New England Patriots RB Roles
Team: New England Patriots
Last Update:   1/2/2023
RB Overview
Role Security: High
01/02/2023 Rhamondre Stevenson has had uneven usage since Week 15, seeing anywhere from 57%-91% of the snaps and and 10-21 touches. Damien Harris plays 45% or fewer of the snaps and he handled 12 touches in Week 17 after missing four games. When Damien Harris was out, Pierre Strong was in the change-of-pace role with 26% of the snaps and seven touches in Week 15. Also, Kevin Harris mixed in for five carries on 11% of the plays. Strong and Kevin Harris rarely play when the top-two RBs are healthy. In the red zone, Damien Harris gets 31% of the work to 50% for Stevenson.
WR Overview
01/02/2023 Playing about 85% of the snaps, Jakobi Meyers is targeted four to 12 times per game. Although Davante Parker has played about 80% of the snaps, his targets have gone between zero and 10, and there's no consistency to his role. Parker left the Week 14 game with a concussion and missed Weeks 15-17 as well. Kendrick Bourne plays between 6% and 69% of the time with no predictable pattern, and he sees 1-9 targets per game, though it usually falls on the low end of that range. Tyquan Thornton has played 90% of the snaps while averaging five targets since Week 15. Nelson Agholor will play anywhere from 34% to 97% of the snaps with no predictable pattern, and his targets will go anywhere from 0-10.
TE Overview
01/02/2023 Hunter Henry has played between 64% and 97% of the snaps since Week 4, leading to him getting between one and seven targets per game. Jonnu Smith plays between 33% and 64% of the snaps but was seeing four targets per game since Week 7 before averaging three targets since Week 14. Smith missed Week 17 with an injury, leaving Henry with a full-time role and six targets.