Fantrax Premier League Player Rankings: Gameweek 8

Fantrax Premier League Player Rankings: Gameweek 8

This article is part of our Fantasy Premier League Rankings series.

Welcome to RotoWire's weekly rankings for the official Fantrax game. The players for our rankings are pulled straight from the expected XIs found on our lineups page.


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Overall RankPos RankFloor RankPos Floor RankPlayerMatchupPosPtsFloor
1131Gabriel JesusARS at BREF15.219.18
2111Kevin De BruyneMCI at WOLM14.839.87
32327Erling HaalandMCI at WOLF14.517.28
43379Harry KaneTOT v. LEIF14.357.14
5222Gabriel MartinelliARS at BREM14.109.35
6365Bukayo SakaARS at BREM13.828.74
7483Aleksandar MitrovicFUL at NFOF13.818.55
8443Phil FodenMCI at WOLM13.659.15
91121Joao CanceloMCI at WOLD12.688.21
105306Son Heung-MinTOT v. LEIF12.627.37
1166516Alexander IsakNEW v. BOUF12.286.17
1252015Bernardo SilvaMCI at WOLM12.217.93
137174Michail AntonioWHU at EVEF12.158.03
14654James MaddisonLEI at TOTM12.148.95
1571914Jarrod BowenWHU at EVEM11.957.95
1683925RicharlisonTOT v. LEIM11.687.07
179107Martin OdegaardARS at BREM11.638.51
18101410Harvey BarnesLEI at TOTM11.608.11
19112621Ryan FraserNEW v. BOUM11.137.61
2012139Pablo FornalsWHU at EVEM11.028.15
212362Sergio GomezMCI at WOLD10.967.19
22134227Philippe CoutinhoAVL v. SOUM10.927.02
2385214Jamie VardyLEI at TOTF10.756.58
2436110Kieran TrippierNEW v. BOUD10.736.35
259358Che AdamsSOU at AVLF10.727.25
26104010Ollie WatkinsAVL v. SOUF10.717.05
27117017Dominic SolankeBOU at NEWF10.675.99
28128118Danny IngsAVL v. SOUF10.595.55
29142520Ilkay GundoganMCI at WOLM10.427.66
301372Joe AriboSOU at AVLF10.268.67
31151813Andreas PereiraFUL at NFOM10.027.97
32164126Philip BillingBOU at NEWM9.957.04
33172419Ivan PerisicTOT v. LEIM9.947.69
3414275Bobby Decordova-ReidFUL at NFOF9.847.50
354283Kenny TeteFUL at NFOD9.837.45
36182217Kiernan Dewsbury-HallLEI at TOTM9.787.91
37195133Demarai GrayEVE v. WHUM9.736.65
38204530Miguel AlmironNEW v. BOUM9.716.82
39154812Anthony GordonEVE v. WHUF9.596.74
40212116Mohamed ElyounoussiSOU at AVLM9.487.92
41168219Ivan ToneyBRE v. ARSF9.465.54
4222118James Ward-ProwseSOU at AVLM9.398.22
435334Layvin KurzawaFUL at NFOD9.277.28
44231612Tomas SoucekWHU at EVEM9.168.05
4569321Ruben DiasMCI at WOLD9.105.40
46244932Daniel JamesFUL at NFOM9.096.70
477536Vladimir CoufalWHU at EVED9.016.55
488578Lucas DigneAVL v. SOUD8.996.42
49255434Joe WillockNEW v. BOUM8.826.51
502696Lucas PaquetaWHU at EVEM8.748.52
511711422Brennan JohnsonNFO v. FULF8.734.47
5296911Aaron CresswellWHU at EVED8.716.01
53109624Manuel AkanjiMCI at WOLD8.715.35
54185013Adam ArmstrongSOU at AVLF8.696.65
55271511Youri TielemansLEI at TOTM8.618.10
56117915Kieran TierneyARS at BRED8.515.59
5712567Tosin AdarabioyoFUL at NFOD8.466.44
58194711JoelintonNEW v. BOUF8.466.81
59287545Morgan Gibbs-WhiteNFO v. FULM8.375.81
60292318Declan RiceWHU at EVEM8.367.71
61137413GabrielARS at BRED8.345.84
6214609James TarkowskiEVE v. WHUD8.036.37
63205815Pedro NetoWOL v. MCIF7.976.41
64159523Matt TargettNEW v. BOUD7.875.37
652111523Neal MaupayEVE v. WHUF7.814.44
66229120Bryan MbeumoBRE v. ARSF7.775.43
67304631RodriMCI at WOLM7.696.82
6816345Mohammed SalisuSOU at AVLD7.657.26
69177714Tim ReamFUL at NFOD7.645.66
70239821Keane Lewis-PotterBRE v. ARSF7.565.17
71188818Kurt ZoumaWHU at EVED7.505.47
72198517Ben WhiteARS at BRED7.465.50
73316640Ryan ChristieBOU at NEWM7.446.14
7411081Emiliano MartinezAVL v. SOUG7.364.80
75208416Neco WilliamsNFO v. FULD7.315.51
762110627Tyrone MingsAVL v. SOUD7.294.94
772212439Sven BotmanNEW v. BOUD7.214.04
782312036Fabian ScharNEW v. BOUD7.194.21
79247312Armel Bella-KotchapSOU at AVLD7.175.88
80323824Harrison ReedFUL at NFOM7.157.09
81332922Albert Sambi LokongaARS at BREM7.147.37
822511029EmersonTOT v. LEID7.114.53
832611734Ashley YoungAVL v. SOUD7.114.34
84279725Romain PerraudSOU at AVLD7.075.28
85345936John McGinnAVL v. SOUM7.076.40
86356338Marcus TavernierBOU at NEWM7.066.28
87363123Wilfred NdidiLEI at TOTM7.047.34
88378650Daniel PodenceWOL v. MCIM6.985.50
892811332Ezri KonsaAVL v. SOUD6.804.49
90299422Kyle Walker-PetersSOU at AVLD6.695.38
91385535Boubakary SoumareLEI at TOTM6.686.47
92396237Granit XhakaARS at BREM6.686.31
93406741Jefferson LermaBOU at NEWM6.686.14
944110255Jesse LingardNFO v. FULM6.655.01
95424328Joao PalhinhaFUL at NFOM6.596.93
96434429Ibrahima DialloSOU at AVLM6.556.87
97309220James JustinLEI at TOTD6.545.42
98446842Lewis CookBOU at NEWM6.516.03
99457143Mathias JensenBRE v. ARSM6.505.91
1003111130William SalibaARS at BRED6.444.53
101469052Alex IwobiEVE v. WHUM6.415.45
102328919Jonny EvansLEI at TOTD6.415.47
103477847Pierre-Emile HojbjergTOT v. LEIM6.405.60
104487244Rodrigo BentancurTOT v. LEIM6.365.89
105497646Douglas LuizAVL v. SOUM6.305.78
106339926Steve CookNFO v. FULD6.265.13
1075010356Sean LongstaffNEW v. BOUM6.175.00
1085110053Josh DasilvaBRE v. ARSM6.155.08
1093412137Davinson SanchezTOT v. LEID6.044.18
110528349Vitaly JaneltBRE v. ARSM5.995.53
111538048Boubacar KamaraAVL v. SOUM5.935.56
1123510728Luke ThomasLEI at TOTD5.884.88
1133611935Ben MeeBRE v. ARSD5.824.22
114548751Ruben NevesWOL v. MCIM5.815.50
1153711231Ryan FredericksBOU at NEWD5.774.49
1163812841Vitaliy MykolenkoEVE v. WHUD5.763.70
1173912942Nathan PattersonEVE v. WHUD5.713.67
118556439Amadou OnanaEVE v. WHUM5.686.17
11921499EdersonMCI at WOLG5.491.09
12031253David RayaBRE v. ARSG5.484.02
12141222Jose SaWOL v. MCIG5.344.16
1225610558Tom DaviesEVE v. WHUM5.344.99
12351436Nick PopeNEW v. BOUG5.272.49
1244011633Chris MephamBOU at NEWD5.244.40
1254113144Eric DierTOT v. LEID5.213.43
1265710959Ryan YatesNFO v. FULM5.174.68
12761354Jordan PickfordEVE v. WHUG5.153.14
1285810154Joao MoutinhoWOL v. MCIM5.155.04
1294213043Lloyd KellyBOU at NEWD5.133.63
1304312338Scott McKennaNFO v. FULD5.024.09
1315910457Lewis O'BrienNFO v. FULM4.985.00
13271375Hugo LlorisTOT v. LEIG4.972.87
1334413648Clement LengletTOT v. LEID4.923.12
1344513245Renan LodiNFO v. FULD4.903.25
1354612740Pontus JanssonBRE v. ARSD4.823.72
1366011860Matheus NunesWOL v. MCIM4.764.27
1372412624Goncalo GuedesWOL v. MCIF4.733.76
1384713950Conor CoadyEVE v. WHUD4.672.85
1394813849Rico HenryBRE v. ARSD4.412.86
1404913447Thilo KehrerWHU at EVED4.283.20
1415014253Aaron HickeyBRE v. ARSD4.152.73
1425113346Joe WorrallNFO v. FULD4.143.21
1435214152Adam SmithBOU at NEWD3.932.81
14481477Dean HendersonNFO v. FULG3.812.28
1455314051Max KilmanWOL v. MCID3.702.83
1465414555JonnyWOL v. MCID3.572.37
1475514656Rayan Ait-NouriWOL v. MCID3.462.37
148915010Bernd LenoFUL at NFOG3.290.89
1495614454Nathan CollinsWOL v. MCID3.152.44
1501015313Aaron RamsdaleARS at BREG2.400.10
1511115414Lukasz FabianskiWHU at EVEG2.190.04
1521215111Danny WardLEI at TOTG2.060.82
1531315212Gavin BazunuSOU at AVLG1.770.41
154141488NetoBOU at NEWG1.311.60

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