Target Breakdown: Week 3 WR/TE Usage + Week 4 Waivers

Target Breakdown: Week 3 WR/TE Usage + Week 4 Waivers

This article is part of our Target Breakdown series.

The stat tables below are different, now featuring columns for each team with season-long numbers for route and target share. I think it makes it easier to see major role/usage changes at a quick glance, without any scrolling or reading, but please let me know in the comments below if you don't like the changes and/or would like to see something else in Target Breakdown.

I made similar changes to Backfield Breakdown, the sister article released every Monday showing RB usage for every team, with a look-ahead to Week 4 waivers, drops and benching.

Share Comparisons

Below we show target, route and air-yard shares for Week 3, compared to numbers for the season as a whole. Sorting by the delta columns is a quick way to find outliers (or trends... or injuries).

Wide Receivers

 R/DB W3R/DB '22R/DB ΔTgt Sh W3Tgt Sh '22Tgt Sh ΔAY Sh W3AY Sh '22AY Sh Δ
1CeeDee Lamb96.8%96.3%0.4%40.0%33.7%6.3%50.7%44.7%6.0%
2Darnell Mooney95.5%96.4%-0.9%37.5%25.0%12.5%42.9%33.1%9.8%
3Amari Cooper97.0%89.6%7.4%35.5%30.7%4.8%61.4%49.2%12.2%
4DeVonta Smith92.1%96.2%-4.1%35.3%24.7%10.6%52.7%37.1%15.6%
5Robert Woods89.3%78.4%10.9%34.6%20.0%14.6%59.1%25.2%33.9%
6Diontae Johnson100.0%96.3%3.7%34.4%32.7%1.7%40.7%42.3%-1.6%
7Chris Olave92.9%86.5%6.3%33.3%26.1%7.2%39.1%41.7%-2.6%
8Russell Gage84.4%77.1%7.4%32.5%21.0%11.5%29.2%10.5%18.8%
9Drake London73.9%80.0%-6.1%31.6%32.9%-1.3%30.1%34.8%-4.7%
10Sterling Shepard85.7%81.0%4.8%31.3%28.2%3.0%46.2%42.6%3.6%
11Courtland Sutton97.3%96.5%0.8%31.3%27.7%3.5%49.7%47.7%2.1%
12DeVante Parker100.0%91.2%8.8%31.3%14.6%16.7%57.1%31.0%26.1%
13Marquise Brown95.0%95.4%-0.4%30.9%24.6%6.3%43.6%42.4%1.2%
14Jaylen Waddle72.7%78.0%-5.3%30.0%29.7%0.3%56.5%42.2%14.2%
15A.J. Brown92.1%93.3%-1.2%29.4%33.3%-3.9%35.4%44.3%-8.9%
16Zay Jones79.5%84.1%-4.6%28.9%22.6%6.3%20.4%20.0%0.4%
17Ja'Marr Chase100.0%100.0%0.0%28.6%28.5%0.1%42.0%36.0%6.0%
18DK Metcalf95.7%92.7%3.0%27.9%25.0%2.9%39.8%34.9%4.9%
19Deebo Samuel87.9%89.8%-1.9%27.6%26.6%1.0%22.0%10.1%11.8%
20Brandon Aiyuk90.9%94.3%-3.4%27.6%24.1%3.5%44.6%38.7%6.0%
21Josh Reynolds80.5%83.6%-3.1%27.0%14.8%12.2%47.4%26.0%21.5%
22Tyler Lockett84.8%89.0%-4.2%25.6%26.0%-0.4%30.1%37.8%-7.7%
23DJ Moore100.0%100.0%0.0%25.0%23.4%1.6%32.2%33.8%-1.5%
24Michael Pittman97.6%98.0%-0.4%25.0%19.3%5.7%26.9%19.9%6.9%
25JuJu Smith-Schuster80.6%80.2%0.4%25.0%18.1%6.9%33.9%21.8%12.1%
26Amon-Ra St. Brown75.6%85.3%-9.7%24.3%30.6%-6.2%13.8%20.5%-6.7%
27Cooper Kupp96.2%99.1%-2.9%24.0%34.7%-10.7%46.7%45.2%1.5%
28Davante Adams100.0%97.7%2.3%23.8%29.3%-5.5%22.5%37.6%-15.0%
29Curtis Samuel84.6%85.5%-0.9%23.8%23.6%0.2%11.6%10.5%1.1%
30Mack Hollins95.7%92.2%3.4%23.8%16.4%7.4%39.8%23.7%16.1%
31Christian Kirk97.4%93.8%3.6%23.7%25.5%-1.8%31.0%31.5%-0.5%
32Romeo Doubs94.4%66.4%28.1%23.5%17.0%6.5%13.9%13.5%0.4%
33Noah Brown87.1%88.1%-1.0%23.3%20.8%2.5%21.5%27.4%-5.9%
34Brandin Cooks97.0%93.9%3.1%22.6%27.9%-5.3%30.6%34.8%-4.2%
35Joshua Palmer93.5%90.0%3.5%22.0%17.4%4.6%19.3%17.8%1.5%
36Marquez Valdes-Scantling86.1%82.9%3.2%21.9%17.1%4.7%31.4%22.2%9.2%
37George Pickens87.9%89.8%-1.9%21.9%11.9%10.0%25.9%20.0%5.9%
38Adam Thielen92.9%96.7%-3.9%21.6%16.8%4.8%31.0%27.8%3.2%
39K.J. Osborn73.8%78.0%-4.2%21.6%12.4%9.2%40.3%21.7%18.6%
40Terry McLaurin88.5%89.7%-1.2%21.4%16.5%4.9%45.1%32.0%13.1%
41Garrett Wilson66.1%64.6%1.4%20.8%21.8%-0.9%23.1%29.5%-6.4%
42Elijah Moore94.6%92.1%2.6%20.8%15.0%5.9%37.5%25.2%12.3%
43Tyreek Hill90.9%82.6%8.3%20.0%28.7%-8.7%19.8%34.8%-15.0%
44Tee Higgins89.5%62.9%26.6%20.0%15.4%4.6%37.1%26.5%10.6%
45Allen Robinson92.3%94.6%-2.3%20.0%11.9%8.1%15.7%16.0%-0.3%
46Stefon Diggs70.1%74.5%-4.3%19.3%27.6%-8.3%28.4%40.2%-11.8%
47Jahan Dotson86.5%91.0%-4.5%19.0%14.2%4.9%31.7%25.8%5.9%
48Chase Claypool100.0%97.2%2.8%18.8%17.8%0.9%22.8%17.3%5.5%
49Jerry Jeudy78.4%64.3%14.0%18.8%15.8%2.9%36.0%24.2%11.8%
50Marvin Jones82.1%86.7%-4.7%18.4%17.0%1.4%48.8%33.6%15.1%
51Greg Dortch85.0%86.1%-1.1%18.2%16.7%1.5%11.5%13.6%-2.1%
52Allen Lazard88.9%53.3%35.6%17.6%9.6%8.1%53.5%23.9%29.6%
53Robbie Anderson85.7%92.2%-6.5%16.7%22.1%-5.4%47.3%35.6%11.7%
54Justin Jefferson97.6%98.4%-0.8%16.2%25.7%-9.4%11.8%36.2%-24.3%
55DJ Chark87.8%87.9%-0.1%16.2%16.7%-0.5%33.6%34.9%-1.4%
56Ben Skowronek73.1%83.8%-10.7%16.0%12.9%3.1%14.6%16.1%-1.4%
57Isaiah McKenzie55.2%52.5%2.7%15.8%11.8%4.0%15.5%11.4%4.1%
58Richie James88.1%76.2%11.9%15.6%20.0%-4.4%19.5%29.0%-9.5%
59Kendrick Bourne37.1%33.3%3.8%15.6%9.4%6.3%18.2%14.0%4.2%
60Rashod Bateman78.8%74.5%4.3%14.8%18.8%-4.0%31.6%29.1%2.5%
61Mike Williams89.1%91.5%-2.4%14.6%16.5%-1.9%31.9%31.4%0.5%
62Tyler Boyd81.6%85.0%-3.4%14.3%11.4%2.9%18.4%17.1%1.3%
63Alec Pierce47.6%57.0%-9.4%13.9%6.1%7.7%40.5%12.2%28.4%
64Nico Collins75.8%74.6%1.2%12.9%15.4%-2.5%22.1%25.3%-3.2%
65Michael Thomas69.0%78.6%-9.5%12.8%19.8%-7.0%7.6%17.8%-10.2%
66Jarvis Landry33.3%61.9%-28.6%12.8%17.1%-4.3%15.6%17.2%-1.6%
67Tre'Quan Smith57.1%19.0%38.1%12.8%4.5%8.3%24.9%9.2%15.7%
68Scotty Miller84.4%52.3%32.2%12.5%13.0%-0.5%19.0%21.5%-2.5%
69David Sills54.8%70.5%-15.7%12.5%9.4%3.1%22.7%14.0%8.6%
70Gabe Davis94.0%96%-2.0%10.5%8.7%1.9%20.1%16.5%3.6%
71Corey Davis87.5%76.2%11.3%10.4%12.9%-2.5%14.7%26.8%-12.1%
72Breshad Perriman66.7%61.5%5.2%10.0%12.0%-2.0%22.6%24.5%-2.0%
73Cole Beasley13.3%5.5%7.8%10.0%4.0%6.0%5.9%1.7%4.2%
74DeAndre Carter73.9%65.4%8.5%9.8%9.1%0.7%8.3%16.2%-8.0%
75Donovan Peoples-Jones84.8%85.4%-0.6%9.7%17.0%-7.4%11.6%21.7%-10.1%
76Chris Moore57.6%62.3%-4.7%9.7%9.6%0.1%11.4%10.0%1.4%
77Nelson Agholor74.3%67.6%6.6%9.4%14.6%-5.2%17.4%19.1%-1.8%
78Marquise Goodwin47.8%53.2%-5.4%9.3%7.0%2.3%13.4%11.3%2.0%
79Zach Pascal39.5%30.5%9.0%8.8%6.5%2.4%1.0%1.5%-0.5%
80Treylon Burks96.4%64.8%31.7%7.7%16.3%-8.6%11.3%23.9%-12.6%
81Devin Duvernay63.6%58.5%5.1%7.4%9.4%-2.0%8.8%11.6%-2.9%
82Randall Cobb50.0%52.3%-2.3%5.9%8.5%-2.6%6.9%17.9%-11.0%
83Parris Campbell90.5%85.3%5.2%5.6%7.0%-1.5%3.7%5.9%-2.2%
84Jamison Crowder47.8%41.1%6.6%5.3%7.1%-1.8%14.6%9.6%5.0%
85Trent Sherfield77.3%40.4%36.9%5.0%5.0%0.0%1.3%2.8%-1.6%
86David Bell57.6%38.5%19.0%3.2%2.3%1.0%1.6%1.5%0.2%
87Mecole Hardman63.9%59.5%4.4%3.1%10.5%-7.4%-1.2%14.8%-16.0%
88Lil'Jordan Humphrey71.4%29.4%42.0%3.1%3.1%0.0%3.5%2.7%0.7%
89Kendall Hinton56.8%39.1%17.6%3.1%2.0%1.1%14.0%4.8%9.2%
90Quez Watkins55.3%64.8%-9.5%2.9%3.2%-0.3%6.8%11.2%-4.4%
91Dante Pettis72.7%69.1%3.6%0.0%2.3%-2.3%0.0%5.2%-5.2%


Tight Ends

 R/DB W3R/DB '22R/DB ΔTgt Sh W3Tgt Sh '22Tgt Sh ΔAY Sh W3AY Sh '22AY Δ
1Mark Andrews90.9%90.4%0.5%48.1%36.5%11.7%52.5%37.8%14.7%
2Kyle Pitts69.6%78.8%-9.3%42.1%23.7%18.4%50.8%33.8%17.0%
3David Njoku78.8%74.0%4.8%32.3%18.2%14.1%24.5%11.6%12.9%
4Travis Kelce77.8%81.1%-3.3%25.0%22.9%2.1%26.4%27.8%-1.4%
5Robert Tonyan58.3%48.6%9.7%20.6%14.9%5.7%6.9%7.3%-0.4%
6Cole Kmet77.3%70.9%6.4%18.8%11.4%7.4%35.9%11.0%25.0%
7Zach Ertz88.3%82.8%5.6%18.2%18.1%0.1%20.6%17.9%2.6%
8George Kittle81.8%30.7%51.1%17.2%6.3%10.9%9.9%4.0%6.0%
9Tyler Conklin69.6%72.6%-2.9%16.7%16.3%0.3%5.5%7.7%-2.2%
10Irv Smith54.8%52.8%1.9%16.2%14.2%2.1%9.7%12.2%-2.5%
11Tyler Higbee73.1%81.1%-8.0%16.0%23.8%-7.8%-0.4%12.0%-12.4%
12Daniel Bellinger40.5%34.3%6.2%15.6%7.1%8.6%3.2%1.7%1.5%
13Cameron Brate75.6%71.6%4.0%15.0%11.0%4.0%15.6%8.7%6.9%
14Durham Smythe50.0%36.7%13.3%15.0%5.9%9.1%4.2%2.6%1.6%
15Gerald Everett69.6%66.9%2.6%14.6%16.5%-1.9%21.8%17.0%4.8%
16Pharaoh Brown54.5%49.1%5.4%12.9%9.6%3.3%10.1%6.1%4.0%
17Jordan Akins42.4%12.3%30.1%12.9%3.8%9.1%11.0%3.1%7.9%
18Pat Freiermuth69.7%74.1%-4.4%12.5%20.8%-8.3%12.9%17.2%-4.3%
19Ian Thomas35.7%46.7%-11.0%12.5%11.7%0.8%2.6%11.0%-8.3%
20Jonnu Smith34.3%41.2%-6.9%12.5%11.5%1.0%0.5%4.2%-3.7%
21Darren Waller89.1%76.7%12.4%11.9%16.4%-4.5%10.9%20.0%-9.1%
22Foster Moreau32.6%29.5%3.2%11.9%7.8%4.1%8.8%4.6%4.3%
23Dallas Goedert60.5%74.3%-13.8%11.8%14.0%-2.2%0.2%4.5%-4.3%
24Geoff Swaim39.3%36.4%2.9%11.5%8.8%2.8%7.0%2.4%4.6%
25T.J. Hockenson68.3%75.0%-6.7%10.8%16.7%-5.9%4.3%11.1%-6.7%
26Jake Ferguson41.9%20.2%21.8%10.0%3.0%7.0%2.3%0.7%1.6%
27Peyton Hendershot45.2%17.4%27.7%10.0%3.0%7.0%6.1%1.9%4.2%
28Noah Fant50.0%51.4%-1.4%9.3%10.0%-0.7%5.0%5.7%-0.7%
29Mo Alie-Cox47.6%43.4%4.2%8.3%7.0%1.3%6.0%5.9%0.2%
30Jelani Woods26.2%16.3%9.9%8.3%2.6%5.7%20.6%4.5%16.2%
31Evan Engram84.6%81.4%3.2%7.9%14.2%-6.3%12.3%10.1%2.2%
32Austin Hooper39.3%54.5%-15.3%7.7%11.3%-3.6%5.1%10.5%-5.3%
33Isaiah Likely45.5%42.6%2.9%7.4%12.9%-5.5%2.4%7.0%-4.6%
34Logan Thomas63.5%59.3%4.2%7.1%11.0%-3.9%2.9%12.4%-9.4%
35Dawson Knox55.2%61.0%-5.8%7.0%8.7%-1.6%1.1%4.4%-3.3%
36Will Dissly41.3%38.5%2.8%7.0%8.0%-1.0%6.8%5.0%1.8%
37Albert Okwuegbunam54.1%64.3%-10.3%6.3%9.9%-3.7%4.1%4.0%0.1%
38Hayden Hurst42.1%66.4%-24.3%5.7%13.8%-8.1%2.2%8.2%-6.0%
39Mike Gesicki31.8%45.9%-14.1%5.0%5.9%-0.9%-0.5%4.6%-5.1%
40Hunter Henry68.6%69.6%-1.0%3.1%5.2%-2.1%1.9%4.9%-3.0%
41Juwan Johnson57.1%68.3%-11.1%2.6%11.7%-9.1%3.0%11.3%-8.4%
42Tanner Hudson42.9%46.7%-3.8%0.0%3.5%-3.5%0.0%5.4%-5.4%
43Harrison Bryant42.4%44.8%-2.4%0.0%9.1%-9.1%0.0%13.6%-13.6%


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Tight Ends

Rushing Stats


Year-to-Date Leaderboards

Wide Receivers (YTD)

 TgtsRoutesTPRRRecYardsYPRRTDEZ TgtAir YdsaDOTAvg. Rt Depth
1Stefon Diggs3510533.3%273443.2844354.110.111.7
2Cooper Kupp3511031.8%282802.5533316.19.010.0
3Ja'Marr Chase3514025.0%212121.5126323.29.212.0
4Davante Adams3412627.0%171891.5036364.910.710.7
5Marquise Brown3414423.6%242511.7412348.510.211.3
6CeeDee Lamb3410532.4%171911.8211359.210.611.9
7Diontae Johnson3310431.7%211961.8800373.311.313.8
8Amon-Ra St. Brown339933.3%232532.5633191.95.87.3
9Garrett Wilson3210630.2%182142.0227356.711.112.0
10A.J. Brown319831.6%203093.1513358.011.512.2
11Curtis Samuel3012424.2%221811.4620109.43.68.6
12Jaylen Waddle308535.3%193424.0232341.111.412.6
13Brandin Cooks2910727.1%131581.4802275.39.511.9
14Tyreek Hill299032.2%213173.5220281.49.712.2
15Justin Jefferson2912124.0%182462.0324264.39.111.8
16Chris Olave2910926.6%172682.4600527.818.216.2
17Courtland Sutton2811125.2%192912.6204365.013.013.4
18Amari Cooper278631.4%192192.5521300.911.112.0
19Christian Kirk2710625.5%182672.5231247.19.210.4
20Tyler Lockett269726.8%212112.1800270.810.411.6
21DK Metcalf2510124.8%161351.3415249.710.014.5
22Drake London256836.8%162143.1520267.210.713.6
23Sterling Shepard248528.2%131541.8110232.49.711.3
24Zay Jones249525.3%191731.8214156.86.511.1
25Greg Dortch2313017.7%201981.5210111.84.96.8
26DeVonta Smith2310122.8%152492.4712299.613.013.3
27Michael Thomas229922.2%161711.7333225.910.312.7
28Michael Pittman229223.9%171932.1010153.57.09.1
29Elijah Moore2215114.6%121390.9200304.913.914.5
30Noah Brown219621.9%152132.2212220.510.512.2
31Russell Gage218425.0%191281.521185.34.17.5
32Deebo Samuel217926.6%121311.660062.73.07.1
33Terry McLaurin2113016.2%122351.8111334.215.913.7
34Joshua Palmer2111717.9%131341.1512146.97.010.7
35Mike Williams2011916.8%111381.1622259.613.014.4
36Adam Thielen1911916.0%131491.2511202.910.711.7
37Jarvis Landry197824.4%131612.0601217.711.512.1
38Corey Davis1912515.2%101871.5012324.717.114.4
39JuJu Smith-Schuster198921.3%141782.0000183.59.79.5
40Mack Hollins1911916.0%142402.0213230.512.113.1
41Jakobi Meyers195932.2%131502.5400210.111.110.8
42Brandon Aiyuk198322.9%101421.7110239.212.612.8
43Tee Higgins198821.6%131912.1712238.312.511.0
44Marvin Jones189818.4%111041.0612263.814.710.6
45DJ Moore189020.0%7880.9811179.510.011.4
46DJ Chark1810217.6%7980.9613327.918.215.2
47Marquez Valdes-Scantling189219.6%101051.1400187.010.411.8
48Chase Claypool1810517.1%11790.7500152.88.511.5
49Jahan Dotson1813213.6%91090.8333269.415.014.0
50Robbie Anderson178320.5%91481.7810189.511.113.6
51Richie James178021.3%141461.8300157.79.39.2
52Robert Woods166923.2%91371.9900171.710.711.2
53Josh Reynolds169716.5%101621.6712243.815.213.3
54Hunter Renfrow166923.2%10801.160054.93.48.0
55Jerry Jeudy167421.6%71301.7611185.511.612.0
56Rashod Bateman167022.9%82263.2321277.117.314.1
57Nico Collins168518.8%81251.4701199.912.512.1
58Romeo Doubs167122.5%141371.931065.34.19.9
59Isaiah McKenzie157420.3%111321.7821100.36.79.1
60Donovan Peoples-Jones158218.3%7700.8502132.88.99.7
61DeVante Parker149315.1%61651.7703295.721.116.6
62Nelson Agholor146920.3%111792.5910182.913.113.8
63Tyler Boyd1411911.8%101551.3021153.711.010.7
64Ashton Dulin144729.8%91322.8101191.613.712.5
65K.J. Osborn149614.6%101121.1711158.511.312.3
66A.J. Green139314.0%5290.3101115.18.910.2
67Scotty Miller135722.8%4380.6700174.713.411.1
68Ben Skowronek139314.0%101071.1500112.38.611.0
69Treylon Burks135722.8%81152.0201163.112.514.8
70Allen Robinson1210511.4%7880.8414111.79.310.2
71Breshad Perriman126717.9%6891.3313199.616.614.0
72George Pickens129712.4%5650.6701176.414.714.8
73Mike Evans114623.9%81322.8711141.212.811.0
74DeAndre Carter118512.9%91501.7611134.212.29.5
75Mecole Hardman116616.7%7671.0210124.911.413.1
76Gabe Davis119611.5%71251.3011145.713.213.2
77Darnell Mooney115320.8%4270.5100133.712.213.8
78Jauan Jennings115022.0%6711.420082.77.510.8
79Shi Smith116317.5%4360.570090.38.29.8
80Chris Moore107114.1%81081.520078.97.911.3
81Kyle Philips102934.5%7712.450070.57.111.1
82Jamison Crowder95815.5%5530.910084.49.410.5
83Kendrick Bourne93426.5%71153.3800133.514.813.0
84Equanimeous St. Brown94520.0%4771.7111108.212.012.2
85Allen Lazard95715.8%6581.0222115.812.910.0
86Nick Westbrook-Ikhine95516.4%5661.2000119.813.313.6
87Randall Cobb85614.3%71081.930086.910.910.9
88Parris Campbell81107.3%5470.430045.45.710.5
89Olamide Zaccheaus84617.4%81192.5910102.012.813.0
90David Sills87410.8%5570.770076.59.613.7
91Devin Duvernay85514.5%81212.2033110.613.812.3
92Marquise Goodwin75812.1%4530.910081.011.613.4
93Sammy Watkins74515.6%61112.470069.39.913.6
94Demarcus Robinson74216.7%3310.741282.511.814.7
95Braxton Berrios75512.7%5370.670038.95.69.7
96Christian Watson73520.0%5431.230053.77.714.6
97Alec Pierce75413.0%3611.130293.613.412.9

Tight Ends (YTD)

 TgtRoutesTPRRRecYardsYPRRTDEZ TgtAir YdsaDOTAvg. Rt Depth
1Mark Andrews318536.5%222452.8833363.111.711.1
2Zach Ertz2512520.0%161341.0714153.16.17.4
3Travis Kelce249026.7%172302.5624238.39.98.8
4Tyler Higbee249026.7%161711.900284.63.57.1
5Tyler Conklin2411920.2%181401.181193.53.97.5
6Pat Freiermuth218026.3%111381.7312152.67.38.8
7Gerald Everett208723.0%111501.7210141.17.17.8
8Darren Waller199919.2%131511.5313194.710.211.2
9T.J. Hockenson188720.7%10820.9410104.65.89.0
10Kyle Pitts186726.9%91251.8701261.714.512.2
11Hayden Hurst179318.3%11770.830174.64.47.8
12David Njoku167122.5%131281.801273.34.67.3
13Irv Smith166524.6%7681.051190.45.67.0
14Evan Engram159216.3%12830.900179.95.39.1
15Logan Thomas148616.3%8871.0110136.09.79.7
16Robert Tonyan145226.9%11841.620035.42.57.5
17Dallas Goedert137816.7%111682.151036.92.88.9
18Dalton Schultz136520.0%9801.230058.54.57.1
19Juwan Johnson138615.1%6830.9702143.311.010.6
20Cameron Brate117814.1%7680.870070.86.47.5
21Jonnu Smith114226.2%7581.380040.93.77.2
22Dawson Knox118612.8%9710.830039.33.67.5
23Kylen Granson115819.0%7430.740043.94.07.0
24Isaiah Likely114027.5%5511.280169.26.38.4
25Pharaoh Brown105617.9%7721.290049.04.97.9
26Noah Fant105617.9%9540.960042.14.28.3
27Albert Okwuegbunam107413.5%6450.610032.23.29.8
28Austin Hooper94818.8%4440.920174.68.38.6
29Ian Thomas94221.4%5791.880058.46.56.5
30Foster Moreau93823.7%6741.950044.65.08.4
31Mo Alie-Cox85614.3%4440.790145.35.77.8
32Johnny Mundt84020.0%7681.700016.52.17.5
33Will Dissly84219.0%8771.832035.54.49.4
34Harrison Bryant84318.6%5631.470183.810.59.0
35Geoff Swaim73221.9%6381.191017.12.45.3
36Mike Gesicki65012.0%6480.961137.16.27.4
37Durham Smythe64015.0%5421.050021.33.57.6
38Brevin Jordan64214.3%380.190038.56.47.9
39Noah Gray63218.8%4481.500136.96.26.2
40Daniel Bellinger63616.7%5561.56109.81.65.4
41Hunter Henry5717.0%3280.390047.49.510.4
42George Kittle52718.5%4281.040024.74.98.4
43Cole Kmet53912.8%2401.030044.68.97.7
44John Bates53315.2%2150.450019.94.08.4


Week 3 Injury Report


Chris Godwin (hamstring) + Mike Evans (suspension) + Julio Jones (knee)

Keenan Allen (hamstring)

Rondale Moore (ankle) + DeAndre Hopkins (suspension)

Jakobi Meyers (knee)

Hunter Renfrow (concussion)

Sammy Watkins (hamstring) + Christian Watson (hamstring)

Van Jefferson (IR - knee)

Kyle Philips (shoulder)

Brevin Jordan (ankle)

Taysom Hill (ribs)


In-Game Injuries

Amon-Ra St. Brown rolled his right ankle but continued playing.

Garrett Wilson injured his ribs but returned.

Michael Thomas injured his foot in the fourth quarter and missed the end of the game.

Jarvis Landry hurt his ankle in the fourth quarter and missed the end of the game.

Tre'Quan Smith suffered a concussion late in the fourth quarter.

Sterling Shepard suffered an ACL tear.

A.J. Green hurt his knee, returned, then tweaked it and left for good.

Jake Kumerow hurt his ankle in the first half.

Byron Pringle injured his calf in the first quarter and didn't return.

Jalen Guyton suffered a potentially serious knee injury.


Waivers & Sleepers for Week 4

Limited to players rostered in less than half of Yahoo leagues.

Wide Receivers

Waivers, Pt. 1 — Potential Week 4 Starters/Streamers

  1. Joshua Palmer - 27% 
  2. Romeo Doubs - 25% 
  3. Russell Gage - 42%
  4. Richie James - 3%
  5. Zay Jones - 10%
  6. Greg Dortch - 17%
  7. Noah Brown - 19%
  8. DeVante Parker - 25%
  9. DJ Chark - 44% 
  10. Marquez Valdes-Scantling - 34%
  11. Mack Hollins - 2%
  12.   K.J. Osborn - 6%
  13. Isaiah McKenzie - 41%
  14. Ben Skowronek - 0%

Waivers, Pt. 2 — Bench Stashes

  1. Treylon Burks -45%
  2. George Pickens - 40%
  3. Alec Pierce - 4%
  4. Jameson Williams - 25%
  5. Skyy Moore - 16%
  6. Wan'Dale Robinson - 4%
  7. Nico Collins - 24%
  8. Kadarius Toney - 31%


Tight Ends

Waivers, Pt. 1 — Potential Week 4 Starters/Streamers

  1. David Njoku - 51%
  2. Evan Engram - 26%
  3. Tyler Conklin - 21%
  4. Cameron Brate - 4%
  5. Logan Thomas - 37%

Waivers, Pt. 2 — Bench Stashes & Sleepers

  1. Hayden Hurst - 22%
  2. Robert Tonyan - 29%
  3. Isaiah Likely - 5%
  4. Jelani Woods - 0%


Drops & Benchings


WR Mecole Hardman

WR Corey Davis

WR Parris Campbell

WR A.J. Green

WR Sammy Watkins (IR - hamstring)

WR Kenny Golladay

TE Mike Gesicki

TE Cole Kmet

TE Albert Okwuegbunam

TE Hunter Henry

TE Juwan Johnson

TE O.J. Howard



WR Devin Duvernay

WR Robbie Anderson

WR Darnell Mooney

WR Allen Robinson

WR Chase Claypool

TE T.J. Hockenson

TE Dawson Knox

TE Irv Smith


Game-by-Game Breakdowns

Steelers (17) at Browns (29) 

 SnapsRtsR/DB W3R/DB '22TgtTgt Sh W3Tgt Sh '22AYAY ShTPRREZ TgtYds
Diontae Johnson98.2%33100.0%96.3%1134.4%32.7%150.140.7%33.3%084
Chase Claypool94.5%33100.0%97.2%618.8%17.8%84.022.8%18.2%035
George Pickens74.5%2987.9%89.8%721.9%11.9%95.525.9%24.1%139
Pat Freiermuth74.5%2369.7%74.1%412.5%20.8%47.412.9%17.4%041
Zach Gentry41.8%412.1%12.0%00.0%2.0%0.00.0%0.0%00
  • Pickens finally turned his sturdy route share into some targets, drawing seven Thursday after only five the first two weeks.
    • He caught only three for 39 yards, but one of the receptions was a spectacular 36-yard gain.
  • Freiermuth hasn't put up big numbers yet but does rank fifth among TEs in target share and 10th in route share. He played a few less snaps Week 3 than in the first two games, which will be worth monitoring going forward (might just be a product of the short week or a slightly different gameplan).
  • I figured Johnson would get slightly fewer targets this year but in a slightly better offense (or at least similarly subpar). Instead, he's seeing more looks than ever (11.0 per game) but in an offense that's worse than ever.
  • I'm not huge on PFF grades, especially over small samples, but i do find it interesting that they have Trubisky graded 14th among QBs and four of Pittsburgh's five O-linemen graded as quality starters (along with both Johnson and Freiermuth, while Pickens is among the lowest graded WRs). The O-line part, at least, doesn't mesh with what I've seen. And if Trubisky has been the 14th best QB (he probably hasn't)... that's only because some better guys are underperforming. Anyway, I found it interesting, if only because I expected to see something else based on my own watchings of the Steelers' games.


 SnapsRtsR/DB W3R/DB '22TgtTgt Sh W3Tgt Sh '22AYAY ShTPRREZ TgtYds
D. Peoples-Jones88.7%2884.8%85.4%39.7%17.0%24.211.6%10.7%010
David Njoku87.3%2678.8%74.0%1032.3%18.2%51.224.5%38.5%189
Amari Cooper81.7%3297.0%89.6%1135.5%30.7%128.161.4%34.4%0101
David Bell56.3%1957.6%38.5%13.2%2.3%3.41.6%5.3%06
Harrison Bryant46.5%1442.4%44.8%00.0%9.1%0.00.0%0.0%00
  • Bell was targeted just once, but he handled the No. 3 WR role on his own after splitting it with Anthony Schwartz the first two weeks.
    • Schwartz played only five snaps Thursday, after getting 35 over the first two games.
  • Njoku finally made the most of his three-down role, exploding for 9-89-1 on 10 targets.
    • He's now at 90% snap share and 18% target share for the year... basically what we hoped for when drafting him, albeit with the production all coming in one game (not such a bad thing for best ball :) ).
    • Njoku has played each of Cleveland's 66 snaps in 12 personnel this year, plus 105 of 124 snaps in 11 personnel (85%). 
    • Njoku has stayed in to block on 14 of 85 pass snaps, per PFF, but eight of those were Week 1. He's run a route on 55 of 61 pass snaps (90%) the past two weeks.
  • Cooper put up 7-101-1 on 11 targets, after 9-101-1 on 10 looks the week before. He also had a gain of 50-plus yards wiped out because he stepped out of bounds (rather egregiously) before catching the ball. His sideline awareness on toe-tap catches apparently doesn't extrapolate to scramble drills.
    • Cooper is now at 31% target share, well ahead of Njoku (18%) and Peoples-Jones (17%).


Ravens (36) at Patriots (26) 

 SnapsRtsR/DB W3R/DB '22TgtTgt Sh W3Tgt Sh '22AYAY ShTPRREZ TgtYds
Mark Andrews89.8%3090.9%90.4%1348.1%36.5%143.352.5%43.3%189
Rashod Bateman62.7%2678.8%74.5%414.8%18.8%86.231.6%15.4%059
Devin Duvernay59.3%2163.6%58.5%27.4%9.4%23.98.8%9.5%125
Josh Oliver39.0%1030.3%21.3%27.4%2.4%-2.3-0.8%20.0%18
D. Robinson37.3%1133.3%44.7%13.7%8.2%9.63.5%9.1%00
Isaiah Likely32.2%1545.5%42.6%27.4%12.9%6.62.4%13.3%08
  • Duvernay bounced back from a concussion the week before and scored his fourth TD (third receiving) of the season. He'll score more this year as the third receiving option for Lamar Jackson, but keep in mind he has just eight total targets (and eight catches for 121 yards). Maybe the strong play leads to more looks as the year goes on, but if not, Duvernay will have some really ugly fantasy weeks (unless you're in a return yardage league).
  • After lighting it up for a second straight week, Andrews has nearly twice as many targets as Bateman this year (31-16).
    • Andrews now leads all TEs in route share and leads all players in target share. For the latter, it's not even close to being close. Andrews is at 36.5 percent, Tyler Higbee is second.... at 23.8 percent.


 SnapsRtsR/DB W3R/DB '22TgtTgt Sh W3Tgt Sh '22AYAY ShTPRREZ TgtYds
DeVante Parker96.8%35100.0%91.2%1031.3%14.6%220.757.1%28.6%2156
L. Humphrey82.5%2571.4%29.4%13.1%3.1%13.43.5%4.0%00
Nelson Agholor74.6%2674.3%67.6%39.4%14.6%67.117.4%11.5%041
Hunter Henry69.8%2468.6%69.6%13.1%5.2%7.31.9%4.2%08
Jonnu Smith49.2%1234.3%41.2%412.5%11.5%2.00.5%33.3%025
  • Lil'Jordan Humphrey took over most of Jakobi Meyers' (knee) snaps but was targeted only once on 25 routes.
  • Parker got a team-high 10 targets and a week-high 221 air yards, catching five passes for 156 yards (every catch was a gain of 20-plus).
    • Parker saw only four targets the first two weeks, despite running routes on the vast majority of Mac Jones' dropbacks.
  • Agholor got his first start of the year after exploding for 6-110-1 off the bench the week before, but he was targeted only three times and lost a second fumble in three games.
  • Kendrick Bourne put up 4-58-0 on only 18 snaps (27%). So he's still in the doghouse, but may be playing his way out?


Eagles (24) at Commanders (8) 

 SnapsRtsR/DB W3R/DB '22TgtTgt Sh W3Tgt Sh '22AYAY ShTPRREZ TgtYds
DeVonta Smith88.2%3592.1%96.2%1235.3%24.7%209.452.7%34.3%2169
A.J. Brown79.4%3592.1%93.3%1029.4%33.3%140.835.4%28.6%185
Dallas Goedert64.7%2360.5%74.3%411.8%14.0%0.80.2%17.4%026
Jack Stoll52.9%1231.6%21.9%25.9%2.2%-0.3-0.1%16.7%04
Quez Watkins45.6%2155.3%64.8%12.9%3.2%26.96.8%4.8%00
Zach Pascal44.1%1539.5%30.5%38.8%6.5%3.91.0%20.0%018
  • It was all Brown in Week 1, but since then Jalen Hurts has been able to keep all of Brown, Smith and Goedert well-fed.
  • Smith went for 8-169-1 on 12 targets, mostly before halftime, putting him at 249 yards and 25% target share through three weeks, despite putting up a goose egg in the opener.
  • Brown's 33% target share ranks third among WRs.
  • Goedert continues to put up solid numbers thanks to efficiency, but the 14% target share will be a problem if it doesn't improve, even in a good offense. I think he'll up that number as the year moves along.


 SnapsRtsR/DB W3R/DB '22TgtTgt Sh W3Tgt Sh '22AYAY ShTPRREZ TgtYds
Terry McLaurin87.8%4688.5%89.7%921.4%16.5%145.545.1%19.6%0102
Jahan Dotson86.5%4586.5%91.0%819.0%14.2%102.331.7%17.8%010
Curtis Samuel82.4%4484.6%85.5%1023.8%23.6%37.411.6%22.7%048
Logan Thomas67.6%3363.5%59.3%37.1%11.0%9.52.9%9.1%05
  • McLaurin saw nine looks and went over 100 yards for the first time this year, but he still hasn't had a game with dominant target share... or even the team lead.
  • Samuel led the team in targets for a third straight week. At 23.6 percent, he's the only Commander above 16.5 percent target share.
  • Carson Wentz has thrown 130 passes, 42.5 per game, fourth most in the NFL, with six Commanders seeing 13 or more targets so far (the four listed above plus RBs Antonio Gibson and J.D. McKissic).
  • Thomas played 77% of snaps through three quarters, which would've been a season high, but then he lost playing time to No. 3 TE Armani Rogers in the fourth quarter of the blowout. Thomas was targeted only three times on 33 routes, however, and isn't a priority in the Washington passing game the way he was in 2020 and early 2021. The WRs are much better now, and the QBs still stink.


Raiders (22) at Titans (24) 

 SnapsRtsR/DB W3R/DB '22TgtTgt Sh W3Tgt Sh '22AYAY ShTPRREZ TgtYds
Davante Adams100.0%46100.0%97.7%1023.8%29.3%88.722.5%21.7%236
Mack Hollins96.9%4495.7%92.2%1023.8%16.4%156.739.8%22.7%3158
Darren Waller70.8%4189.1%76.7%511.9%16.4%42.910.9%12.2%022
Keelan Cole55.4%2963.0%22.5%49.5%3.4%67.917.2%13.8%212
Foster Moreau52.3%1532.6%29.5%511.9%7.8%34.88.8%33.3%044
  • Cole replaced Hunter Renfrow (inactive- concussion) as the No. 3 receiver, but Hollins was the one who really benefitted in terms of targets and production.
    • The 29-year-old Hollins has 226 yards over the past two games. His previous career high for yards in a season? 226, back in 2017 as a fourth-round rookie with the Eagles.
    • It's strange, but we have to pay attention when there's both volume and efficiency, if only to keep Hollins in mind for future scenarios where Adams/Waller/Renfrow miss time. Expectations for Week 4 against Denver should probably be kept closer to a handful of targets.
  • Waller went up to 89% route share with Renfrow out, but the tight end still lost some snaps to Moreau and is only seventh among TEs in route share (77%) this year. Which isn't a bad number by most standards; it's just not quite the same as the past few years when Waller typically played around 90% of snaps and was almost never off the field for a pass play unless he was injured.


 SnapsRtsR/DB W3R/DB '22TgtTgt Sh W3Tgt Sh '22AYAY ShTPRREZ TgtYds
Robert Woods74.5%2589.3%78.4%934.6%20.0%111.559.1%36.0%085
Geoff Swaim72.7%1139.3%36.4%311.5%8.8%13.27.0%27.3%019
Treylon Burks67.3%2796.4%64.8%27.7%16.3%21.411.3%7.4%013
Austin Hooper41.8%1139.3%54.5%27.7%11.3%9.75.1%18.2%019
  • Burks was targeted just twice after putting up 102 yards on 11 looks the first two weeks, but he led the Titans in route share, playing 67% of snaps overall and all but one of the team's pass plays.    
  • Woods dominated the targets and also had a full-time role (at least in terms of routes), finishing with 4-85-0 on nine targets. He, Burks and Kyle Philips (who missed Sunday's game with a shoulder injury) are the only Titans with double-digit targets this year.
    • Cut Hooper if you haven't already. He has nine targets this year, and his snap share has dropped each week, from 62% to 50% to 41%.


Texans (20) at Bears (23) 

 SnapsRtsR/DB W3R/DB '22TgtTgt Sh W3Tgt Sh '22AYAY ShTPRREZ TgtYds
Brandin Cooks85.7%3297.0%93.9%722.6%27.9%69.030.6%21.9%122
Pharaoh Brown82.1%1854.5%49.1%412.9%9.6%22.810.1%22.2%031
Nico Collins66.1%2575.8%74.6%412.9%15.4%49.822.1%16.0%041
Chris Moore50.0%1957.6%62.3%39.7%9.6%25.711.4%15.8%063
O.J. Howard32.1%39.1%12.3%13.2%3.8%17.37.7%33.3%00
Jordan Akins28.6%1442.4%12.3%412.9%3.8%24.711.0%28.6%131
  • Howard didn't play much even with Brevin Jordan (ankle) out. Instead, Brown got 82% of snaps, while Akins got most of the routes in clear passing situations (and scored a TD among his four targets) 
    • Per PFF, Brown's 20 pass-block snaps are third most among TEs this year.
  • Cooks, Collins and RB Rex Burkhead are the only Texans with target share above 9.6%.
    • Moore had a nice game Sunday and now has 8-108-0 on 10 targets this year, perhaps making a case for more targets as the No. 3 receiver.
  • Cooks had a rough day with 2-22-0 on seven targets and a drop.
    • His 27.9% target share through three weeks is up a tick from last year (27.0% in his 16 active games).


 SnapsRtsR/DB W3R/DB '22TgtTgt Sh W3Tgt Sh '22AYAY ShTPRREZ TgtYds
Darnell Mooney93.5%2195.5%96.4%637.5%25.0%51.742.9%28.6%023
Cole Kmet91.9%1777.3%70.9%318.8%11.4%43.435.9%17.6%040
E. St. Brown87.1%2195.5%81.8%212.5%20.5%17.914.9%9.5%020
Dante Pettis56.5%1672.7%69.1%00.0%2.3%0.00.0%0.0%00
  • The good news for Mooney? His 37.5% target share placed second among WRs in Week 3. The bad news? Everything else. The Bears avoid passing, and can't when they try. Mooney has 27 receiving yards, and Justin Fields has 297 passing yards. Their team box score for the season looks like something from the 1950s.
  • Kmet caught two passes for 40 yards after seeing just two targets over the first two weeks. I'd still drop him if I had him anywhere.


Chiefs (17) at Colts (20) 

 SnapsRtsR/DB W3R/DB '22TgtTgt Sh W3Tgt Sh '22AYAY ShTPRREZ TgtYds
Travis Kelce89.8%2877.8%81.1%825.0%22.9%77.226.4%28.6%358
M. Valdes-Scantling78.0%3186.1%82.9%721.9%17.1%91.831.4%22.6%048
Mecole Hardman69.5%2363.9%59.5%13.1%10.5%-3.4-1.2%4.3%02
JuJu Smith-Schuster67.8%2980.6%80.2%825.0%18.1%99.233.9%27.6%089
Noah Gray42.4%925.0%28.8%13.1%5.7%7.92.7%11.1%026
Justin Watson15.3%616.7%18.9%13.1%3.8%14.95.1%16.7%00
  • Kelce scored a TD and a two-point conversion and put up stellar numbers for route/target/snap shares, but he missed out on a bigger day due to a drop in the end zone. He did get all three of the team's EZ targets, plus a carry inside the 5-yard line and a fourth target wiped out by a penalty. He scored one TD, but it easily could've been three.
  • MVS got seven targets, giving him 15 for the year, but only two have been 20-plus yards downfield (both incomplete) and he still hasn't scored a TD or reached 50 yards in a game.
  • JuJu rebounded from his Week 2 dud, mostly thanks to a 53-yard catch-and-run.
  • The Chiefs have run 26 fewer plays than their opponents but piled up 180 more yards (6.2 YPP vs. 4.6 allowed).


 SnapsRtsR/DB W3R/DB '22TgtTgt Sh W3Tgt Sh '22AYAY ShTPRREZ TgtYds
Michael Pittman94.2%4197.6%98%*925.0%25.9%*45.226.9%22.0%072
Parris Campbell81.2%3890.5%85.3%25.6%7.0%6.33.7%5.3%010
Mo Alie-Cox60.9%2047.6%43.4%38.3%7.0%10.16.0%15.0%09
Alec Pierce44.9%2047.6%57%*513.9%8%*68.140.5%25.0%061
Kylen Granson42.0%1126.2%45.0%25.6%9.6%6.53.8%18.2%07
Ashton Dulin24.6%819.0%36.4%12.8%12.3%3.21.9%12.5%07
Jelani Woods21.7%1126.2%16.3%38.3%2.6%34.720.6%27.3%213
  • Pierce was merely the No. 3 receiver in terms of playing time in his first game back from a concussion, but he caught three of his five targets for  61 yards, while Campbell once again ran a bunch of routes but was sparsely targeted.
  • Pittman played nearly every snap and put up 8-27-0 on nine targets, showing no ill effects from the quad injury that kept him out Week 2.
    • His 26% target share in active games is 22nd in the league, 21st among WRs
  • The Colts really didn't do much on offense. Their defense played pretty well, and Kansas City imploded on special teams.

*Season-long rates for Pittman and Pierce show only Weeks 1 and 3.


Saints (14) at Panthers (22) 

 SnapsRtsR/DB W3R/DB '22TgtTgt Sh W3Tgt Sh '22AYAY ShTPRREZ TgtYds
Chris Olave75.0%3992.9%86.5%1333.3%26.1%182.239.1%33.3%0147
Michael Thomas68.8%2969.0%78.6%512.8%19.8%35.57.6%17.2%049
Juwan Johnson67.2%2457.1%68.3%12.6%11.7%13.83.0%4.2%00
Adam Trautman64.1%1331.0%25.4%12.6%0.9%8.81.9%7.7%09
Tre'Quan Smith62.5%2457.1%19.0%512.8%4.5%116.024.9%20.8%0105
Jarvis Landry29.7%1433.3%61.9%512.8%17.1%72.615.6%35.7%122
Marquez Callaway18.8%1023.8%15.9%12.6%0.9%8.81.9%10.0%14
  • Landry left with an injury after only two snaps in the second half. Thomas then left in the fourth quarter with an injury, and Smith suffered a concussion at the end of the game (after coming off the bench for 105 yards)
  • Olave caught four passes for 72 yards on a team-high five targets in the first half, so his big day wasn't just about other guys being injured.
    • It was the rookie's second straight game with 13 targets, and a 9-147-0 receiving line puts him at 268 receiving yards (7th) and 29 targets (t-14th) for the season. Olave can be started in fantasy even if Thomas and Landry come back healthy soon.
  • Johnson was targeted only once and saw his route share sink to 57%.
    • He played only 59% of snaps in 11 personnel, with Trautman picking up 42%.


 SnapsRtsR/DB W3R/DB '22TgtTgt Sh W3Tgt Sh '22AYAY ShTPRREZ TgtYds
DJ Moore98.3%28100.0%100.0%625.0%23.4%47.932.2%21.4%02
Robbie Anderson83.1%2485.7%92.2%416.7%22.1%70.347.3%16.7%014
Ian Thomas64.4%1035.7%46.7%312.5%11.7%3.92.6%30.0%013
Tommy Tremble39.0%1139.3%23.3%14.2%2.6%4.63.1%9.1%07
Shi Smith35.6%1346.4%70.0%28.3%14.3%15.310.3%15.4%022
Laviska Shenault18.6%517.9%5.6%28.3%2.6%0.10.1%40.0%090
  • Baker Mayfield and the Carolina passing game were again incompetent, with most of the production coming on Shenault's 67-yard, catch-and-run TD.
    • The former Jag ran only five routes but made them count, with the long TD and a 3rd-and-long conversion. He could take Smith's No. 3 job soon.
  • If you were to remove Shenault's long TD on Sunday and Anderson's long TD in Week 1, Mayfield would be averaging 5.1 YPA. He has just one other passing TD, and has completed less than 60 percent of his passes each week, with 25-29 attempts.
    • I'm calling it official that Moore has suffered worse QB luck than Allen Robinson. The Panthers at least got him two carries, but Moore himself isn't enough for a functional NFL passing game without coaching, blocking or decent QB play.


Lions (24) at Vikings (28) 

 SnapsRtsR/DB W3R/DB '22TgtTgt Sh W3Tgt Sh '22AYAY ShTPRREZ TgtYds
DJ Chark81.6%3687.8%87.9%616.2%16.7%115.033.6%16.7%046
Josh Reynolds80.3%3380.5%83.6%1027.0%14.8%162.547.4%30.3%096
T.J. Hockenson76.3%2868.3%75.0%410.8%16.7%14.94.3%14.3%018
A. St. Brown73.7%3175.6%85.3%924.3%30.6%47.313.8%29.0%073
  • Reynolds built on his 3-38-1 from the week before and went 6-96-0 on a team-high-10 targets in this one. He's right there with Chark and Hockenson for target share numbers on the year, and Reynolds (15.1 aDOT) has had more luck than Chark (18.2 aDOT) converting downfield chances into points.
    • Reynolds is 2-for-5 on chances 20-plus yards downfield, compared to Chark's 2-for-7.
    • Reynolds is 4-for-6 in the 10-19 yard range, while Chark is just 1-for-4 per PFF.
    • Chark's pre-2022 track record is more encouraging, however, and he's seen a couple more looks so far.
  • St. Brown played only five of 12 snaps (42%) in 12 personnel. Over the first two weeks, he took 14 of 22 (64%). Nitpicking, but it's something I'll keep an eye on moving forward. The Lions are heavily in 11 personnel, anyway.
  • Hockenson has blocked on 14% of pass snaps this year, up from 5% last year, per PFF. He's a back-end TE1 at this point, and I also have some minor concern about his snap share trending down each week (91% to 89% to 76%).


 SnapsRtsR/DB W3R/DB '22TgtTgt Sh W3Tgt Sh '22AYAY ShTPRREZ TgtYds
Justin Jefferson100.0%4197.6%98.4%616.2%25.7%35.411.8%14.6%014
Adam Thielen98.5%3992.9%96.7%821.6%16.8%92.531.0%20.5%161
K.J. Osborn74.6%3173.8%78.0%821.6%12.4%120.440.3%25.8%073
Irv Smith52.2%2354.8%52.8%616.2%14.2%29.09.7%26.1%132
Johnny Mundt40.3%716.7%32.5%25.4%7.1%-1.3-0.4%28.6%023
  • This one certainly flattened out the season-long target shares after Jefferson's dominance (23 targets) the first two weeks.
    • Osborn put up 5-73-1 with a game-winning TD after another big catch on the winning drive. He had more yards and targets than in Weeks 1-2 combined, but his route and snap shares have lingered around 70-80 percent all year, with per-game catch/target/yard numbers that now look very similar to last year.
  • Thielen is still at only 16.8% target share for the year.
  • Smith got six more targets after eight and a TD the week before, but he still lost a lot of snaps to Mundt and continues to linger only a bit above 50% route share. Don't expect much here.


Bills (19) at Dolphins (21) 

 SnapsRtsR/DB W3R/DB '22TgtTgt Sh W3Tgt Sh '22AYAY ShTPRREZ TgtYds
Gabe Davis95.6%6394.0%96%*610.5%12.5%*65.020.1%9.5%137
Dawson Knox71.1%3755.2%61.0%47.0%8.7%3.61.1%10.8%025
Stefon Diggs70.0%4770.1%74.5%1119.3%27.6%91.828.4%23.4%174
Isaiah McKenzie51.1%3755.2%52.5%915.8%11.8%50.215.5%24.3%176
Jamison Crowder48.9%3247.8%41.1%35.3%7.1%47.214.6%9.4%09
Quintin Morris31.1%1725.4%17.0%23.5%2.4%16.35.1%11.8%022
  • Davis played nearly every snap after missing the previous game with a quad injury, but he was held to 3-37-0 on six targets.
  • Jake Kumerow left early with a high ankle sprain.
    • McKenzie got 16 perimeter snaps, after only 11 total Weeks 1 and 2.
      • McKenzie also had 26 slot snaps and four lined up tight to the formation. He finished with 7-76-1 on nine targets, though his snap/route shares weren't much better than the previous two games.
  • Diggs put up 7-74-0 on 11 targets and ranks among the league leaders for every production stat, but he continues to miss out on snaps and routes every week. The 70% snap share in this one was actually his largest of the year, up from 64% in Week 1 and 66% in Week 2. 
    • He's lost playing time in the fourth quarter each week. In Weeks 1-2, it was because the Bills were up big. This past weekend it was because Miami is hot and the Bills ran a ton of plays (90, compared to Miami's 39).
      • Josh Allen attempted 63 passes and now leads the league in completions (94) and passing yards (1,014) while ranking third in attempts (44 per game)
    • Diggs played 77% of snaps before the fourth quarter, FWIW. Then only 56% in the final frame.

*Season-long rates for Davis only count Weeks 1 and 3.


 SnapsRtsR/DB W3R/DB '22TgtTgt Sh W3Tgt Sh '22AYAY ShTPRREZ TgtYds
Tyreek Hill84.6%2090.9%82.6%420.0%28.7%35.519.8%20.0%033
Durham Smythe76.9%1150.0%36.7%315.0%5.9%7.64.2%27.3%023
Jaylen Waddle71.8%1672.7%78.0%630.0%29.7%101.356.5%37.5%0102
Trent Sherfield61.5%1777.3%40.4%15.0%5.0%2.31.3%5.9%05
Mike Gesicki35.9%731.8%45.9%15.0%5.9%-0.9-0.5%14.3%06
River Cracraft23.1%627.3%16.5%15.0%3.0%11.66.5%16.7%111
  • Cedrick Wilson ran only two routes. It might be because he's playing through a rib and toe injury, or maybe just that the Dolphins like Sherfield better now. Either way. nobody besides Hill and Waddle really gets targets.
  • The Dolphins ran only 39 plays, with a nine-play, 83-yard TD drive and a six-play, 72-yard TD drive but little else on offense. The Bills, meanwhile, put together long drive after long drive, but they stalled out in the red zone each time in the second half.
  • Gesicki hit a new low for route/snap/target shares. He's a well-compensated role player.


Bengals (27) at Jets (12) 

 SnapsRtsR/DB W3R/DB '22TgtTgt Sh W3Tgt Sh '22AYAY ShTPRREZ TgtYds
Ja'Marr Chase86.4%38100.0%100.0%1028.6%28.5%122.842.0%26.3%129
Tee Higgins66.7%3489.5%62.9%720.0%15.4%108.637.1%20.6%193
Tyler Boyd66.7%3181.6%85.0%514.3%11.4%53.718.4%16.1%0105
Mitchell Wilcox56.1%1128.9%10.0%12.9%1.6%-1.2-0.4%9.1%09
Hayden Hurst39.4%1642.1%66.4%25.7%13.8%6.42.2%12.5%07
  • Chase lost a fumble early, while Boyd had a long TD on a catch-and-run and Higgins nearly reached 100 yards before halftime. But then Chase caught a TD and Higgins was held without a catch in the second half.
  • Hurst played through a groin injury but saw his snap share tank, with Wilcox and Devin Asiasi picking up his playing time and combining for only one target.
    • The short week ahead of TNF isn't great for Hurst.
  • Higgins played only three of 16 snaps in the fourth quarter, after taking 83% through three quarters. And he was listed as LP with a toe injury on Monday's practice report, ahead of the Thursday matchup with Miami.
    • Keep in mind that Higgins' shares include Week 1 when he left with a concussion in the first half.


 SnapsRtsR/DB W3R/DB '22TgtTgt Sh W3Tgt Sh '22AYAY ShTPRREZ TgtYds
Elijah Moore93.4%5394.6%92.1%1020.8%15.0%178.437.5%18.9%049
Corey Davis88.2%4987.5%76.2%510.4%12.9%69.914.7%10.2%127
Tyler Conklin78.9%3969.6%72.6%816.7%16.3%26.05.5%20.5%084
Garrett Wilson63.2%3766.1%64.6%1020.8%21.8%110.023.1%27.0%260
C.J. Uzomah34.2%1323.2%15.2%12.1%0.7%4.61.0%7.7%05
Braxton Berrios30.3%1628.6%33.5%12.1%4.8%27.65.8%6.3%00
  • Wilson hurt his ribs and missed most of the second quarter but then came back to play 87% of snaps in the second half.
    • He caught only two of six targets for 14 yards after his return, compared to 4-of-4 for 46 yards before his departure.
  • Moore tied Wilson for the team lead with 10 targets but finished with only 4-49-0, his third straight week with 40-some yards.
  • Conklin reached seven targets for a third straight game, this time putting up 8-84-0 on eight looks even as he lost a few snaps with C.J. Uzomah returning from a hamstring injury.


Jaguars (38) at Chargers (10) 

 SnapsRtsR/DB W3R/DB '22TgtTgt Sh W3Tgt Sh '22AYAY ShTPRREZ TgtYds
Christian Kirk92.0%3897.4%93.8%923.7%25.5%62.431.0%23.7%172
Evan Engram76.0%3384.6%81.4%37.9%14.2%24.812.3%9.1%19
Zay Jones76.0%3179.5%84.1%1128.9%22.6%41.020.4%35.5%185
Marvin Jones68.0%3282.1%86.7%718.4%17.0%98.048.8%21.9%233
  • Jones put up 10-85-1 on a team-high 11 targets, giving him 24 looks (and 23% TS) through three weeks. He's basically already paid off his 19th/20th-round cost in best ball :)
  • Kirk put up 6-72-1, giving him PPR scoring totals of 17.7, 25.8 and 19.2 through three weeks. That's WR1 stuff, though I'm not ready to view him as that. But he's at least a strong WR3 or low-end WR2, and the ceiling is there if QB Trevor Lawrence proves to be the real deal.
  • Marvin has five targets 20-plus yards downfield, while Kirk has only three and Jones only two. So Marvin still has some appeal for DFS tournaments.


 SnapsRtsR/DB W3R/DB '22TgtTgt Sh W3Tgt Sh '22AYAY ShTPRREZ TgtYds
Josh Palmer93.1%4393.5%90.0%922.0%17.4%67.319.3%20.9%099
Mike Williams89.7%4189.1%91.5%614.6%16.5%111.431.9%14.6%115
Gerald Everett74.1%3269.6%66.9%614.6%16.5%76.221.8%18.8%025
DeAndre Carter72.4%3473.9%65.4%49.8%9.1%28.88.3%11.8%131
Tre' McKitty32.8%1123.9%31.5%00.0%3.3%0.00.0%0.0%00
Jalen Guyton27.6%1226.1%13.8%37.3%3.3%84.524.2%25.0%064
  • Guyton didn't play much before Sunday, and while he had a long catch in the game, he'll miss the rest of the year after tearing an ACL.
  • Keenan Allen (hamstring) and Donald Parham (hamstring) both were out again.
  • Palmer has 17 targets in two games sans Allen this year, going 4-30-1 and now 6-99-0. He's a legit WR3 for fantasy if Allen is out again Week 4 at Houston.
  • Williams caught just one of six targets... but at least it was a TD. He's at 16.5% target share for the season even with Allen missing 2.5 games.


Packers (14) at Buccaneers (12) 

 SnapsRtsR/DB W3R/DB '22TgtTgt Sh W3Tgt Sh '22AYAY ShTPRREZ TgtYds
Allen Lazard90.2%3288.9%89%*617.6%15%*85.653.5%18.8%045
Romeo Doubs88.5%3494.4%66.4%823.5%17.0%22.213.9%23.5%073
Robert Tonyan59.0%2158.3%48.6%720.6%14.9%11.06.9%33.3%037
Randall Cobb39.3%1850.0%52.3%25.9%8.5%11.16.9%11.1%057
Marcedes Lewis34.4%38.3%10.3%00.0%0.0%0.00.0%0.0%00
Tyler Davis31.1%616.7%15.0%25.9%4.3%3.01.9%33.3%026
  • Christian Watson and Sammy Watkins (IR) both missed the game with hamstring injuries.
  • TEs Marcedes Lewis and Tyler both played around one-third of snaps but ran only nine routes between them. And Josiah Deguara got a few plays too. Still, this is progress for Tonyan.
  • Doubs handled a near-every-down role and lit up the Bucs early on. He couldn't keep it up, but finished with a strong line nonetheless (8-73-1 on eight targets).
    • Doubs has caught 14 of 16 targets, and has been targeted on a sturdy 23% of his routes, while no other Packers wide receiver is above 20% (Watson). 
    • Lazard, the supposed No. 1, has scored two TDs in two games but has only been targeted on nine of his 57 routes (16%).

*Lazard rates for Weeks 2-3 only (missed Week 1)


 SnapsRtsR/DB W3R/DB '22TgtTgt Sh W3Tgt Sh '22AYAY ShTPRREZ TgtYds
Cameron Brate88.1%3475.6%71.6%615.0%11.0%36.315.6%17.6%052
Russell Gage81.4%3884.4%77.1%1332.5%21.0%68.029.2%34.2%187
Scott Miller81.4%3884.4%52.3%512.5%13.0%44.219.0%13.2%04
Breshad Perriman72.9%3066.7%61.5%410.0%12.0%52.522.6%13.3%144
Jaelon Darden27.1%1533.3%18.3%12.5%1.0%14.86.4%6.7%025
Cole Beasley10.2%613.3%5.5%410.0%4.0%13.85.9%66.7%012
  • Backup TEs Kyle Rudolph and Ko Kieft ran just six combined routes, while Brate ran 34 routes (six targets, 52 yards) and led Tampa's skill position players in snaps.
  • Perriman and Miller didn't do much, especially Miller, even with Mike Evans (suspension), Chris Godwin (hamstring) and Julio Jones (knee) all out.
  • Gage has seen his targets and snaps rise each week (targets: 2>6>13, snaps: 42% > 66% > 80%) and put up 12-87-1 in this one (but also crucially lost a fumble).
    • Gage is at 21% target share and 77% route share for the season now.


Rams (20) at Cardinals (12) 

 SnapsRtsR/DB W3R/DB '22TgtTgt Sh W3Tgt Sh '22AYAY ShTPRREZ TgtYds
Cooper Kupp100.0%2596.2%99.1%624.0%34.7%92.046.7%24.0%044
Tyler Higbee93.5%1973.1%81.1%416.0%23.8%-0.9-0.4%21.1%061
Allen Robinson91.3%2492.3%94.6%520.0%11.9%30.915.7%20.8%123
Ben Skowronek84.8%1973.1%83.8%416.0%12.9%28.814.6%21.1%066
  • The Rams limited Kupp to 4-44-0 in a game where the Rams ran only 46 plays and attempted 25 passes. Kupp saved his fantasy day with a 20-yard rushing TD.
    • There were a lot of games like this in Week 3, where one team dominated the play count but ended up losing due to turnovers, red-zone struggles and/or special teams failures.
      • To be fair, the Cardinals got whooped in the first half and truly deserved to lose, probably by more than eight points (unlike the Bills and Chiefs, who outplayed their opponents in most ways). The Dolphins had some lucky moments, including Cam Aers' fumble, just to stay kind of within striking distance in the second half.
  • Skowronek had a nice game, catching each of his four targets, including a 32-yard catch-and-run. Plus he got love from the broadcast for throwing some nice blocks as a fullback. His role is interesting in real life, and perhaps in deep fantasy leagues as well now.
  • The four targets were Higbee's season low, but he caught them all for 4-61-0 after 5-39-0 and 7-71-0 the first three weeks. I'd about ready to start him over, say, T.J. Hockenson, though not this week with Hock drawing the far better matchup (vs. SEA, while HIgbee and the Rams head to San Francisco).
    • Higbee's 23.8% target share is second among TEs this year.


 SnapsRtsR/DB W3R/DB '22TgtTgt Sh W3Tgt Sh '22AYAY ShTPRREZ TgtYds
Marquise Brown95.1%5795.0%95.4%1730.9%24.6%136.443.6%29.8%0140
Zach Ertz92.6%5388.3%82.8%1018.2%18.1%64.220.6%18.9%145
Greg Dortch80.2%5185.0%86.1%1018.2%16.7%35.811.5%19.6%080
Andy Isabella38.3%2236.7%23.2%23.6%3.6%34.811.1%9.1%011
A.J. Green33.3%2236.7%61.6%23.6%9.4%23.77.6%9.1%00
Andre Baccellia32.1%2033.3%23.2%47.3%4.3%38.612.4%20.0%013
  • Green left early with a bone bruise in his knee and is expected to miss at least one game.
    • Isabella and Baccellia picked up his snaps, combining for 24 yards on six targets while Brown, Ertz and Dortch dominated the passes.
  • Brown caught 14 of 17 targets for 140 yards, accounting for 31% of the targets and 45% of Kyler Murray's yardage (on 58 pass attempts).
    • Brown is tied for fourth in the league with 34 targets, and he's third in catches (24) and 10th in receiving yards (251).
    • Brown's aDOT is 9.8, down from 11.1 last season and 12.9 in 2020.
  • Dortch's aDOT is 5.2. It works for PPR, as he's caught 20 of 23 targets, including 9-80-0 in this one.
    • Dortch has scored at least 13.3 PPR points each week, riding the wave of Kyler Murray's 141 pass attempts (47 per game, 2nd most).
  • Ertz reached double-digit targets for a second straight week but finished with only 6-45-0. He technically has double-digit PPR points every week this year, but he barely got there Weeks 1 and 3, and is at only a 64% catch rate and 5.4 YPT (down from 69% and 7.1 YPT in 11 games with Zona last year). 


Falcons (27) at Seahawks (23) 

 SnapsRtsR/DB W3R/DB '22TgtTgt Sh W3Tgt Sh '22AYAY ShTPRREZ TgtYds
Drake London83.3%1773.9%80.0%631.6%32.9%89.830.1%35.3%054
Parker Hesse77.8%939.1%37.6%00.0%3.9%0.00.0%0.0%00
Kyle Pitts66.7%1669.6%78.8%842.1%23.7%151.550.8%50.0%087
O. Zaccheaus64.8%1460.9%54.1%210.5%10.5%49.216.5%14.3%049
  • The Falcons attempted only 20 passes, and just six that didn't go to London or Pitts.
    • Pitts' route and snap shares actually dropped a bit with the Falcons going so run-heavy, but he was targeted on eight of 16 routes and caught five passes for 87 yards. There's reason to be encouraged, but also still plenty to be frustrated with or worried about.
  • Hesse is basically a sixth offensive lineman, further enabling the London/Pitts complete dominance of targets.


 SnapsRtsR/DB W3R/DB '22TgtTgt Sh W3Tgt Sh '22AYAY ShTPRREZ TgtYds
DK Metcalf92.8%4495.7%92.7%1227.9%25.0%163.539.8%27.3%464
Tyler Lockett81.2%3984.8%89.0%1125.6%26.0%123.630.1%28.2%076
Will Dissly59.4%1941.3%38.5%37.0%8.0%27.86.8%15.8%034
Noah Fant55.1%2350.0%51.4%49.3%10.0%20.45.0%17.4%027
Marquise Goodwin43.5%2247.8%53.2%49.3%7.0%54.913.4%18.2%031
Colby Parkinson36.2%2043.5%33.0%24.7%4.0%24.35.9%10.0%044
  • Dee Eskridge ran just six routes and got no targets. Goodwin was the clear No. 3 receiver and now has run a route on slightly over half of Geno Smith's dropbacks this year.


49ers (10) at Broncos (11) 

 SnapsRtsR/DB W3R/DB '22TgtTgt Sh W3Tgt Sh '22AYAY ShTPRREZ TgtYds
George Kittle92.3%2781.8%-517.2%-24.79.9%18.5%028
Brandon Aiyuk88.5%3090.9%94.3%827.6%24.1%111.044.6%26.7%039
Deebo Samuel78.8%2987.9%89.8%827.6%26.6%54.722.0%27.6%073
Jauan Jennings44.2%1751.5%56.8%310.3%13.9%20.98.4%17.6%05
Ray-Ray McCloud17.3%721.2%27.3%13.4%6.3%7.93.2%14.3%011
  • Kittle missed only a few snaps in his first game back from a groin injury, but his receiving stats were modest (4-28-0).
  • Aiyuk was hot early, including a TD, but finished with only 3-39-1.
    • He has eight targets in back-to-back games, after only three in the Week 1 monsoon contest.
  • Samuel put up 5-73-0 receiving but was shut down on the ground (five carries for six yards). Perhaps the first sign that his career rushing averages aren't sustainable, even for a unique player with a unique role (6.7 YPC, 12 TDs on 98 career carries). But he shouldn't be too dependent on the ground work now that Garoppolo is back under center. Samuel has seen seven, six and eight targets through three games, nudging out Aiyuk for the team TS lead at 27%.


 SnapsRtsR/DB W3R/DB '22TgtTgt Sh W3Tgt Sh '22AYAY ShTPRREZ TgtYds
Courtland Sutton87.1%3697.3%96.5%1031.3%27.7%99.649.7%27.8%097
Jerry Jeudy58.6%2978.4%64.3%618.8%15.8%72.136.0%20.7%017
Eric Saubert48.6%821.6%20.0%13.1%4.0%15.67.8%12.5%00
Eric Tomlinson48.6%718.9%12.2%00.0%1.0%0.00.0%0.0%00
Kendall Hinton41.4%2156.8%39.1%13.1%2.0%28.014.0%4.8%027
Andrew Beck37.1%410.8%12.2%00.0%3.0%0.00.0%0.0%00
A. Okwuegbunam31.4%2054.1%64.3%26.3%9.9%8.14.1%10.0%012
  • Jeudy played through the shoulder injury but caught only two of six targets for 17 yards on 59% of snaps (78% route share).
  • Sutton reached double-digit targets for a second straight game and put up 8-97-0 for an otherwise struggling Denver offense.
    • Sutton: 10.4 YPT, All other Denver players combined: 6.0 YPT
  • Okweugbunam lost more snaps to Saubert and Tomlinson, sinking to 54% route share and two targets.
    • Albert O can be dropped in most leagues if he wasn't already. He's worth holding in some deeper formats, I suppose.


Cowboys (23) at Giants (16) 

 SnapsRtsR/DB W3R/DB '22TgtTgt Sh W3Tgt Sh '22AYAY ShTPRREZ TgtYds
CeeDee Lamb95.1%3096.8%96.3%1240.0%33.7%129.050.7%40.0%187
Jake Ferguson82.0%1341.9%20.2%310.0%3.0%5.92.3%23.1%013
Noah Brown78.7%2787.1%88.1%723.3%20.8%54.721.5%25.9%154
P. Hendershot59.0%1445.2%17.4%310.0%3.0%15.46.1%21.4%043
Jalen Tolbert37.7%1445.2%12.8%26.7%2.0%38.715.2%14.3%04
  • Lamb had a brutal drop that cost him 40+ yards and maybe a TD, but he bounced back for 87 yards and a late TD while handling the largest target share (40%) of any pass catcher in the NFL this week.
  • Brown also played well and made a couple tough catches, finishing with exactly five receptions for a third straight week. He looks good enough to have value even if Michael Gallup (knee) returns soon, assuming the Cowboys also get Dak Prescott back at some point in the not too distant future.
  • Ferguson had a similar snap count to what we'd normally see from a healthy Dalton Schultz (inactive- knee) but was kept in as a blocker on 36% of his pass snaps, per PFF.
    • Hendershot ran one more route than Ferguson and caught each of his three targets for 43 yards.
    • Hendershot took six of seven snaps on 3rd-and-medium/long, while Ferguson played only two.
  • Tolbert didn't do much but did make his NFL debut, working as the No. 3 receiver on a night where the Cowboys used a lot of multi-TE looks.


 SnapsRtsR/DB W3R/DB '22TgtTgt Sh W3Tgt Sh '22AYAY ShTPRREZ TgtYds
Sterling Shepard80.6%3685.7%81.0%1031.3%28.2%97.646.2%27.8%049
Richie James73.1%3788.1%76.2%515.6%20.0%41.119.5%13.5%036
David Sills62.7%2354.8%70.5%412.5%9.4%47.922.7%17.4%020
Daniel Bellinger61.2%1740.5%34.3%515.6%7.1%6.83.2%29.4%040
Tanner Hudson34.3%1842.9%46.7%00.0%3.5%0.00.0%0.0%00
Kenny Golladay32.8%1842.9%36.2%39.4%5.9%27.312.9%16.7%00
  • Shepard suffered an ACL tear at the end of the game. He led the team with 13 catches for 154 yards through three games.
  • Golladay got more playing time than in Week 2 but again did nothing (except drop a pass).
  • They may eventually have no choice but to play Kadarius Toney a lot, if he can ever stay healthy for more than a few days at a time. (Toney missed this one with a hamstring injury.)
  • Bellinger caught four passes for 40 yards but still came off the field for Hudson in a lot of passing situations.
  • James looks like the de facto No. 1 receiver here. He had some nice games for the 49ers in 2020 (mostly one huge game) and has caught 14 of 17 targets for 146 yards over the first three weeks of this year.
    • Sills is also getting a lot of snaps, but... no, just no.


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