TS '22YdsTDGLL
1Cam Akers75.4%35.9%2363.9%41.5%27.1%2.7%14733
2Kyren Williams12.3%15.2%616.7%9.2%13.6%2.5%2100
3Malcolm Brown10.8%9.5%25.6%4.8%13.6%1.3%2100
4Ronnie Rivers1.5%2.7%00.0%2.5%00.0%1.1%000
  • Akers played about three-fourths of the snaps for a second straight week (and third time in the last four weeks).
    • Akers finished with 23-118-3 and 2-29-0, giving him six TDs and 350 total yards over the past four games
  • Akers played 87% of snaps in the first half and 84% through three quarters.
  • Williams played four of 10 snaps in the final quarter, with Akers getting three (including his third TD, Brown two and Rivers one.


Buccaneers (19) at Cardinals (16) 

 Sn% W16Sn% '22Carr.CS W16CS '22TgtTS W16TS '22YdsTDGLL
1Leonard Fournette60.5%60.0%2066.7%52.5%1020.8%12.0%16200
2Rachaad White35.8%38.7%723.3%33.4%48.3%8.2%5311
3Ke'Shawn Vaughn2.5%1.8%13.3%2.6%00.0%0.3%600
  • Fournette came off the bench again but finished with 20-72-0 and 9-90-0.
  • White had a receiving TD in the fourth quarter from three yards out, but Fournette had a 30-11 edge over the rookie in opportunities (and a 61/36 advantage in snap share).


 Sn% W16Sn% '22Carr.CS W16CS '22TgtTS W16TS '22YdsTDGLL
1James Conner96.1%71.9%1555.6%54.2%819.0%11.9%12010
2Keaontay Ingram9.1%7.7%13.7%6.2%00.0%0.4%100
  • Conner scored from 22 yards out, giving him six straight games with a TD and four in a row with at least 90 total yards.
  • Conner topped 90% snap share for a fourth straight game and fifth time in the pst six games. During that stretch, he's averaged 100.8 total yards and 4.0 catches per game, with seven TDs, i.e., more than 20 PPR points per contest.


Chargers (20) at Colts (3) 

 SnapsSn %Carr.CSTgtTSYdsTDGLL 
1Austin Ekeler4160.3%1856.3%413.3%7924 
2Joshua Kelley2333.8%928.1%13.3%4200 
3Larry Rountree45.9%00.0%00.0%000 
  • Ekeler scored two more TDs and got his second most carries (18) of the season but ran for only 67 yards. He's on track to lead the league in TDs for a second straight year.
  • Kelley played more than 30% of snaps for a fourth straight game.
    • He's averaged 7.5 carries for 29 yards and 0.8 catches for 5.5 yards on 1.5 targets in that time.


 SnapsSn %Carr.CSTgtTSYdsTDGLL
1Zack Moss3669.2%1285.7%13.6%7000
2Jordan Wilkins815.4%17.1%13.6%400
3Deon Jackson815.4%00.0%310.7%900
  • Moss got the start and 12 of the 13 carries plus one of five RB targets.
  • Moss played 81% of snaps on first down, 58% on second down and 70% on third down.
    • Moss only saw one of the five targets but ran 17 routes to Jackson's eight.


Red-Zone Report

Inside the 5-Yard Line

Week 16 (IT5)

 Sn %SnapsCSCarr.Rush TDTSTgtRec TD
1Cam Akers100.0%3100.0%330.0%00
2Ezekiel Elliott75.0%3100.0%210.0%00
3Rhamondre Stevenson100.0%3100.0%200.0%00
4AJ Dillon71.4%5100.0%110.0%00
5Jeff Wilson100.0%1100.0%110.0%00
6Jamaal Williams75.0%3100.0%100.0%00
7Alvin Kamara100.0%1100.0%110.0%00
8Christian McCaffrey100.0%2100.0%110.0%00
9Tyler Allgeier60.0%375.0%300.0%00
10Brian Robinson66.7%475.0%300.0%00
11Kenneth Gainwell66.7%266.7%200.0%00
12Travis Etienne100.0%366.7%200.0%00
13Isiah Pacheco50.0%150.0%100.0%00
14D'Onta Foreman50.0%250.0%110.0%00
15Antonio Gibson16.7%125.0%100.0%00
16Gus Edwards100.0%20.0%000.0%00
17David Montgomery100.0%10.0%000.0%00
18Miles Sanders33.3%10.0%000.0%00
19Samaje Perine60.0%30.0%000.0%00
20Cordarrelle Patterson40.0%20.0%000.0%00
21Devin Singletary100.0%10.0%000.0%00
22Joe Mixon40.0%20.0%000.0%00
23Rachaad White100.0%20.0%0050.0%11
24Chuba Hubbard50.0%20.0%000.0%00
25Jerick McKinnon50.0%10.0%000.0%00
26Aaron Jones14.3%10.0%000.0%00
27Kenneth Walker III100.0%20.0%000.0%00


Red Zone

Week 16 (RZ)

 Sn %SnapsCSCarr.Rush TDTSTgtRec TD
1Cam Akers81.3%13100.0%830.0%00
2Rhamondre Stevenson100.0%7100.0%600.0%00
3Jeff Wilson60.0%3100.0%210.0%00
4Kenneth Walker71.4%5100.0%100.0%00
5Brian Robinson55.6%566.7%400.0%00
6Travis Etienne87.5%766.7%400.0%00
7Nick Chubb40.0%466.7%200.0%00
8AJ Dillon55.0%1162.5%510.0%00
9Royce Freeman38.5%557.1%400.0%00
10Christian McCaffrey71.4%1055.6%5133.3%10
11Miles Sanders44.4%850.0%600.0%00
12D'Onta Foreman50.0%650.0%410.0%00
13Isiah Pacheco37.5%350.0%300.0%00
14Ezekiel Elliott33.3%550.0%310.0%00
15Devin Singletary57.1%450.0%200.0%00
16Zonovan Knight50.0%350.0%200.0%00
17Joe Mixon57.1%850.0%1033.3%20
18Samaje Perine42.9%650.0%100.0%00
19Saquon Barkley75.0%350.0%100.0%00
20Matt Breida25.0%150.0%100.0%00
21Keaontay Ingram33.3%150.0%100.0%00
22David Montgomery100.0%750.0%1025.0%10
23Tyler Allgeier42.9%644.4%400.0%00
24Kenneth Gainwell55.6%1033.3%400.0%00
25J.K. Dobbins66.7%1033.3%3020.0%10
26Tyrion Davis-Price28.6%433.3%300.0%00
27Alvin Kamara70.0%733.3%310.0%00
28Cordarrelle Patterson50.0%733.3%300.0%00
29Antonio Gibson33.3%333.3%200.0%00
30Tony Pollard66.7%1033.3%2033.3%20
31Dare Ogunbowale30.8%428.6%200.0%00
32Jamaal Williams31.8%728.6%207.1%10
33Aaron Jones45.0%925.0%209.1%10
34James Cook42.9%325.0%100.0%00
35Michael Carter50.0%325.0%100.0%00
36Jerick McKinnon62.5%516.7%1050.0%11
37D'Andre Swift50.0%1114.3%1014.3%20
38Chuba Hubbard41.7%512.5%100.0%00
39Raheem Blackshear8.3%112.5%110.0%00
40Adam Prentice40.0%411.1%100.0%00
41Gus Edwards26.7%411.1%100.0%00
42David Johnson20.0%211.1%100.0%00
43Latavius Murray100.0%20.0%000.0%00
44Khalil Herbert28.6%20.0%0025.0%10
45Dalvin Cook83.3%50.0%0020.0%10
46Rachaad White33.3%30.0%0016.7%11
47Leonard Fournette55.6%50.0%0033.3%20
48Justin Jackson18.2%40.0%007.1%10
49Rex Burkhead30.8%40.0%0050.0%20
50James Conner100.0%30.0%000.0%00
51Avery Williams21.4%30.0%0025.0%10
52Raheem Mostert40.0%20.0%00100.0%10


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