Backfield Breakdown: Week 9 RB Usage Recap & Week 10 Waivers Preview

Backfield Breakdown: Week 9 RB Usage Recap & Week 10 Waivers Preview

This article is part of our Backfield Breakdown series.

It was another big week for the young guns, though Joe Mixon held it down for the vets with five TDs and a run at the fantasy scoring record, which he probably would've broken if the Bengals had played him in the fourth quarter. Meanwhile, a season-high six teams were on bye, taking Christian McCaffrey, Saquon Barkley and Nick Chubb (among others) out of action.

All the usual stuff is shown below, including usage stats and a look-ahead to Week 10 waivers, but my notes in the team-by-team breakdowns may be sparser than normal because I'm in New Orleans. The good news there, besides you all being spared my ramblings, is that I'll get an up-close look at the Ravens-Saints game Monday night to assist my work in Tuesday's Target Breakdown article.

Stat Leaderboards

Here we're showing each running back's share of his team's snaps, carries and targets, with the third column in each case being the difference between a player's rates for Week  and for the season as a whole. Sorting by these 'delta' columns is a quick way to see which backs got more/less work than usual, be it due to injury, game script or a role change (any of which will be discussed in the game-by-game section at the bottom of this article.

Snap/Carry/Target Shares for Week 9 and Full Season

 Snap %Snap % '22Snap ΔCarr %Carr % '22Carr ΔTgt %Tgt % '22Tgt Δ
1Jeff Wilson  50.0%--39.1%--10.3%--
2Deon Jackson62.9%23.7%39.2%50.0%19.4%30.6%10.7%5.1%5.6%
3James Conner71.4%35.7%35.7%33.3%26.1%7.2%15.2%6.9%8.3%
4James Robinson39.3%--38.2%--8.3%--
5Raheem Blackshear34.7%5.6%29.1%27.8%4.4%23.4%13.3%1.5%11.8%
6Kenneth Walker76.7%48.7%28.0%76.5%47.6%28.9%12.5%5.8%6.7%
7Jordan Wilkins30.6%3.1%27.5%13.6%1.4%12.2%17.9%1.5%16.4%
8Brian Robinson44.4%19.9%24.5%43.3%28.0%15.3%7.7%1.3%6.4%
9J.J. Taylor27.0%3.0%24.0%35.7%3.9%31.8%3.3%0.4%2.9%
10Travis Etienne81.2%58.5%22.7%75.7%46.3%29.4%6.9%9.5%-2.6%
11Spencer Brown26.5%6.0%20.5%16.7%4.4%12.3%10.0%1.5%8.5%
12Jamaal Williams60.7%42.1%18.6%77.4%58.9%18.5%0.0%4.5%-4.5%
13D'Onta Foreman42.9%25.7%17.2%38.9%29.3%9.6%10.0%2.3%7.7%
14Malcolm Brown28.1%11.0%17.1%8.3%8.2%0.1%3.8%0.7%3.1%
15 AJ Dillon65.8%49.4%16.4%44.0%43.8%0.2%10.0%8.0%2.0%
16Dameon Pierce78.3%62.1%16.2%84.4%78.7%5.7%0.0%9.4%-9.4%
17Isaiah Spiller18.8%2.9%15.9%29.2%4.2%25.0%0.0%0.0%0.0%
18Jerick McKinnon60.8%45.2%15.6%15.8%17.2%-1.4%12.9%8.0%4.9%
19Dalvin Cook86.4%71.0%15.4%77.3%69.7%7.6%15.4%9.8%5.6%
20Travis Homer28.8%13.7%15.1%2.9%3.0%-0.1%9.4%2.9%6.5%
21David Montgomery69.9%56.1%13.8%35.0%32.6%2.4%7.4%8.8%-1.4%
22Antonio Gibson57.1%44.6%12.5%36.7%37.2%-0.5%11.5%12.1%-0.6%
23Justin Jackson21.3%9.5%11.8%12.9%5.6%7.3%0.0%1.1%-1.1%
24Ameer Abdullah23.7%12.7%11.0%0.0%0.0%0.0%8.3%4.4%3.9%
25Cordarrelle Patterson39.3%29.2%10.1%37.1%23.4%13.7%4.3%4.1%0.2%
26JaMycal Hasty18.8%9.0%9.8%8.1%4.6%3.5%3.4%2.7%0.7%
27Samaje Perine36.5%27.2%9.3%15.4%11.3%4.1%6.7%6.6%0.1%
28Dontrell Hilliard31.4%24.1%7.3%10.3%6.8%3.5%7.7%10.9%-3.2%
29James Cook22.6%15.5%7.1%18.2%14.4%3.8%12.1%4.1%8.0%
30Rhamondre Stevenson73.0%66.1%6.9%53.6%49.8%3.8%23.3%16.7%6.6%
31Rachaad White34.5%28.3%6.2%40.0%20.8%19.2%5.5%6.5%-1.0%
32Isiah Pacheco22.7%16.9%5.8%26.3%23.7%2.6%1.6%1.0%0.6%
33Austin Ekeler68.1%62.4%5.7%58.3%51.3%7.0%20.9%20.6%0.3%
34Miles Sanders65.6%60.6%5.0%54.8%47.5%7.3%0.0%5.7%-5.7%
35Devin Singletary74.2%70.9%3.3%36.4%40.5%-4.1%15.2%11.9%3.3%
36Caleb Huntley21.3%18.2%3.1%20.0%21.1%-1.1%0.0%0.0%0.0%
37Kenneth Gainwell28.1%26.6%1.5%12.9%10.1%2.8%12.0%5.2%6.8%
38Hassan Haskins11.8%11.6%0.2%3.4%4.0%-0.6%7.7%1.8%5.9%
39Josh Jacobs69.5%71.8%-2.3%89.5%79.3%10.2%8.3%10.6%-2.3%
40Michael Carter50.8%53.9%-3.1%35.3%37.8%-2.5%4.2%10.7%-6.5%
41Sony Michel15.9%19.4%-3.5%4.2%17.8%-13.6%2.3%3.8%-1.5%
42Tyler Allgeier37.7%41.7%-4.0%28.6%31.0%-2.4%4.3%3.1%1.2%
43Boston Scott6.3%11.2%-4.9%3.2%8.7%-5.5%0.0%0.4%-0.4%
44Cam Akers19.3%24.5%-5.2%20.8%32.7%-11.9%0.0%1.8%-1.8%
45Joe Mixon64.9%71.9%-7.0%56.4%68.0%-11.6%16.7%15.1%1.6%
46Derrick Henry58.8%66.2%-7.4%58.6%73.5%-14.9%0.0%10.9%-10.9%
47Khalil Herbert28.8%37.6%-8.8%17.5%30.2%-12.7%0.0%3.8%-3.8%
48Darrell Henderson49.1%58.8%-9.7%50.0%36.3%13.7%3.8%7.5%-3.7%
49Leonard Fournette61.9%72.2%-10.3%45.0%66.1%-21.1%12.7%12.8%-0.1%
50D'Andre Swift16.4%28.8%-12.4%6.5%15.9%-9.4%16.7%8.0%8.7%
51Raheem Mostert46.4%60.1%-13.7%39.1%54.5%-15.4%6.9%7.1%-0.2%
52Rex Burkhead21.7%35.4%-13.7%3.1%12.2%-9.1%9.5%13.0%-3.5%
53Alexander Mattison13.6%28.8%-15.2%9.1%19.7%-10.6%2.6%4.2%-1.6%
54Aaron Jones41.1%61.0%-19.9%36.0%47.8%-11.8%5.0%12.9%-7.9%
55Eno Benjamin27.0%47.6%-20.6%19.0%29.9%-10.9%3.0%9.5%-6.5%
56Clyde Edwards-Helaire16.5%37.6%-21.1%21.1%37.1%-16.0%3.2%6.7%-3.5%

Doesn't include MNF. 


Week 9 Leaderboard

 SnapsSnap %CarrRush YdRush TDTgtCatchesRec YdsRec TD
1Jerick McKinnon5960.80%34086400
2Dalvin Cook5786.40%174706291
3Travis Etienne5681.20%28109222170
4Kenneth Walker III5676.70%26109243200
5Leonard Fournette5261.90%919075410
6David Montgomery5169.90%143602180
7Joe Mixon4864.90%22153454581
8 AJ Dillon4865.80%1134042100
9Dameon Pierce4778.30%2713900000
10Austin Ekeler4768.10%1447197241
11Rhamondre Stevenson4673.00%1560073101
12Devin Singletary4674.20%824054240
13James Conner4571.40%745055190
14Miles Sanders4265.60%179310000
15Josh Jacobs4169.50%1767033200
16Deon Jackson3962.90%1123032130
17Jamaal Williams3760.70%248100000
18Antonio Gibson3657.10%1136032110
19Michael Carter3150.80%1276111100
20Derrick Henry3058.80%1711520000
21Aaron Jones3041.10%925022200
22Rachaad White2934.50%82703370
23Brian Robinson2844.40%1344022-60
24Darrell Henderson2849.10%125601000
25Jeff Wilson  2850.00%951033211
26Samaje Perine2736.50%65102130
27Raheem Mostert2646.40%92612000
28Cordarrelle Patterson2439.30%134421190
29James Robinson2439.30%134802251
30Tyler Allgeier2337.70%1099011240
31Isiah Pacheco2222.70%5501140
32D'Onta Foreman2142.90%723032-20
33Khalil Herbert2128.80%72300000
34Travis Homer2128.80%17033250
35Jordan Wilkins1930.60%313054150
36Kenneth Gainwell1828.10%422133160
37J.J. Taylor1727.00%10901180
38Raheem Blackshear1734.70%513144400
39Eno Benjamin1727.00%412011150
40Clyde Edwards-Helaire1616.50%45021140
41Dontrell Hilliard1631.40%312011-40
42Malcolm Brown1628.10%29011100
43James Cook1422.60%415042180
44Ameer Abdullah1423.70%0003180
45Caleb Huntley1321.30%73400000
46Isaiah Spiller1318.80%72900000
47Justin Jackson1321.30%42700000
48Spencer Brown1326.50%316032100
49JaMycal Hasty1318.80%3601150
50Rex Burkhead1321.70%1902160
51Cam Akers1119.30%5300000
52Sony Michel1115.90%11201000
53D'Andre Swift1016.40%210043400
54Alexander Mattison913.60%2101100
55Ty Johnson711.50%21700000
56Ke'Shawn Vaughn33.60%2401000

Doesn't include MNF. GL Looks = Targets + Carries inside the 5-yard line


Week 9 Injury Report


 Jonathan Taylor (ankle)

Chuba Hubbard (ankle)

Damien Harris (illness)

J.D. McKissic (neck)

Damien Williams (IR - ribs)

Darrel Williams (IR - hip)

J.K. Dobbins (IR - knee) & Gus Edwards (hamstring)

Mark Ingram (IR - ankle)


In-Game Injuries

Aaron Jones left with an ankle injury in the third quarter and didn't return.

Craig Reynolds injured his ribs in the first half and didn't return.

Chris Evans hurt his knee and didn't return.      


Red-Zone Report

Inside the 5-Yard Line

Week 9

 SnapsSnap %Carr.Carr. %Rush TDTgtTgt %Rec TD
1Kenneth Walker III6100.0%3100.0%200.0%0
2Derrick Henry3100.0%3100.0%200.0%0
3Cordarrelle Patterson480.0%3100.0%200.0%0
4Raheem Blackshear3100.0%2100.0%100.0%0
5 AJ Dillon480.0%2100.0%000.0%0
6Travis Etienne3100.0%2100.0%200.0%0
7Jamaal Williams480.0%2100.0%000.0%0
8Dalvin Cook3100.0%2100.0%000.0%0
9Leonard Fournette2100.0%1100.0%000.0%0
10Clyde Edwards-Helaire1100.0%1100.0%000.0%0
11Raheem Mostert150.0%1100.0%100.0%0
12Austin Ekeler3100.0%1100.0%1150.0%1
13Rhamondre Stevenson480.0%266.7%01100.0%1
14Joe Mixon685.7%350.0%300.0%0
15Miles Sanders350.0%240.0%100.0%0
16J.J. Taylor120.0%133.3%000.0%0
17Kenneth Gainwell116.7%120.0%100.0%0
18Boston Scott233.3%00.0%000.0%0
19Caleb Huntley120.0%00.0%000.0%0
20David Montgomery1100.0%00.0%000.0%0
21Dameon Pierce1100.0%00.0%000.0%0
22Samaje Perine114.3%00.0%000.0%0
23Aaron Jones120.0%00.0%000.0%0
24James Robinson1100.0%00.0%000.0%0
25D'Andre Swift120.0%00.0%000.0%0
26Jeff Wilson 150.0%00.0%000.0%0
27James Conner2100.0%00.0%000.0%0
28Devin Singletary1100.0%00.0%000.0%0



 SnapsSnap %Carr.Carr. %Rush TDTgtTgt %Rec TD
1Jamaal Williams2170.0%14100.0%500.0%0
2Josh Jacobs1688.9%5100.0%200.0%0
3Kenneth Walker III888.9%4100.0%200.0%0
4Dameon Pierce990.0%685.7%2133.3%1
5Leonard Fournette1982.6%880.0%2222.2%2
6 AJ Dillon1066.7%480.0%100.0%0
7Derrick Henry1392.9%975.0%7150.0%0
8Antonio Gibson1263.2%770.0%200.0%0
9Dalvin Cook2076.9%770.0%417.7%0
10Joe Mixon3797.4%1568.2%5214.3%0
11Ezekiel Elliott969.2%666.7%300.0%0
12Rhamondre Stevenson1773.9%960.0%2114.3%1
13Jonathan Taylor1473.7%457.1%100.0%0
14Nick Chubb1768.0%956.3%500.0%0
15Najee Harris15100.0%555.6%1120.0%1
16Melvin Gordon840.0%654.5%200.0%0
17Saquon Barkley1875.0%853.3%400.0%0
18Breece Hall1460.9%750.0%200.0%0
19Travis Etienne1854.5%844.4%3110.0%0
20D'Onta Foreman545.5%342.9%200.0%0
21Khalil Herbert1040.0%842.1%200.0%0
22Sony Michel423.5%240.0%000.0%0
23Jeff Wilson  1460.9%637.5%100.0%0
24Raheem Mostert1157.9%337.5%100.0%0
25Malcolm Brown730.4%337.5%000.0%0
26Miles Sanders1548.4%834.8%400.0%0
27Tony Pollard753.8%333.3%100.0%0
28James Conner1137.9%531.3%118.3%0
29Kareem Hunt936.0%531.3%2114.3%1
30Cordarrelle Patterson937.5%430.8%300.0%0
31Clyde Edwards-Helaire1337.1%430.8%2422.2%3
32J.K. Dobbins520.8%330.0%117.7%1
33Devin Singletary2388.5%330.0%0214.3%1
34Michael Carter1252.2%428.6%200.0%0
35Raheem Blackshear327.3%228.6%100.0%0
36Alvin Kamara758.3%228.6%100.0%0
37James Robinson1648.5%527.8%0110.0%1
38Alec Ingold210.5%225.0%100.0%0
39Cam Akers313.0%225.0%000.0%0
40Chase Edmonds736.8%225.0%2112.5%0
41Darrell Henderson1252.2%225.0%100.0%0
42Caleb Huntley729.2%323.1%100.0%0
43Tyler Allgeier729.2%323.1%100.0%0
44Jerick McKinnon2057.1%323.1%015.6%0
45Damien Harris521.7%320.0%3114.3%0
46Mike Davis937.5%220.0%000.0%0
47Rachaad White417.4%220.0%100.0%0
48Brian Robinson315.8%220.0%100.0%0
49Joshua Kelley15.9%120.0%100.0%0
50Austin Ekeler1270.6%120.0%1218.2%2
51Aaron Jones533.3%120.0%0220.0%1
52Eno Benjamin724.1%318.8%100.0%0
53Latavius Murray210.0%218.2%200.0%0
54Javonte Williams1050.0%218.2%0225.0%0
55Isiah Pacheco38.6%215.4%100.0%0
56Spencer Brown19.1%114.3%000.0%0
57Latavius Murray216.7%114.3%100.0%0
58Rex Burkhead110.0%114.3%000.0%0
59Deon Jackson210.5%114.3%100.0%0
60Mark Ingram18.3%114.3%100.0%0
61Christian McCaffrey218.2%114.3%100.0%0
62Nyheim Hines631.6%114.3%000.0%0
63Kyle Juszczyk1252.2%212.5%100.0%0
64Keaontay Ingram26.9%212.5%100.0%0
65Tevin Coleman313.0%212.5%100.0%0
66David Montgomery1248.0%210.5%100.0%0
67Trestan Ebner312.0%210.5%000.0%0
68Kenyan Drake520.8%110.0%017.7%1
69Alexander Mattison623.1%110.0%000.0%0
70Gus Edwards28.3%110.0%100.0%0
71Kenneth Gainwell825.8%28.7%2112.5%0
72J.D. McKissic315.8%00.0%0228.6%0


Red Zone

Week 9

 SnapsSnap %Carr.Carr. %Rush TDTgtTgt %Rec TD
1Kenneth Walker III1392.9%9100.0%200.0%0
2Austin Ekeler990.0%4100.0%1233.3%1
3 AJ Dillon1191.7%2100.0%000.0%0
4Brian Robinson2100.0%1100.0%000.0%0
5Travis Etienne1191.7%787.5%200.0%0
6Dameon Pierce763.6%480.0%000.0%0
7Dalvin Cook15100.0%480.0%0222.2%1
8Derrick Henry583.3%480.0%200.0%0
9Rhamondre Stevenson787.5%375.0%0266.7%1
10Jamaal Williams969.2%571.4%000.0%0
11Raheem Blackshear675.0%266.7%1120.0%0
12Leonard Fournette990.0%266.7%0116.7%0
13Jeff Wilson  872.7%360.0%0233.3%1
14Joe Mixon1684.2%758.3%4360.0%1
15Miles Sanders969.2%555.6%100.0%0
16Devin Singletary457.1%250.0%000.0%0
17Jerick McKinnon1270.6%250.0%0222.2%0
18Malcolm Brown233.3%150.0%000.0%0
19Darrell Henderson233.3%150.0%000.0%0
20David Montgomery480.0%150.0%000.0%0
21Cordarrelle Patterson637.5%444.4%200.0%0
22Raheem Mostert327.3%240.0%100.0%0
23Caleb Huntley637.5%333.3%000.0%0
24D'Onta Foreman225.0%133.3%0120.0%0
25Michael Carter969.2%228.6%1125.0%0
26Clyde Edwards-Helaire211.8%125.0%000.0%0
27J.J. Taylor112.5%125.0%000.0%0
28D'Andre Swift323.1%114.3%0125.0%0
29James Robinson430.8%114.3%0125.0%1
30Kenneth Gainwell215.4%111.1%1125.0%0
31Tyler Allgeier318.8%111.1%000.0%0
32Samaje Perine315.8%18.3%000.0%0
33Cam Akers233.3%00.0%000.0%0
34Rex Burkhead436.4%00.0%0125.0%0
35Rachaad White110.0%00.0%000.0%0
36Deon Jackson360.0%00.0%000.0%0
37Jordan Wilkins240.0%00.0%0150.0%0
38James Cook228.6%00.0%0150.0%0
39James Conner5100.0%00.0%0133.3%0
40Isiah Pacheco317.6%00.0%000.0%0



 SnapsSnap %Carr.Carr. %Rush TDTgtTgt %Rec TD
1Dameon Pierce3364.7%2090.9%228.3%1
2Josh Jacobs4265.6%1990.5%600.0%0
3Derrick Henry4178.8%2385.2%8315.0%0
4Jamaal Williams3547.9%2482.8%712.8%0
5Kenneth Walker III5064.9%2773.0%500.0%0
6Joe Mixon8988.1%3066.7%6918.8%2
7Leonard Fournette7378.5%1765.4%259.3%3
8Dalvin Cook6272.9%1661.5%4611.8%1
9Jonathan Taylor4156.2%1460.9%112.7%0
10Austin Ekeler6372.4%1659.3%41223.5%4
11Najee Harris3873.1%1458.3%129.1%2
12Saquon Barkley5478.3%2252.4%415.6%0
13Melvin Gordon2441.4%1252.2%226.5%0
14Rhamondre Stevenson5373.6%1950.0%3518.5%1
15 AJ Dillon3757.8%1150.0%125.1%0
16Travis Etienne5755.3%2546.3%449.8%0
17Nick Chubb4548.9%2545.5%800.0%0
18Aaron Jones3046.9%1045.5%1410.3%2
19Alvin Kamara3659.0%1043.5%1720.0%1
20Raheem Mostert4253.8%1343.3%2410.0%1
21Tony Pollard2752.9%1041.7%328.3%0
22Antonio Gibson3853.5%1340.6%2516.1%2
23Michael Carter5158.0%1638.1%3514.3%0
24Miles Sanders5053.8%2237.9%600.0%0
25D'Onta Foreman1326.0%1037.0%315.3%0
26Breece Hall3742.0%1535.7%2514.3%1
27Kareem Hunt4447.8%1934.5%2515.6%1
28Khalil Herbert3038.0%1833.3%400.0%0
29Ezekiel Elliott2447.1%833.3%400.0%0
30Cam Akers1622.9%833.3%112.6%0
31Darrell Henderson3651.4%833.3%225.3%0
32Devin Singletary6175.3%1132.4%0615.0%1
33Jeff Wilson  4054.8%1230.8%1310.0%0
34James Robinson4543.7%1629.6%124.9%1
35David Montgomery4557.0%1629.6%214.8%0
36Tyler Allgeier3133.0%1829.5%100.0%0
37Eno Benjamin3135.6%1228.6%2410.0%0
38Brian Robinson1622.5%928.1%100.0%0
39Caleb Huntley2526.6%1727.9%100.0%0
40Jerick McKinnon6758.3%1027.0%058.3%1
41Christian McCaffrey2754.0%725.9%2210.5%1
42Clyde Edwards-Helaire3631.3%924.3%3610.0%3
43Alexander Mattison2327.1%623.1%247.8%1
44Cordarrelle Patterson3234.0%1423.0%500.0%0
45Damien Harris1520.8%821.1%3518.5%0
46James Conner3236.8%819.0%125.0%0
47Joshua Kelley1213.8%518.5%112.0%0
48Sony Michel1314.9%518.5%000.0%0
49J.K. Dobbins1416.7%718.4%112.5%1
50Kenyan Drake3035.7%718.4%025.0%1
51Deon Jackson1824.7%417.4%125.4%0
52Latavius Murray58.6%417.4%200.0%0
53Javonte Williams2237.9%417.4%0619.4%0
54Chase Edmonds2532.1%516.7%2410.0%1
55Jaylen Warren1426.9%416.7%000.0%0
56Malcolm Brown1318.6%416.7%000.0%0
57Isiah Pacheco1210.4%616.2%100.0%0
58Rashaad Penny1823.4%513.5%013.2%0
59Nyheim Hines1723.3%313.0%1410.8%0
60Mark Ingram1829.5%313.0%138.6%0
61Christian McCaffrey1216.4%512.8%126.7%1
62Keaontay Ingram78.0%511.9%112.5%0
63Rachaad White2122.6%311.5%147.4%0
64Kenneth Gainwell3133.3%610.3%3311.1%0
65D'Andre Swift1824.7%310.3%138.3%1
66Rex Burkhead1631.4%14.5%0416.7%1
67Samaje Perine1211.9%24.4%024.2%1
68J.D. McKissic1419.7%13.1%0412.9%0


Week 10 Waivers & Sleepers

Picking from players rostered in no more than half of Yahoo Leagues.

Week 10 Byes: Ravens, Bengals, Patriots, Jets

Waivers, Pt. 1 Top Adds & Streamers

  1. Jeff Wilson - 52% rostered*
  2. Kyren Williams - 42%
  3. Rachaad White - 34%
  4. Chase Edmonds - 48%
  5. Jerick McKinnon - 8%
  6. Jaylen Warren - 7% 
  7.  Kylin Hill - 0%
  8. Isaiah Spiller - 3% 

*Wilson technically doesn't meet the sub-50-percent rostered requirement, but he seems to be available in some competitive leagues with 10 or fewer teams.


Waivers, Pt. 2 Bench Stashes & Sleepers

  1. Alexander Mattison - 44%
  2. Kenneth Gainwell -14%
  3. Dontrell Hilliard - 18%
  4. Chuba Hubbard - 33%
  5.   Isiah Pacheco - 30%
  6. Zamir White - 2% 
  7. JaMycal Hasty - 6% 
  8.  Samaje Perine - 6%
  9. Travis Homer - 1%
  10. Raheem Blackshear -  1%


Week 10 Drops & Benchings


J.D. McKissic (neck)

Ronnie Rivers

Craig Reynolds (ribs)

Sony Michel

Latavius Murray



Raheem Mostert

D'Onta Foreman

D'Andre Swift

Eno Benjamin

Caleb Huntley


Week 9 Game-by-Game Breakdowns

Eagles (29) at Texans (17) 

 SnapsSnap %Snap % '22Carr.Carr %Carr % '22TgtTgt %Tgt % '22PPRGLL
Miles Sanders4265.6%60.6%1754.8%47.5%00.0%5.7%15.32
Kenneth Gainwell1828.1%26.6%412.9%10.1%312.0%5.2%12.81
Boston Scott46.3%11.2%13.2%8.7%00.0%0.4%0.50
  • Sanders scored his sixth TD of the year in the first quarter, and now has one in three straight games.
    • Gainwell scored from four yards out in the second quarter, his third TD of the year.
  • Eagles RBs have less than 100 combined receiving yards this year, but they've scored 10 rushing TDs to Jalen Hurts' six.
  • This was Sanders' largest snap share of the season in a game Scott also played
    • The other two games where Sanders reached 65 percent were the two games Scott missed.
    • Scott played fewer snaps than Gainwell for a third straight game, and this time it also meant fewer carries (and targets). 


 SnapsSnap %Snap % '22Carr.Carr %Carr % '22TgtTgt %Tgt % '22PPRGLL
Dameon Pierce4778.3%62.1%2784.4%78.7%00.0%9.4%13.90
Rex Burkhead1321.7%35.4%13.1%12.2%29.5%13.0%2.50
Dare Ogunbowale11.7%2.9%00.0%0.5%00.0%3.1%00
  • Pierce made it back-to-back weeks with 78% snap share, only giving way to Burkhead on the clearest of passing downs, though he wasn't targeted (all his fantasy points came from rushing yards - 139).
    • Pierce played 90% of snaps on first/second down, after 95% the week before.
  • Eight of Burkhead's 13 snaps came on third down.


Bills (17) at Jets (20) 

 SnapsSnap %Snap % '22Carr.Carr %Carr % '22TgtTgt %Tgt % '22PPRGLL
Devin Singletary4674.2%70.9%836.4%40.5%515.2%11.9%8.80
James Cook1422.6%15.5%418.2%14.4%412.1%4.1%5.30
Nyheim Hines46.5%0.8%00.0%0.0%13.0%0.3%00
  • Singletary topped 74% snap share for a third straight week, continuing the trend of increased playing time in more competitive games, though his 46 snaps and 12 touches netted only 48 total yards.
  • Hines barely played in his Bills debut; Cook kept his same role for at least one more week.


 SnapsSnap %Snap % '22Carr.Carr %Carr % '22TgtTgt %Tgt % '22PPRGLL
Michael Carter3150.8%53.9%1235.3%37.8%14.2%10.7%15.60
James Robinson2439.3%6.2%1338.2%8.0%28.3%1.0%13.30
Ty Johnson711.5%8.4%25.9%2.2%00.0%2.0%1.70
  • Robinson tripled his touch count and nearly doubled his snap count from the week before, finishing with 13-48-0 rushing and 2-5-1 on two targets.
    • Carter was targeted only once after seven the week before, but he made up for it with a 12-76-1 rushing line.
  • Johnson played all four snaps on 3rd-and-long but only three snaps otherwise.


Dolphins (35) at Bears (32) 

 SnapsSnap %Snap % '22Carr.Carr %Carr % '22TgtTgt %Tgt % '22PPRGLL
Jeff Wilson2850.0%-939.1%-310.3%-16.20
Raheem Mostert2646.4%60.1%939.1%54.5%26.9%7.1%8.61
  • Mostert got the start and played 86% of snaps in the first quarter (including a short rushing TD), but then Wilson played at least 47% of snaps in each subsequent quarter.
    • Wilson took 0% of snaps in the first quarter, 47% in the second, 65% in the third and 57% in the fourth.
      • After Q1, Wilson had a 57/41 snap share advantage over Mostert, plus a 9-6 lead in carries and 3-2 lead in targets.
  • Wilson finished with nine rushes for 51 yards and three catches for 21 yards and a TD, while Mostert was held to 9-26-0 and no catches, doing little after the early TD.


 SnapsSnap %Snap % '22Carr.Carr %Carr % '22TgtTgt %Tgt % '22PPRGLL
David Montgomery5169.9%56.1%1435.0%32.6%27.4%8.8%5.40
Khalil Herbert2128.8%37.6%717.5%30.2%00.0%3.8%2.30
Trestan Ebner22.7%8.8%00.0%5.5%00.0%2.2%00
  • Justin Fields put up 15-178-1 rushing to break the QB yardage record, while Montgomery was held to 14-36-0 and Herbert to 7-23-0.
    • Herbert has played less than 30% of snaps in back-to-back games now.


Raiders (20) at Jaguars (27) 

 SnapsSnap %Snap % '22Carr.Carr %Carr % '22TgtTgt %Tgt % '22PPRGLL
Josh Jacobs4169.5%71.8%1789.5%79.3%38.3%10.6%11.70
Ameer Abdullah1423.7%12.7%00.0%0.0%38.3%4.4%1.80
Brandon Bolden46.8%12.1%15.3%4.6%00.0%2.9%0.50
Zamir White11.7%4.6%15.3%3.4%00.0%0.0%-0.10
  • Jacobs played 93% of snaps on first/ second down but not a single snap on third down.
    • Abdullah took 11 of 12 third-down snaps, after playing 13 of 15 the week before.
    • Jacobs played 50% of third-down snaps Weeks 4-7 during his three-game streak with over 140 rushing yards. His relative slump the past two weeks is more about the Raiders struggling both in the run game and overall, but losing third-down snaps to Abdullah certainly doesn't help.


 SnapsSnap %Snap % '22Carr.Carr %Carr % '22TgtTgt %Tgt % '22PPRGLL
Travis Etienne5681.2%58.5%2875.7%46.3%26.9%9.5%26.62
JaMycal Hasty1318.8%9.0%38.1%4.6%13.4%2.7%2.10
Snoop Conner11.4%0.3%00.0%0.0%00.0%0.0%00
  • Etienne made it three weeks in a row with snap share between 79-81 percent, 100-plus rushing yards and at least one TD.
    • He's caught only six passes for 28 yards in that time, more than making up for it with rushing lines of 14-114-1, 24-156-1 and now 28-109-2.
  • Etienne played 87% of snaps on first down, 87% on second down and 60% on third down.
    • The week before it was 79/82/73


Vikings (20) at Commanders (17) 

 SnapsSnap %Snap % '22Carr.Carr %Carr % '22TgtTgt %Tgt % '22PPRGLL
Dalvin Cook5786.4%71.0%1777.3%69.7%615.4%9.8%13.62
Alexander Mattison913.6%28.8%29.1%19.7%12.6%4.2%1.10
  • Cook handled his second largest snap share of the season, topping 75% for a third time in the past four weeks.
    • This isn't a bad thing if you're rostering Mattison... he's never really startable when Cook plays, and the more work Cook gets the more likely he is to suffer an injury.
    • The Commanders held Cook to 47 yards on 17 carries and nine yards on six targets, with the star back needing a receiving TD to salvage his fantasy day.


 SnapsSnap %Snap % '22Carr.Carr %Carr % '22TgtTgt %Tgt % '22PPRGLL
Antonio Gibson3657.1%44.6%1136.7%37.2%311.5%12.1%6.70
Brian Robinson2844.4%19.9%1343.3%28.0%27.7%1.3%5.80
  • J.D. McKissick (neck) didn't play and reportedly is scheduled to see a specialist, with Ron Rivera noting Friday that the team wants to be cautious.
    •  There was no instant pay-off for Gibson, who was held to 47 total yards, but he did play 57% of snaps after four straight games below 40%.
  • Robinson took 52% of snaps on first down, 52% on second down and 17% on third down.
    • Gibson was 52/48/83, plus he got the lone fourth-down snap.
    • It does shift a bit more toward Robinson if you exclude a two-minute drill at the end of the first half, but Gibson still played 46% of snaps even if we ignore the second quarter.


Packers (9) at Lions (15) 

 SnapsSnap %Snap % '22Carr.Carr %Carr % '22TgtTgt %Tgt % '22PPRGLL
AJ Dillon4865.8%49.4%1144.0%43.8%410.0%8.0%6.42
Aaron Jones3041.1%61.0%936.0%47.8%25.0%12.9%6.50
Kylin Hill11.4%0.2%14.0%0.4%00.0%0.0%0.70
  • Jones got hurt late in the third quarter and missed the entire fourth quarter.
    • Dillon took 23 of 24 snaps in the fourth, after playing 51% of snaps (compared to Jones' 61%) through three quarters.
    • At the end of Q3, Jones had nine carries to Dillon's eight, with both drawing two targets.


 SnapsSnap %Snap % '22Carr.Carr %Carr % '22TgtTgt %Tgt % '22PPRGLL
Jamaal Williams3760.7%42.1%2477.4%58.9%00.0%4.5%10.12
Justin Jackson1321.3%9.5%412.9%5.6%00.0%1.1%2.70
D'Andre Swift1016.4%28.8%26.5%15.9%416.7%8.0%80
Craig Reynolds11.6%19.5%00.0%10.7%00.0%3.8%00
  • Swift's role was minimal in terms of playing time (16% snap share), but he did see the ball on six of his 10 snaps and contributed to the win with 50 yards on five touches.
  • The 24 carries were a season high for Williams, who has 10 or more totes in every game this year.
    • Williams went 0-for-2 at the goal line and didn't see any targets, but he did score a two-point conversion on top of his 81 rushing yards.
  • Reynolds played one snap before exiting with a rib injury. After that, Jackson subbed in some and took four carries for 27 yards.


Colts (3) at Patriots (26) 

 SnapsSnap %Snap % '22Carr.Carr %Carr % '22TgtTgt %Tgt % '22PPRGLL
Deon Jackson3962.9%23.7%1150.0%19.4%310.7%5.1%5.60
Jordan Wilkins1930.6%3.1%313.6%1.4%517.9%1.5%6.80
Phillip Lindsay914.5%10.5%14.5%7.1%13.6%2.4%0.20
  • Jonathan Taylor (ankle) was out again, and while Jackson filled in as the lead back, he didn't have the dominant usage we saw a few weeks ago, instead splitting snaps with Wilkins and Lindsay.
    • Wilkins had eight looks to Lindsay's two.


 SnapsSnap %Snap % '22Carr.Carr %Carr % '22TgtTgt %Tgt % '22PPRGLL
Rhamondre Stevenson4673.0%66.1%1553.6%49.8%723.3%16.7%163
J.J. Taylor1727.0%3.0%1035.7%3.9%13.3%0.4%2.71
  • Taylor took over some of the early down work that would normally go to Damien Harris (illness), while Stevenson played nearly three-fourths of snaps and dominated the high-value touches (targets, goal-line looks).
  • Stevenson finished with 15-60-0 and 3-10-1 on seven targets.


Panthers (21) at Bengals (42) 

 SnapsSnap %Snap % '22Carr.Carr %Carr % '22TgtTgt %Tgt % '22PPRGLL
D'Onta Foreman2142.9%25.7%738.9%29.3%310.0%2.3%4.10
Raheem Blackshear1734.7%5.6%527.8%4.4%413.3%1.5%15.32
Spencer Brown1326.5%6.0%316.7%4.4%310.0%1.5%4.60
  • Chuba Hubbard (ankle) missed a second game, but Foreman was unable to get going early and then saw game script work against him with the Bengals up big.
    • Foreman finished with nine touches for 21 yards, after scoring three TDs the week before in Atlanta
  • Foreman played 55% of snaps through three quarters, and had six of Carolina's seven RB carries at the end of the third (but just one of the five targets).
    • In the fourth, which accounted for more than 40 percent of Carolina's total snaps, Foreman handled only 25% snap share (same as Spencer Brown) while Blackshear took 50% and scored a garbage-time TD to finish with 5-13-1 and 4-40-0.


 SnapsSnap %Snap % '22Carr.Carr %Carr % '22TgtTgt %Tgt % '22PPRGLL
Joe Mixon4864.9%71.9%2256.4%68.0%516.7%15.1%55.13
Samaje Perine2736.5%27.2%615.4%11.3%26.7%6.6%6.40
Chris Evans11.4%2.0%00.0%0.0%00.0%0.9%00
  • Mixon went for 200-plus yards and five TDs in three quarters.
    • He played 75% of snaps in the first half, 53% in the third quarter and 40% in the fourth.
      • He didn't get any touches on his four Q4 snaps.
  • Perine got the garbage-time work, as Evans left the game early with a knee injury.
    • Trayveon Williams is fourth on the depth chart, in case you were wondering (probably not)


Chargers (20) at Falcons (17) 

 SnapsSnap %Snap % '22Carr.Carr %Carr % '22TgtTgt %Tgt % '22PPRGLL
Austin Ekeler4768.1%62.4%1458.3%51.3%920.9%20.6%24.12
Isaiah Spiller1318.8%2.9%729.2%4.2%00.0%0.0%2.90
Sony Michel1115.9%19.4%14.2%17.8%12.3%3.8%1.20
  • Spiller may have usurped Michel for the No. 2 role, with a small advantage in snaps (13-11) but a big advantage for touches (7-2).
    • That said, the Chargers have changed their minds on this probably a dozen times since the beginning of last year, never truly settling on a clear backup for Ekeler (who scored two TDs in this one, despite getting only 71 yards from 21 touches).
  • Ekeler's two-yard rushing TD was his first carry inside the 5-yard line this year, though he does have two targets in that area, including one for a TD this past Sunday.
    • And yet... he's scored multiple TDs in four of his past five games.
      • For the season, he's handled 71% of the red-zone snaps, 59% of the team's RZ carries and 23% of the targets.... so he's getting a lot of high-value touches even if the extremely valuable ones have been much less frequent than this year (partially a result of the Chargers offense struggling)


 SnapsSnap %Snap % '22Carr.Carr %Carr % '22TgtTgt %Tgt % '22PPRGLL
Cordarrelle Patterson2439.3%29.2%1337.1%23.4%14.3%4.1%18.33
Tyler Allgeier2337.7%41.7%1028.6%31.0%14.3%3.1%13.30
Caleb Huntley1321.3%18.2%720.0%21.1%00.0%0.0%3.40
Avery Williams34.9%16.1%00.0%3.3%14.3%4.6%1.20
  • Patterson started and led the team in carries in his first game back from a four-week IR stint, finishing with 13-44-2 and 1-9-0 while taking all three of the goal-line carries for Atlanta.
    • Patterson played only 39% of snaps, however, compared to 59-to-65 percent in Weeks 1-3 before he injured his knee in Week 4.
      • C-Patt should play more Week 10 at Carolina, though it's not a guarantee given the recent success of Allgeier and Huntley, a duo that combined for 333 total yards the past two weeks.


Seahawks (31) at Cardinals (21) 

 SnapsSnap %Snap % '22Carr.Carr %Carr % '22TgtTgt %Tgt % '22PPRGLL
Kenneth Walker5676.7%48.7%2676.5%47.6%412.5%5.8%27.93
Travis Homer2128.8%13.7%12.9%3.0%39.4%2.9%6.20
DeeJay Dallas22.7%14.7%12.9%5.6%00.0%1.8%0.40
  • Walker has now started four games in a row, with at least 69% snap share and 18 carries in each. His averages as a starter?
    • 22.0 carries for 106 yards and 1.5 TDs
    • 1.5 catches for 8.5 yards on 2.3 targets
    • 51 snaps per game


 SnapsSnap %Snap % '22Carr.Carr %Carr % '22TgtTgt %Tgt % '22PPRGLL
James Conner4571.4%35.7%733.3%26.1%515.2%6.9%11.40
Eno Benjamin1727.0%47.6%419.0%29.9%13.0%9.5%3.70
Keaontay Ingram11.6%4.5%14.8%5.6%00.0%0.6%0.20
  • Conner handled his largest snap share since Week 1 in his first game back from a three-week absence, taking seven carries for 45 yards and five catches for 19 yards.
    • He still hasn't scored since Week 1, and hasn't topped 55 rushing yards or 29 receiving yards in any game this season.
    • Conner took 69% of snaps in the first half and 74% in the second half.


Rams (13) at Buccaneers (16) 

 SnapsSnap %Snap % '22Carr.Carr %Carr % '22TgtTgt %Tgt % '22PPRGLL
Darrell Henderson2849.1%58.8%1250.0%36.3%13.8%7.5%5.60
Malcolm Brown1628.1%11.0%28.3%8.2%13.8%0.7%2.90
Cam Akers1119.3%24.5%520.8%32.7%00.0%1.8%0.30
  • Henderson returned to the starting lineup, while Week 8 starter Ronnie Rivers strictly played special teams.
    • Despite starting, Henderson got just one carry and 33% of snaps in the first quarter. It wasn't until the second half where he retook the lead role, playing 61% of snaps post-halftime and taking nine carries for 44 yards.
  • Akers returned but gained only three yards from five carries. 


 SnapsSnap %Snap % '22Carr.Carr %Carr % '22TgtTgt %Tgt % '22PPRGLL
Leonard Fournette5261.9%72.2%945.0%66.1%712.7%12.8%111
Rachaad White2934.5%28.3%840.0%20.8%35.5%6.5%6.40
Ke'Shawn Vaughn33.6%0.5%210.0%1.1%11.8%0.3%0.40
  • Fournette's snap share fell in the low-60s for a fourth time in the past six weeks, and he finished with only 9-19-0 rushing and 5-41-0 receiving.
    • White put up 8-27-0 and 3-7-0... not much better, to be fair. And he's at only 3.1 YPC for the year, below even Fournette's 3.3.
    • That said, the eight carries were a season high for White, who was outcarried by Fournette 52-19 over the previous four weeks combined (a lot of White's role/usage growth came on passing downs).


Titans (17) at Chiefs (20) - OT

 SnapsSnap %Snap % '22Carr.Carr %Carr % '22TgtTgt %Tgt % '22PPRGLL
Derrick Henry3058.8%66.2%1758.6%73.5%00.0%10.9%23.53
Dontrell Hilliard1631.4%24.1%310.3%6.8%17.7%10.9%1.80
Hassan Haskins611.8%11.6%13.4%4.0%17.7%1.8%1.70
  • Henry scored two TDs in the first half and finished with 115 rushing yards, but the Chiefs clamped down after halftime and stopped the chunk gains, which had a secondary effect of creating more 2nd/3rd-and-long situations that favored putting Hilliard in the game.
  • Henry took 68% of snaps in the first half before dropping to 52% post-halftime. He ran for 95 yards and two TDs in the first half, then was stuffed (eight carries for 23 yards) in the second half. 
    • Talking heads would've ha a field day if it had been the other way around, of course.
      • To be fair, Henry's career stats post-halftime are better than the pre-halftime stats (5.0 YPC compared to 4.6, 42 rushing TDs compared to 31). So maybe there's something there, for him specifically -- it's often the case that "laws" (really, loose rules) don't apply to extreme outliers.


 SnapsSnap %Snap % '22Carr.Carr %Carr % '22TgtTgt %Tgt % '22PPRGLL
Jerick McKinnon5960.8%45.2%315.8%17.2%812.9%8.0%10.40
Isiah Pacheco2222.7%16.9%526.3%23.7%11.6%1.0%1.90
Clyde Edwards-Helaire1616.5%37.6%421.1%37.1%23.2%6.7%2.91
  • Pacheco made his second straight start and took 56% of snaps in the first quarter (two carries, one target), but after that he played only 14% of snaps and saw three more looks the entire game.
  • McKinnon played 16% of snaps in the first quarter, 71% in the second, 35% in the third and then 97% between the fourth quarter and overtime (which accounted for 39 percent of the team's plays overall).
  • When all was said and done, McKinnon had a season high for snap share and Edwards-Helaire a season low, albeit with game script being a significant factor (the Chiefs trailed 14-9 or 17-9 for most of the second half... eventually scoring 11 points on their final two drives to win it in OT).


Ravens (27) at Saints (13) 

 SnapsSnap %Carr.Carr ShTgtTgt ShPPRGLL
Kenyan Drake4667.6%2460.0%29.5%24.92
Justice Hill1725.0%410.0%14.8%2.90
Mike Davis34.4%00.0%14.8%1.70
  • Drake finished with season highs for snap share and carries, putting up 24-93-2 and a pair of catches for 16 yards.
    • Hill was the No. 2 back but had only four carries for 11 yards and one catch for eight yards.
  • The Ravens are now on bye, and they could get Gus Edwards (hamstring) back in the lineup as soon as Week 11 vs. Carolina. They also hope to eventually have J.K. Dobbins (knee), though that's probably not happening until after Thanksgiving.


 SnapsSnap %Carr.Carr ShTgtTgt ShPPR
Alvin Kamara4588.20%960.0%414.30%9.2
Dwayne Washington59.8%320.0%13.6%2.4
Jordan Howard12.0%00.0%00.0%0
  • The 88 percent snap share for Kamara matched a career high.
    • That may partially be a product of Mark Ingram (knee) missing his first of what likely will be at least 3-4 games, but arguably the bigger factor was Baltimore dominating possession and Kamara not seeing enough work to need rest.


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