Backfield Breakdown: Week 17 RB Usage and Week 18 Waivers Preview

Backfield Breakdown: Week 17 RB Usage and Week 18 Waivers Preview

This article is part of our Backfield Breakdown series.

Snap/Carry/Target Shares

Here we're showing each running back's share of his team's snaps, carries and targets, with the third column in each case being the difference between a player's rates for Week 17 and for the season as a whole. Sorting by these 'delta' columns is a quick way to see which backs got more/less work than usual, be it due to injury, game script or a role change (any of which will be discussed in the game-by-game section at the bottom of this article.

 Sn% W17Sn% '22Sn ΔCS W17CS '22CS ΔTS W17TS '22TS Δ
1Christian McCaffrey85.1%44.3%40.8%70.4%31.9%38.5%26.5%12.8%13.7%
2Saquon Barkley79.4%79.8%-0.4%32.4%59.1%-26.7%17.4%16.9%0.5%
3Cam Akers77.6%38.0%39.6%73.1%43.6%29.5%11.1%3.0%8.1%
4Josh Jacobs68.1%74.7%-6.6%53.1%80.1%-27.0%15.6%11.6%4.0%
5Ezekiel Elliott66.3%48.0%18.3%59.4%44.2%15.2%0.0%4.1%-4.1%
6Hassan Haskins66.2%14.5%51.7%50.0%5.1%44.9%7.9%2.4%5.5%
7Jeff Wilson65.7%22.0%43.7%55.6%19.0%36.6%17.5%4.1%13.4%
8Najee Harris64.3%65.9%-1.6%53.7%53.8%-0.1%11.1%10.0%1.1%
9Latavius Murray60.0%35.6%24.4%50.0%35.5%14.5%16.7%6.4%10.3%
10Chase Edmonds58.6%8.0%50.6%29.2%4.2%25.0%8.3%1.3%7.0%
11Zack Moss58.6%12.5%46.1%55.6%14.3%41.3%0.0%0.4%-0.4%
12Dalvin Cook58.6%74.5%-15.9%45.0%69.1%-24.1%8.6%9.0%-0.4%

Snap/Carry/Target Shares

Here we're showing each running back's share of his team's snaps, carries and targets, with the third column in each case being the difference between a player's rates for Week 17 and for the season as a whole. Sorting by these 'delta' columns is a quick way to see which backs got more/less work than usual, be it due to injury, game script or a role change (any of which will be discussed in the game-by-game section at the bottom of this article.

 Sn% W17Sn% '22Sn ΔCS W17CS '22CS ΔTS W17TS '22TS Δ
1Christian McCaffrey85.1%44.3%40.8%70.4%31.9%38.5%26.5%12.8%13.7%
2Saquon Barkley79.4%79.8%-0.4%32.4%59.1%-26.7%17.4%16.9%0.5%
3Cam Akers77.6%38.0%39.6%73.1%43.6%29.5%11.1%3.0%8.1%
4Josh Jacobs68.1%74.7%-6.6%53.1%80.1%-27.0%15.6%11.6%4.0%
5Ezekiel Elliott66.3%48.0%18.3%59.4%44.2%15.2%0.0%4.1%-4.1%
6Hassan Haskins66.2%14.5%51.7%50.0%5.1%44.9%7.9%2.4%5.5%
7Jeff Wilson65.7%22.0%43.7%55.6%19.0%36.6%17.5%4.1%13.4%
8Najee Harris64.3%65.9%-1.6%53.7%53.8%-0.1%11.1%10.0%1.1%
9Latavius Murray60.0%35.6%24.4%50.0%35.5%14.5%16.7%6.4%10.3%
10Chase Edmonds58.6%8.0%50.6%29.2%4.2%25.0%8.3%1.3%7.0%
11Zack Moss58.6%12.5%46.1%55.6%14.3%41.3%0.0%0.4%-0.4%
12Dalvin Cook58.6%74.5%-15.9%45.0%69.1%-24.1%8.6%9.0%-0.4%
13Alvin Kamara58.0%60.3%-2.3%45.7%46.2%-0.5%4.3%16.0%-11.7%
14Nick Chubb57.1%55.3%1.8%46.7%56.9%-10.2%6.3%6.5%-0.2%
15Kenneth Walker56.9%50.1%6.8%60.5%51.2%9.3%3.6%6.5%-2.9%
16Rhamondre Stevenson56.7%67.7%-11.0%38.1%50.7%-12.6%12.5%17.1%-4.6%
17James Conner55.4%57.6%-2.2%59.3%44.2%15.1%7.9%9.5%-1.6%
18Tyler Allgeier54.8%45.8%9.0%58.8%35.5%23.3%4.0%4.6%-0.6%
19David Montgomery53.8%61.5%-7.7%27.3%36.2%-8.9%16.7%12.0%4.7%
20Chuba Hubbard52.3%24.6%27.7%13.6%16.7%-3.1%9.7%3.8%5.9%
21Brian Robinson52.2%31.2%21.0%64.9%41.2%23.7%3.6%2.3%1.3%
22Rachaad White50.6%39.5%11.1%44.0%34.2%9.8%11.9%8.4%3.5%
23J.K. Dobbins50.0%19.7%30.3%60.7%18.4%42.3%0.0%1.9%-1.9%
24Cordarrelle Patterson50.0%36.9%13.1%26.5%26.5%0.0%32.0%7.5%24.5%
25Damien Harris48.3%20.6%27.7%42.9%23.1%19.8%9.4%4.0%5.4%
26Jerick McKinnon48.3%46.8%1.5%12.5%18.0%-5.5%14.6%11.5%3.1%
27Leonard Fournette46.8%59.1%-12.3%40.0%51.6%-11.6%9.5%11.9%-2.4%
28Jonathan Williams46.4%6.0%40.4%24.3%4.6%19.7%17.9%1.6%16.3%
29A.J. Dillon46.0%48.7%-2.7%36.4%41.4%-5.0%3.8%7.8%-4.0%
30Jamaal Williams45.7%39.7%6.0%56.4%54.1%2.3%3.4%3.0%0.4%
31Ty Johnson45.6%14.4%31.2%47.1%6.5%40.6%11.1%3.8%7.3%
32Isiah Pacheco45.0%30.4%14.6%56.3%41.6%14.7%4.9%2.4%2.5%
33Austin Ekeler43.8%62.3%-18.5%32.3%50.5%-18.2%12.9%19.1%-6.2%
34Corey Clement43.2%3.2%40.0%25.9%1.7%24.2%2.6%0.5%2.1%
35Royce Freeman42.9%9.1%33.8%33.3%9.1%24.2%11.9%1.3%10.6%
36Raheem Mostert42.9%53.2%-10.3%33.3%47.5%-14.2%20.0%7.5%12.5%
37Jaylen Warren40.0%28.7%11.3%29.3%15.3%14.0%11.1%5.6%5.5%
38Miles Sanders40.0%58.2%-18.2%80.0%48.6%31.4%0.0%5.3%-5.3%
39JaMycal Hasty39.7%18.4%21.3%34.5%9.9%24.6%21.4%4.6%16.8%
40Alexander Mattison39.7%24.6%15.1%40.0%17.5%22.5%2.9%2.8%0.1%
41Aaron Jones39.7%57.8%-18.1%42.4%47.0%-4.6%11.5%13.2%-1.7%
42Khalil Herbert38.5%28.7%9.8%22.7%22.2%0.5%0.0%3.0%-3.0%
43D'Onta Foreman38.5%35.3%3.2%59.1%43.2%15.9%0.0%2.2%-2.2%
44Travis Etienne38.1%59.9%-21.8%31.0%49.1%-18.1%10.7%7.9%2.8%
45DeeJay Dallas37.5%18.3%19.2%18.4%8.5%9.9%14.3%3.4%10.9%
46Dare Ogunbowale37.1%14.1%23.0%33.3%8.3%25.0%7.1%3.8%3.3%
47Joshua Kelley35.9%21.6%14.3%29.0%16.8%12.2%6.5%3.3%3.2%
48D'Andre Swift35.7%34.2%1.5%28.2%20.4%7.8%13.8%11.9%1.9%
49Boston Scott32.7%13.2%19.5%13.3%8.8%4.5%3.1%1.3%1.8%
50Justice Hill32.7%24.4%8.3%0.0%8.4%-8.4%0.0%2.8%-2.8%
51Kareem Hunt30.4%42.8%-12.4%6.7%23.3%-16.6%6.3%8.3%-2.0%
52Michael Carter29.4%44.9%-15.5%5.9%28.8%-22.9%6.7%9.2%-2.5%
53Kenneth Gainwell27.3%28.2%-0.9%0.0%9.4%-9.4%6.3%5.9%0.4%
54Deon Jackson24.1%20.4%3.7%11.1%14.8%-3.7%0.0%4.8%-4.8%
55Zonovan Knight22.1%17.1%5.0%47.1%19.0%28.1%6.7%2.5%4.2%
56Julius Chestnut21.5%3.0%18.5%16.7%2.0%14.7%2.6%0.7%1.9%
57Larry Rountree20.3%1.5%18.8%32.3%2.6%29.7%3.2%0.2%3.0%
58Brandon Bolden20.3%7.9%12.4%25.0%4.2%20.8%0.0%1.7%-1.7%
59Craig Reynolds18.6%10.8%7.8%0.0%5.1%-5.1%0.0%1.9%-1.9%
60Rex Burkhead18.6%25.2%-6.6%0.0%6.9%-6.9%11.9%9.4%2.5%
61Gus Edwards17.3%15.2%2.1%10.7%16.6%-5.9%0.0%0.5%-0.5%
62Kyren Williams6.1%14.7%-8.6%7.7%9.1%-1.4%0.0%2.4%-2.4%
63Keaontay Ingram1.4%7.3%-5.9%0.0%5.8%-5.8%0.0%0.3%-0.3%
64James Cook 23.1%  19.8%  5.8% 
65Samaje Perine 40.2%  23.5%  9.0% 
66Tony Pollard 49.3%  36.9%  10.6% 
67Joe Mixon 56.4%  52.5%  12.6% 
68Derrick Henry 61.7%  71.2%  9.8% 
69Devin Singletary 66.7%  42.0%  9.8% 

Doesn't include MNF. 


Week 17 Injury Report


Derrick Henry (hip)

Antonio Gibson (knee)

Tony Pollard (thigh)

Travis Homer (ankle)

Justin Jackson (hip)

Zamir White (ankle)


New Injuries

James Conner injured his shin in the third quarter and missed the fourth quarter.

Marlon Mack suffered a hamstring injury and didn't return.

Avery Williams left with a foot injury and didn't return.


Week 18 Waivers & Drops

Picking from players rostered in no more than half of Yahoo Leagues.

Add' Em

  1. Corey Clement - 0%  
  2. Keaontay Ingram - 1%  
  3. Alexander Mattison - 30%   
  4. Zack Moss - 46% 
  5. Matt Breida - 4%
  6. Jaylen Warren - 12%   
  7. Chuba Hubbard - 39%
  8. Gary Brightwell - 0%
  9. Damien Harris - 48%
  10. Khalil Herbert - 36%
  11. Ty Johnson - 3% 
  12. Brandon Bolden - 0%
  13. Chase Edmonds - 21% 
  14. Joshua Kelley - 7%
  15. Dare Ogunbowale - 2% 


Drop' Em

Zonovan Knight

Kareem Hunt

Michael Carter

Gus Edwards

Kyren Williams

Deon Jackson


Week 17 Game-by-Game Breakdowns

Cowboys (27) at Titans (13) 

 SnapsSn %Sn% '22RushCarr. Sh.CS '22Rec.Tgt ShTS '22GLL
1Ezekiel Elliott5366.3%48.0%19-37-159.4%44.2%0-0-00.0%4.1%2
2Malik Davis2632.5%6.7%10-39-031.3%6.5%2-23-04.9%1.4%0
  • With Tony Pollard (thigh) inactive, Elliott logged a season-high 53 snaps. 
    • Zeke's snap share and carry totals were his second most/largest of the season, though he was held to 37 rushing yards and not targeted.
  • Elliott and Davis both played at least four snaps in each quarter, and Elliott got 72% of snaps in Q4.


 SnapsSn %Sn% '22RushCarr. Sh.CS '22Rec.Tgt ShTS '22GLL
1Hassan Haskins4366.2%14.5%12-40-050.0%5.1%2-13-07.9%2.4%0
2Julius Chestnut1421.5%3.0%4--1-016.7%2.0%1-33-02.6%0.7%0
3Jonathan Ward57.7%0.5%4-26-016.7%0.9%1-4-02.6%0.2%0
  • With Derrick Henry (hip) held out, Haskins got the start and played at least half the offensive snaps in each quarter, taking 14 of the 24 RB touches overall.
    • Haskins had 14 of the 20 RB touches until Ward got four carries in a row on the final four snaps to end the game.
    • Ward had only one snap and one touch before that final drive; Chestnut was Haskins' backup.
  • Haskins took 59% of snaps on first down, 65% on second down and 75% on third down.


Bears (10) at Lions (41) 

 SnapsSn %Sn% '22RushCarr. Sh.CS '22Rec.Tgt ShTS '22GLL
1David Montgomery2853.8%61.5%6-24-027.3%36.2%2-12-016.7%12.0%0
2Khalil Herbert2038.5%28.7%5-31-022.7%22.2%0-0-00.0%3.0%0
3Trestan Ebner59.6%7.9%0-0-00.0%4.5%0-0-00.0%1.8%0
  • Justin Fields led the team with 10 carries for 32 yards in a game where the Lions dominated possession and the Bears had only 22 rush attempts and 21 pass attempts (plus seven sacks).
    • Nearly all of Fields' rushing production (and the Bears' offensive production) came on the first two drives. They scored 10 points and rolled up 145 yards, then had seven punts, two turnovers and one turnover on downs the rest of the game.
      • Fields appeared bothered by his hamstring.
  • Montgomery played 61% of snaps through three quarters, with Herbert getting 39%.
    • Ebner played only one snap before the fourth quarter.
  • Montgomery has 22 carries and seven targets in two games since Herbert returned from IR.
    • Herbert has 11 carries and three targets in that time, playing 41% and 39% of snaps.


 SnapsSn %Sn% '22RushCarr. Sh.CS '22Rec.Tgt ShTS '22GLL
1Jamaal Williams3245.7%39.7%22-144-156.4%54.1%1-13-03.4%3.0%2
2D'Andre Swift2535.7%34.2%11-78-128.2%20.4%4-39-113.8%11.9%0
3Craig Reynolds1318.6%10.8%0-0-00.0%5.1%0-0-00.0%1.9%0
  • Williams had his most rushing yards and second most carries of the year, while Swift scored a a rushing TD (17 yards) and receiving TD (21 yards) on 15 touches.
    • Dan Campbell let his guys pad their stats; Williams had a 58-yard run late in the fourth quarter to set up a field goal that stretched the lead from 28 to 31.
  • Reynolds replaced Justin Jackson (inactive - hip) as the No. 3 back and got a bunch of snaps but no touches.


Broncos (24) at Chiefs (27) 

 SnapsSn %Sn% '22RushCarr. Sh.CS '22Rec.Tgt ShTS '22GLL
1Latavius Murray4260.0%35.6%12-56-050.0%35.5%4-16-016.7%6.4%0
2Chase Edmonds4158.6%8.0%7-34-029.2%4.2%3-39-08.3%1.3%0
  • Marlon Mack, the No. 3 back, left with a hamstring injury after one snap on special teams ( a kick return for 20 yards).
  • Murray took 65% of snaps on first down, 68% on second down and 57% on third down.
  • The Broncos used both backs on the field together a bunch, as you can see from the snap shares (both well above 50%).
    • They ran 13 snaps (18.6% of their plays) out of 21 personnel with two halfbacks instead of a HB and a RB.


 SnapsSn %Sn% '22RushCarr. Sh.CS '22Rec.Tgt ShTS '22GLL
1Jerick McKinnon2948.3%46.8%2-4-012.5%18.0%5-52-214.6%11.5%1
2Isiah Pacheco2745.0%30.4%9-31-156.3%41.6%2-18-04.9%2.4%1
3Ronald Jones46.7%1.9%1-3-06.3%1.8%0-0-00.0%0.2%0
  • Pacheco scored a five-yard rushing TD on the first drive, and McKinnon scored two receiving TDs later, giving the 30-year-old eight TDs total (seven receiving) over the past five games.
    • McKinnon has averaged 6.2 carries for 27.2 yards and 5.0 catches for 54.8 yards in that time.
  • Pacheco's snap share/count was normal, yet he got fewer than 13 carries for the first time since Week 9.


Jaguars (31) at Texans (3) 

 SnapsSn %Sn% '22RushCarr. Sh.CS '22Rec.Tgt ShTS '22GLL
1JaMycal Hasty2539.7%18.4%10-33-134.5%9.9%6-23-021.4%4.6%1
2Travis Etienne2438.1%59.9%9-108-131.0%49.1%3-32-010.7%7.9%1
3Snoop Conner1117.5%3.4%5-17-117.2%2.8%0-0-00.0%0.0%1
  • Etienne played 77% of snaps in the first half and was held out for the second half.
    • Etienne took 12 touches for 140 yards and a TD (from 62 yards out) before halftime, then was rested in preparation for the huge Week 18 matchup with Tennessee.
    • Hasty scored in the first half while ETN was still playing, but from five yards out on a third down (sneaky!).


 SnapsSn %Sn% '22RushCarr. Sh.CS '22Rec.Tgt ShTS '22GLL
1Royce Freeman3042.9%9.1%7-19-033.3%9.1%3-20-011.9%1.3%0
2Dare Ogunbowale2637.1%14.1%7-21-033.3%8.3%2-4-07.1%3.8%0
3Rex Burkhead1318.6%25.2%0-0-00.0%6.9%3-10-011.9%9.4%0
  • Freeman led the backfield in snaps again, but Ogunbowale got more playing time and touches before the fourth quarter of this blowout.
    • Pre-Q4, Ogunbowale played 49% of snaps to Freeman's 30% and had seven carries to his four (with neither catching any passes until the fourth quarter).
    • Freeman took 63% of snaps in the fourth quarter and got six touches for 32 yards (after four touches for seven yards through three quarters).    


Browns (24) at Commanders (10) 

 SnapsSn %Sn% '22RushCarr. Sh.CS '22Rec.Tgt ShTS '22GLL
1Nick Chubb3257.1%55.3%14-104-046.7%56.9%1-12-06.3%6.5%0
2Kareem Hunt1730.4%42.8%2-0-06.7%23.3%1--1-06.3%8.3%0
3Jerome Ford712.5%1.3%5-9-016.7%1.6%0-0-00.0%0.0%0
  • Chubb played 61% of snaps through three quarters and got 12 of the 16 RB opportunities.
  • Six of Ford's seven snaps were in the fourth quarter.


 SnapsSn %Sn% '22RushCarr. Sh.CS '22Rec.Tgt ShTS '22GLL
1Brian Robinson3652.2%31.2%24-87-064.9%41.2%0-0-03.6%2.3%2
2Jonathan Williams3246.4%6.0%9-30-024.3%4.6%3-3-017.9%1.6%0
  • Robinson's role did change some with Antonio Gibson (knee) inactive, though Williams ultimately played a season-high 46% of snaps.
    • The fourth quarter boosted Williams. He played 70% in the final frame.
    • Robinson took 79% of first/second-down snaps before the fourth quarter.
  • Robinson took 61% of snaps through three quarters with a 22-8 carry advantage over Williams and 1-2 target deficit.
  • Williams took 81% of third-down snaps.


Cardinals (19) at Falcons (20) 

 SnapsSn %Sn% '22RushCarr. Sh.CS '22Rec.Tgt ShTS '22GLL
1James Conner4155.4%57.6%16-79-059.3%44.2%3-31-07.9%9.5%0
2Corey Clement3243.2%3.2%7-32-025.9%1.7%0-0-02.6%0.5%0
3Keaontay Ingram11.4%7.3%0-0-00.0%5.8%0-0-00.0%0.3%0
  • Conner took 78% of snaps in the first half, down a bit after topping 90% in three straight games.
    • Conner then hurt his shin in the third quarter and missed the fourth.
  • Clement played 94% of snaps in the fourth quarter, with five carries for 25 yards while Ingram played just one snap and didn't get any touches.


 SnapsSn %Sn% '22RushCarr. Sh.CS '22Rec.Tgt ShTS '22GLL
1Tyler Allgeier3454.8%45.8%20-83-158.8%35.5%1-12-04.0%4.6%2
2Cordarrelle Patterson3150.0%36.9%9-42-126.5%26.5%6-42-032.0%7.5%1
3Avery Williams1016.1%13.9%1--2-02.9%3.4%1-2-04.0%3.8%0
  • Allgeier comfortably led the team in carries for a second straight week, with 20 being a career high.
    • The past two games represents Allgeier's two largest snap shares in games Patterson was active for, as well as his two largest carry counts (18 and 20) in any game, including when C-Patt was sidelined.
  • Patterson had a nice day as well, scoring a rushing TD and seeing three more targets (eight) than in any other game this year.
  • Allgeier took 40% of snaps on first down, 60% on second down and 82% on third down, i.e., Patterson got all those targets despite playing only 46% of third-down snaps (six of his eight targets came on early downs).


Colts (10) at Giants (38) 

 SnapsSn %Sn% '22RushCarr. Sh.CS '22Rec.Tgt ShTS '22GLL
1Zack Moss3458.6%12.5%15-74-055.6%14.3%0-0-00.0%0.4%0
2Deon Jackson1424.1%20.4%3-10-011.1%14.8%0-0-00.0%4.8%0
3Jordan Wilkins1017.2%3.7%6-23-022.2%3.2%2-14-07.4%1.5%0
  • Moss took 56% of snaps on first down, 56% on second down and 62% on third down en route to seeing 16 of the team's 26 RB opportunities.
    • Moss has played at least 59% of snaps in each of the past three games, averaging 17 carries for 73.3 yards but seeing only two targets total and not scoring a TD all year.
  • Moss got most of the garbage-time work; eight of 10 snaps in the fourth quarter, including four carries for 25 yards.
    • Moss played 54% of snaps and got 11 of 21 RB opportunities before the final quarter.


 SnapsSn %Sn% '22RushCarr. Sh.CS '22Rec.Tgt ShTS '22GLL
1Saquon Barkley5079.4%79.8%12-58-032.4%59.1%2--5-017.4%16.9%0
2Matt Breida1219.0%20.3%9-59-024.3%10.0%1-8-04.3%3.8%0
3Gary Brightwell57.9%5.6%5-9-013.5%4.0%0-0-00.0%1.1%0


Dolphins (21) at Patriots (23) 

 SnapsSn %Sn% '22RushCarr. Sh.CS '22Rec.Tgt ShTS '22GLL
1Jeff Wilson4665.7%22.0%15-45-055.6%19.0%3-31-017.5%4.1%0
2Raheem Mostert3042.9%53.2%9-29-033.3%47.5%8-62-120.0%7.5%2
3Salvon Ahmed22.9%3.1%0-0-00.0%3.1%1-8-02.5%0.2%0
  • Mostert had a rare big day through the air despite getting only half the third-down snaps (Wilson played 57%).
  • Wilson has played more snaps than Mostert and taken more carries in back-to-back games since missing the Week 15 loss to Buffalo in which Mostert ran for a season-high 130 yards.


 SnapsSn %Sn% '22RushCarr. Sh.CS '22Rec.Tgt ShTS '22GLL
1Rhamondre Stevenson3456.7%67.7%8-42-038.1%50.7%2-9-012.5%17.1%0
2Damien Harris2948.3%20.6%9-32-042.9%23.1%3-18-09.4%4.0%1
3Pierre Strong23.3%5.1%0-0-00.0%2.5%0-0-00.0%1.5%0
  • Harris got one more carry than Stevenson in his return to the lineup and surprisingly saw just one fewer target as well while playing nearly half the snaps.
  • Stevenson got nine of 12 snaps in the first quarter. After that, both backs played more than 40% of snaps in each quarter.


Panthers (24) at Buccaneers (30) 

 SnapsSn %Sn% '22RushCarr. Sh.CS '22Rec.Tgt ShTS '22GLL
1Chuba Hubbard3452.3%24.6%3-12-013.6%16.7%3-53-09.7%3.8%0
2D'Onta Foreman2538.5%35.3%13-35-059.1%43.2%0-0-00.0%2.2%0
3Raheem Blackshear34.6%8.0%0-0-00.0%5.0%1--1-03.2%2.9%0
  • Before the fourth quarter, Foreman got 45% of snaps to Hubbard's 41%, with a 10-3 advantage in carries and neither seeing a target (Blackshear had one).
    • Hubbard then took 74% of snaps in the fourth quarter and turned three targets into 53 yards.
  • Foreman played 56% of early down snaps before the final quarter... not awful, nor ideal.


 SnapsSn %Sn% '22RushCarr. Sh.CS '22Rec.Tgt ShTS '22GLL
1Rachaad White3950.6%39.5%11-22-044.0%34.2%5-26-011.9%8.4%0
2Leonard Fournette3646.8%59.1%10-28-040.0%51.6%4-19-09.5%11.9%0
3Ke'Shawn Vaughn22.6%1.8%0-0-00.0%2.5%0-0-00.0%0.3%0
  • White took 51% of snaps on first down, 52% on second down and 60% on third down, finishing with one more carry and one more target than Fournette for a near-50/50 split.
    • Both RBs played four or more snaps in each quarter. White took 77% in the first quarter and 43% thereafter (to Fournette's 53%).
  • Tampa Bay is locked into the No. 4 seed, which could mean more work for White and/or Vaughn (and less for Fournette) in Week 18 against Atlanta.


Saints (20) at Eagles (10) 

 SnapsSn %Sn% '22RushCarr. Sh.CS '22Rec.Tgt ShTS '22GLL
1Alvin Kamara4058.0%60.3%16-74-045.7%46.2%1-7-04.3%16.0%1
2David Johnson811.6%5.2%0-0-00.0%2.8%0-0-00.0%0.4%0
3Eno Benjamin68.7%0.6%2-10-05.7%0.5%1-9-04.3%0.2%0
  • Taysom Hill had a season high-14 carries for 46 yards and a touchdown.
  • Kamara saw a season-low one target, his fourth straight game with less than five targets after averaging 6.5 over his first 10 games.
  • Tampa Bay's win eliminated the Saints from playoff contention. They might give Benjamin a look Week 18.


 SnapsSn %Sn% '22RushCarr. Sh.CS '22Rec.Tgt ShTS '22GLL
1Miles Sanders2240.0%58.2%12-61-080.0%48.6%0-0-00.0%5.3%0
2Boston Scott1832.7%13.2%2-6-013.3%8.8%0-0-03.1%1.3%0
3Kenneth Gainwell1527.3%28.2%0-0-00.0%9.4%2-17-06.3%5.9%0
  • Sanders took only 43% of snaps even before the fourth quarter. New Orleans dominated possession, and the Eagles ended up running only 53 plays, including six sacks.


49ers (37) at Raiders (34) 

 SnapsSn %Sn% '22RushCarr. Sh.CS '22Rec.Tgt ShTS '22GLL
1Christian McCaffrey5785.1%44.3%19-121-170.4%31.9%6-72-026.5%12.8%1
2Kyle Juszczyk3146.3%47.7%1-9-03.7%1.3%0-0-00.0%4.5%0
3Jordan Mason57.5%6.6%2-13-17.4%7.5%0-0-00.0%0.0%1
4Tyrion Davis-Price57.5%6.0%1-5-03.7%5.6%0-0-00.0%0.4%0
  • Mason scored a go-ahead, 14-yard TD shortly before the two-minute warning of the second half, spelling an exhausted McCaffrey after a 48-yard catch-and-run.
    • McCaffrey dominated the RB workload otherwise, taking 25 touches for 193 yards on 85% of snaps.
  • Davis-Price got a few snaps even with Mason no longer hampered by the hammy.


 SnapsSn %Sn% '22RushCarr. Sh.CS '22Rec.Tgt ShTS '22GLL
1Josh Jacobs4768.1%74.7%17-69-153.1%80.1%4-26-015.6%11.6%2
2Brandon Bolden1420.3%7.9%8-32-025.0%4.2%0-0-00.0%1.7%2
3Ameer Abdullah913.0%15.4%0-0-00.0%1.0%0-0-00.0%5.7%0
  • Jacobs scored a TD and had 21 touches, but Bolden getting eight carries is perhaps another sign of the Raiders preparing for next year (along with the Derek Carr situation). 
    • Jacobs is 160 yards ahead of Nick Chubb and 179 ahead of Derrick Henry for the rushing title. If I were him, in a contract year, I wouldn't want to play Week 18. The Raiders are eliminated from playoff contention, and Jacobs has done everything he can to prove himself.
      • I don't think he'll sit out entirely; I'd just worry that he cedes even more work to Bolden (or rookie Zamir White if he's back from an ankle injury this week)


Jets (6) at Seahawks (23) 

 SnapsSn %Sn% '22RushCarr. Sh.CS '22Rec.Tgt ShTS '22GLL
1Ty Johnson3145.6%14.4%8-46-047.1%6.5%1-11-011.1%3.8%0
2Michael Carter2029.4%44.9%1-2-05.9%28.8%2-3-06.7%9.2%0
3Zonovan Knight1522.1%17.1%8-27-047.1%19.0%2-17-06.7%2.5%0
  • Johnson got a surprise start and played 57% of snaps in the first quarter, 48% in the second, 42% in the third and 37% in the fourth.
    • Carter played 53% of snaps in the fourth quarter, after only 20% through three quarters.
    • Knight played 27% of snaps through three quarters and finished tied with Johnson for the team lead in carries.
  • Knight has 27 carries for 48 yards (1.8 YPC) the past three games, after taking 26 for 230 yards (5.0 YPC) in his first three games. All in all, he's at 3.8 YPC.
    • The 22% snap share was by far his lowest yet. He'd handled 41-to-55% in each of his previous five NFL appearances.


 SnapsSn %Sn% '22RushCarr. Sh.CS '22Rec.Tgt ShTS '22GLL
1Kenneth Walker4156.9%50.1%23-133-060.5%51.2%1-9-03.6%6.5%1
2DeeJay Dallas2737.5%18.3%7-43-018.4%8.5%3-55-014.3%3.4%0
3Godwin Igwebuike45.6%0.4%3-4-07.9%0.8%1-3-03.6%0.2%0
  • Walker played 63% of snaps through three quarters and handled 18 of the 21 RB carries (plus one of the three targets).
  • In the fourth quarter, Walker got five carries, Dallas took four and Igwebuike added three.
    • Dallas also got two of his four targets in the final quarter.
    • Igwebuike didn't play at all until Q4.


Vikings (17) at Packers (41) 

 SnapsSn %Sn% '22RushCarr. Sh.CS '22Rec.Tgt ShTS '22GLL
1Dalvin Cook3458.6%74.5%9-27-045.0%69.1%2-17-08.6%9.0%2
2Alexander Mattison2339.7%24.6%8-38-040.0%17.5%1-7-02.9%2.8%0
3Kene Nwangwu11.7%0.7%0-0-00.0%1.1%0-0-00.0%0.2%0
  • Cook played 71% of snaps through three quarters, then only two snaps (15%) in the fourth quarter of this blowout.


 SnapsSn %Sn% '22RushCarr. Sh.CS '22Rec.Tgt ShTS '22GLL
1AJ Dillon2946.0%48.7%12-41-136.4%41.4%0-0-03.8%7.8%2
2Aaron Jones2539.7%57.8%14-111-042.4%47.0%2-2-011.5%13.2%0
3Patrick Taylor1219.0%3.3%5-10-015.2%2.3%0-0-00.0%0.2%0
  • Taylor got all his snaps in the fourth quarter. Before that, Dillon and Jones handled 53% apiece, with Jones taking 16 touches for 113 yards and Dillon taking eight eight for 28.
  • Dillon scored a two-yard TD early in the fourth quarter to make it a 32-point game.


Rams (10) at Chargers (31) 

 SnapsSn %Sn% '22RushCarr. Sh.CS '22Rec.Tgt ShTS '22GLL
1Cam Akers3877.6%38.0%19-123-073.1%43.6%1-10-011.1%3.0%1
2Malcolm Brown816.3%9.8%1-23-13.8%4.7%0-0-00.0%1.2%0
3Kyren Williams36.1%14.7%2-6-07.7%9.1%0-0-00.0%2.4%0
  • Akers played at least three-fourths of the Rams' snaps for a third straight week, taking 20 touches for 133 yards after his 147-yard, three-TD outing the week before.
    • Brown scored the lone TD, however, running it in from 23 yards out on a 3rd-and-3 in the second quarter.
  • Williams didn't play until the fourth quarter. Akers took 83% of snaps through three quarters, including 30 of 31 on early downs (97%).
  • Brown got seven of his eight snaps on third down.


 SnapsSn %Sn% '22RushCarr. Sh.CS '22Rec.Tgt ShTS '22GLL
1Austin Ekeler2843.8%62.3%10-122-232.3%50.5%4-39-012.9%19.1%0
2Joshua Kelley2335.9%21.6%9-45-029.0%16.8%1-1-06.5%3.3%0
3Larry Rountree1320.3%1.5%10-15-032.3%2.6%1-13-03.2%0.2%0
  • Ekeler played less than 56% of snaps for the first time since Week 1, mostly because he barely played in the fourth quarter.
    • Ek took 57% of snaps in the first half and had six carries for 102 yards and two TDs (one from 72 yards out and the other from 10 yards out).
  • Rountree got all his snaps in the second half, while Kelley got 32% of first-half snaps and four of the 11 RB touches before halftime.
    • Nine of Rountree's 11 touches came in the fourth quarter (the Chargers led by 21 for most of the period).


Steelers (16) at Ravens (13) 

 SnapsSn %Sn% '22RushCarr. Sh.CS '22Rec.Tgt ShTS '22GLL
1Najee Harris4564.3%65.9%22-111-053.7%53.8%2-12-111.1%10.0%0
2Jaylen Warren2840.0%28.7%12-76-029.3%15.3%3-22-011.1%5.6%0
  • Harris and Warren both ran well against Baltimore, with Harris reaching 20 carries for a fourth time in the past eight games (and adding a game-winning receiving TD).
    • Harris took 63% of snaps on first down, 79% on second down and 44% on third down.
  • Warren missed Week 12 and played only 20% of snaps Week 13. In four games since, he's played at least 31% of snaps in each contest while averaging 8.0 carries for 37.0 yards and 1.8 catches for 14.0 yards on 2.3 targets.
    • The undrafted rookie is averaging 4.8 YPC on 71 carries and has caught 25 of his 29 targets for 207 yards (86.2% catch rate, 7.1 YPT).
      • That said, Warren has averaged only 3.2 YPC on 40 carries on 1st/2nd-and-10, while Harris has averaged 4.2 YPC on 152 of those carries.


 SnapsSn %Sn% '22RushCarr. Sh.CS '22Rec.Tgt ShTS '22GLL
1J.K. Dobbins2650.0%19.7%17-93-060.7%18.4%0-0-00.0%1.9%0
2Justice Hill1732.7%24.4%0-0-00.0%8.4%0-0-00.0%2.8%0
3Gus Edwards917.3%15.2%3-2-010.7%16.6%0-0-00.0%0.5%0
  • Dobbins took a season-high 17 carries and matched his season high of 50% snap share (from back in Week 4).
    • Edwards, meanwhile, played only one snap in the second half and thus matched a season low with 17% snap share. He got just three carries, half of his previous season low.


Red-Zone Report

Inside the 5-Yard Line

Week 17 (IT5)

 Snap %SnapsCarr Sh.Carr.Rush TDTgt ShTgtRec TD
1Ezekiel Elliott100.00%2100.00%210.00%00
2Dalvin Cook100.00%3100.00%200.00%00
3Kenneth Walker100.00%1100.00%100.00%00
4Cam Akers50.00%1100.00%100.00%00
5Jamaal Williams66.70%2100.00%210.00%00
6Isiah Pacheco50.00%1100.00%110.00%00
7Damien Harris100.00%3100.00%100.00%00
8AJ Dillon50.00%266.70%210.00%00
9Brandon Bolden50.00%350.00%200.00%00
10Josh Jacobs50.00%350.00%210.00%00
11Brian Robinson100.00%450.00%200.00%00
12Raheem Mostert50.00%250.00%1050.00%11
13Tyler Allgeier75.00%350.00%210.00%00
14Snoop Conner33.30%133.30%110.00%00
15Travis Etienne33.30%133.30%100.00%00
16JaMycal Hasty33.30%133.30%110.00%00
17Christian McCaffrey60.00%333.30%100.00%00
18Jordan Mason40.00%233.30%100.00%00
19Alvin Kamara33.30%133.30%100.00%00
20Cordarrelle Patterson25.00%125.00%110.00%00
21Jeff Wilson75.00%30.00%000.00%00
22Aaron Jones25.00%10.00%000.00%00
23Rhamondre Stevenson33.30%10.00%000.00%00
24David Montgomery50.00%10.00%000.00%00
25Chase Edmonds100.00%10.00%000.00%00
26James Conner100.00%10.00%000.00%00
27Jerick McKinnon50.00%10.00%00100.00%11
28Kareem Hunt100.00%10.00%000.00%00
29Najee Harris100.00%20.00%000.00%00
30Malcolm Brown50.00%10.00%000.00%00
31Austin Ekeler100.00%20.00%000.00%00
32Leonard Fournette100.00%20.00%000.00%00


2022 (IT5)

 Snap %SnapsCarr Sh.Carr.Rush TDTgt ShTgtRec TD
1Kenneth Walker75.00%12100.00%620.00%00
2Josh Jacobs80.60%2584.60%1150.00%00
3Jamaal Williams66.20%4382.90%29120.00%00
4Derrick Henry92.60%2575.00%151028.60%20
5Ezekiel Elliott68.30%2870.40%1990.00%00
6Leonard Fournette75.60%3468.80%11313.60%32
7Dalvin Cook86.50%4566.70%1664.80%10
8AJ Dillon60.00%2160.00%940.00%00
9Nick Chubb73.70%2860.00%1260.00%00
10Rhamondre Stevenson71.40%2560.00%1227.70%11
11Joe Mixon81.80%4559.30%16513.00%30
12D'Onta Foreman53.30%1658.80%1030.00%00
13Jonathan Taylor72.70%2456.30%938.30%10
14Saquon Barkley76.90%3055.60%1570.00%00
15Cam Akers29.40%1053.30%855.90%10
16Dameon Pierce67.90%1952.90%9312.50%11
17Austin Ekeler78.00%3252.60%10620.00%43
18Melvin Gordon32.30%1047.10%820.00%00
19Travis Etienne57.70%3044.80%1335.90%10
20Antonio Gibson51.30%2043.50%1030.00%00
21Najee Harris81.30%2642.90%9311.10%11
22Devin Singletary86.40%3840.90%9410.50%21
23James Conner47.10%1640.00%847.70%10
24Brian Robinson35.90%1439.10%920.00%00
25Tyler Allgeier36.60%1536.00%930.00%00
26Raheem Mostert47.10%1635.70%515.90%11
27Isiah Pacheco18.00%1134.60%930.00%00
28Alvin Kamara63.60%1433.30%420.00%00
29Khalil Herbert30.60%1132.00%820.00%00
30Christian McCaffrey41.20%2130.30%10414.30%21
31Miles Sanders51.90%2730.20%1370.00%00
32Cordarrelle Patterson43.90%1828.00%7510.00%10
33Tony Pollard46.30%1925.90%720.00%00
34Kareem Hunt28.90%1125.00%527.10%11
35Latavius Murray25.80%823.50%430.00%00
36J.K. Dobbins17.10%623.50%427.10%11
37Jeff Wilson32.40%1121.40%320.00%00
38Joshua Kelley9.80%421.10%420.00%00
39Michael Carter42.40%1420.00%420.00%00
40Damien Harris22.90%820.00%437.70%10
41Darrell Henderson38.20%1320.00%320.00%00
42Jerick McKinnon60.70%3719.20%5010.30%32
43Rachaad White24.40%1118.80%314.50%11
44Kenyan Drake25.70%917.60%327.10%11
45Rex Burkhead21.40%617.60%300.00%00
46James Robinson30.80%1617.20%505.90%11
47Mark Ingram13.60%316.70%2112.50%10
48Kenneth Gainwell26.90%1416.30%7311.10%10
49David Montgomery58.30%2116.00%420.00%00
50Brandon Bolden16.10%515.40%200.00%00
51Clyde Edwards-Helaire23.00%1415.40%4213.80%43
52Eno Benjamin20.60%715.00%310.00%00
53Zonovan Knight24.20%815.00%300.00%00
54Aaron Jones25.70%913.30%2011.10%21
55D'Andre Swift20.00%1311.40%424.00%10


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